Personality Type: ISTP (Socionics SLI)


I removed my enneagram type.  I’ve gotten so frustrated with the enneagram that I refuse to even try to use it anymore.  More and more I am convinced that there is something fundamentally wrong with the enneagram and that it is almost impossible to assign anybody a particular enneagram type – and that this applies to all types, not just the Nines, who are supposedly well known for being unable to type themselves as Nines.  Maybe I can call myself an enneatype 12.  I like the number 12.  I’m fond of dozenal counting systems.

Well, we all knew it was going to happen again sooner or later. They want me to officially change this back to ‘Nine’ again. I don’t know why they didn’t just keep me at Nine the first time around, but oh well. I’m not the one who decides these things.

I SWORE that I had changed this to say ISTP instead of ISFP, but apparently I forgot to do that. So I’m changing it now.

Changing this to say that I’m a Three. By now I doubt that anyone believes that my type is what I say it is. I’ve ‘tried on’ almost every type (but I never thought that I was an Eight or a Two). Usually it’s ‘the voices’ that suggest that I’m some particular type, instead of, for instance, getting the results from taking the Enneagram test online.

I’m updating this on 10-5-10. They decided I’m a Four again, not a Five. I hate changing this over and over again.

***previous version***
Since I can’t login to my MySpace page for now, I can’t change the personality type written on that page.  I think it still says I’m an ISTP Seven.  Since I experience alternate ‘personas’ and feel that I’m always being controlled and attacked, I can’t examine myself very easily to figure out which personality type I am, and I have been struggling for years to find which one fits me the best.

So, Myers-Briggs ISFP, and Enneagram Type Five.  I updated this April 5th and changed it to Five – it originally said Four.

I’m not sure about Ichazo’s Instincts (Sx, So, and Sp) – those are still being changed around and ‘they’ are always testing me on some new and different type to see if it fits or if I find it believable.  They won’t let me know my instinctual type.  As of 8/17/10, ‘they’ think I am probably So/Sp.

2 Responses to “Personality Type: ISTP (Socionics SLI)”

  1. SUZANNE Says:

    I’ve noticed some similarities between me and your from your writing. I am also often confused about my type after studying the MBTI and Enneagram.
    I think counterphobic 6 for me.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’ve been reading about personality types since the mid-1990s when I was in college… and I’m still confused! So yeah, it isn’t something you can easily be sure about. I thought I was a Six, too, a while back.

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