I called and reported an outage

November 19, 2018

I talked on the phone to the lady and told her what was happening. She sure as hell didn’t act like a person who "doesn’t care," which is what Denise said about the power company. This lady wondered if maybe I should call the Public Utility Commission. I actually like that idea very much. I’m not really a libertarian anymore, partly from shit like this. I don’t think these people should be allowed to get away with not even trying to fix my electricity. What she told me – no, I’m not even getting into it. I’m not arguing about this unless I can write it on my laptop.

Energy is a waste product that needs to be safely disposed of, not a precious resource

November 19, 2018

This is a quick post. I’m writing on my phone, but to do this subject justice, I would have to type it on my laptop. I have basically no heat. The electricity isn’t working and it’s the campground’s fault, not the power company’s. It’s barely working just enough to give me dim lights. The fridge is on but its light is very dim. I haven’t spoken to the neighbor today but I will want to walk around and ask everyone in this campground if their electricity is working. I don’t want to type on my laptop when I don’t even want to get out from under my blanket. I can’t even hardly charge my phone – the icon that says it’s charging flickers on and off because it’s getting very low power.

I was thinking of a solar panel on the picnic table, but “they” were fighting me with their idea that “it won’t be enough.” That is a brainless idiotic argument which is alien to my way of thinking, foreign, unnatural, the voice of an outsider. I can feel from the sensation of this thought in my brain that it is a fake thought being implanted by mind control.

I see it as a prototype. It doesn’t matter if it’s “not enough.” It doesn’t matter if I can’t power a factory machine off of it. The concept of “not enough” does not apply to my solar panel.

I also thought of the wasted potential of the car battery. People do use car batteries for home electricity. I would have to set up the charging mechanism. Either I would remove and replace the battery every day, or I would set up another battery to be charged along with the engine battery. “Wasted potential” is a paradigm, a way of seeing things, similar to how the glass is half empty or half full. My battery’s wasted potential is not how I see it – I view it as a hassle that I dread having to deal with. I don’t look forward to pulling out my car battery every day and replacing it. Plus, I would have to drive my car every day.

The solar panel on the picnic table is a dangerous source of nonstop energy being generated constantly, which is a waste product that has to be disposed of. It is a constant potential fire. If I don’t cover it to block the light, it’s generating current constantly in ambient light. The batteries will need to be constantly exchanged. Energy is a waste product. There will be so much energy that I won’t know what to do with it all. It will require constant maintenance and attention. It will take on a life of its own. An energy generator is a living thing, not literally, but just because you can’t neglect it, you can’t walk away and forget that it’s there, it never stops doing something, it never sleeps. If you abandon it at nighttime, you have to know that it isn’t leaking energy backwards out of the batteries that got charged that are sitting there waiting to be used.

A solar panel is a dangerous electrical object that generates current that can kill you, just like lightning, just like sticking your finger in a plug outlet, just like sawing through a hot wire in the wall.

I have a cold. I’m sick. Every other word is a curse word, and I’m extremely angry at the park managers, but I’m not telling the whole story of who said what and why it made me so angry and why I know this lack of power is not a temporary problem that will pass when the snow melts, it’s the new normal, but only for my campsite, not the others. The new normal is having so little electricity that I can’t run a space heater, and can’t charge my phone or laptop, and can’t use a sewing machine, and can’t use an electric water heater.

I don’t just need heat, I need electricity. She told me to get a kerosene heater. I am not getting another extremely toxic petroleum burner when the one I already have in this house nearly kills me. I become so deathly ill from the smoke and fumes. I do not merely need heat. A kerosene heater won’t charge my laptop or make the refrigerator work properly. I can tell this is permanent, the new normal. It may seem like the snowfall is what set it off, but the snow is melting and I still have no power. This is the same as rain. We have temperatures above freezing with liquid water dripping everywhere. This didn’t happen when it rained before. It didn’t happen all last winter. They insist that this happens all the time when it snows, but I was here all last winter and this never happened once. The problem is with the wiring inside the campground. It has nothing to do with the power company. I’m not telling the whole story thumb typing on my phone.

Energy is a waste product, not a scarce and precious resource. There is so much of it that you cannot possibly use it all no matter how hard you try. You could run six space heaters with the door wide open in January and there would be so much energy that you still couldn’t change the batteries fast enough. Your entire paradigm would change and frugality would cease to exist. It would become necessary to make self-imposed frugality rules whose purpose was to achieve other values, such as the value of spending time with humans instead of spending time on the internet. You are going to have so much energy that you won’t know what to do with all the extra. You will have to decide where it will be stored, how it will be used, how it will best be applied. It is a waste product. Frugality will cease to exist and become irrelevant, but old timers from the Great Depression will still be washing and saving pieces of used plastic wrap and foil.

Frugality cannot be the reason for why electric lights at nighttime are illegal. We are not forbidding lights at night because it wastes energy. We are forbidding lights at night because of other values, such as our circadian rhythm, the need for darkness in plants and animals, the optimizing of our health in darkness, the recovery of eyesight in darkness – eyes need dark to heal from injury. We want to look up and see the stars, all of them. We have other values, and frugality is irrelevant. Frugality is not the reason why we do these things.

The implanted fake thought kept telling me I couldn’t put up a solar panel because the energy it produced would be “not enough.” That argument makes no sense at all. It’s a prototype! I’m learning! How could it possibly *not* be useful to put up a solar panel?

The only thing I have not enough of is the energy needed to constantly maintain this dangerous current producer, until I set it up to be quickly and easily self-maintaining. My body has no energy. The producers of electric current have infinite energy. It’s an always-on electrocution producer, an always-on fire hazard. It cannot be ignored, neglected, or abandoned.

Snopes misdirection! Peanut allergies are caused by vaccines

November 18, 2018

Snopes! Those lying bastards. How sneaky, how very, very sneaky. Snopes claims vaccines have nothing to do with peanut allergies. Their proof focuses on nothing but peanut oil. Meanwhile, peanut PROTEINS on the other hand….! I can find scientific studies showing how the proteins from peanuts, eggs, wheat, milk, and other foods are used in the making of vaccine ingredients, contaminating those ingredients and causing an immune response to those proteins when they’re eaten.

Snopes says the peanut oil adjuvant was only approved in some other country, not USA, and brushes this off as unimportant, acting as though if it’s in another country, it doesn’t exist. But the show I watched on TV with Jesse was about stories of the emergency room, and they brought in a guy who nearly died from a peanut allergy, and he looked South American, Guatemalan, similar to them. Or maybe Asian – it was hard to tell, some of his family looked Asian. So maybe, other countries do exist after all! Maybe people in those other countries do get deadly peanut allergies from peanut OIL in vaccines, and maybe those people’s lives actually matter!

That’s aside from how Snopes totally focuses on oil and forgets to even mention proteins. I’m finding tons of results immediately for scientific studies about how proteins are in vaccines and they’re causing allergies to wheat, eggs, milk, soy, peanuts, and whatever else. Proteins! Not oil! Lying sons of bitches.

Here we go! A reference. Marconi and Tesla doing antigravity and subterranean bases and stuff

November 18, 2018


I am ignorant about the California fires. Why can’t houses withstand inevitable recurring fires?

November 18, 2018

Everyone is talking about the fires in California. I don’t have a TV hooked up so I’m not seeing the news. I would not know how to recognize which fires are normal, which ones are abnormal, and what other factors are contributing, such as vegetation, where people are planting the wrong grasses instead of native grasses or clump grass or whatever should be there, or chopping down the types of native trees that were there.

I remember the suspicious and unusual wall of high pressure that was on the ocean, for months, blocking rain from coming into CA.

Fires are normal enough out there that some plant seeds actually evolved to sprout after a fire. The fire must burn the seed coat before the seed will grow. This can only evolve if fires are extremely regular and recurring over thousands of years. The seed must grow after the regular recurring fires, not before. The same is true for seeds that must be stratified by freezing. They must freeze in the winter first, which will deplete an enzyme that inhibits growth. After they’ve frozen long enough, the growth inhibiting enzyme is gone, so they become able to grow. That is so a seed doesn’t accidentally sprout in the fall and then die in the winter freeze afterwards. The same for fire – wait till after the yearly seasonal fires are gone, then grow as fast as you can before the next fire happens, and drop a fireproof seed that will sprout after it gets burned.

So, how much of the seasonal fires are normal? I’m not seeing the images on the news, and I don’t live out there. Underground houses should resist burning, just as they ought to make underground houses in tornado zones, and hurricane proof houses in hurricane areas. The "broken window fallacy" business model loves it when expensive things get destroyed and have to be rebuilt over and over again, instead of made strong and secure to prevent damage.

Prisoners in jail were mentioned in connection with Hurricane Florence – a problem similar to where the animals in shelters needed to be moved from the fire. That was in Elizabeth Wilcock’s forum. It was elsewhere that I saw the issue of prisoners in a hurricane mentioned. Not everyone in jail is actually guilty, and even the ones who are guilty don’t deserve to drown in floods. They’re probably just afraid the walls will crumble and people will escape.

But anyway, fires in CA are being described as abnormal, but I’m ignorant of that area and wouldn’t know the normal thing to compare it to. I can only say that plants evolved to expect fires over millions of years, so fires are seasonal and normal, but apparently they’re worse than normal, and our houses are always built the same way, vulnerable to fires, when they should build houses explicitly to resist the predictable recurring inevitable fires. Let them have an air supply and filters so smoke doesn’t kill the people. Let them have a way to filter the carbon dioxide and monoxide and all the other toxic gases and particles. These hell houses are insulated to keep the heat *out*, not in, made from the materials that protect rocket ships from burning up in the atmosphere on the way back in. They will know which gases rise upwards (carbon monoxide) or go downwards (carbon dioxide) and get rid of them in either a house above the flames or a house below the flames. In the hell houses, people go on with their lives while surrounded in fire. Trees fall on the house and it doesn’t collapse. In the Terraria game they would be made out of obsidian bricks.

Volcano houses, volcano fumes. There are breakaway civilizations inside the volcanoes of central America. Some Italian guy went there. Marconi. There are secret facilities inside the volcanoes of Hawaii that were documented by Michael Salla earlier this year, not too long ago. They must withstand heat and poisonous gases.

Yep. My neighbor says his power is acting weird too

November 18, 2018

Well, at least it isn’t something going wrong with my own wires in my trailer. So I can solve the problem by passively complaining to other people and waiting for them to do something about it. I won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have someone cut a hole in the side of my trailer and replace the wiring or something. I had no idea what would be involved in fixing *my* wires. I imagine the inside walls of this trailer are spongy, rotten, and moldy, filled with ants, bees, and spiders. (Actually, the bits I’ve seen aren’t that bad. It’s relatively dry in most places, where I looked when I removed the hose connector and looked between the walls, and when I removed the skylight fixture in the bathroom to see where the rain was leaking in the ceiling.)

I have a new problem. Low voltage or something.

November 18, 2018

Yesterday I noticed my space heater was acting weird. The fan would spin more slowly if I turned the heater to a higher setting. Then I noticed all the lights were dimmer, and they flickered out a couple times. We have snow and ice and water melting and it could have gotten into something and given me a bad connection.

Reading a book about electrical wiring hasn’t yet made me feel confident enough to take on this problem alone. So I’m going to talk to people about it. I do have a multimeter already, so I could stick it in a plug outlet and be like, "Okay, it says something but I have no idea what it means." I would need a reminder about how to use and read the multimeter. That’s the only electrical tool I have at the moment. I love those kinds of gadgets. I would have an entire room full of devices able to read or detect or measure this or that, if I had money to buy them and a place to put them so they won’t be just in a messy pile. Right now I have all my tools, just a small collection of the basics, like pliers and screwdrivers, piled up inside a thing that isn’t even a drawer. It’s more like a hole. It’s an opening in the wooden entertainment center thing, where a DVD player would have gone. I tried briefly in the dim light at 3am or something to dig in that pile and find the multimeter, which is pushed all the way to the back of the pile. I gave up and decided to wait until daytime so I could see.

I went through the process of denial. First I thought it was just my space heater and maybe I just need a new one. They break all the time. I don’t have a soldering kit, but in theory, it would be possible to repair a broken appliance and buy new components. In the long run, you could salvage electronic components from old appliances at thrift stores and antique stores. Harvesting and reusing all those things, I’d love to do that. However, I don’t have a workshop, and my house is not fully functional in the wintertime right now. I have one table and my sewing machine is on it, waiting for the next session of my self directed at home sewing class. Today won’t be a good day for activities that require heat, when my electricity is behaving oddly.

So I was in denial. I gradually became forced to admit that all the lights seemed dimmer, even the refrigerator light. It was much worse than the space heater merely breaking down and needing to be replaced or fixed. Then the overhead lights flickered off and on a few times. So today I’m reluctantly admitting that this problem is "beyond my skill to heal." I just haven’t gotten dressed and done what I have to do to prepare to communicate with other human beings yet. It’s only 8:19am and I had one of the weird brand caffeine pills that don’t work as well as the usual brand.

I have a feeling my espresso maker won’t be thrilled about low power. I don’t own a hand cranked coffee grinder or a hand pressed coffee maker yet, partly because my will is torn both ways, towards wanting to permanently quit all caffeine, versus wanting to invest in all the tools and supplies needed to make an extremely good cup of coffee or espresso and to do it off the grid in a power failure.

I have blue mats, and a zero degree sleeping bag, and lots of blankets, so I will camp as I did in a tent if the power fails so badly that my electric blanket dies. The blue mats – Walmart ran out of them because they seem to think it’s unimportant to restock camping supplies in the middle of winter. They went weeks and weeks with only one blue roll left on the shelf, and then finally I bought it. They still have a green one, but the green ones are made of a different material that smells like chemicals, doesn’t insulate the heat as well, and costs twice as much!!! Why god why. It’s like $17.00 for the green material, but only like $8.00 for the blue one that smells less bad and insulates much better!

I could go to the Walmart across town and check if they have the blue ones left, and I could order them online. They are the best insulating material I know of. I would have insulated my entire house with blue camping mats, and I would make them into the inner lining of a gigantic coat, which would be stiff and unbendable, but so warm you could just lie down on the open streets in the snow and sleep in it like an Eskimo sled dog. I’d call it a Kimmiq or something (there were boots called Kimik or some other spelling, and I wasn’t sure if it was a reference to dogs, or some other word.). Qimmiq? Kamiq? It means dog, generic dog, all dogs, but somewhere I saw it used to refer to boots. Well, I would want to call my coat that word. The sled dog coat. The ultimate coat, so warm a homeless person can lie down on the street in January wearing nothing but this coat and sleep in negative degree weather. It’ll also be cheap, since the blue mats are cheap.

I want to make coats that actually work. As a person with many years of experience camping while homeless, I know that you can save a life with an $8 blue insulation roll. I know that coats are *not* purely decorative objects. Coats that actually work usually cost $1,000. That is not how it should be. Poor people need good coats that work even more than rich people do.

Hahahahahahaha…. No, this is not good. My neighbor walked around the side of his house and was examining his electrical plug connector, the main one that the whole camper plugs into. I’m gonna knock on his door and ask if his power is acting funny. If it’s this whole section of the campground, we’re f’d. A gigantic repair will have to be done in the campground.

A quick summary explaining what is the J/P switch for introverts in personality typology, and why it’s such a big pet peeve of mine

November 17, 2018

I’m typing on my phone, which limits how much I can write. And I can never say anything briefly. But I will try.

The Myers-Briggs personality typing system gives you four letters that describe your personality. The test isn’t 100% accurate on the first try, and a lot of mistypings occur. I thought I was INTP for many years but figured out later I’m ISTP. However, the test results can give you a general idea, and you can read more about it and decide on another type later on.

However, in the English speaking world, this system has gotten messed up even more by the so-called Jungian Cognitive Functions. The cognitive functions are a more detailed description of what your mind is doing. However, there is a mistake in the system, a huge mistake in the methods they use to determine which four-letter type is using which cognitive functions. It’s complicated, but if you are an introvert, they will tell you that you’re a J when you’re actually a P, or a P when you’re actually a J.

In Europe, a Lithuanian woman, Aushra Augusta, created socionics. It’s based on Jung’s work too. However, she didn’t make the same mistake when she figured out which types use which functions. So if you use the socionic system, you’re able to figure out which cognitive functions you’re using, and also figure out which type you are, and the system works much better.

Not only that, but she did this great thing of showing how all sixteen personality types relate to each other. So you can easily predict that you will, at the very least, be pretty comfortable with a certain person, and, at best, find a soulmate or spouse or best friend and be perfectly comfortable opening up and being yourself with them. It isn’t always that ideal, but at minimum you’re almost always comfortable with people when socionics predicts you will be.

People have to be typed correctly, or the system doesn’t work. So correcting mistypings is extremely important. Internet forums that call themselves “INTJ,” “ISTP,” and so on, will have a mixture of real ISTPs and mistyped ISTJs who swear on the bible that they are the only ones who are correctly typed and all the others are wrong, and there will be a huge battle over who the real IXXXs are. It happens in every single forum of introverts. The American system types some people correctly and some incorrectly, and it might be about a 50/50 mix, and it depends on which test you took, which method you used.

Socionics can be used to clear it up once and for all, but there are many people who still think the American method is valid and respectable – perfectly valid, just different. The system is actually contradictory, not valid. If you take one kind of test and use one kind of approach, you will get one result, and if you use the other method, you’ll get the opposite J/P.

This is my huge pet peeve because I want the Americans to recognize the value of socionics and start using it, for instance on dating websites. I hate dating websites passionately with every fiber of my tortured soul, but if they used socionics, it would be so much easier to find people who, as I said, at the very minimum you will be comfortable with. It doesn’t guarantee sexual attraction.

But because of this J/P switch, the systems are so messed up that a lot of Americans encounter socionics, and accidentally get the worst possible advice (“You should fall in love with your socionic conflictor! ISTP and ENFJ are best friends! Corey Goode should marry Donald Trump!”). The socionic conflictor is someone whose way of processing information, communicating, perceiving, and making decisions is so painfully opposite to your own that you can barely stand to be with them for a few minutes in a conversation in the same room before you are utterly exhausted. You don’t necessarily hate each other, but you admire each other from afar, and have to limit the amount of time you spend close to that person. Mostly, these people just gravitate to separate social circles and stay away from each other.

The messed-up American Jungian Cognitive Functions system tells everyone to go fall in love with their conflictor. People try this for five seconds, shout “Nope!”, and conclude that socionics is the stupidest thing that ever existed.

So that is why I hate the J/P switch for introverts and why I view it as the worst mistyping possible. There are other mistypings that happen, but they aren’t as bad. They don’t cause the entire system to completely fail in the same way that the J/P switch for introverts does.

Anyhow, on with my day.

I posted a link about Corey Goode INFJ on the delta quadra facebook group

November 17, 2018

That facebook group isn’t very active, but a few will see it. In the most recent video with Roger Richards about fourth density consciousness he self-typed as INFJ at about 8:23. He didn’t even mess around with the J/P switch for introverts (my ultimate pet peeve in typology – one day I’ll have to write a book), he got it right the first time. JK Rowling also self-typed as INFJ someplace but I don’t have a link to it. Anyway, vindicated! I had mentioned CG and DW and also Elizabeth Wilcock, and a couple people didn’t really agree they were deltas. They probably still won’t agree even now, but I had to show the self-typing, I couldn’t just ignore that.

I did find Jesse and it put my mind at ease

November 16, 2018

He hadn’t left yet. I went over there without calling first. Kyndle had said he would need a friend after she left. She did tell me it was okay to go over. I respect her and I admire her, and I’m glad he found her. They’re gamma, ESFP-INTP – he is one of many ESFP illusionaries I have met and dated. They’ve had a baby. I just feel like he’s safe, knowing that she’s there, she’ll be there for him, and they love each other, and his child is continuing his life.

He answered when I knocked and asked who it was. "It’s Nicole! It’s me!" He let me in. It was so dark I couldn’t see. The snow outside was bright white and I had just spent a little while driving in that light, although it didn’t feel like as long of a drive now that I knew exactly where to go and wasn’t in a hurry. He had been asleep and had all the shades closed.

He said I could sit down on the couch with him. I found it in the pitch black. Gradually I was able to see. First we talked about how he would move the last of this stuff, and I offered to help, but he said his dad was planning to help him. He said he was tired of all the traveling after the past couple years and wanted to settle down in one place.

I took him for a drive and bought cigarettes and a six pack of beer for him. I had to push and offer to go take him someplace – he didn’t ask. I really insisted I wanted to do something for him. He doesn’t have a car now so he’s walking everywhere.

We sat in a parking lot at one point because he was showing me some funny videos on his phone. I said I should take him home, but he didn’t want me to leave, so he invited me to watch "Daddy’s Home 2."

So we went back to his apartment and watched it, snuggled on the couch while he drank beer. I didn’t drink, but he swears he wants to see me get drunk someday. He asked me, would I drink the beer if someone was holding a gun to his head threatening to kill him? I said, "It depends," and I started to explain – I said, "Maybe if I thought he was really serious about doing it?" and he said, "What! You’re gambling with my life!" I was laughing by now – I had a lot of good laughs.

He said that the beer made him horny, and that this always happened, which I understood. After the movie ended, he started to play a video game, and I was about to decide it was time to leave. Kyndle then called on the phone. He answered and let her see me in the video, and I waved at her and the baby. I told her we had watched the movie. She talked normally and was as friendly to me as always, but I could feel her microexpressions, her microtones of voice, through the phone from hundreds of miles away in Washington, a silent unspoken anger simmering in the background. Kyndle is angry – it’s time to leave.

After the phone call I did get up and got ready to leave. Earlier, I had said to him that I really wanted to see him but I didn’t want to cause any trouble with Kyndle. So I hugged him, and walked away, then ran back and hugged him maybe two or three more times before I left for real. My mouth was against his neck and I did not bite. I took his hand for a moment and then I left.

Now I’m going to watch Crimes of Grindelwald. And so, I am at peace. I know he’s okay and I know what day he’s leaving.

Trails in the woods; Jesse is leaving for WA

November 16, 2018

I could go for a walk today and look for the tracks of bigfoot and cougarfoot.

I am reminded that Jesse is leaving soon if he hasn’t already left. I did see him when he was drunk and passed out. He hasn’t called or texted. I sent a text and a phone message to the two recent numbers I have for him. I’m not sure which one is being used. I won’t necessarily push this issue.

I don’t recall the date Kyndle said but I think it was tomorrow. I don’t know why it was scheduled for that date. I guess he’s driving a Uhaul or something. I forget. He’s going back to Washington and rejoining Kyndle and his son, who went on the plane earlier.

I do not know if I’m supposed to try really hard and make an aggressive effort to see him before he leaves. I don’t think so. I am only here if he needs me enough to call me.

I got into EFT tapping, the trauma and phobia treatment, in the early 2000s

November 16, 2018

I read about TFT, Thought Field Therapy, which was a version you had to pay for. Back then, I bought the videos. You were supposed to do the tapping in a particular sequence. Later I found out somebody released the information for free as EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.

I was trying to give myself therapy back then. I was doing phone therapy with Devers Branden, the wife of author Nathaniel Branden, who was associated with Objectivism. Nathaniel Branden was booked so I couldn’t do therapy with him.

TFT was hyped as being this huge big deal, this thing that was miraculously effective. You think about the traumatic thought, and simultaneously do a tapping sequence on various acupressure points. While your energy system is in the traumatized state, you comfort it and neutralize the trauma while continuing to think about the traumatic thought.

I had questions back then, and wondered if it could be used in a negative way to do anything evil you wanted to do, and thereby become all powerful. I thought, you could neutralize your “phobia” of murdering people, thereby enabling you to get over the fear of murdering people and enabling you to freely murder whomever you pleased without feeling any negative emotions. You could do any horrible, guilt inducing thing on earth and get away with it because you had the power to push a button and eliminate negative emotions. It meant that all emotions were meaningless.

In reality, it wasn’t like that. It was nowhere near effective enough to completely get rid of all negative emotions so that you could run around fearlessly murdering everyone and taking over the world.

Nowadays, however, when I try to use EFT, I get zapped. If I try to enter any kind of introspective mind state at all where I attempt to perform any kind of therapy on myself, I get zapped. So I can slightly use it for a few seconds before I get hit with a cattle prod. I cannot go into any depth to do real therapy on myself.

There are other states I can’t enter into, either, such as an act of will, or preparation for an act of will, any act of will at all, even something as trivial as “I will clean the house today, I will wipe off the dirty countertops and wash the dishes, I will do the laundry.” They don’t let me do any act of will at all. My will is required instead to be passive and receptive, as in, if I’m really lucky, I’ll sometimes get visited by a helpful entity who schedules out my day for me and pushes the buttons to make it happen.

Now, when I was 100% caffeine free, I noticed more frequent spontaneous unplanned acts of will, and that author – Peter Breggin – said that caffeine suppresses impulsive behavior, and replaces it with obsessive behavior. Impulses can be a good thing, if you are naturally an impulse-based person, and the ISTP is described as a perceiver naturally guided by impulses. Like hey, all of a sudden I feel like doing this! So caffeine suppresses good impulses as well as bad ones.

I was at the store, and a little toddler girl suddenly ran down one of the aisles between all the hanging racks of clothes, giggling and breathless. “What’re you doing?” her dad said affectionately, as she had just suddenly dashed off at random out of excitement and energy. I remember being like that when I was a kid. Just randomly do something really weird for no reason. One time I guess I was pretending I was a vacuum cleaner, and I crawled around with my forehead pressed against the basement carpet, until I rubbed a rug burn onto my forehead, which is visible in a couple childhood photos.

Chronic fatigue syndrome suppresses a whole lot of impulses too.

We are covered in a deep thick snow today. I might watch The Crimes of Grindelwald sometime soon.

My former best friend Rachael wrote “The Winds of Asharra”

November 16, 2018

Rachael cut us all off. She cut off me and her family. She changed her name and her phone number and everything and "door-slammed" all of us, not letting anyone contact her. She fits the description of an ENFP and she is the reason why I was immediately convinced that socionics was real the first time I read about it. She was in Gifted class with me. We both went to Boulder, CO in 1987 for the Odyssey of the Mind competition.

Her family did detective work over the next few years and found out she had written a novel called The Winds of Asharra. I haven’t read it, but I looked at a preview I found which lets you read a few pages of it. I tried reading it but all I could feel was hate. So I didn’t buy the book. I know it is an erotic novel and it is about what happens when someone gives the girl a cube, or some device, that teleports her to someplace which is like another planet.

Rachael might have experienced things too, but might not remember it. What I mean is, if anybody was actually secretly taken anywhere, it would’ve been her. The book is about her discovering this alien culture which is shockingly different from ours. I couldn’t help thinking of the Anshar in connection with that. And "Asharra" was the name of the place in the story.

I said I couldn’t read her book because all I felt was hate. It was probably the worst trauma I ever experienced, losing my best friend after eleven years when she cut me off. I’m reluctant to tell the story over again but felt that I had to mention it today.

Interesting that the Anshar don’t have psychological issues with their parents. I wonder how many of them have rejection issues? It’s like anthropology, studying a culture that came from the future and is living inside the earth.

When I first heard they came from the future, I was critical or skeptical about this, because I thought they were using that as an excuse or rationale to do anything they wanted to. Like it’s okay, don’t judge us for doing something bad, we have to save our future timeline using any means necessary, oh okay, go ahead then.

I’m sure the distrust goes both ways. If they trusted the people on the surface they could come up here openly whenever they wanted. "Ascension" could mean the inner earth people walking up the stairs out of a hole in the ground.

It’s hard for me to imagine a society without rejection issues. Or any other type of relationship issue. Does that mean that when one of them wants a relationship with a person, that person inevitably consents, and if they don’t consent, the person who attempted to initiate it feels no pain and just simply moves on? In a world without scarcity that might be possible.

I am not really up out of bed yet.

Wow, even more stuff that exactly fits anaya!

November 15, 2018

Corey Goode is in this video talking more about the Anshar, about how they are living as a non-monogamous group raising each other’s children together. Except for the part about being vegetarian, this is very similar to anaya. Anaya explicitly states that polyamory for both sexes is allowed but not required. This is meant to distinguish it from religions and cultures that require monogamy. I’ve been in relationships with married men who were cheating on their wives, which isn’t polyamory because it’s secretive. With open, acknowledged polyamory, the group accepts that there will be relationships with several different people at different times, and all the people involved are aware that it’s happening.

The battle over veganism has been ongoing with me for many years. Over and over again, I’ve had interactions with entities who have attempted to convert me to being vegan, who then gradually wandered off elsewhere and left me alone because I refused to convert. Anaya is officially omnivorous. So whatever the Anshar are, and whatever similarities they have to anaya, they are not exactly the same thing.

Anaya also raises the children in the community. They’re going to know who their parents are, but they’re not going to just exclusively hide themselves in that house and go home from school every day and sit inside the house playing video games. They’re going to go all around the neighborhood interacting with other kids and other adults. I don’t mean no one will ever be alone, but rather, children are not going to just be locked in their tiny little nuclear family boxes.

I don’t know the exact conditions that must exist in order for me to start the process of making anaya real, especially when chronic fatigue syndrome is such a serious handicap. I might need to own land in order to create the haven they will live in. They must be able to live without having a job or earning money. That is the key to freedom. We can’t even begin making our own society when 99% of our time is spent slaving away to pay these enormous bills just to have permission to exist on a tiny quarter acre of land.

All right, I’ll go back to the video. I was just unable to quietly watch whenever he was mentioning even more things that match my own vision of an ideal community. I had to talk about it.

The vegan issue is one that never goes away – I’ve had this particular conflict so many times with so many people.

I don’t know why, but neither of my photo posts got sent to my gmail

November 15, 2018

I used the wordpress editor, which I never use, and for some reason, I’m not receiving those two posts. They’re allegedly up on the website, but haven’t gone to my gmail. I don’t know exactly why.

Braided long hair on indigenous men; medium long hair with beards; eyelashes without mascara

November 15, 2018

Okay, I’m taking a break after this batch and probably won’t do any more of it tonight.

Again, as before, some of these people are models.  I think I found the one photo of a Native American guy with braids who looks ‘normal’ in the photo.  He’s just grinning and wearing normal clothes and isn’t trying to look sexy or seductive.  For Native Americans, long hair with braids on men is considered traditional, so they aren’t trying to be rebellious or sexy, and they aren’t trying to be a rock star.  They are just normal people doing normal things.  This is how I want it to be.

Meanwhile, when you look for photos of European American men with long hair, they will almost always be trying to look sexy instead of normal.  Most of the pictures have these neatly trimmed ends and neatly trimmed beard edges which have been shaved into a perfectly straight line.  Don’t do this.  Just let the beard edges grow exactly as they are growing, no matter how irregular it is.  Don’t worry if your beard is three different weird colors or if it’s a different color than your head hair or if it has stripes or whatever.  That is what makes it most interesting.

I did a post about long hair on bald men several years ago, but I’d have to search for it.  I did find several photos as examples.  I would need to do that search again, and some of the same people would come up, but there might be new examples.

I found some examples of light blond or red eyelashes without makeup.  We have to get used to seeing this as normal.  It looks weird and exotic because we just never, ever see it – at least, I don’t, in this college town where every single person wears makeup every time they go outdoors.  I lived in State College for many years, but now I’m in Bellefonte, and it’s a bit different – the people look slightly different here, and many of them are older.  But in State College, it’s just not possible to walk down the sidewalk and see one single girl who isn’t wearing any mascara and who obviously has very light blond or red eyelashes.  Every single one of them has colored their eyebrows and eyelashes dark brown.

I’ll take a break for now. I’ll have to be in the right mood to add to my pointless porn collection again.  I didn’t even get to any of the really intense pictures.  I focused on some of the more plain looking ones as much as possible.  I didn’t include lots of the ones where the men are modeling and deliberately looking as attractive as possible, but there’s a reason why I’m not focusing on that.  Everyone already knows that men who look like models can get away with wearing their hair however they want.  People are inclined to say, ‘Oh, but I couldn’t pull off that look.  I don’t have whatever he has.’

I don’t want this to be about being able, or not able, to pull off some particular look, or to be as hot as some model.  Instead, I want this to be about increasing the supply of a scarce resource, long hair on both sexes, something which is impossible to find, which takes decades of commitment to produce.  You can’t just demand long hair on a whim today and get what you want instantly.  This is not about instant gratification.  This is about people who are able to resist impulses and urges to suddenly chop off their hair for whatever reason, because they’re bored, or because the fad is no longer in style this week.

Resisting urges is considered a sign of maturity (note, I don’t mean all urges, it’s actually kind of hard to explain, but I just mean, this is something that people talk about with child development – when a baby is very young, it doesn’t understand that it can’t just do every little thing it wants or needs to do this instant, it sometimes has to wait a few minutes until dinner is ready, or whatever.).  I want people to have a mature attitude about hair – that you can’t just randomly change it on a whim every week to go with the fads, but that instead, growing long hair takes long commitment.

That’s it for now – I’ll turn off the MiFi brain burner and take a break.

Sample of gray haired women in pictures

November 15, 2018

The one photo of the Chinese woman with very long hair claimed to be a 62 year old woman.  It might be, as Chinese people don’t always get gray hair until they are extremely old.  Regardless, pictures like that will be included later anyway.  This particular search was for older women with gray hair.  I prefer photos without any makeup (which translates to ‘very little makeup’ or ‘minimal makeup’ because it’s almost impossible to find photos with none at all).  Blond eyebrows and eyelashes should be blond instead of being turned brown with mascara or whatever else they use to color their brows and lashes to look ‘normal.’

I’ll just do these as separate, small, partial, informal installments with a few comments along with the pictures.  That way, I can quit anytime and feel like I got something small done.

Gray hair should not be dyed.  It should be allowed to go gray, no matter how young you are, and it should be allowed to grow long.  Don’t believe the people who tell you that you shouldn’t have long hair because you’re too old.

It’s hard to find pictures of extremely long, terminal length hair, and this is only a very quick and informal project, partly because I don’t like using the MiFi for too long.  After sitting there with it on, I just can’t really think straight.  Eventually I’m thinking I’ll get some USB extension cords and USB hubs and see if I can put the brain burner outside, with a long cord connecting it to my computer, but for now, it’s indoors.

Anyway, I’m compromising by just showing a quick sample of women with slightly longer gray hair.  I grew up in a time when old women always had the ‘granny’ hairstyle, which was short and permed curly.  They would go to the stylist every week and have their hair done.  An example is the Golden Girls sitcom.  That’s the exact opposite of what I am advocating.

If your hair is curly, let it be curly, and if it is straight, let it be straight, and let it be its natural color.  Taking care of extremely curly hair is challenging, whether it’s an afro texture or slightly looser, and I won’t get into that today, especially since I have straight hair and am not struggling with this myself.  Other people are talking about it out there.  If you want to keep it in a braid or ponytail, that’s fine, as long as it is in the process of growing long.

Cornrows or tiny tight braids are not allowed.  Not only are they hard to do and undo at a moment’s notice, they also cause traction alopecia, permanent hair loss caused by pulling.  I know traction alopecia is real, as my eyebrows never recovered from being plucked decades ago.  My eyebrows were much thicker when I was young before I ever started plucking them.  There are many photos of women, and fewer men, who have traction alopecia because they wore tight cornrows, extensions, weaves, or Sikh topknots wrapped in a turban.

If you are braiding your hair, it should be one, or a few, large braids that can be done relatively quickly.  I braid my hair in only one braid.   When I’ve tried doing two pigtails, it makes it take much, much longer, as the hair is now thinner and is being braided much smaller, and it has to be done twice instead of just once.  For people like me who love long hair, we want to be able to run our fingers through it.  If you can’t quickly undo a braid in a couple minutes, then we can’t do that.  Touching and feeling hair is extremely important, essential.  It’s like grooming.  Apes groom each other, and we are a great ape species.

I would like to find photos of people who don’t necessarily look like models, but for now, I’m going to include a lot of models.  What I am actually advocating is that people grow their hair long even if they are not models, even if they are ugly, even if they are fat and they don’t think that they could look good with long hair, even if somebody told them that they don’t have the right facial shape for long hair.  There is an entire ‘science’ about which facial shape goes with which hairstyle, and you’re supposed to consult an expert about which hairstyle goes with your facial shape.  I am brushing that entire thing aside into the garbage.  Poof!  It’s gone.  No more worrying about facial shapes.  Everybody is growing their hair long regardless.

Ideally, I want photos of people with a normal facial expression, not a ‘seductive’ expression with their lips slightly parted, blah blah, or their eyes staring seductively upwards with their head tilted down, or whatever.  These are going to look exactly like normal, plain, boring people who just happen to have long hair.  I have one photo of a Native American man with braids, who looks exactly like what I am describing – I don’t actually have the photo, but I’m remembering it and would have to search for it again.

I do not want long hair to be directly connected to gorgeousness, modeling, attractiveness, seductiveness, or sexuality, even though it is.  Even though it is.  Instead, I want it to be for everyone.  Ugly people and plain average people in average, non-seductive situations will have plain and average long hair like everyone else.  This is the ‘normalize and neutralize’ thing that I keep saying.  And then, once this occurs, you can secretly appreciate just how extremely awesome it is, whenever you feel like it, but nobody will need to ever make a big deal out of it, and there will never be any shortage of it (no pun), any scarcity – there will be no more scarcity.  It will always be there when we need it.

This is one tiny sample.  I will do more research, and if I have the energy, I’ll post a couple more installments bit by bit as I go.

I have to temporarily not watch these videos

November 15, 2018

As much as I dislike using the brain burner, it has helped me to watch videos at home so much more easily and often. All of a sudden I can watch all these interviews whenever I want, I can watch all these presentations, I can download Above Majestic, and so on.

So I turned on the internet with the intention of doing a bit of research for an *attempted*, not promised, hair article, and instead was like WOW I’M WATCHING MORE VIDEOS, I’M WATCHING VIDEOS NOW, IT’S VIDEO WATCHING TIME. I am going to temporarily postpone that.

To do the research for the hair article, I have to collect a bunch of photographs, because the hair article is intended to be a visual presentation, not just a bunch of verbal writing like I always do. I do need to add verbal explanations and rationales, but it *has to* have pictures, or it will just be more of the same. I have already written about hair many times over the years, especially under the influence of just about every medicinal herb that is over-the-counter that has any noticeable effect on me at all (St. John’s Wort, ginseng, turmeric, just about anything that affects my mood in the slightest). I can rationalize endlessly and explain why I do this, why I think that, and so on, but without pictures it isn’t as understandable or enjoyable to read.

Doing a ‘research project’ where I search the internet for photos of long-haired men is, 😦 kind of embarrassing. Ever since I started getting harassed by computer hackers in the early 2000s, I became aware that somebody, whoever it is, whatever group or individual you attribute it to, is watching every single thing I do online. Searching for photos of long-haired men on the internet is basically porn for me. So, every so often, on rare occasions, they suggest that I search for this or that, and very briefly glance at these pictures while having an intense and involuntary physical reaction of excitement, and then I must put away the phone or close all the tabs on the browser and go find other things to do. I did use turmeric yesterday and noticed it changed my emotional reactions and physical reactions and I can tell today that some of that effect is still lingering.

I will attempt to do this research. For the purpose of my nudist colony, it would be necessary to show pictures of body hair, but if I were going to do that, I would put a link to a separate page so that the pictures did not appear on the main page of the blog. It would be like, ‘Here, click this link and go to another page, still within my blog, where you will see a bunch of photos of body hair, if you feel like seeing that.’ It won’t be mine, it will be off the internet. I’m not photographing myself and putting it on the internet at this particular day and time. I am not sure if I am going to do that part of the project right now. I think this particular part of the project is going to be about head and facial hair, saving anything else for some other time. Just searching for pictures of head hair and facial hair is going to be challenging enough without having to also search through explicitly pornographic websites that are recognized as such. I can only do so much in one day.

Anyway, it has to be done eventually: for a nudist colony, you must neutralize and normalize nudity. ‘Tasteful nudes.’ People are looking at ancient Greek statues and just calmly staring at them and then walking by as though everything is normal. They don’t have a viewing booth and a peephole and a curtain you hide behind in the art gallery where these naked statues are standing. You’re expected to be able to control yourself until you can get a safe distance away.

Onward, then, to my ‘educational research.’

I knitted something ghastly; suddenly switched to a giant rant about veganism, which I hadn’t planned on writing about

November 15, 2018

Yesterday I spent a long time practicing something. I knitted with four colors to see what happens on the back of it, and to try some of the different methods in my knitting book and see if I could even just figure out what they meant.

I also drew a picture with numbered pixels so that I could follow a pattern. I drew a little face with hair around it. In the little pixelgraph, it doesn’t look too bad. But it came out horribly distorted and there were mistakes. I just kept going and finished it, just to keep practicing and seeing if I could understand what happens with various colors on the back of the work.

I had hoped the little face would at least turn out to be cute, but actually it was terrifying, disturbing, and not even laughable. It was so bad I couldn’t laugh, but I did anyway, maybe because of the turmeric as an antidepressant that I had eaten. I was feeling more manic because of it, but only slightly.

I’m not going to use turmeric today, but I definitely noticed it was working yesterday, and it seems to be true it has an interaction with pepper. I think that was part of what made me able to practice knitting for so long.

So then I posted it on twitter as modern art for sale, at an enormous price, as a "joke," but then felt various entities afterwards being extremely negative about it and taking it seriously. Again, that’s why I don’t use antidepressants, not even turmeric. It increases the likelihood of strange behavior that ends up going badly wrong.

I had all these voices/entities afterwards acting as though I would *seriously* charge $1,500 for a truly awful piece of practice knitting a couple inches long. I had hoped instead to receive some sort of sympathetic response, like, "Yeah, it did turn out awful." At least one entity tried to explain that the pixels were elongated, not square, which distorted the shape, so the pixels could be repeated in width or have some other thing done to compensate. What annoyed me most was that I kept feeling like "they" were taking it seriously as something actually for sale at a huge price. That’s why I don’t make "jokes," and why antidepressant-induced "jokes" are always wrong.

The turmeric seemed to have a different effect, with less of the rage, or none of it, when I ate it with pepper. I’m not sure if that will always be true. But it also had one of the most disastrous and dangerous effects that I must avoid like the plague: it gave me the feeling of falling in love, of having a crush on someone. I do everything in my power to avoid any substances that cause me to have that mood. I am still on my period and am now in the phase of increasing hormones before ovulation, so this is the absolute worst time to take any drugs that make me feel like having crushes or being in love.

The ghastly gray little distorted face in the knitting actually did resemble me, as sad as that is. And "they" do, in fact, buy and sell me, as a speculative item. My value is always hugely exaggerated, and the buyers are always disappointed, because I have chronic fatigue, and they apparently have no concept of what that means, or are not informed about it when they buy me. They always hope I am going to be some hugely profitable world-saver. So that might have been a real actual sale bid from whoever bought me most recently.

I felt a new entity interacting with me because I posted on twitter that I would try to go to the disclosure fest, and then didn’t go. I posted a comment on CG’s twitter and a friend of mine from Germany replied, a person who I sometimes talk to about psychotronic weapons. Afterwards, the voices called this a "publicity stunt." It is possible to go to my blog from twitter, so in theory someone could see my comment on CG’s page and find the link to here. It was not intended deliberately as a "publicity stunt."

After that, they started giving me dreams about CG every night for several nights in a row, and criticizing me for eating meat, since the disclosure fest was vegan. I’m obviously not vegan – I’m a Weston Price devotee, and a person in favor of an economy where it’s possible to buy locally, and also possible to subsist locally. (This is where the accidental ranting began and it goes on for many paragraphs like this. Tangent.) Buying local, and subsistence living in any variable terrain or climate, does not work with veganism. Vegans also, in my experience, are *never* knowledgeable about plant diversity, native plants, plants that were used by primitive people, or plant toxins and how to remove them or destroy them. They don’t know that raw kale, and millet, are both extremely powerful goitrogens that totally kill your energy level by interfering with the thyroid.

Ironically, even though I’m in favor of an omnivorous diet, I have some knowledge that could be helpful to thousands of suffering vegans who are experiencing malnutrition, weight gain instead of loss on a vegan diet, extremely low energy levels, bloating, constipation, and other problems vegans often experience which appear to go directly against what they expect to happen when they become vegan. I could even advise someone how to be a better vegan without even switching over to eating animal products.

Because when I read stories of vegans having problems that they were told wouldn’t happen, or they were told everything would get better, I don’t always necessarily assume that those problems are caused by lack of meat, or lack of protein, or lack of B12, or lack of iron, or whatever. I think instead about all the terrible things that plants can do to you, all by themselves. I have done the Feingold Diet, so I have been aware of the existence of salicylates for several decades. Salicylates in plants and fruits are natural, not manmade. Nature didn’t really make plants for the purpose of being eaten. They exist in their own right as organisms that want to survive. So they sometimes poison us, sometimes to protect themselves, and sometimes just as an accidental side effect of substances they made for their own use, substances that serve a purpose for them but which are toxic for us.

When I say toxic, I don’t mean instant-death lethal, I just mean nuisance toxic, causing minor problems that are hard to troubleshoot.

Beans can cause constipation, in addition to causing the well known gas. Rice can cause constipation. Anything with ADDED IRON will cause constipation, and vegans are always being told to take iron supplements. Bread has added iron. I never eat much bread, but if I go through a phase where I am, I always know if the bread has iron added to it, because it causes problems immediately. You must take a magnifying glass to the grocery store and read every ingredient.

Allergies: they are caused by taking synthetic vitamins. To get rid of allergies, stop taking all synthetic vitamins immediately, and the allergies will be gone in 24 hours. Stop eating all foods such as boxed cereals that are "fortified" with synthetic vitamins. Bread has artificial B vitamins added to it, niacin and thiamin if I recall. Vegans are always told to take lots of synthetic vitamins, so they probably have worse allergies.

My other problem with veganism is not so relevant for the immediate moment, it’s more of a global economic concern. It’s easier to get food from animals locally in all climates than it is to make an atmospherically sealed dome in the Arctic and grow bananas in Alaska. In Alaska you’re better off eating fish and caribou instead of waiting for the next hugely expensive triple-digit price grocery items to be delivered from thousands of miles away. In the Arctic, being forced to buy groceries is clearly and obviously the most negative side effect of genocidally destroying the Native American lifestyle, brainwashing them to believe a modern life will be better, then watching as their suicide, alcoholism, tobacco use, sugar consumption, obesity, chronic diseases, and drug addictions skyrocket while they struggle to find a "job" working for an oilfield or mineral mining company, unable to pay their "electric bill" to provide heat for their paper-thin, modern, uninsulated houses. Telling the Inuit to become vegan is the worst possible advice you could give them to improve their quality of life.

That might not seem relevant to a modernized white person in the USA who is already accustomed to jobs, electric heat, and grocery stores, where food isn’t in the triple digits because it isn’t being transported as far. But even so, how does a fruitarian get bananas in the winter? From exploited banana republics in central America. Human slaves have their tribal land stolen from them and are forced to work as banana pickers on land owned by the invaders. They didn’t voluntarily decide to pick bananas because they believed this would bring them a better quality of life. They had their land forcibly stolen so they could no longer subsist by hunting and gathering and doing small scale subsistence farming.

Then they wandered in the streets of their cities in Guatemala and became child prostitutes, then tried to escape the violence and decided to go north to the USA, where they got called "migrant caravans" and were told they were not welcome. Note, I’m aware Honduras and others are also involved, I just used Guatemala as the example because I worked with Guatemalans and loved them so much. And yes, I’m also aware that the countries have their own dictators and that we are not 100% responsible for every single problem they have merely because we buy bananas in January. I know their problems have other causes too.

Anyway… Buying locally: I myself am making no special effort to buy locally. It’s something I’m aware of which is much more complex and global. I buy seaweed harvested in Asia, for instance. That’s not exactly "buying local." What I mean by all this is that I want greater levels of local subsistence, the ability to get food locally. This ability greatly depends on eating animals. That includes insects (and if you try mealworms, they taste okay but should probably be cooked, as I felt that I had a mild parasitic infection after eating them as is, straight from the bag. They’re in the bird food section.).

I hadn’t intended to go on a vegan rant. I had said that I experienced interactions with a new entity after I tweeted that I would go to DC and then didn’t go, and this entity was aware that I favor eating meat and I’m fascinated with Inuit, who survive in the harshest conditions and eat raw seal, sitting on the floor, their hands and faces covered in blood. I love all the people of the Arctic circle, not just the Inuit. I also love the Sami and the Russians and the northern Asians, Mongolians, anyone who lives in the coldest areas and has lived there using stone tools only.

The "Copper Inuit" had contact with the Vikings before Columbus. They got copper probably from the Great Lakes. They mixed with Vikings and they grew beards.

Oh – that was what "they" requested for me to write an article about, hair. Last night they asked if I would write a thorough article about hair, with photos from the internet, since I had been under the influence of turmeric. It is known that I love all hair and fur, animal furs, animal yarn, Bigfoots, and human hair. I could *try* to write this article today. It would require the laptop and the brain burner (the MiFi internet). I usually don’t write about hair except when I am under the influence of drugs. It is usually postponed to the time when I become able to afford to run a business, as the anaya monastery will have to pay for the land it is on and pay members to join. Anaya can’t recruit members right now – it will die with me, at this time, unless I become enabled to recruit members.

I will eat breakfast and will *consider* whether I feel able to write an official article about hair, with pictures, especially emphasizing baldness, as baldness is one of the most common reasons men won’t grow their hair long. Difficult hair textures is another reason given, such as curly hair. All of that has to be explained. I can only do such a thing in a certain mood, and the turmeric contributes, but I won’t use more turmeric today.

“Hunter Killer” movie: he never went to Annapolis

November 14, 2018

Oh my gosh. I cannot hold my phone and type on it after spending a while knitting. It feels so weird. I feel like I’m still holding the knitting needles.

Anyway, I watched "Hunter Killer," a movie about submarines in the Arctic. It didn’t disclose anything, but it was a good movie, and I wondered if the captain was an ESTJ. He valued building trusting bonds with specific individuals. He valued the humanity of the enemy Russians and the enemy captain more than what country they came from. The movie said he "never went through Annapolis," and was therefore naive or uneducated, and not brainwashed, and willing to think unconventionally – just like Rico Botta mentioned by William Tompkins. That reference caught my attention. He made many decisions in the movie that were independent and didn’t ask for commands from the higher-ups far away, and he depended on people to be good, decent, trustworthy humans who valued their own lives and the lives of people they knew. So he was able to get the Russian captain to talk to the other Russians on the boat that was attacking them. (Plot hole, or did I miss something: he said they weren’t high enough to reach communication depth yet, so communication was impossible, but then he handed the phone to the Russian captain anyway – it suddenly was possible. Maybe they were in the process of going upwards and they reached communication depth? I could rationalize.)

An interesting bit of realism: when a sub goes down, all the people start leaning back, because they are now standing on a hill! I’ve never seen a movie that showed this happening. It was well done.

The only disclosure-like thing was those interesting countermeasures that would fly up into the water, then float there with a little spinning helicopter blade, which would draw the torpedoes towards them instead of the sub. I’ve never seen those before. It was "education" more so than "disclosure," because I doubt that those countermeasures are secret.

The Russian president that they rescued from the coup had a superficial, distorted resemblance to Corey Goode. He seemed like this kind of nice, gentle guy who was sort of helpless and needed to be protected. He was not a President-Slash-Action-Hero type of guy. I don’t have enough information to really take a guess at the sociotype of the actor who played him. But I am always trying to guess at least the quadra that a movie is associated with, and this movie did feel very Delta.