Oh, of course! Soylent Green was set in the year 2022, which is the reason why the slim jims have been absolutely disgusting and have horrible unfunny jokes about people being meat

May 21, 2022

I wrote a couple days ago that the slim jims were horrible quality, and they have unfunny jokes that make it sound like they’re making people into meat. I never saw this movie, and I never read the book, but I know about what ‘soylent green’ is. Soylent green was something in a book where, obviously, spoiler alert, it’s made out of people. I’m not even giving a real spoiler alert, because pretty much everybody already knows this secret of the story, and that’s the whole topic that I’m talking about.

Well, I just googled ‘soylent green,’ and lo and behold, it’s set in the year 2022.

their first worming treatment at… two weeks old????

May 21, 2022

I’m seeing the insane, ridiculous, ludicrous society, and also the murderousness of this society, everywhere. The insanity of giving a kitten dewormer at two weeks old??? I was doing a google search to see how many days or weeks it would be before my kitten’s ears would pop up. I’m able to watch Marble every single day, because of the location where his nest is. It’s right on my bed. His mom hasn’t moved his nest someplace else yet. They often move to someplace where I can’t reach them or see them, like under the edges of the bed, down on the floor.

These delusional beliefs and brainwashing, this capitalism, this psychopathy, the murderousness of everything – I am seeing so many examples of it. I’m throwing capitalism right in there, and I know that every social system is controlled by psychopaths, on every continent, but capitalism is no exception to that. Capitalism is controlled by people who have no qualms about making money by murdering people and animals every day.

So I’m seeing that Marble’s ears are still folded down, and I didn’t know the exact day when they would start standing up. His eyes are just barely beginning to open. They are partway open, just a little crack, but not all the way, so I can see the eyes shining through those two little holes between the eyelids. He’s a little ball of lead, very heavy, very fat, which is a good sign.

But this web page said, their first deworming treatment should be at ***TWO WEEKS***??? They can’t even go outside the house yet! I almost KILLED my cat Max by giving him LESS THAN THE RECOMMENDED DOSE of dewormer, and he was a fully grown young cat, not a two week old kitten! He went to sleep, and stopped moving, and became cold, and seemed like his heart wasn’t beating, and seemed like he wasn’t breathing, and he was unresponsive, and I had to really lift him up and move him around a lot to wake him up. Dewormer is deadly poison! You’re saying to start giving it to kittens at two weeks old when they aren’t even going outside where they can get worms! You’re saying they get worms from drinking their mother’s milk! You’re saying they get worms merely from wiggling around inside the nest that they’re sleeping in! And people actually DO this???? Does any human being actually TAKE this advice, of giving dewormer to a kitten that’s two weeks old? How many kittens just INSTANTLY *DIED* AS A RESULT OF TAKING THIS ADVICE! How many kittens died of ‘mysterious causes’ the day after getting their first dewormer at two weeks old! Seriously, is this a universal recommendation? I’m going to have to google it again!

The people who sell these poisons, these medicines, these vaccines, these drugs, they are the capitalists that I’m talking about. They are psychopaths who completely, 100% don’t care about LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING AND KILLING PEOPLE AND ANIMALS EVERY SINGLE DAY. They go to sleep at night, perfectly happy, knowing that they just brainwashed millions of pet owners to believe that they need to BUY OUR PRODUCT and give it to kittens that are two weeks old, just to make sure that the kittens start using dewormer as early as possible, to make more profits for this company! I’m a chemical company that develops DEADLY POISONS, and I want to convince somebody to buy my product. I’ll go around ‘educating’ people about the fact that they have to start deworming kittens at the age of two weeks!

I am also, NOT JOKING, I am also convinced now that Slim Jims are now being made out of Soylent Green, due to the artificial meat shortage that we’re having right now. The artificial, manmade, ‘iatrogenic’ meat shortage that we are having is happening because the powers that be are killing, culling, all the animals due to imaginary diseases, or else diseases that they themselves gave the animals, while simultaneously burning down all the factories that process the meats – there have been all these fires at food processing plants. Every force, every factor, from every direction, is being universally manipulated to cause food shortages, from every possible way. They are making it so that farmers can’t get fertilizer, although I’m not a fan of fertilizer anyway, and if you’re using fertilizer, then you’re DOING IT WRONG. But nevertheless, millions of farmers are saying, ‘Derp! I can’t grow food now! What are we gonna do?’ because they can’t think in terms of finding ways to grow food without chemical fertilizers.

But anyway, the disgusting and unfunny jokes on the slim jims – ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU MEAT,’ ‘EVEN SMOL BOIS ARE LONG BOIS,’ or whatever, some weird spelling, with a ‘tm’ after it, like this is a trademark – what is that supposed to be? A penis size joke? Are you throwing small boys into the slim jims vat and making them into ‘long boys,’ those long slim jims? ‘You are what you meat’ is almost the same as ‘you are meat.’ I know it’s a pun on ‘you are what you eat.’ But they’re being literal. The quality has been absolutely horrible and disgusting, they’ve tasted funny, they’ve been sickening, and the chances of a bad quality slim jim have been so high, I’m afraid to eat them now, as it’s a very high ratio, like one out of three, four, or five, that are so disgusting I have to spit them out and throw it into the trash. Are there people in there? Is this Pizzagate 2022? I’m not joking, I’m serious. Where is Alex Jones when I need him?

The psychopaths who control capitalism DO NOT CARE ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE. They kill people every day, all day long. They kill people by making poisons and calling them ‘medicine,’ and then giving them to people and animals. I personally experienced it, when the lunatic psychopaths at Metzger clinic on Benner Pike, State College, murdered my cat Jacob with what I’m calling ‘malthanasia,’ not euthanasia, after I explicitly and repeatedly told them ‘no euthanasia.’ They gave him Convenia, an injectable antibiotic, and I thought nothing of it, because I’ve used antibiotics before, and I hadn’t known that antibiotics were now being used as a tool of murder, as a disguise for murder. Convenia is what you use when you want to murder someone’s pet, and also the owner themselves, because everything Jacob touched is so contaminated, I would have been dead if I hadn’t thrown that blanket away. If I hadn’t known that contamination existed, I’d be dead. The people there, at that clinic, who gave me that cold, icy cold, angry, furious, enraged disapproval, whenever I said that I would just take care of Jacob at home instead of euthanizing him, and also instead of hospitalizing him and letting them do stuff to him at the hospital (only to probably have him die anyway), those people, those psychopaths, those lunatics, were hell-bent on killing him somehow, so they lied to me and said Convenia wouldn’t interfere with his ability to eat food, because only oral antibiotics would make you sick at your stomach, not an injected one. That is 100% false. It made him so sick, he died. He died in a couple of days. That’s METZGER ANIMAL HOSPITAL ON BENNER PIKE. I forget the exact name, Metzger Clinic, Emergency Clinic, whatever the official name is. Metzgers! I’m not done dragging your name through the dirt. You are garbage and you deserve to be shut down.

But I just absolutely cannot believe what I just read, that someone on a website recommends that you give them their first deworming treatment at two weeks old, if you are raising your own kittens at home. I’m just going to do a quick google search and see if any other websites are saying something so insane, but I shouldn’t be surprised if they are, because capitalists are psychopaths who murder people and have no guilt. Not all of them, but a shockingly large number of them.

working for the next three days

May 20, 2022

I had three caffeine pills this morning – two jetalerts, and one vivarin later. I’ve been taking two jetalerts at a time for the last few days, and they hardly do anything at all. Part of this problem is actually that the pills probably oxidize or expire somehow in the bottle. It isn’t as bad with vivarin, because those are individually wrapped in little foil bubble packs. If there is some kind of oxidation or vaporizing, that prevents it, but they might still expire after a few years.

I took a shower at the Milesburg truck stop, and it made a very big difference in how I feel, in terms of decontamination. I don’t have clean clothes, clean bedsheets, or clean belongings, as in, everything in general needs to be cleaned or replaced. So I’m just putting the same dirty clothes on again. But even so, just showering made a huge difference, although it didn’t help enough to make me not need three caffeine pills this morning.

I have to put the tarp onto the trailer, and then take more steps, like getting the hot water heater fixed. If the tarp is on, that will stop the rainwater from going down inside the walls, if that contributed to breaking the hot water heater, which it probably did. It definitely is what killed the propane heater, because that has already happened many times before, and whenever he pulled it out of the wall to fix it, one time, I actually saw a bunch of water splash out along with it. It was just sitting in a big pool of water inside the wall. That’s the kind of retards who designed and built this trailer, and got away with it, and that’s legal.

Watching the youtube videos, the ones with the interview of the psychopath, has made me think about the phenomenon of psychopaths, and I feel more inclined to believe that it’s a real phenomenon. The woman in the videos doesn’t have Weston Price deformities; in fact, her face looks like it is fully formed. She has a wide face and a big head, with no narrowing of anything. She looks like a well formed person. And yet, she has that shallow personality. There’s just something *wrong* with her. I was typing her as delta ESTJ, which is the same type as my mom, and in one of the videos, she described an incident where there was a possum that had fallen into a pool and was trying to get out. She started trying to spray the hose onto the possum to drown it and kill it, although it wasn’t working very well, but eventually, she just left it there and it eventually died. She said she had this idea that a possum was a ‘pest’ and she didn’t want to have it around. It’s possible she was thinking that a possum was dangerous somehow. But I compared that to my mom, who was an animal rescuer, anytime there was a problem like that. She was well known for it, and the neighbors would call her if they had something scary, like a snake, in their house. Mom wasn’t afraid of snakes, and she would get it out without killing it, and would set it free. It was the exact opposite of the ‘kill the pest’ response.

I don’t know if a person really did actually take that kitten, and drop it off down there at the pile of logs by the dumpster, I only know that’s what the voices in my head told me. People who operate electronic weapons to put voices in people’s heads ARE psychopaths, and people who are psychopaths will do that kind of thing, taking a kitten away from its mother, and putting it into a situation where it would suffer for hours, and then die. It seems obvious to me that you shouldn’t do this. The voice has said ‘sorry’ several times about the kitten, but ‘sorry’ doesn’t help. It’s more along the lines of, I would want to know, what on god’s earth could have EVER made you think it would be okay to do that??? Was there some line of reasoning behind this? Was the kitten already abandoned? Did its mother already die? Was there no other hope for it besides that? Or did you actually TAKE IT AWAY from its mother, who was still alive and doing fine, and then just leave it there, for hours and hours and hours, before finally using an electronic weapon to give me the suggestion to go take a walk down there, and hear the kitten screaming for help, which it had probably been doing for hours and hours? If I had known that this situation had happened, I would have gotten out of bed to deal with it. If I had known for sure, at, like, 3am, or 4am, or something, if somehow I had known for sure that there was a kitten down there that needed help, I would have gone there immediately. It might not have helped, because the baby needed colostrum, because it was newborn. It was so small it fit into my hand. It couldn’t even move around very much. You can’t take a newborn when it’s still drinking colostrum. My cats don’t have colostrum anymore, and that’s where all their antibodies come from. It got sick very quickly with some kind of respiratory problem while it was here at my house. I could hear this clicking sound when it was breathing, because of congestion in its lungs. The colostrum is only in the milk for a short time after the baby is born, I don’t know exactly how long, I’ve never needed to know because I never made it my goal in life to steal kittens away from their mothers as soon as the colostrum phase was finished. I just prevent problems before they happen, by never getting into that situation to begin with. I just don’t take them away from their mothers.

So yeah, it’s that kind of thing that makes me call the electronic weapon users ‘psychopaths’ or else ‘retarded lunatic imbeciles,’ because that is the stupidest, craziest, most retarded idea that anyone could ever have.

I was, of course, forced awake early this morning, and I wanted to pray to anaya, and of course, the attackers started absolutely flipping out and having a meltdown because I was saying prayers to a non-deity, who is powerless and is incapable of harming them in any way. THAT’S THE ABSOLUTE END OF THE WORLD! OH MY GOD! She’s praying to a powerless non-deity who will do nothing, other than provide her with a meditative focus! WE’VE GOT TO STOP HER IMMEDIATELY! So they started interrupting, and forcing words and sentences into my head, and I would have to stop every few minutes after they were hypnotizing me and making me hallucinate a bunch of garbage, and then I would just continue my prayer by saying something like, ‘So that was a bunch of retarded bullshit. So anyway…’ And I can’t even hear WHAT they’re saying whenever they do that. Apparently, there’s something with electronic weapons where, they get some kind of feedback on their computers, and this feedback tells them something like, ‘Yes, the victim is understanding your words subconsciously,’ something like that. They think that subconsciously hypnotizing someone, so that their subconscious brain is able to understand your subliminal messages, is all that matters on this earth. That’s all! Who cares about what the CONSCIOUS mind is able to hear and understand! All that matters is subconsciously hypnotizing people, and getting some computer to say, ‘Yes, the victim subconsciously understood the giant stream of garbage that you just spewed into her brain.’ Because I really, seriously can’t hear a fucking word that you say. I can hear that someone is talking, but I seriously for real cannot understand one fucking word, and cannot fucking remember it for even ONE SECOND after you say it. Your stupid computer system doesn’t tell you if I *CONSCIOUSLY* understood the retarded stream of garbage that you just spewed into my brain, no.

So yeah, the retarded lunatic imbeciles were absolutely flipping out because I started my prayers, my meditations, to anaya, which is a powerless non-deity that can do absolutely nothing to harm anyone, help anyone, or influence anyone in any way at all. That totally sounds like something you should be flipping out about! Powerless things that have absolutely no impact on earth whatsoever! Let’s flip out about this!

I have to leave for work in a short time.

I was thinking about psychopathy, the phenomenon, as I’m trying to understand what it is, because I do not want that phenomenon to infect my anaya religious colonies, or the haven. The haven is analogous to heaven, in some ways. It is a sheltered place which is completely kept secret, because it is protected against electronic mind control systems. It has to be unfindable and secret. You can’t let people into the haven if they are psychopaths who want to start, say, putting up hidden cameras and hidden microphones, putting up hidden mind control devices to spy on people and control their brains, put up a camera to gain some high-quality fapping material because there are people having sex someplace, and so on. Those psychopaths are not allowed in haven.

Christianity has been dulled down and diluted. There is no concept of what heaven is or who would be allowed or not allowed. They have only vaguely this concept of ‘repentance,’ but I don’t want to hear some retarded lunatic saying ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t even want to deal with any of that garbage. I don’t want stupid people doing stupid things, over and over forever, and then saying, ‘I’m sorry.’ I don’t want stupid lunatics entering my haven, putting up hidden cameras to get some fapping material, setting up a device to send out mind control and mind reading signals, and then saying, ‘Oops! I’m sorry!’ afterwards. So ‘repentance’ isn’t enough. I just don’t even want that to happen in the first place. There is going to be some major ‘purgatory’ to vet people before they even go to the haven. They are going to have to be extremely tested somehow, proven somehow, demonstrated for a very long time to be trustworthy, and good, and wise, before they go to the anaya haven.

the slim jims have been absolutely disgusting lately

May 19, 2022

I don’t know if this is happening because of meat shortages, or what. The last couple packages of slim jims that I’ve bought have been absolutely disgusting. It’s a gamble, where with every one that you bite into, you never know whether it’s going to be good or disgusting. There are still some good ones mixed in with the bad ones. They started writing these offensive, annoying, stupid jokes on the packages of the individual slim jims. ‘EVEN SMOL BOIS ARE LONG BOIS [tm],’ for instance. ‘HEY GANG!’ ‘JIM SHORTS’ ‘MILD ANIMAL’ ‘MILD THANG’ (because I have the ‘mild’ slim jims), ‘YOU ARE WHAT YOU MEAT,’ and so on. These new jokes on the labels have happened along with the terrible decrease in quality. If you’re lucky, you could bite into one and it will still taste the way they normally tasted in the past, but more and more often, the chances are increasing that you will bite into a spoiled, weird tasting one. You can eat them, and probably not die, but it’s disgusting. I have sometimes eaten them when they are that way, but more often, I am spitting the bite back out, and throwing the whole thing into the trash can, and I have quite a large number that have gone into the trash can now.

In the past, you would *occasionally* get one that wasn’t very good quality, but it was nowhere near as often as it is now. I’m getting to where I’m actually afraid to bite into each one. It normally was so rare, I hardly had to worry about it at all, but now I’m finding that maybe, I don’t know, one out of three, or one out of five, some very high number, are spoiled and disgusting. I’m so hesitant to bite into them. I don’t know whether to keep trying to buy more packages and hoping that the next package will be good, but there’s going to come a time when I will have to stop doing that, if it keeps happening. I hugely rely on these as a staple food. I have a big box of them here in my bedroom, and it’s often the first thing I eat when I wake up and I haven’t gone to the refrigerator yet.

omg, that stupid bitch at the post office was out of her fucking mind

May 19, 2022

Now I’m really angry about this. I’m reading about how to use the ‘street addressing,’ which is what I specifically signed up for at the post office. It says, when you use that, you use the POST OFFICE’S STREET ADDRESS, as in, the address of that building on the street. It has nothing to do with your home address whatsoever. That stupid bitch at the post office who told me that I wasn’t allowed to have a package shipped to the post office was smoking crack. She told me that I had to write my own street address here at home, but then, put the number referring to my post office box, and also, put the post office box number at the end of the last four digits in the zip code. That was completely insane, and that was not at all what I understood that I had to do, from talking to everybody else, and that fucking guarantees that someone will TRY to ship it to my fucking HOUSE, which means it will get STOLEN AGAIN.

I have a few things that I want to try to order again, the stuff that got stolen, and I want to be ABSOLUTELY SURE that I know how to use the address. I have their phone number and I can call them on the phone, but that stupid bitch had better not be at the counter ever again whenever I go there to pick up a package, using the post office box ‘street addressing’ option that I requested and paid for whenever I signed up. Whatever bullshit she told me, she was completely insane and wrong.

that probably was iris germanica that I saw the other day

May 19, 2022

I looked up some more irises, and there are other purple ones. There are purple German irises, iris germanica, and those are a domesticated one that people have planted in the USA. These purple irises that I saw were in a place where I could see some manmade objects, some pieces of concrete that meant it had maybe once been a mailbox, but there wasn’t a mailbox there anymore. So it was a garden plant, and I’m going to guess it’s probably the German iris, not the native blue flag iris.

I had to get up and go fill the dry food outside

May 19, 2022

I have a container of dry food out in the tent, and it was running low yesterday. I noticed it, and I meant to go fill it, but I forgot, and I was sick and stayed in bed a lot yesterday afternoon, and I hadn’t slept much the night before. I suddenly remembered it when I woke up this morning, and saw Toasty curled in a ball in one of my bins of clothes in my bedroom. He often tries to wake me up if there isn’t any food, as in, back when he was still coming inside the house, when they weren’t being chased away by the moms, he would walk on top of me while I was in bed, and not leave me alone until I got up and fed them. Usually they have dry food, though. He was demanding wet food when he was doing that.

I can’t find my cat-protective blanket, which was a cotton tablecloth that I bought at random on a whim at a dollar store, on a day when I was sort of proving to myself that ‘cotton still exists.’ If you can buy something that’s 100% cotton at a dollar store that sells everything from China, then cotton still exists and is still available. I ended up using it as my Mindy blanket, because Mindy in particular would tend to walk all over me and walk on the keyboard when I was using the computer. Now, I have Dot’s kittens, who are climbing and running all over the place, and they’re starting to do the thing of walking on the computer. I would put the blanket over my entire body and over the computer, and I could still breathe, and it would keep the kittens out. I just can’t find it because it’s under some clothes and junk on top of the pile, but I can go under the actual blanket of my bed.

I have a sweater that I really love, and it’s one that has some contamination.

Okay, I found the catproof blanket. Anyway, that sweater that I got at a thrift store, one of many beautiful knitted wool sweaters, has some Convenia and also some of the ant poison on it, from the time when I bought ant poison because I was angry at the ants for crawling on Jacob when he was sick, dying, and poisoned, and he wasn’t able to move. The ant poison was so toxic, it made ME sick, but the ants wouldn’t crawl inside the little trap to get the poisoned food. The poison smell coming from it was so terrible, it didn’t surprise me at all that they wouldn’t go in there. Ants do so many things by smell. They can smell sugar and other foods lying around. I don’t know how they smell sugar, what molecules of sugar actually vaporize in such a way that they are able to smell it, but they smell something. I was able to smell that sickening poison in the ant poison trap, so surely the ants could smell it too and they knew not to go in there. And yet, it’s still legal to sell these fraudulent things that don’t work, with their false advertising of claiming that they work, claiming how they work, the method, and that method surely doesn’t work at all. If you took the poison and sprayed it directly on a bunch of ants, yes, it would kill them, but the whole point is to let millions of ants go inside the trap, take some poison, and bring it home to the nest. It 100% does not work at all.

Anyway, I’ve been wearing that sweater a lot, and I have always done this with my contamination: I have to keep wearing the same items hundreds of times, because when they get contaminated, I’m usually going to have to throw them away. I don’t want to wear a fresh new clean outfit every single day when everything is contaminated in my house, and I know I’m going to have to throw tons of stuff in the garbage. It limits the amount of things that I have to throw away if I’m only wearing the same couple of contaminated outfits over and over, until I finally do a decon.

One reason why I got the knitting machine – I haven’t used it, because I can’t set it up anywhere in my house – is because I need to feel as though there is an infinite supply of knitted items, which I myself am able to create at will. That way, it won’t hurt so badly when I have to throw things away because of contamination. That’s also why I want to use a sewing machine. I want to have access to the fabrics that I want, and I want to make knitted fabrics, the hand knitted kind, the large knit, not the tiny fabric knit. I can do that with home knitting machines. The one that I have, I tested it a little bit, and it doesn’t work because a couple pieces inside need to be repaired just a little bit. It’s a very simple, primitive knitting machine. A few little pieces of metal are bent in a way that they are preventing the yarn from moving. I know exactly what it is, I just have to take it apart, and I can’t do that when I can’t do any projects at all in my house.

I’ve been watching youtube the last couple days, instead of playing stardew valley, because I was so sick I wasn’t able to play a video game. I could do something that didn’t require much mental energy, which was, passively watching random youtube videos. I get these recommendations about narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths, and I was watching an interview with a woman who said she has been diagnosed as a psychopath. She said that she had almost no self-awareness at all about her inner states. She said she had been in some kind of group therapy session or something, I forget exactly what it was, and they asked everyone to list all the inner states that they were aware of, and she said all that she could think of was ‘happy, angry, and hungry.’ They told her, ‘Hungry isn’t an emotion,’ or something, and she said yeah, she knew, but with what little she was ever aware of, about herself, that was one of the few things she was ever aware of. I haven’t watched all of the videos from this particular woman, but she said that one time, she kept going to school even though her appendix had ruptured, that kind of thing. It’s like a lack of awareness of pain, including your own pain and the pain of others.

I don’t have the energy to write about this topic, and I find it unpleasant to think about this, but it is some kind of balance between ‘self and other’ that is appropriate. You can’t be 100% service to others, because you will die very quickly if you don’t pay any attention at all to your own needs. You could stay awake 24 hours a day helping other people with random things, and there would never be an end to the infinite needs that other people have in the world, and you would just die, from lack of sleep, lack of food, not keeping yourself warm enough, and so on.

I have seen people who act a lot like this woman acted in the videos, the ‘vibe’ that comes from them. There are these people who are extremely shallow, who seem to have no inner self at all, and they don’t even care about themselves, and they don’t even get hurt. I thought the woman in the videos was actually ESTJ, although I considered ENTJ too, she just didn’t seem quite like that, and also, an ENTJ will be using negative emotions because their role function is -Fe. It’s still possible she could be ENTJ, I’m not completely sure of this. But an ESTJ will have more of a focus on happy feelings because their role function is +Fe. I’m writing this now, and I had also written it on the comment on the video, and maybe I’ll have to go change that comment because I talked about socionics and said that I thought she was ESTJ. Now that I’m doubting myself, I kind of want to go write a disclaimer on the comment that I left on that video where I said that I thought she was ESTJ.

oh okay, that is a Kleinfelter cat

May 19, 2022

Kleinfelter syndrome means that a boy has XXY instead of just XY. There’s that additional X chromosome. I knew a person who had Kleinfelter’s, and he had some problems. He wasn’t really able to grow a beard. A calico cat can exist if it has XXY. That’s easy enough for me to understand even when my brain is not working.

they said it was a male calico

May 19, 2022

It’s true that it did seem to have a ‘lump.’ I was using the paper towel to get the kitten to pee. It’s really hard to tell what the genitals are on a newborn. I could take a picture, although this would be a morbid picture of the genitals of a dead infant kitten. It is lying on a pillow on the couch right now, before I put it outside. ‘They’ said that somebody actually brought it there and dropped it off for me, one of the handlers, who then gave me the suggestion to take a walk down there around the area where the garden was going to be. A couple things must have happened: it probably didn’t get enough colostrum yet to give it the temporary partial immunity against diseases; it might have been there a long time before I actually took a walk down there, since it’s impossible to make me do anything in the early morning, and maybe they dropped it off in the middle of the night; even if it did get colostrum, maybe the colostrum is locally tailored to the diseases of a specific place. My cats have had diseases in this house, specific diseases, and maybe my cats produce antibodies to those specific things in their colostrum.

I would be interested in a male calico. ‘They’ said it was homozygous. I would have to google that and find out the details of how a male calico works, but it’s true that I am the type of person who would appreciate a male calico. I appreciate unusual variants and unusual genetic things, as long as they aren’t associated with disease. For instance, I don’t want Scottish Fold cats, who have a genetic trait that alters their cartilage. It affects the whole body, not just the ears, and it can cause health problems. But if something doesn’t cause a health problem, I’m curious to see that genetic variant. There is some kind of strange problem associated with gray cats, but I can’t remember what it was, some kind of syndrome, but it’s a particular kind of gray cat and I don’t know the details. That might be relevant to me, because I am hoping for gray cats.

I would appreciate Maine Coons. From what I have read, Maine Coons developed sort of naturally as ‘just the type of cat that we have around this area’ or something. Somebody on some random website wrote that the Maine Coons were just the common breed of cat in Maine, a long time ago, like it just sort of happened to develop on its own.

We had a cat with orange eyes somewhere down at the sheds. I only saw it a couple times, but the eyes were definitely orange, not just a little bit orange, but completely orange, and I had to google that to find out that yes, it’s possible and it exists. It was a strong, obvious orange, not just me ‘using my imagination’ to see the color, like I do with Blueminu’s bluish-tinted eyes, which can only be seen in the right light, out in the sun, but usually, they would just look like normal yellowish-greenish eyes if you didn’t know that there was something oddly bluish about them.

So anyway, if somebody dropped off that kitten for me, that would explain why none of the mother cats seemed to know whose it was, and they weren’t taking care of it.

My head doesn’t hurt as badly this morning, but I probably still can’t think well enough to do a google search for how a male calico works, what is required to get a male calico. It’s not easy to understand, especially when my brain is in terrible condition.

I’m not saying that it’s okay for people to drop off cats for me, I just can’t stop them from doing it if they are doing it, if it’s true that somebody dropped that kitten off.

I was trying to explain how the rocky mountains rise from the great plains

May 18, 2022

My head is hurting me so badly, it almost makes me want to throw up. I can’t think. I was trying to look for pictures of the exact place where I saw this, the place where it looked as though pyramids were buried underneath a pool of mud. The great plains were like a giant pool of mud that got piled up on top of mountains that were already there, leaving only the tips of the mountains sticking out of the mud. I started watching a video about the rocky mountains, and I’m not done watching it yet, so I don’t know the answer to this question, but, they said it was a mystery that the mountains were so far to the west of the actual location where the plates go under each other or whatever it does. That just fits even better with my description of ‘the mountains didn’t start there, they’re actually buried under miles of mud that flowed from somewhere.’

I’m sick and I have a headache

May 18, 2022

I’ve been coughing this afternoon, and I have a bad headache that won’t go away, and no energy. I was reading a little bit about how french fries are made, but I would prefer to eat mcdonalds hash browns any day instead of the french fries. I want to eat the hash browns all day long. I’m most interested in how those are made. It’s getting harder and harder to use my brain, as the pain in my head increases.

So my final answer is, I actually rank the mcd hash browns as the highest of all, higher than any other type of potato french fry. I would just do away with french fries altogether. I don’t need them. The hash browns are the best, and I’m willing and eager to eat potatoes that way, and I always buy them when I eat breakfast there. They’re making a mistake by not selling hash browns all the time. They should actively, aggressively sell the hash browns as the primary potato at all hours of the day.

The individual little shreds of potato are precooked in water, one website said, but my brain is no longer able to read about this after hours of this headache getting worse and worse, along with my coughing. I was reading about how arby’s curly fries are pushed through a pipe by water at 60 mph while spinning blades cut them into spirals, and I decided that’s too high-tech for me, and therefore unnecesary. If you have to use that much technology to produce a curly fry, then it isn’t worth it, and I would immediately choose a mcd hash brown instead of a curly fry any day.

if they made those 4Ocean bracelets out of natural fiber, instead of recycled materials, I’d buy one

May 18, 2022

I was watching some random things on youtube. My heater isn’t working, so I’m still in bed, just trying to keep warm, keeping an eye on this little tiny kitten that’s lying on the blanket right now, checking on it every once in a while. It is much more certainly dead – the body is becoming stiff instead of flexible.

There was an ad on one of the youtube videos. It was for a group, I don’t know whether to call it a ‘charity,’ but an organization called 4Ocean, people who clean up trash out of the oceans. They said their funding came from selling these bracelets made out of recycled material.

I’m not a fan of recycled plastic. I am not happy to see things like vests made out of recycled plastic bottles. I think that plastic should be ended, not recycled. It should be thrown into an
incinerator, or a volcano, something like that. If it were possible to just drop garbage into a pool of lava, that’s exactly what I would want to do, but pools of lava aren’t available everywhere, so that’s why we’re not doing that.

I thought, if they made their bracelet out of natural materials instead of recycled materials, I’d buy it – although, technically, it could be recycled wool, recycled cotton, recycled glass, and so on – that’s fine, I buy used clothes at thrift stores on the premise that I am buying a piece of natural fiber that’s going to be recycled into something. But the bracelets don’t even have to be made out of anything recycled. They can be made out of something new. I want to see more emphasis on talking about, and developing, ways of getting natural materials that aren’t harming the environment. For instance, I like The Low Tech Blog, and they wrote an article one time about how to sustainably harvest wood from trees, without cutting the trees down. You just keep the trees alive, but you chop off parts of them in such a way that it grows back. This will grow into a ‘coppice’ or ‘copse,’ or a ‘pollarded’ tree. The coppice is a tree whose trunk is cut to the ground, which is regrowing new sprouts from around that, and the pollard is a tree that was cut high up above the ground, high enough that animals won’t be able to eat the new branches that are sprouting, such as goats, who are always climbing up into trees and eating them. These copses and pollards are able to produce wood, forever, without killing the trees, and without destroying the whole forest, and you can have animals underneath them, such as pigs that are eating acorns. They do this in other parts of the world. So it’s possible to make things out of wood or paper, sustainably.

I have this feeling about using native plants. I know that it’s possible to sell dandelions, for instance, as an herbal pill, or an herbal extract, or just as a dried herb or something. However, I have a couple objections to doing something like that: I don’t think dandelions (just for example – there are tons of other plants I could use as an example) are all that great, medicinally. Also, it wastes our time, our energy, and our resources, if we are investing our energy into nonnative plants, instead of investing our energy into native plants. The more energy and attention that we focus on native plants, the more we can develop them, and the stronger they become. It could become popular to grow some kind of native plant that was edible or medicinal, but that will only happen if somebody spends the time and effort to research those plants, find out what they’re good for, find out if they have some medicinal value, and find some way to reliably grow them. If we aren’t focusing explicitly on native plants, if we only think about them as an afterthought, while we spend all our energy on packaging and selling dandelions, then the native plants are unprotected and undeveloped. The more we know about native plants, the more that we are using them, growing them, eating them, identifying them, handling them, and so on, the more protected they are.

I feel the same way about that charity using a bracelet made out of something natural. Instead of using recycled plastic, you could draw our attention towards the possibilities of using natural fibers, instead of ever using plastic to begin with. The more attention and energy that we direct into natural materials, the stronger they become. We can direct our energy into developing natural glass, wax, plant fibers, animal fibers, clay, stone, wood, and so on. (I’d say ‘paper,’ but that has a lot of chemicals in it. If somebody developed natural, primitive paper with no chemicals, that would be okay.) That includes baskets, I just remembered that, baskets are a good example of something we should develop more. Instead of directing our energy into recycling plastic, we need to direct our energy into developing natural materials as much as possible.

a little newborn calico died

May 18, 2022

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I did doze off a couple of times, for a little while. Last night, I went walking down by the dumpster, and I was going to go look at the area that I was going to use for gardening, which is just at the edge of the property, and it’s neglected and they don’t mow it, so they wouldn’t be cutting my stuff down.

When I was walking around near the dumpster, I heard a kitten crying, and crying, screaming, really loudly, over and over. There are lots of feral barn cats down there, and one of the females was going over and checking on this little baby that was crying, underneath a pile of junk, but she wasn’t nursing it, and I saw that she had her own kittens, which were running around, several weeks older, healthy, with puffy fur. So, I don’t know whose kitten this was. It might have been born alone, like Marble was.

It was cold, while it was lying there by itself on the ground, under the pile of junk. I picked it up and carried it around, and as soon as I started holding it and keeping it warm, it stopped crying. So, anything at all that I could do to make it stop crying was helpful. I tried several times to see if that mother there wanted it, but she just looked at me, looking into my eyes. She recognizes me because I go down there and feed them, but we are not on ‘petting status.’ I offered to give her back the kitten, but she wasn’t taking it. I put it down several times where she could see it, and it kept crying, and she didn’t pick it up, and no other cats came around to get it either.

So I took it home and gave it to Leaf. It did nurse, a couple of times, originally. But it was having a hard time moving, and it wasn’t very strong. It kept getting into situations where it fell down and was trapped under somebody, and couldn’t get out, from underneath Marble, who is a huge ball of lead by now compared to her, or Leaf. Marble is big, fat, and healthy, and he’s doing great, but that means he totally crushes a tiny little newborn who is having trouble moving.

So I micromanaged them all night long, and eventually just moved the baby onto a blanket beside me with the heating pad under the blanket, and I petted it or touched it, and I tried a few more times to give it to Leaf to nurse, but it stopped nursing. It was having trouble moving. It was making a clicking noise, like a stuffy nose, when it was breathing, so I could see that it was sick with some illness. I don’t know if it was sick when I got it, or if it got sick because of my house. It probably didn’t get enough colostrum, the original milk that comes out for a newborn, which has antibodies in it. Leaf is way past the colostrum stage, for Marble. She has normal milk.

The little baby wasn’t crying too loudly, as long as I kept her warm, but she did make little whining, whimpering noises, and it made me try to give her to Leaf to nurse, and she wasn’t able to nurse. I tried giving her a little bit of the wrong kind of milk in a syringe, and that didn’t work well. So I stopped doing that. I did get to do the thing of ‘stimulating them to go to the bathroom,’ which is something that is weird to anybody who isn’t familiar with it. Baby cats have their mom lick them, which is how they pee and poop and stay perfectly clean. They don’t get covered in pee and poop while they’re in the nest. The mom eats it. This is something you get used to when you’ve raised a bunch of kittens. The newborn kittens need to have something ‘lick’ them in order to make the pee come out, so I did that a few times with a paper towel, and it worked. It was the first time that I had ever done that, because I never had an orphan baby before. The mothers always did all that.

The little orphan didn’t last very long. She seems to have died, here on the blanket. I’m going to keep her here in this warm, safe place, because keeping her warm was the one thing she wanted that made her stop crying. I’ll put her on the sky grave with Jacob.

Somebody has disturbed Jacob’s grave multiple times. I thought it must be an animal, but I think it’s a person. They keep dragging his body out of the grave area, and I have to put it back in, the circle of stones, with the blanket of moss.

The open burial was helpful for me, because I can’t understand that someone is really dead. I keep thinking they could come back to life again, and I keep thinking that I will accidentally bury them underground while they’re still alive. This is so disturbing and horrifying to me, I actually feel better about keeping them on top of the ground, while the body rots, just so that I can be absolutely certain that they are rotting and that they are not going to get up again. It helped me totally understand that Jacob was dead. There wasn’t any time of confusion, where I would think that I was going to see him again, and would have to remind myself that he was dead, because he had suddenly disappeared overnight. Instead, I could go out there and look at him and see exactly where he was, and I would understand that he was falling apart and was never going to move again. I was never confused, and I never forgot that he was dead. I only know that this sometimes happens to people when someone dies, like if a parent just disappears, the child will ask, ‘When is Mommy, or Daddy, coming home?’ over and over again, not understanding that they are really dead. It’s like the POW-MIA soldiers, where they went to Vietnam and nobody ever knew what happened to them. There’s no closure.

Vietnam was different. It was an unusual war, because we used soldiers who were drafted, instead of people who voluntarily went into the military. This meant that there were lots of soldiers who were absolutely terrible at fighting, and were never meant to do such a thing. It probably has to do with socionics. Those people left the war and became musicians and novelists, writing things about the war and expressing it to the rest of society.

So my day has kind of been ruined, by stress, and lack of sleep, and now, crying over the little tiny white calico kitten. They have some ‘pastel’ cats down there at the barn, and I’ve been reading about cat color genes so that I can understand what’s going on. The ‘pastel’ colors are a kind of faded orange and faded gray color. This kitten has some of those colors, along with white.

The little pastel calico will go to Jacob’s grave later on today, but I am going to let it rest on this warm blanket with the heating pad underneath it, because the heat was the only thing that stopped it from crying. It was glad that I held it and kept it warm.

oh yeah, that reminds me, I forgot the whole category of ‘cooked groundcherries’

May 17, 2022

The other day when I was at work, and I wrote the little chart with a few sections about how my native wild groundcherries could be sold, I forgot a bunch of categories. I had written down ‘dried, frozen, fresh, peeled or whole, seeds.’ I forgot to write something like ‘cooked and ready to eat.’

This is actually a very big category to forget, and very important. It’s ‘green hat thinking.’ It came from ‘the voices,’ actually, and it partly had to do with playing stardew valley. I had been talking about french fries on my blog, about how much I hate them, and how I hate potatoes in general. This was followed up by voices asking me some questions, in detail, about exactly how and why I hate potatoes, and if there are any exceptions to this at all.

I am very reluctant to eat potatoes, because it’s hard for me to swallow that grainy, mealy texture. But apparently everyone else feels this way too, which is the reason why there is a struggle to find ‘the best french fries,’ and why each company has their own special formulation, with their own special measurements for the exact dimensions of their standard french fries, and why each one has their own recipe for the coating on the fries, and whatever else.

We changed the coating on the fries recently, a few months ago, and it smelled disgusting to me. I read the ingredients on the box, and I forget what they were, exactly, but it was moving in the wrong direction, away from the direction that I want to go with food. It was moving in the direction of ‘adding more processed chemicals and soy extracts from a factory,’ basically, instead of moving in the direction of fewer ingredients, simple primitive ingredients that don’t come from a factory, and that don’t require chemical engineers, and more natural ingredients.

Now the fries stick together in the fry baskets. They stick together in one huge clump, and the smell, as I described it at first, before I got used to it, was ‘like garbage.’ It smelled to me like a sour dumpster full of garbage. I don’t know what that sour smell was. They are a tiny bit more crispy on the outside, but fundamentally, this just doesn’t help very much, and it doesn’t help enough to make me like their french fries, when I hate french fries in general.

I have eaten curly fries and waffle fries. I like the curly fries from Hardees or Arby’s or whichever restaurant it is that has curly fries. I like them enough that I might voluntarily choose to purchase them, on purpose, when I go to that restaurant. Normally, I get french fries if somebody shoves them down my throat, or if somebody gives them to me as a gift, or if I have no choice but to accept french fries alongside a preplanned meal that always comes with particular sides. I will eat french fries at work if I am absolutely desperate, for instance, if something has caused me to have low blood sugar. It happened during that time when I was accidentally drinking fruit juice that had stevia added to it. Stevia gives me hypoglycemia, which is why I NEVER use stevia on purpose. I had such low blood sugar, I had to go eat french fries when I was at work.

I have eaten waffle fries, and they were okay, but not great, and they were not great enough to make me want them again. The curly fries from that restaurant, Arby’s or whatever, were much better. I wouldn’t drive a thousand miles to go find an Arby’s, saying, ‘I HAVE TO HAVE SOME CURLY FRIES,’ so they’re not THAT great.

Something about them is the crispy coating, and I do not know what is in that crispy coating.

I like to answer the questions such as, ‘Why do humans crave a crispy coating on their french fries?’ This is a legitimate question. For instance, we enjoy doing an easter egg hunt to look for brightly colored eggs, because in reality, in the real world, humans actually do go around in the springtime, gathering brightly colored birds’ eggs and eating them. We enjoy eating squishy macaroni and cheese, probably because we enjoy eating squishy organ meats and other things that we’re not getting in the modern diet, and I thought about that before, years ago, when I was asking the question, ‘Why do people like macaroni and cheese?’ People want their meats to be ‘soft and tender,’ because they are seeking organ meats, and they *don’t know* that they’re seeking organ meats. They think that muscle meat is the only thing that they have to choose from, so they feed their animals on a feedlot to fatten them up, and make the muscles get softer, so that they will be able to eat soft, tender, fat-filled muscles, when what they actually want, and don’t have, are the organ meats, like the brain, not just livers, not just kidneys, but taboo things like brains. I love eating brains in whole seafood, like whole crabs and lobsters. They are delicious. I think there was a brain in that chicken I cooked one time, years ago, a ‘Buddhist Chicken’ or something, processed a certain way, where it still had the head attached, and you were able to eat it. Normally, the head is not available at a normal grocery store. I got this from some foreign foods market.

So, the voices were asking me if I knew the reason why humans are desiring a crispy coating on their french fries, and I don’t really know the answer to that. They might be desiring something like fried chicken skin, because the skins of animals are good for you, and you should eat them – they have certain nutrients that are somewhat different from what’s in the muscles, so if you enjoy crispy fried chicken skin, go ahead and eat that. Maybe that’s what people are thinking of when they want a crispy skin on their french fries.

I believe that we want animal fats, not vegetable oils, in our french fries. If the fries were cooked in fat – and I STILL HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO DO THIS EXPERIMENT! – if the fries were cooked in fat, then maybe we would have more enjoyment from the taste, texture, and sensations of touching the outside of the french fries when we eat them.

I never, ever cook potatoes at home – once every few years – so I have barely begun to do any experiments at all to find out what makes fried potatoes better or worse. I believe in using animal fats, so I will always be doing that. I might have to use up that red palm oil before it expires, though. It says it expires next year, and I haven’t used a single drop or even opened it, since I can’t cook at home right now.

Anyway, after all this discussion, or maybe before this discussion happened, maybe it was after I wrote a blog post complaining about how I hate french fries, the voice suggested ‘fried physalis’ or ‘crispy fried physalis’ or ‘fried groundcherries’ or something like that, I forget what the exact words were. I have this idea in my head about stardew valley, where you get a lot more energy out of the foods if you cook them into a recipe, rather than just eating one isolated ingredient alone. There are grains of truth to this, because certain foods are actually harder to digest, or more toxic, if uncooked, like carrots.

Anyway, when they said that, it reminded me that ‘cooked and ready to eat,’ or ‘ready to cook’ is whole additional value-added category that I had forgotten, and it’s a HUGE category, which covers the last few decades of modern society. In the modern society, we got the microwave a few decades ago, and also, before that, they started making TV dinners. These are a dinner that’s all ready to go. It can be quickly cooked and prepared, and it’s a complete meal, not just one single ingredient. I love, and hate, these kinds of things. They are convenient, and in the real world, I eat convenience foods all the time, including microwave meals. However, I don’t want a few things: the chemicals, the factory farm ingredients with all the pesticides and stuff, and also, the plastic packaging, which leaches more chemicals. Also, microwaves *might possibly* destroy more nutrients than other methods of heating. I am not a ‘microwave denier.’ I do not claim that this microwave problem is a mere conspiracy theory. I have seen, online, that there are trolls and skeptics who get really annoyed if anyone ever claims that a microwave oven is doing something that destroys more nutrients, but actually, why wouldn’t it? Why is that so impossible to believe? Why is it so unlikely? It does seem likely, actually. It’s using an unusual form of radiation that we’ve never used for cooking before, in all of human history. Why *wouldn’t* it get different results than all the previous methods of cooking? It actually seems more likely, not less likely, that microwave ovens would tend to affect the nutrients differently, and that this might be important enough to consider investigating.

So the ‘fried groundcherries’ idea is actually a good idea, which encompasses that whole category, that whole value added concept, where we’re not merely selling some fruits and letting you decide what to do with them, we’re selling ‘groundcherry jelly’ or something (an ‘artisan product’ in stardew valley), or we’re selling a complete meal that contains groundcherries as its special feature. I actually am in favor of selling complete meals that contain a lot of nutrients, with an omnivorous diet. The more convenient they are, the more likely people are to buy them and use them.

This also means that if I ever want to do anything at all, I am going to have to do A LOT of research into alternative packaging, because I’m opposed to pretty much every single packaging method that exists on the planet. It’s not easy to sell every single meal wrapped in a clay pot or glass jar, since those are basically the only containers that I think are okay. It’s not easy to have store shelves stocked with a bunch of products that are contained inside of a goat intestine, or a cow stomach, which, again, is an acceptable method of containing food, and it uses these organs in the primitive ways that people used to use them in the past. Probably the reason why we discovered that cheese exists, I’m guessing, is probably because people were using animal digestive systems as a storage bag for milk, and the naturally occurring bacterial flora caused it to develop into cheese, for the first time in human history, or the stomach acid curdled it, or something.

So I really have a weakness, a lack of knowledge, about all the types of acceptable packaging that are available, which are not made from materials that I do not want to use, but which also meet the physical criteria necessary to do what they are intended to do, effectively, such as ‘completely prevent all water leakage,’ ‘completely prevent ants and bugs from getting inside,’ and so on.

Anyway, I can imagine selling some premade groundcherries with a crispy fried coating on the outside, ready to eat, where you can either heat them up, or eat them cold out of the package. It would be possible to do. I could make some kind of breading, out of acceptable breading material.

blue irises blooming today, May 17th

May 17, 2022

I don’t know for sure if this is the native blue flag iris, but, there is a bunch of irises, a patch of them, blooming today right along Jacksonville Road on the way to my campground. It’s next to a sign advertising RV storage or something, across the road from a house. It’s right next to a little fence and some chunks of concrete, like something used to be there but isn’t there anymore, like a house was torn down there. I see all sorts of flowers planted at houses that used to be there and were torn down decades ago, which is how I know that perennial plants survive for an extremely long time. I don’t know if there are other species of purple irises besides our native one. I’m not very familiar with irises. I know I have some yellow ones up in the woods, on the path, and the yellow is the foreign one. It isn’t exactly ‘invasive,’ because I don’t see it spreading all over the place, but it’s nonnative. It only blooms for, like, one day or something, and then you never see it again for the whole year, just the leaves.

I went to the post office and got my package, and got all angry again, because the lady told me that I did it wrong. I used the post office’s street address, and my post office box. She told me that I’m supposed to use my HOME address, then put the number of my post office box after it, and then put these last four digits on the zip code, to indicate a PO box. That’s insane, and that’s not what I understood that I was supposed to do. I absolutely do not want any mistakes to be made, and if I put my home street address, I’m sure that people are going to try to deliver it to my house instead of to the post office, and if anybody delivers packages to this campground, they get stolen, and I go to jail after I shoot someone in the face like they deserve, whoever these package thieves are. The whole point of using the post office box was to prevent me from killing people and going to jail, and now that she told me this, I’m not sure whether or not I’m really allowed to just have packages delivered to the post office on purpose, or not, and if I start ordering things the way she told me to, with my home street address, but then a PO box number and the four digits on the zip code, I’m sure they’ll try to drop it off here at the campground, it will get stolen, people will die, I will go to jail for giving these thieves the rightful death they deserve, unless I accidentally kill the wrong person, and then, my life will be ruined, and that’s what I’m trying to prevent by having things delivered to the post office. So, I need to make another phone call and look it up online again to see if I really understand this correctly, how to have stuff delivered to the post office on purpose, not just by accident when they were unable to get it to my house, or whatever.

And I have to deal with this when I’m so sick I can barely walk, and I’m still pretty sure it’s Convenia contamination. I keep on having severe, terrible digestive problems, as though the Convenia residues are killing my intestinal flora. I shouldn’t have to take probiotics over and over again. l have been having agonizing, unbearable gas pains, for instance. I never have that. It’s extremely unusual. I’m weak and lethargic and can’t get up and move around much.

On top of that, Leaf moved out of her box, and moved into one of the boxes of clothes that I was going to throw away, so I have to wait until she’s finished raising Marble in there before I throw away that box. It’s on my bed, in one of the areas that I was going to decontaminate. I’m not mad at her for that. It’s better than the empty cardboard box she originally chose to give birth in. It has some soft, warm clothes for Marble to lie on, and he’s warm.

my package got to the post office a little while after I went there and checked

May 17, 2022

They said it would be delivered on Monday, most likely, and when I was out in town, I stopped at the post office and asked, but it wasn’t there yet. That was sometime around 2 in the afternoon, and it says it got there at 3:40. So I will have to go get it today.

This is my RV tarp. I have been having more problems ever since I took the tarp off. It had holes in it, and it was just barely still working, but it was working well enough to still prevent a lot of problems from the water leaking into the roof. When I took it off, that happens to be the time when my hot water heater died, and now, after all this rain, my propane heater won’t even turn on at all. These things keep happening because huge amounts of rainwater are coming in through the roof, and going down inside the walls of the house. When the tarp is on, it prevents most of that from happening, although not entirely. Because of the way the outside of the propane heater is designed (made by evil lunatic retards on crack), it is possible for water to just run down the outside wall of the house, and go directly into the heater, because the vent holes are just flat, with not even the slightest little bit of a projection sticking out. I think the word that I want is ‘louvre,’ or something like that – there are these parallel holes with little tiny metal ridges that stick out over each line, so that the rainwater gets moved outwards instead of into the holes. It doesn’t have that at all.

Okay, they say you can also spell it ‘louver’ like it’s English.

So now, I don’t have a hot water heater, and I don’t have propane heat. I’m not allowed to use space heaters. They say they use too much electricity. They’re able to detect it when you’re using one. I’ve already had this battle in the past and don’t want to do it again.

I’m going to have to start with just putting the tarp on, and then I’m going to have to work on the next few things, fixing everything that’s broken inside the walls because of rainwater coming in.

I’m at the point in the game, in Stardew Valley, where you are going to start getting the Junimo huts. I already knew they existed because I had watched some youtube videos about the game, so I knew that there was going to be some way where you get these little guys helping you and doing the work for you, but I don’t know how to do it yet, I only know that the Junimo hut is available to me now, at the Wizard’s house, and I have to get some starfruits first before I can build it.

A shortage of labor – the book ‘The Ultimate Resource,’ by Julian Simon, is about how humans are the ultimate resource, human labor. It’s not just labor, it includes everything humans do, not just physical work. I have a terrible shortage of that because of chronic fatigue syndrome. Every task, no matter how small, is impossible. I need to fix the leaks in the roof, so that water won’t leak in even if I don’t have a tarp, because I’d prefer not to have to use the tarp. It’s nice being able to open the windows on top, and it’s nice being able to see out the sides of the house without a tarp hanging down, and the cats love going up there, and so on. The roof needs to be redesigned, though, not just patched and not just left the same way it is. It needs to be remade so that it never leaks again and doesn’t merely need to be ‘resealed.’ It’s insane the way it’s designed. A flat roof will ALWAYS leak. That’s just sanity. That’s just the sane mind looking at reality. Only a LUNATIC would ever build a roof that was totally flat and had no method at all for draining water that landed on it. This is why I passionately hate the entire world that I live in, because the people who have the power to build things, and design things, and sell things, are all completely evil, insane, retarded, and on drugs. And yet, they get paid the big bucks.

I was thinking about something. The electronic mind control always takes advantage of every person’s weaknesses, and every type of person has a weakness, every socionic type. Every person has what I call ‘a terrible weakness, and a desperate need.’ The terrible weakness is your vulnerable function, the fourth function, and the desperate need is your dualizing function, the suggestive function, function five. You desperately need somebody to do that thing for you, whatever function five is doing. The terrible weakness is this thing that you’re always doing, and doing it badly, in a one-dimensional way. It’s been years since I read anything about socionics, but during the time when I was reading about it, I encountered this thing called the ‘dimensions’ of each function, where a function goes from weak to strong, over four dimensions. The dimensions are: experience, norms, situation, and ‘global’ or ‘temporal,’ and they varied in how they described that last one, the strongest one, whatever word they used for that one. The weakest dimension is when you can only just experience everything as it happens, you have no power to predict the future with regard to that thing, everything is always a surprise, you can only say, ‘I have personally experienced X, but that’s all that I know about it,’ and that’s the only way you have to learn about that thing. With the strongest dimension, global, the fourth dimension, you don’t even have to experience something personally, you can hear about it secondhand, you can passively observe it all the time without trying, you just constantly gather tons of information about this over a lifetime, and you can predict the future events that are going to occur in that function.

Anyway, both delta STs have the same weaknesses, the ISTP and the ESTJ, they’re just in different positions. The ISTP has 1d Fe and 2d Ni, and the ESTJ has 1d Ni and 2d Fe. Ni is ‘iNtuition,’ that’s where the capital N comes from, and it’s introverted.

A person who has been abused, victimized, or psychologically traumatized somehow, over years and years, is going to have some kind of weird crap in their weaker functions, some weird stuff that they learned from experience during their lifetime, which wasn’t healthy stuff. They could be called bad habits, or limiting beliefs, or something. You develop these norms, or rules, or beliefs about how reality works, but those rules are not all-encompassing, because those are the weak functions and the can’t handle tons of information at high speed.

The Ni function, introverted intuition, is associated with ‘time,’ tempus, and also associated with things like ‘scenarios’ and ‘destiny,’ bringing people together or taking them apart from each other. ‘It is our destiny that we met each other.’ All of time, in the past, led up to this moment when we meet. The mind controllers are manipulating those people and those timelines, forcing people to meet and encounter each other.

I took in the cat, Peeper, partly because of decades of learned helplessness, from this violent abuse of the mind control. I learned something like, ‘Never say no, when the mind control tries to force you to get together with somebody.’ Or, it’s more like, ‘It’s impossible to say no.’ It’s not just a command telling you ‘don’t say no,’ it’s more like, a belief that it’s just not possible to say no, it’s not possible to even try to say no. I tried. There was a past relationship that I didn’t really want to get into, and I tried to avoid getting into that relationship, but various forces conspired to result in me getting into that relationship anyway, even though I didn’t think it was a good idea at the time, partly because I didn’t want to keep on living in this area, I wanted to relocate. It was a good relationship, but even so, I had wanted to choose my destiny, and I had wanted to relocate elsewhere. That is what the electronic mind control is doing, the gangstalkers, the people following us around and controlling our lives.

With Peeper the cat, I was driving J over to Washington State, and on the way home, I found this little kitten at McDonald’s, in the snow, in zero degrees Fahrenheit. I could either take her to a shelter, or just take her with me. I decided to take her with me. That was an incident of, ‘If the mind control gives you a gift, you cannot say no.’ I could have strongly fought to protect my boundaries, because in reality, I didn’t want to get any more cats. I had Jacob, but I didn’t want to add any more cats, because, once again, I wanted to have the ability to relocate. Jacob was one reason why I hesitated to relocate. Anything that stops me from relocating is ruining my life, because this is a horrible place to live, terrible in every way, even though there isn’t an obvious war going on or something, it’s totally unlivable here. The rent is extremely high, the land prices are extremely high, and you have to drive hundreds of miles around in all directions to get things that you absolutely have to have, such as food, or a job where you can earn more than minimum wage, to pay your extremely high rent, which is increasing all the time and is insanely high right now, more than usual. The entire area is ‘unwalkable,’ as in, the definition of ‘walkable cities,’ in those youtube videos that I’m subscribed to, ‘Not Just Bikes,’ ‘City Beautiful,’ and the other one was ‘Climate Town.’ A disclaimer, I believe the climate changes are caused by changes in solar output, not from human activity, but I’m still opposed to pollution and stupidity and bad design.

So this entire area is actually a horrible place to live for someone with chronic fatigue. I have to depend on a mainstream lifestyle of having a car and constantly driving hundreds of miles to get everything. I’m not allowed to have farm animals for food here, so for instance, I can’t get goat milk and chicken eggs every day to feed myself, which is what everybody needs (I always say goats instead of cows, just because goats are able to eat more types of weeds and bushes, so they’re less limited in where they can live, and they’re smaller and cheaper).

The beta INFP NiFe at my burger job, I always loved him – my socionic superego relation – He just recently gave his two weeks notice, and says he’s going out west and has been hired for a better job out there. His family has some kind of family business, I forget what exactly, so he actually has real ‘skills’ from some kind of trade. This is enviable to me. They called him ‘Dobby’ as a nickname, because he has the same first name as another guy, and so, when he turned in his two weeks notice, he gave them a sock, like Dobby the House-Elf, meaning that he was being set free. This hurts me, because it’s like he’s voluntarily choosing to separate his destiny from ours. Your destiny is elsewhere. Your pathway is elsewhere. You are going down a different path, far away, and we are never going to see you again.

But when I went through Montana – he’s going to one of the Dakotas, and I loved them too – they were so empty, and there wasn’t much cell phone coverage there. The cell phone wouldn’t work in all places, and this is a miracle for someone who hates the background noise of cell phone radiation. Anyplace that’s lacking cell phone coverage is heaven on earth. All of the mental phenomena are greatly reduced whenever you don’t have cell phone radiation as background noise in your brain. The sky was so open and huge, in the Dakotas, and the mountains were strangely shaped, rising up like Egyptian pyramids out of the sand, gradually rising higher and higher, starting with only just a couple of tiny points rising out of the ground, and then gradually increasing until they became the Rocky Mountains, as I drove west.

But anyway, I loved Montana, probably the most of all the places, although I can’t say for sure. And I encountered betas in Montana. I went to a gas station or restaurant or something, and the guy behind the counter was beta ISTJ TiSe, and he had this unusual culture of just taking for granted that I would understand his jokes and his way of thinking. The culture was different out there. Montana has wild huckleberries, and elk, and gemstones.

I did still hear music in my head, forced music, that wouldn’t stop, as I was driving through there, in the Dakotas and Montana. I was forced to hear, relentlessly and endlessly, ‘Montana’ by John Denver, playing nonstop, and I like John Denver, but I don’t want to be forced to hear ANY SONGS AT ALL playing relentlessly in my head nonstop. So, there was still some idiotic, insane, horrible electronic mind control going on out there. ‘Whoa-oh-ohhh, Montana, give this child a home…’ over and over, thousands of times.

The world of freedom, the world without background noise in your brain, the world without manmade radiation and mind control, is an amazing, mysterious, inconceivable, wonderful, unthinkable world to live in. I have had these glimpses of it now and then. I get a glimpse of it if I go someplace locally, into the woods, the deep woods, behind the mountains, here in Pennsylvania, far enough away that I can’t hear the highways as much, or just barely, the cars that are constantly driving. I got glimpses of that feeling when I went to Green Bank, WV, and also Snowshoe, WV, nearby, where I felt good, and regained my sense of smell. I researched this later, and I found out that yes, studies have found that cell phone radiation interferes with the sense of smell. It was probably SARS-COV-1, the original sars, in the early 2000s, that made me lose most of my sense of smell, but whatever it is, there is some interaction between that virus, and the background radiation, because I regained my smell when I was there at Green Bank, where manmade radiation is restricted by law, because of the radio telescope there. I glimpsed this freedom in the Dakotas when I was driving, and the open sky felt different, and the flat land felt different, and the air, and the atmosphere, and space, felt different, all because, most likely, there was less cell phone coverage there.

So I have had these brief moments in the world of freedom, where there is less background noise, less audible noise from the highways, less cell phone radiation, less noise from electricity in the walls of the houses, less everything. There are some fields that I cannot avoid: I can’t avoid anything coming down from the satellites, and I can’t avoid the weather radar, which is everywhere. I can’t avoid the GPS system. There are several different systems that cover everything, all areas. But, you can still reduce certain other fields, from cell phone towers in particular. It’s still possible, in 2022, to go to specific locations in the world where there are fewer cell phone towers per square mile, less density of cell phone tower coverage, and this makes an improvement in your quality of life, as a victim of electrosensitivity and mind control attacks.

I postponed caffeine somewhat today

May 16, 2022

I haven’t had any pills yet. I had a cup of coffee that I bought yesterday and put in the fridge. Normally, I wake up really early in the morning – I’m forced awake – and I often take a caffeine pill at that time, but I didn’t do that today. I turned on the timer for four more hours, and stayed in bed. I would like to do more caffeine withdrawal, so that I can get my anxiety back, because I desperately need my anxiety right now. I have to take action, and I can only do that if I have anxiety. If I use caffeine, I can go months without getting anything done, yet feel no anxiety about it.

They keep asking me to talk about him – I know what he’s doing, and I don’t know anything about that person, so I can’t guess what socionic type she is. I only know, when I heard about the text message she had sent out, I laughed out loud and said, ‘Well, they’re going to get together, then!’ or something along those lines, and immediately, they did. I don’t know whether blatant, shameless whoring is a sign that she’s his socionic dual or not. She could be another one of the alpha ISFP SiFe girls, like someone he was seeing a few months ago who no longer works there. He needs a delta INFJ FiNe, but he already has at least one of them, but she lives in another town, not here, and for whatever reason, they’re not staying together all the time. He doesn’t seem to be able to form permanent relationships and keep them. He also doesn’t seem to be able to restrain himself from having sex with every single thing that moves, as in, he’s not able to view a relationship before it happens, and predict that it isn’t going to end well. He just has to fuck everything that moves, and he says, ‘I wonder what will happen if I fuck THIS? And I wonder what will happen if I fuck THIS? And this? And this? And this?’ And that’s his relationship pattern.

I have seen him, and he does not look happy. He doesn’t have a body language that says, ‘Yay! I’m fucking everything that moves, and I’m happy about it!’ He looks lonely, miserable, isolated, and
psychologically messed up.

I don’t have time to write about this – the oil shortage, and our wasting of grease at my job

May 15, 2022

Yesterday, our truck didn’t come in, for unknown reasons. I asked if the truckers knew the reason why, and they said they had asked them, and they had said, ‘It was above our pay grade.’ So something happened in the company where the truckers were unable to get here to us. We ran out of a bunch of essential basic things for our fast-food burger company, such as french fries, so we had to go a few hours telling customers that there weren’t any french fries. One of our managers went and got some fries at Sam’s Club. I don’t like french fries for some reason, and I never have, in all my life, which is why I’ve had this idea that I want to do an experiment where I make my own fries at home. I will have to cut them to the right size, so that they will have the ideal ratio of the surface area to the internal volume, because the inner volume of a french fry is the mealy, squishy, undercooked part, while the outer surface area is the crispy, cooked part that’s been exposed to the grease. It’s desirable to have more outer surface, and less inner volume. I don’t like gagging on mealy potato starch. I just don’t like potatoes in general. It takes a whole lot of drinking water to make it so that I can swallow all that mealy, grainy starchy stuff. I really think potatoes are horrible. However, when they are cooked in exactly the perfect way, I like them, and I have a tendency to prefer things where they have been shredded into the smallest possible pieces, such as hash browns made from those extremely thin, teeny tiny little shreds. I like those.

So I have wanted to do an experiment of choosing my own variety of potatoes, and then, using ANIMAL FAT instead of the horrible vegetable oils used by restaurants. I would use what I believe are healthy animal fats, and then I would do my own experiments with frying potatoes. But I can’t do any of that because I can’t cook at home right now.

Anyway, I was talking about how Indonesia was going to stop exporting palm oil. That includes the red palm oil that I bought last year, AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO USE YET, and it’s going to expire next year – I bought it so that I could try making some of the African soups that I saw on youtube, which are some of the healthiest foods I’ve ever seen, making a soup out of a combination of this red palm oil, ground-up seeds like pumpkin seeds or something, as a thickening agent, leafy greens all ground up into tiny pieces, and a bunch of organ meats from land animals, and then dried seafood, all mixed together. This is just the absolute best thing I can imagine eating. Just don’t add the ‘flavor cubes.’ Use bone broth instead, or other homemade broths, to get that flavor. I’d probably add mushrooms and seaweed.

Anyway, that made me think about this cooking oil shortage. The foolish insanity of our culture – we feed our animals all this grain, to make them fat and make the meat tender. We keep them in a feedlot, in a CAFO, a concentrated animal feeding operation.


I just saw mercola had an article about ‘fatbergs’ in the sewer system. He’s being censored, and was forced, by physical threats, to change his website, but they allowed him to keep his articles up for 48 hours. He had to find an alternative, so he made a subscription service where you can see the older articles. He didn’t do this because he wanted to, he did it because censors were literally threatening his life and his family. Anyway, I might not get to finish reading that article since I have to run out the door, and I haven’t signed up for the subscription service yet. I was going to, I just never got around to it yet.

My job, the burger job, doesn’t save grease. At least some restaurants save their grease and sell it to a grease recycler, and they use it to make women’s makeup. I don’t use makeup, but restaurant grease is one of the things that it’s made out of.

We force our animals to become unnaturally fat, and then we drain away all of the grease, not using it for ANYTHING. I was going to use it to make candles, and I did some experiments with that, and it works, but you have to find a way to make the wick float on top of the liquid grease. You can make a floating wick, and I was going to do that, I was going to buy some floating candle wicks, I was going to try using corks, and I never got around to finishing that project. The wick sinks in to the liquid grease and the fire goes out if the wick doesn’t float.

We throw our grease into the garbage.

Oh, but it frustrates me to have these commands handed down from above, and no leeway to make our own decisions at the local level. When we run out of stuff because the truck didn’t come, we’re not allowed to just go to the local grocery store and buy some stuff as a substitute, although we did get substitute french fries, but this is really frowned upon. They are not ‘standard’ french fries for our corporation. They were different, and I was debating whether our regular french fries, or the substitute french fries, were more disgusting. I actually think both are disgusting. I have wanted so badly to do a bunch of cooking experiments with potatoes to find out whether or not I like eating potatoes that are fried in animal fat instead of vegetable oil, or else a saturated vegetable fat, such as this red palm oil, or coconut oil. I can’t do any experiments at all. My house is unfit for use right now.

I also want to make chicken nuggets at home, too. I don’t really want to, but rather, it’s one of those things that I think about because of my job. I want to make chicken nuggets out of organ meats. I hate our fish filet, too. Just because the flour breading is panko doesn’t make it interesting enough that I want to eat it. Our culture has the worst ways of eating fish on the entire planet. We got this from Great Britain, unfortunately. Weston Price talked about this. We eat nothing but ‘fish fillet.’ Does that have one L or two? Anyway, we eat fish filet. We don’t eat fish heads or fish organs. Those are the parts that have all the nutrients. We don’t eat fish skin. We don’t make fish bones into broth. All of that is just garbage to us. I saw a meme the other day making fun of Britain. It said, Britain sailed all over the planet looking for spices, and then, they didn’t USE any of them, and it showed a picture of ‘fish and chips,’ plain, bland-tasting fried fish, with bland potatoes. I HATE THAT KIND OF MEAL. I just bought a meal the other day at a local small restaurant, and they gave me just a couple shrimps, with an entire bucket’s worth of french fries, and I can’t possibly gag down all those horrible french fries. I can only eat a couple of them before that mealy starchy stuff starts to choke me. It sticks in my throat. I have to drink tons of water to get it down. I have wondered if that’s the vegetable oil, because in my experience, foods will stick in my throat if there is something wrong with them, something toxic, something spoiled. A spoiled, rotten food that’s been at unsafe temperatures will always get stuck in my throat when I try to swallow it. This may be happening with rancid, oxidized, unsaturated vegetable oils used for cooking the fries. However, that’s not all it is, because I just can’t stand choking down a bunch of baked potato, either. It still gives me the same feeling that it’s this disgusting mealy stuff that I can’t swallow.

Oh, the whole point of this was, I’m making fun of our culture for having an ‘oil shortage,’ and then, I see with my own eyes, at work, that we DRAIN AWAY THE BACON GREASE AND DON’T USE IT, AND WE DRAIN AWAY THE BEEF GREASE AND DON’T USE IT, while we fry our potatoes in a disgusting vegetable oil that there’s a shortage of. Derp!

And our food is totally bland and tasteless, so we think that ‘panko breading’ is the best thing that we can do to make our horribly bland fish more desirable. Meanwhile, in Japan! And in Asia! Everywhere in Asia, they eat seafood. In Japan, you can buy a fish boiled in broth, in a vending machine, a whole entire fish. They use it all, boiled in broth, all the skin, all the bones, the eyes, the head, the brain, the organs, all of it, and it tastes wonderful, and it’s never bland.

I don’t have time to write if I’m going to get ready for work. I have so much to say because I had a bunch of caffeine.

also, don’t use synthetic folate, because it causes the very birth defects that it’s supposed to prevent

May 15, 2022

I don’t know as much about how this works, I only know that I’ve read about this while reading about the problems caused by other synthetic vitamins. The one thing that I can’t find, which I read years ago, which I experienced myself, is how synthetic vitamins will cause you to develop allergies, and the allergies will go away when you stop taking the synthetic vitamins. Synthetic vitamins have something in them which is similar to histamine, and it’s the histamine-like substance that causes you to have these allergy symptoms.

Synthetic folate causes the same birth defects that it’s allegedly supposed to prevent. You have to get real folate, from foods, or else you have to very carefully choose the exact, specific chemical compound, and make sure it’s the right one, in a supplement, and I don’t advocate doing that, because in my experience, everybody everywhere always turns out to be wrong, or lying, whenever they sell a supplement that they claim is different from the other supplements, claiming that this version is a more ‘bio-compatible’ version than the other supplements, and so on. It’s hard to tell if they’re just wrong, or if they’re lying on purpose, but in my experience, it’s impossible to trust any vitamin supplements at all. Every single one that I have ever taken has caused problems for me. I have so many side effects and bad reactions, and each one is different. I had terrible reactions to coenzyme Q, for instance, and I have bad reactions to fish oil supplements, and vitamin B supplements, and just one thing after another. So getting folate from food is the best way.

There’s one website that shows up at the top of the google results, ‘Why I regret taking my prenatal vitamin,’ which talks about the differences between synthetic folate, versus the right kind of folate, and how this might be involved in the increase in autism spectrum disorders, because it’s only been the last few decades that they’ve been pushing people to take more of these synthetic vitamins and synthetic folate during pregnancy.

This is why I get annoyed whenever some random troll on the internet blurts out, ‘Correlation isn’t causation!’ as if I don’t already know that. There are millions of times when you have to make a decision in life, in the real world, and you don’t have the opportunity to hire a bunch of paid scientists to sit around in a laboratory, torturing mice on your behalf, to figure out what causes what. You can just look at the real world, look at the hundreds of correlations that you see, and you can see that A WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFF correlates with the problem. There is a great increase in the number of autism disorders, and also a great increase in transgender and LGBTQ-related disorders and deformities, such as people with abnormalities in their genitals. You can’t control everything, and you can’t avoid everything, but you can avoid a whole bunch of stuff that’s been increasing and correlating along with this problem. People have been using more drugs while pregnant, such as prescription psychiatric drugs. People have been using synthetic vitamins while pregnant, such as folic acid. People have been exposed to more plastic, such as plastic dental fillings.

It’s really hard to avoid the chemicals in the environment, and I have awareness of this, because I didn’t do anything in particular to my cats during their pregnancies, but Dot had some weirdly deformed babies, some of which might have come from incest. However, it seems to be very common to have cats coming from incestuous matings. I’m seeing it a lot. So the incest might not be what caused it. Dot’s babies, which are the orange kittens and Georgie, have some genital defects, such as small testicles, and being skinny and weirdly deformed. Dot has been exposed to things like the propane in my house’s air, and they drank from a bowl made of plastic, which wasn’t meant to be drunk from. I have these random bowls, like the big plastic lid that was used to cover a fruit cream tart thing from Wegman’s, being used as a water bowl. I have no idea what caused Dot’s babies to be as weirdly deformed as they are. One of Dot’s babies, Blueminu, who has no name yet, he just has bluish colored eyes, so I was calling him ‘blue’ to distinguish him from the other two, ‘gold’ and ‘hazel,’ but Blue has smallish testicles, and a weird tail that bends up backwards like he’s double-jointed, and he has effeminate qualities and behavior. Hazel has a high-pitched voice, which is effeminate. I didn’t feed them any drugs or any supplements, they just got that way from unknown causes, so it was either in the environment, or in the cat food, or in the genes. Dot originally didn’t eat much wet food, she only ate dry food, so her nutrition wasn’t that great. She just didn’t like it for some reason.

So there are some things that people can control more easily than other things. There are so many toxic chemicals you can’t avoid them all, and they’re in every single consumer product, every piece of furniture, every household chemical used to build the house you live in, every line of caulk (I used a caulk-like chemical recently on the roof, which drew my attention to the chemicals in caulk), every piece of wallpaper, EVERYTHING that a house is built out of contains chemicals. You can’t avoid any of that if you live in a normal house, instead of living in a primitive stone or wood shack that you built yourself, and, I’m serious, that is a desirable goal, the goal of going to live in the most primitive house possible, to avoid all the chemicals and avoid the electricity and so on. A house made out of clay, wood, stone, or some other natural materials would be a good one. Anyway, furniture, and literally EVERY single object that comes from a factory, will have chemicals in it, and all of these chemicals together are harming us. You don’t have to eat them; they go through your skin, or you breathe it in. We can’t easily avoid most of this. It’s possible, but hard to do.

So you have to focus on avoiding whichever ones are easiest to control, and you have more control over which supplements you choose to take, and that’s why I always emphasize avoiding the synthetic supplements, and avoiding using any drugs.

slightly less sick today

May 15, 2022

I don’t feel quite as bad as I felt the last couple days.

Marriage is for the purpose of having children, and also for handing down an inheritance. In the laws of our country, of this culture, inheritance works a certain way. I don’t know how it works in all cultures. Inheritance has a lot to do with land ownership, and most people aren’t owning land in the way that would cause them to hand it down to their children. Instead, they are owning land as an
‘investment,’ something for the purpose of earning money and being bought and sold, but not used.

A long-term vision of the future means that you want your children to have a better life than you had, somehow, and one of the ways that you can do that is by giving them a piece of land to inherit, so that they don’t have to fight the battle of saving up millions of dollars for a down payment. The down payment is actually the most impossible part of owning land. They have made it so that interest payments are artificially, unnaturally low, because they are controlled by forces other than people’s choices – people who want to lend money are not really allowed to give you whatever interest rates they want to give you. They have this crazy, lunatic idea that there is something bad about ‘high interest rates,’ that ‘high interest rates’ are the most evil thing on the planet, but meanwhile, it’s perfectly okay to have a million-dollar cash down payment up front, before you can even BEGIN paying the interest – sure, that’s perfectly fine! Nothing illegal about that! The net result is the same, but one of them is considered ‘bad,’ and the other one is considered ‘just fine.’ Both of them result in a payment that is so high, no one on earth can possibly pay it. It is an impossible and unreasonable amount of money that no one can pay. Both of them involve lying and trickery and deception. They’re like, ‘Hey! Look over here! Don’t pay any attention to the number that the cash down payment says! Not important. Just look over here at how LOW these INTEREST RATES are! You’re gettin’ a deal!’ It is completely meaningless to anybody who doesn’t understand algebra, and even if you do understand algebra, it’s still not an easy equation to do.

A lot of the people in the USA who had farmland actually had a whole bunch of land given to them for free by the US government, a few hundred years ago. There were government programs where they gave away millions of acres to people for free, and told them they were required to develop it and farm it. The government isn’t doing that for us anymore. It was part of the ‘kill the Indians and take their land’ genocide program.

So a lot of the people around you are secretly people who came from farming families, where they received hundreds of acres of land for free from the US government. That means, they had an enormous amount of wealth just handed to them. A lot of them have sold that land and stopped farming. But if you trace back all these people, all these families, a lot of them will have this loyalty to the US government, like the US government and USA is the greatest thing ever invented, and that anybody who’s ‘lazy’ doesn’t deserve anything, because you’ll get a couple hundred acres of land for free if you make this agreement that you will develop and farm the land, instead of just letting the land sit there idle. I wonder how many people can be traced back to the families who were part of that free land program.

So anyway, marriage is partly for the purpose of having children, and for inheritance. We are all part of a genocide brainwashing campaign, in the modern world, forced to have fewer and fewer children, prevented from owning land, prevented from having any stability.

I’ve said this before, but women who exercise and lose weight are infertile. They’ll have to stop exercising and stop losing weight if they want to have babies. You have to eat a LOT of food while you’re pregnant. The Brewer diet is one example of how you can eat while pregnant. Obviously, I talk about the Weston Price diet all the time. The Brewer diet is compatible with Weston Price – the two diets are similar and work together. The Brewer diet just goes into more detail, talking about how the mother needs to increase her blood volume in order to prevent preeclampsia. She has to be allowed to eat salt, so don’t restrict salt while pregnant. Electrolytes will be needed when you’re increasing the blood volume. That includes potassium too, it’s just that people don’t usually go around telling people they’re not allowed to eat potassium, but they do go around telling people to restrict the use of salt. Dr Brewer talked about how salt is one of the things your body needs to prevent a whole bunch of problems during pregnancy, and it works exactly the opposite of the way they say it works: people believe that salt causes you to get swelling in your ankles, or something like that, but Dr Brewer says that that’s one of the signs that your body is trying to increase its blood volume and is failing to do so, and you need to have more salt, more water, and also more protein, which is why they eat a whole bunch of eggs on the Brewer diet. Eggs are just one of the easiest, cheapest ways to get a whole ton of protein. It doesn’t have to be only eggs. I’m not describing it as well as the Brewer website describes it, and some of what I said might be wrong, because it’s been a while since I read any of it. Last time I looked, it was written on a very plain HTML website.