Quick, make sure to remind everyone the royals are Nazis, now that the prince married a half-black woman

July 18, 2018

Now that I’m reading Antarctica’s Hidden History, I’m noticing anything having to do with Nazis. I haven’t read this article yet, so I have no idea what it actually says. I also have barely begun the book yet, so I have no idea what it claims about the relation between Great Britain and the Nazis. But seriously, the prince just married a woman who is half African American. Maybe the queen disalproves, or maybe she doesn’t, I don’t know.

I’m also curious to hear what they have to say about John Belushi’s ghost "haunting" Robin Williams. I’m assuming he died because of various drug addictions, both illegal and legal, prescription and not. But during that time he may have been experiencing paranormal phenomena, including hearing the voice of John Belushi. I’ll have to see what the article says. I always have a grain of salt when I see these things – a grain of salt, alongside a grain of truth.

I don’t normally buy tabloids. This was a rare impulse.

I also saw they claim to have found Jonbenet Ramsey’s killer, just as they recently found some other big serial killer, I forget, Green River or something.

There is a recurring theme of finally convicting people of a crime after they’re very old. It happens to former Nazis. It happens to Bill Cosby and others in the entertainment industry. I always feel slightly sorry for the old person being convicted during a time in their lives when they might actually be committing fewer crimes than they used to commit long ago.

Also, I have no way to judge crimes. I really do not know how. I’ve experienced mind control. I’ve experienced the combination of drugs and mind control. I’ve even experienced tiny quantities of drug residues with mind control. You only need microscopically small quantities of residue on your skin from clothing and furniture and belongings. It makes you more suggestible and it lowers inhibitions. The electronic mind controllers convince you that you can do no wrong, that powerful forces approve of what you’re doing and that they will protect you no matter what happens. I know exactly how this feels.

Thule society swastika representing vril force looks like a diagram of electromagnetic fields

July 17, 2018

I got Michael Salla’s books just recently and have started reading them. I’m looking at "Antarctica’s Hidden History." The Thule society had a rounded swastika in a circle, said to represent the vril force, a powerful force used to do all kinds of things. The image looks like electromagnetism, going in a spiral, where the electric field goes on one plane, and the magnetic field is attached to it going on another plane at a right angle.

Oh my gosh, my magic seaweed soup cured me!

July 17, 2018

(I pasted this because the gmail app stopped working, as usual, so I don’t know if it’s formatted properly.)
I *cannot believe* how much better I feel today!!!

This is what I did. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking vivarin almost every day. I’ve been able to slowly work on straightening up this house so that I have cleared off surfaces which are usable. I can sit on my couch now.

I washed all the "dishes," many of which are disposable plastic cups, disposable plastic silverware, and plastic containers from things like Burger King salads, microwave meals, plastic trays from the fruit tart from Wegmans, and that kind of thing, which I use for all sorts of purposes, including food, or planting seeds in.

Now that that pile of junk is out of the way, I can use the kitchen. I hooked up the water supply and now I have cold running water (not hot yet!)

So I used the kitchen. After months of starvation, eating nothing but fast food, and some moderately good food from the Waffle Shop, including fried eggs – I love overeasy fried eggs with a runny yolk, but I wasn’t able to bring myself to eat raw eggs with the white part runny – after months of that, I went crazy when I finally made food at home.

I added a dozen different kinds of dried seaweed. I bought them at Nature’s Pantry, a health food store. I haven’t gone to the Asian food store or any other international food stores for a while, but I’m sure they have some seaweed too.

Then I added several kinds of dried fish. I have bonito flakes, used in Asian cooking. I have whole dried anchovies, which we used at Maki Yaki. I also have Red Boat fermented fish sauce. The good thing about Red Boat is, it has only anchovies and sea salt, no other ingredients, no chemicals, no preservatives, no MSG or "natural flavor" or "soy protein extract" or whatever MSG-like substitutes they sometimes use. Nothing but fish and salt! It’s like drinking houseplant fertilizer!

I cut the dried anchovy with scissors so that the bones would be smaller. You can crunch and eat the bones.

Then I added dozens of other weird ingredients from packages that came from international markets, like cardamom seeds, mustard seeds, dried flowers from Lebanon called "cocktail," which they told me are used in tea, but which I’ve eaten in soups, and I tried to find out what kind of flowers they are, but even the lady at the distributor didn’t know when I called and asked; some kimchi, some crumbs of leftover organic cereal I’ve had sitting around for a while, some frozen orange cherry tomatoes Aunt Jeannie gave me from her garden, a small dish of leftover soy sauce from a prepared meal I had a few days ago, leftover green beans from that meal, … I threw it all in.

It took many minutes as I painstakingly opened one ziploc bag after another and threw sprinkles in.

I also shaved off a tiny bit of ghee, clarified butter, to add some saturated animal fat, but not a lot. I *do* notice that I get fat from eating fat, even though many of my favorite nutritional authors and websites are claiming that’s not true. But some fat is absolutely necessary and nutritious. I won’t be adding tons and tons, and I certainly won’t make it a disgusting pool of greasy low quality vegetable oil like the one Chinese place did to that soup I bought a few months ago.

Then I microwaved it, since, for now, I have no other way to boil water. I’d prefer to avoid the microwave, not because I think it’s gonna kill me right this instant, but because there are some suspicions that maybe microwaves might damage the vitamins more than ordinary heat does. I don’t know if it’s true or not.

Oh yes, dried mushrooms too! There are exotic types of dried mushrooms mixed in one package of "seaweed salad." And a little bit of the frozen dragonfruit I haven’t been eating because it has a kind of slimy texture I don’t like, but it’s okay if it’s mixed into my soup.

Unlike many people, I don’t have a law that says you cannot mix certain types of flavors together. Heaven forbid sweet and savory should mix! Pieces of fruit added to a soup? Ewww, gross! (Okay, I’ll admit, the soup was sort of gross, and I wouldn’t sell it to the public. I made no effort to perfect the taste.)

Now I’m eating a bowl of fruits and nuts. But what do you think of when I say fruits and nuts? Trail mix, the most disgusting, gag-inducing substance on the planet? Peanuts and raisins? Maybe an almond here and there? There are no raisins allowed in my house. I might someday make an exception if I find exactly the right kind of raisin.

But no. I have a bowl with some organic dried figs, organic dried apricots that are brown and unsulphured, organic raw pecans, pumpkin seeds, black walnut crumbs (difficult – they give a burning bitterness), pistachios, and sunflower seeds in a shell (difficult – I’ve about given up on these, and have decided they are only intended for people who quit smoking and want to occupy their mouth, like Mr. Sir on the movie "Holes." I absolutely cannot break them in bulk in my mouth, but according to legend, it’s possible. It requires the mental focus of an Olympic athlete to separate sunflower seeds from shells and spit out only the shells for more than one seed at a time.)

I would’ve had dried blueberries too, but that’s what the moron stole when they entered my house. That’s right, they walked into my house and they stole the bag of blueberries. Ha ha, very funny. This is the harassment I experience.

My coworker Jenn gave me a jar of raw honey when I left Minit Mart. I stopped eating honey years ago because it was just so disgusting. But this raw honey is the best honey I have ever eaten in my entire life. It is a *completely different texture*! It has a sandy, grainy texture, like a bunch of sugar crystals mixed with only a little water. The jar says it’s "naturally crystallized." You have to cut into it with a spoon or knife, almost like butter or candle wax. It is not the gooey, drippy, viscous, sticky stuff that drools in strings everywhere when you pour it. Apparently, that’s been processed to make it that way because some idiot decided it was *better* that way!

And this raw honey doesn’t taste as badly like spit. Honey is spit out by bees, and I can clearly taste the exact same flavor of spit that you get when you’re a teenager getting your first clumsy, messy, badly done French kiss and you’re thinking to yourself, "Why on earth would anybody ever want to do this?" (I found out the answer. Tongue kissing is natural. It comes from kiss-feeding babies. You chew the food for a baby, then kiss it into their mouth.) That’s what honey usually tastes like to me, but that spit flavor is greatly reduced in this honey, although still detectable – I can ignore it.

I took a break from vivarin yesterday, and am back on it today, and taking a break from it usually makes it work better next time. But it’s more than just that. The way I feel today is so much better, it’s not just the vivarin.

A low level pain all over my body, which was unconscious because I got used to it during all the months of fast food, has been greatly reduced, and is now a "clear" feeling and a relaxed feeling. My sense of smell got stronger. I can smell the air and the plants. My mood is much, much happier and optimistic. I’m not completely better – I do still have chronic fatigue syndrome, and I don’t have limitless energy. But I am greatly improved.

I’m wondering if soaking the black walnuts in water would get rid of the burning taste. That taste kind of makes me want to throw up, although it’s not as bad as Szechuan pepper.

This bowl of nuts is not really easy to eat. A good thing about sunflower seeds in shells is, the oil doesn’t oxidize as much, just like pistachios in shells. But there must be a way to shell the sunflower seeds before I eat them, so they are freshly shelled. The best of both worlds – no rancid oil in the seeds, but the seeds are freshly opened and ready to eat without fumbling them around in your mouth for fifteen minutes.

I could eat sunflower seeds while watching TV, but my TV isn’t hooked up to the cable, and I’d rather keep it unhooked for now, or I will never do anything but watch TV all day. That’s also why it’s good that I only just barely have an internet connection, too.

I could reduce the number of ingredients if I knew specifically which ones benefited me the most, in the seafood stew. I had dozens of ingredients, all of which are not something found in regular US American foods, gas station foods, Burger King, or wherever. Mostly seaweeds, mushrooms, and fish, but *whole* fish, including bones and organs – not the garbage where they remove all the good parts and give you only the fillet, which is both tasteless and lacking nutrients. The organs, bones, and skin have all the nutrients. Fermented fish sauce comes from "waste products" like those exact things: organs, bones, skin, heads, tails, all that would be thrown out. It’s whole fish, I mean, not merely waste products or offal, and I’m being cynical when I call it waste. It is the very opposite of waste.

Drying fish is so much smarter (smarter than always having to use refrigerated or frozen fish, that is – I wasn’t referring to the fermented fish sauce). You can use tons of it and keep it forever without it spoiling. It makes it easy to just quickly toss some fish into a meal. Eating fish and seafood should be a constant, daily thing, not something rare and difficult that happens once every few months and requires a huge effort.

An interesting article about gridiron urban streets, and how it relates to the idea that land ownership is wrong

July 15, 2018

I saw Manhattanhenge mentioned on the AccuWeather page, and I ended up reading about urban planners making gridiron streets in cities. This article, which I agree with, I think is probably Gamma INTP, and he mentions morphogenesis, the manner in which city streets grow. I know a little about this from Roller Coaster Tycoon.


He says that naturally evolving streets are better for pedestrians, because they take shortcuts, and they follow the flattest grade of slope, and are aesthetically pleasing and interesting from the viewpoint of the person walking on them. He mentions someone saying that grid streets only create an impressive view from above, which we never see. Who are we impressing, aliens? The grid is associated with dictatorial power, and so is the radiating star from a central point.

Irregular, naturally evolved streets are easier to defend against enemies. Interesting! Grid streets are harder to defend? So the people who give us grid streets *want* us to be unable to defend ourselves! They do it so that we are forced to passively depend on an external military provided by government, and also so that the central government is able, itself, to invade and oppress a defenseless city that cannot rebel. A successful rebellion happens in an organically grown city, not a grid.

He also says that modern non-grid arrangements are just as bad, because they assume everyone will be driving a car. Kids walking on foot are forced to take shortcuts through people’s yards, committing the crime of "trespassing on private property." Modern housing developments often have lots of cul-de-sacs to prevent through traffic, but people on foot *need* through traffic.

I know what kind of cul-de-sacs he means. They’re always a sign that a group of houses is a newly built, expensive housing development, made for profit, not made by real human beings who start building it themselves based on where they need to go. It always assumes you will commute in a car to work.

Workplaces, "natural factories," natural infrastructure, places where real people are doing a real natural process, such as "the place where we sun-dry our food," – naturally evolving workplaces don’t exist, and they assume you will have an official "job," which will always be a long distance away from your "home." You can’t hunt, gather, and fish near your home.

There’s a lot more to say, and I’m not done reading the article. This all ties in with my concept that land ownership is wrong, and land ownership is the tool of dictatorial government oppression, *not* a tool of freedom. Libertarians who believe in the rightness of land ownership don’t know what they’re talking about, but I still can’t explain how I know. I just know.

Edit, “the same is true for nonhuman ET people”

July 13, 2018

I don’t mean I’m planning on hunting and eating nonhuman ETs. I reread it and it looked almost like that’s what I meant. I meant the same is true, you can’t just casually release nonhuman ETs, or engineered Jurassic Park dinosaurs, or any unusual creature, unless it has a safe place to live, or unless you don’t care whether it lives or how well it lives, or unless there’s a disaster going on like the thing going on in Jurassic Park where they let them go out the door because the place was on fire and a tank was leaking toxic gas.

Path to citizenship for involuntary illegal immigrants and extraterrestrials, including people who need a “fishbowl” environment

July 13, 2018

One thing led to another. I read an article, clicked on another article, and so on.

Years ago, I worked at a job where I was cleaning the Target store overnight. I got this job through some strange agency which I can’t remember now. It was some group that helped people find jobs, but I don’t think it was a regular temp agency.

I worked with some Europeans. Some were from Ukraine, Russia, Czechoslovakia, and a few other places. They were extremely hard workers, in contrast to a particular US American man – granted, he was old and might not have been healthy – with us, who openly and shamelessly complained about how hard the job was, how there was too much to do, and how we ought to just half-ass the job and pretend it had been done. He epitomized the worst attitudes which stereotypically characterize lazy Americans who won’t do their jobs.

Then there’s me. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, which wasn’t my fault and isn’t because I have a lazy attitude. It’s a permanent change in the body, in how you metabolize things and how you burn energy. This was described in a test that put chronic fatigue sufferers on exercise bikes for two days in a row, competing against people who were simply out of shape but who did not experience chronic fatigue. The out of shape people improved greatly on the second day, while the CFS people did much worse, because they had depleted an energy source and failed to replenish it yet. They discovered CFS sufferers were using anaerobic respiration instead of aerobic.

That is what I experience. I mowed the lawn a couple days ago, and was miserable for days afterwards. I got a push mower that spins, called a "reel" mower or sickle mower (when the Lowe’s people said "reel" I heard "real," and I like to think of it as a real mower now. Not one of those fake mowers with an engine.). The reason I mowed my lawn is because the campground people prefer the long term residents to do their own lawns. When other trailers move out after a day or two, it’s easy to mow their empty sites. But long term residents have obstacles that can be damaged, like the plastic sewer line, which is so flimsy it gets destroyed by a weed trimmer. Sometimes they’ve mowed my lawn, just less often, which I don’t care about, but I really wanted to try the reel mower for fun. And it was fun, until chronic fatigue killed me for the next few days. The chronic fatigue hangover.

Wow, I went off topic. Let me reread…

Oh, aliens.

Yes, they’re much, much healthier than US Americans. For some reason, those "poor, starving Guatemalans" come into our country with bodies that are much stronger and have much more endurance than the "well nourished" US Americans. Same with foreigners from lots of other "poor, starving" countries like Ukraine. They are physically able to do tons and tons more work, and it’s not merely because they’re terrified that if they fail to do a good job, someone will deport them – although they do fear that. US Americans are some of the sickest, weakest (and fattest) people on earth, in the developed countries, aside from people who are on their deathbeds due to starvation and disease.

So. We talk about immigrants who seem to cross our border because they want to. What about people kidnapped and brought here as slaves? The guy from Ukraine told me he was caught by the Russian mafia and made into a slave and forced to work for them, and wasn’t brought here by choice, but against his will.

A forgiving policy for those people really would make sense. But then, it’s complicated – I don’t know the logistics of how they deport people. Do they buy you a plane ticket and send you back to Ukraine, the very same place where you were kidnapped by the mafia? Where do all these kidnapped slaves go, if we refuse to let them stay here?

All of this applies to human aliens from foreign Earth countries.

What happens when disclosure reveals that Earth is full of secret groups of people keeping nonhuman extraterrestrial slaves in huge numbers, who will be set free? Can we buy them a plane ticket back to their home planet?

Emery Smith’s stories are an example of these nonhuman ET slaves. Some of them live in fishbowls. They need specialized environments. I call it a fishbowl, not literally, but, an artificial environment which is small and must be completely enclosed or the person will die. They don’t have mobility, the freedom to go anywhere. They see the same small box every day.

I’m opposed to fish tanks nowadays. I hate the idea of keeping pet fish in a small tank for a lifetime. Betta fish, the insanity! Betta fish should simply be outlawed because people are too stupid to change their evil idiotic ideas about how Betta fish should be treated.

I know because I had conversations about this with somebody in the past who owned a Betta fish and sincerely believed with all his heart that Betta fish *loved* being kept alone inside the tiniest possible bowl with no companions for a lifetime because "that’s how they evolved."

We already saw a growing awareness that Martian colonies had slaves and this was a problem. But we do have that very same problem here on Earth, although it may be different in some ways, but it is still a problem.

When you live in a human city, and you have a cat-slave, dog-slave, or any other animal-slave locked inside your urban apartment, there are "good reasons" to keep it locked in. I disagree with those good reasons in the long term, because I disagree with the entire urban environment, with its concrete, asphalt, cars, and lack of plants – it is a desert, and the making of urban environments is the same as desertification. There is no sand, but the asphalt is the sand.

However, in the short term, it’s practical to keep your catslave or dogslave locked in the house, because if you let them roam, they’ll be hit by a car, starve or die of thirst, get kidnapped and put into a kill shelter, or other things. Sure, it’s fine for an anonymous deer, raccoon, possum, or groundhog to be lying on the highway dead, but not your own favorite catslave or dogslave.

I’m opposed to all open-sided roads that have no fences and no tunnels or bridges to let wildlife cross safely.

I do eat meat, but letting wildlife die by the millions on the roads is a huge waste, whether it’s a waste of the animal’s life or the waste of a potential food source to be hunted. Factory farms don’t want us to be capable of totally subsisting on plentiful wild meat the way we did hundreds of years ago. The status quo is happy with anything that destroys wildlife and keeps the animal population down, while simultaneously preventing people from eating it.

Anyway, the same is true for nonhuman ET people. They would get shot dead on sight, by *some* people, not all.

"Ascension" can also mean: the underground people are climbing the steps and coming to the surface of the earth. They are the ones who literally ascend. In order for this ascension to occur, they must have safe zones for these refugees and freed slaves where they will not be shot on sight. Slaves who are isolated and separated from their people are powerless, not powerful and scary. Sure, some alien race in general might have technology millions of years ahead of ours, but not one individual member who’s trapped in a cave somewhere with no support. He can’t just summon up the resources of his entire species at will on command to protect him.

Bleu, Shining Force’s last Sacred Dragon, and Blue, Jurassic Park’s last tame velociraptor? Not a coincidence; visiting the Gamma Quadra yesterday

July 12, 2018

I watched Jurassic World yesterday. First, I noticed Blue is the name of the last tame velociraptor, which matches Bleu, the last Sacred Dragon in Shining Force. Somebody who wrote the Jurassic Park story played this game!

Second, well, as always, I try to type the quadra of a movie. Jurassic Park is Gamma. There were lots of ISFJs and INTPs in that movie. Sometimes, both villains and heroes are in the same quadra. So you can see what the dark side of Gamma, and the light side of Gamma, are doing.

Recurring theme in Gamma movies: a whole bunch of terrifying monsters or animals have escaped, and society is in total chaos as everybody runs for their lives. Stephen King is also typed as a Gamma INTP. Some zombie movies are Gamma, I think.

I was very critical of Jurassic World, although I did enjoy the movie. I summed up the moral of the story in a cynical way: stupid people who are extremely wealthy can get away with doing almost any stupid idea for an extremely long time no matter how disastrously wrong it’s going, just by throwing more money and sheer brute force at it. An awful message.

However, it ended with a disclosure-type event, although of course with conflicting outcomes. The dinosaurs were released into the world. However, that’s not disclosure in the movie because everyone knew about them. It would be disclosure if someone was secretly breeding them and then released them. In the movie it was done out of kindness to the dinosaurs.

(Side note: one character commented that one of the dinosaurs smelled horrible, a disclosure-like reference to the way Reptilian aliens smell bad.)

At one point "they" asked me, "Well, what would *you* have done?" as the dinosaurs were released. My answer was I never would have been in that situation to begin with because the entire scenario was just stupid piled upon stupid piled upon stupid. I never would have made the first 500 mistakes they made, so I would never have had to make that final choice.

However, I myself have a tendency to liberate animals too, and might have released them instead of letting them die in the fire-cyanide-whatever-was-going-on. In that way I sympathized with the ending. I actually liked it. I would not have liked it if they let the dinosaurs die.

In fact I really did like most of the movie, while being extremely critical of it at the same time. I read bad reviews of it before I went. I only went to see it because the timing coincided with the time when I happened to wander to the movie theater on a whim.

But at the same time I couldn’t help inwardly laughing and going "Oh please!" at some of the events as they escalated from one level of stupidity to another. You stupidly did X, and *now*, you’re going to stupidly do Y as a way to deal with it? Lol.

It wasn’t overtly supposed to be funny, like, for instance, Sharknado, another Gamma disaster-monster-chaos movie. Pretty sure it’s Gamma based on what little of it I watched. I didn’t watch the whole Sharknado movie.

I watched a little bit of a Gamma movie I never would’ve watched on my own, "Happy Gilmore," because Jesse is in town at his parents’ house. He asked if I could get something at the store for him. I’m kind of ashamed about this.

His fiance Kyndle and baby Jameson are with him. She is his dual, Gamma INTP. But her vulnerable function is -Fe, negative Emoveo. I am already familiar with the female INTP’s negative Emoveo from my other friend Kat who I knew a few years ago. She gets angry or sad, gets in a long-lasting bad mood, and is kind of inconsolable for a few hours, and it is compounded by weak Si, because this bad mood happens when she’s tired or hungry, although the emotions are triggered by real events – I don’t mean that the emotions are *nothing but* being tired or hungry. I have angered Kyndle a couple times by accident or upset her in one way or another and felt terrible about it, but she is always very kind to me the next time she sees me.

Last night Jesse showed me an awesome super-realistic video game called "The Division," a military game. I couldn’t even operate the controls. I need the joystick reversed so it’s like flying a plane. You pull back (down) to go up, and push forward (up) to go down. I’ve played other games where it was set up that way. I kept trying to do that and kept looking in all the wrong directions.

But I slowly got used to it and slightly improved. He said, "You’re better at it than Kyndle," and I said instantly, "Oh no! I couldn’t possibly be better at it than her!" assuming she had played it before. Kyndle was right there in the room and she said, "You never gave me a chance to play it before!" I held out the controller towards her and said, "Do you *want* to play it?" and Jesse said to her, "You never asked!" and I was like, uh-ohh…. Kyndle then went to the bed and laid down like she wanted to take a nap. I asked Jesse, "Uh, what time do you want me to leave?" and he said, "It’s up to you." I played the game for another minute or so but then said I should probably head home, and I’d let youall take a nap. So I left.

I told Jesse that I liked the video game so much I would probably play it for three days straight without stopping, which is true, I would do that.

Kyndle had mentioned to me that Jesse never really heard anything she said, earlier when we talked. She said, "He hears the first half of the sentence and then walks away." This is funny because it’s true, I had always noticed exactly the same thing but never verbalized it. He hears a little bit of what you say, then jumps to the conclusion thinking he understands when he really doesn’t. The weird thing is, I had thought his socionic dual would be able to get through that particular communication difficulty. Apparently not.

Anyway, I started this blog post because I was playing Shining Force and saw Bleu the Dragon and remembered I had wanted to mention the connection between Shining Force’s Bleu and Jurassic Park’s Blue velociraptor.

The Incredibles 2: The Underminer is still out there

July 11, 2018

The Underminer is a mole-like man, the first villain you see, who’s driving a boring drill underground, and literally undermining social institutions like the government building, which collapses into the ground.

Many of us waited for a Ferris Bueller goodbye after the credits. The last image shown is the Underminer surfacing and then driving off and I think drilling back down again. Final message of the movie: the Underminer is still out there. Or the Mole.

Deltas: guilt by association: Mowgli, Black Panther, Harry Potter, Tag, some hobbits and Gollum, Ocean’s 8, Logan Lucky, Star Wars; also I watched “The Incredibles 2,” Alpha Quadra; cartoon short “Bao” or whatever had badly drawn Asian eyes

July 11, 2018

The socionics people typed Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien as INTJ Alpha, last time I looked. But some Hobbit actors are Deltas. Galadriel was typed ENFP, I forget the actress’s name. I saw her in Ocean’s 8. Bilbo was the hobbit and the CIA agent in Black Panther.

I’m connecting a bunch of actors, characters, and movies to the Delta Quadra. When I see lots of these actors appearing together in one movie, that movie has a Delta feel to it.

Mowgli was advertised before Tag, last night. Andy Serkis (Gollum, the Emperor guy in Star Wars who gets killed in Last Jedi, the guy who steals the vibranium in Black Panther) was the director of Mowgli!

One thing I have been paying attention to for years is "the evil side of Delta." There is a tendency to portray Delta as "the boring quadra," a group of totally nice, peaceful people who never do anything interesting, and also never do anything bad. I know it cannot be true that Deltas never do anything bad, so, with effort, over the past few years, I taught myself to stop assuming that if there ever was a "bad guy" in a movie or real life, it had to be a Beta, and a "good guy" would be Delta.

I’ve encountered Beta ENFJs who were very, very good people, who gave me their kindness. It’s only just a strain for my brain to try to process and use their information in direct interactions over a long time, so, for example, I felt exhausted after spending many minutes with Chuck, the guy at the meetup gaming group. That’s really what socionic conflict is. It doesn’t mean the opposite quadra is always "evil."

But there’s a tendency, in myself at least, or in people who’ve learned socionics, to believe that whenever anything goes wrong, it’s the fault of the "bad guys" in some other quadra than our own. So I began deliberately looking for "Delta Bad Guys (and Gals)."

"Logan Lucky," which I watched because I love Adam Driver (Delta extravert, either ENFP or ESTJ), and "Ocean’s 8", and "Ready Player One," all have a bad guy who is planning to steal something huge and expensive, although it can be glorified, sympathetic, or frowned upon and viewed as a villain. There are many of these in movies like The Goonies and The Great Muppet Caper.

This is a recurring Delta theme: make an elaborate plan to steal a huge amount of money. Is Robin Hood part of that? There is an event going on in which The Alliance is capturing and returning trillions of dollars to the economy. However, the people who want that to happen are in all the quadras, not just Delta.

I recently noticed a new, unexpected emotional expression in myself. I would sometimes say "woo!" or "woohoo!" But it’s been modified to something more like a wolf howl, "aowww!" I would enjoy this, except yesterday I made the connection to Michael Jackson, who I can’t stand, who always shouts "Ow!" in his songs. It doesn’t sound like that, but it was an unfortunate connection that must be separated and distinguished from MJ’s "ow."

It’s also a resemblance to "aho," which people are saying because Elizabeth Wilcock said it somewhere. But I made this noise several times recently, once when I discovered that Wegmans had the flat chopsticks I like, with the rectangular cross section that makes better contact with the food and distributes pressure more comfortably on your fingers, and once again but I forget when. Possibly yesterday when I realized it was Tuesday when I went to the movies and saw the parking lot full of cars because it’s half off – I only remember it was somewhere around that time.

The Nahia myth, which was never developed at all, which I created as a teenager, was a story of a woman who was a wolf, who came down from the mountains and became a person, who felt that she wanted to remember how to be a wolf again, to feel that camaraderie with her team.

I don’t like the vision of wolves portrayed in "Twilight," where the Native Americans cut their long hair off, and become unable to escape from the intrusive thoughts shared by the other wolves. I don’t think I finished reading all the books, but I opened them and read a few pages, and I remember Jacob or somebody describing this psychic connection, which was not always positive or enjoyable, sometimes feeling intrusive, controlling, dictatorial, an invasion of privacy. To me that’s more like my experience of the unwanted constant mind control and background noise.

Anyway, the created word anaya came from a-nahia. I’ve kept using the name Nahia from that myth.

I might possibly have been exposed to St. John’s Wort on a walk recently. It’s blooming everywhere and I’ve almost touched it several times.

I call it "guilt by association" if I guess people’s socionic types based on the types of the other people they’re hanging out with, or the overall quadra of the movies they’re in. Black Panther was packed full of Deltas, both good and evil. The Gorilla Tribe guy might possibly have been ESFP Gamma? Not every single person in a movie is guaranteed to be all in the same quadra, but the likelihood is high that they tend to center around one quadra.

I also watched "The Incredibles 2" for the second time. It’s Alpha Quadra. The Anonymous-like Screenslaver delivered messages that were truthful and intended for the audience to be immersed in. I experienced immersion (hypnosis, flow) the first time I watched that message, but not the second time, and the time when I was immersed was when I watched it at the *quieter volume* at College 9 by Lowe’s, the theater I like more because it almost always is quieter. Last night, at the loud volume at College 12 or Premiere 12 or whatever, I didn’t get immersed or involved. Loud volume just causes too much pain and is distracting. Quiet volume is relaxing, cozy, and immersive.

Immersion versus detachment was a theme. The audience watches superheroes in a detached way. That’s somebody else doing it, not me. Both the Alpha Quadra and the Gamma Quadra have immersive sensing and intuition, in the model I use with plus and minus signs. Delta and Beta have immersive thoughts and feelings. I might be interpreting the model wrong, but really, the most important thing to understand is that different types of people become immersed and experience pleasant hypnotic flow while encountering different types of information. You can’t use the exact same formula for all people.

The movie, at College 9 with quiet volume, actually hypnotized me lightly and delivered its Anonymous criticism of society, but I was already familiar with the message and it didn’t push exactly the right buttons to motivate me to stand up and shout "Yes! Right now!" and run out of the theater and start a revolution or something.

Digital sound is anti-immersive, especially when the sound is… compressed. I had to recall the word. Sound compression destroys important information in sound. Analog recording is more immersive. Analog radio broadcasts played on an analog radio are more immersive than modern radio. All digital processing destroys information and reduces the immersive flow of the listener. CDs destroy many frequencies of sound, causing listeners to feel detached. MP3s destroy even more.

The Murdering Morons attacking my brain *always* will send an extremely loud explosion of noise through my headphones right after I start feeling immersed in a good song. It’s possible they themselves trigger the relaxing hypnosis first, then send the "cattle prod" zap of noise punishment afterwards, giving me the "hypervigilance" described by Dr. Metter, who did a brainwave analysis on me many many years ago. When painful bursts of noise are zapping you every few seconds, you can never relax. I don’t know if it has any purpose other than to cause pain. Maybe they want to deliver brain programming in the painful explosion of noise right when I’m relaxed.

So, anyway, Alpha Quadra, The Incredibles.

Oh!!! Those annoying Asian eyes were *horrible*!!! The movie short, was it called "Bao," I think? Which I guess is "baby?" Asian eyes DO have pupils and scleras, especially up close! It’s horribly disturbing and frustrating to see a cartoon that draws Asian eyes as a black slit which stays that way for long periods of time, then suddenly becomes huge when they’re surprised and it shows the whole eye. Asian eyes aren’t like that at all! They are very expressive, at all times, constantly, radiating their souls through their face and eyes and head and whole body, with microexpressions and bioenergetic fields. I kept looking and looking for the eye and only seeing the black paintstroke. I couldn’t even focus on the plot or the feelings or the events going on.

I know that when you see aliens, their body parts are different and you have to get used to them. But these were supposed to be Asian humans and they *do* have beautiful eyes! This isn’t the same as insectoids whose eyes are covered with a hard exoskeleton. This isn’t like a laughing mantis mouth that, I assume, probably triggers either the gag reflex, or possibly the choking reflex, in the mirror neurons of people who are looking. That movie short gave me constant frustration, annoyance, and detachment instead of immersion! I could not just relax and enjoy the movie because I kept feeling like those people had a black hole with the eyeball removed! Someone who’s lost an eye looks like that when their glass eye isn’t put in. It was horrifying. Asians have beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, deep, expressive eyes, and that cartoon did a horrible injustice to them.

I can get used to the way something looks if I know it’s supposed to be that way. This cartoon did it wrong.

Another topic: Asian eyelid surgery. Vile. Absolutely wrong. However, Weston Price deformities are occurring in Korea, and people are trying to fix them with plastic surgery. They should be prevented by avoidance of tobacco during pregnancy. Tobacco use is everywhere in Asia. I suspect tobacco is a primary cause of deformity, beyond what Weston Price saw as caused by poor nutrition. These deformities often affect the eyes as well, causing them to look even more tightly closed than Asian eyes normally look.

A very regrettable western influence: South Koreans are circumcised, because the USA invaded South Korea. North Koreans aren’t. This is an example of something where North Korea actually has a few valid points, when they protect their people from the evils of invading cultures. It is *true*, a valid point, that US American culture is very toxic, and it will poison them with horrible practices like circumcision.

I should eat breakfast. I only had coffee. I’ll do that now instead of complaining.

Different DNA models, like triple stranded DNA and “ball” or “vortex” DNA, toroid; and a little moth rescue operation

July 11, 2018

I’m not really online at the moment – when I visited WV for two weeks, I was able to watch Gaia, Wisdom Teachings, and all that – and I haven’t gone to a wifi to watch videos for a while. So I’m behind on my Wisdom Teachings.

But, that show was helping me consider alternative DNA models. I’m not remembering it now, really, but I remember that the image was like a ball with a hole through the center almost, …..

I just went to the bathroom, and a moth was flapping against the screen of my roof vent. I stood up on the edge of the toilet and bathtub to try to catch it. It’s hard to catch a moth that’s flapping around because it’s agitated. It wanted to go to the light but a barrier was in front of it, and there’s no way to open that screen.

I didn’t want to hurt it. I got it in my hands. I said, "I’m going to take you outside because you’re confused and you don’t know where you are." It was so sad. The moth could die there, trying to go through an invisible screen that it didn’t understand. I carried it to the door, threw it out, and watched it fly up into the blue sky.

So the ball DNA, or toroid DNA, looked like the 3D kinetic spring. This was a toy I saw that they sold at the Sheetz gas station. I finally bought one, on a whim. I had also seen it on a youtube video.

Today I saw an article mentioning triple stranded DNA, which I linked to from someone on twitter – it happened to be called "PAO," reminding me of "leveling up all my characters on the Pao Prairie" in Shining Force, but it’s Planetary Activation Organization. The other thing I connected with in that article was that the Cabal causes "vexing delays." Yes, that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling.

I read about triple strand DNA, and realized that we aren’t always really sure about our models of DNA, partly because we usually examine it when it’s dead and partly broken, and not when it’s alive and functioning in an organism. It’s hard to look at a live DNA molecule, unbroken, and also simultaneously look at how the molecule is interacting with the fields and forces around it, the electromagnetic energy, and the other molecules coming and going inside the cell as it’s living and doing what it needs to do.

Is there an image of that anywhere, an actual photo of a living DNA molecule that is functioning? We have some grainy photographs of atoms and crystals, which you can find on the internet, showing individual atoms. But have we got a living, healthy, unbroken DNA molecule in vivo, in a live body, moving and doing things, in a photo or video?

Still not 100% normal yet; frustrated at being so far behind

July 11, 2018

Yesterday there was one minor incident of diarrhea. I did another pawpaw twig last night. I’m about to drink my coffee, and coffee sets it off.

The one thing that bothers me most about all this isn’t the sickness itself, but the fact that I am sonfar behind, and it’s July. There are so many things that have to be done, and I can’t do them when it’s cold, and when I say "cold," I mean, sixty degrees. Sixty degrees is too cold for me to function. All my productive work will stop completely in the fall, unless we have a warm fall. I can sometimes do productive work while the fall is warm. But I need heat in my house.

Tag is Delta!

July 10, 2018
This is a quick text, not a real post. The movie “Tag,” based on a true story, Delta Quadra. I knew it was Delta because it had a Harry Potter preview before it, so I knew even before seeing the movie.

Too much info: still solid; pawpaw twig chewing worked as a parasite treatment

July 10, 2018

I’ve been waiting to see if my diarrhea cure worked, but obviously it takes a little while to wait and see the results. Yesterday, after chewing the pawpaw twig, I had a solid stool a few hours later. Today, there was another, so I didn’t revert back to persistent diarrhea yet.

It’s easy to infect yourself with persistent diarrhea. The parasites are in the creeks. All I did was wade in the creeks, and get my hands in the mud under the water, and afterwards, eat food without washing my hands.

However, doing this might be scary for other emetophobic people like me, unless they, too, always keep a container of ginger nearby for emergencies. I am almost never without a container of ginger in my house, and it’s been that way for years. Vomit phobia does that to you. But nevertheless, it always works, for mild upsets.

I didn’t try to fight against the Real Vomit Virus I had earlier this year. I only use it when it seems like the stomach upset is no big deal. Anyway, intestinal parasites make you feel like you’re going to throw up, but you might not really do it, so ginger helps with that.

Anyway, for experimentation purposes, it would be so easy for people to try this themselves. Anyone who wasn’t convinced that pawpaw twigs are an extremely powerful antiparasitic drug, at the tiniest dosages imaginable, with absolutely no harm to the person if they don’t eat enough pawpaw to throw up, could test it on their own.

You can experience giardiasis like I did years ago, and you can experience how quickly and easily cured it is with modern Flagyl, provided by a clinic.

Then, you can do the exact same thing over again, suffer the persistent diarrhea that just absolutely will not go away on its own for days and days and days, and the severe fatigue, and the dehydration, and this time, test a pawpaw twig. You’ll feel confident knowing that when all else fails, that clinic is there waiting for you with their nice, safe, familiar, modern Flagyl made in a factory and sold by prescription in the USA (although it’s over-the-counter in Mexico, where they have a lot of diarrhea).

Testing this pawpaw twig will be merely a silly little whim, not a *real* treatment. You’re doing it just for fun. Then suddenly, hahaha, it actually works! At microdoses! For free!

If you live in a state where pawpaw trees are native and common, you’re lucky. They’re uncommon in Centre County, PA, but they do survive here, and people have a few of them planted in yards, parks, botanical gardens, and arboretums. I absolutely will be a pawpaw grower in the future, 100%. I’ve been trying to acquire them. My plant collection is slowly growing, but it takes time.

I need land, my own land. I want boardwalks up in the trees, and I will have plant pots growing up on those boardwalks in the sun, where the deer won’t eat them. I will have a food forest and a forage forest for wildlife. If I can acquire native animals and bring them to my land, I will, but that requires more land. I will increase the surface area of the land by building piles of dirt, or hugelkultur, which is more specifically the burial of a log under the dirt – I may or may not actually do that. I feel fine with just using fallen forest mulch. I will improve my soil.

I also want water. I’ll grow water plants and animals too. I have a lot less knowledge about water and wetlands, and I never lived near water.

Why am I up out of bed at 9am running around when I’m supposed to be deathly ill?

July 10, 2018

I didn’t go to a doctor or the clinic for my persistent diarrhea and severe fatigue that I got after wading around in that creek at Black Moshannon. The diarrhea just kept going.

I nibbled a pawpaw twig yesterday. I had a solid stool later that evening.

Today I’m up at 9am with an appetite, going out to the Waffle Shop to get take out, and while I was there, I had enough energy to pull up a few plants of prickly lettuce and one that might possibly be opium lettuce, or maybe just an immature prickly lettuce, from the rock garden by a building, and brought them home and potted them.

Am I better? I don’t know. I still have to keep waiting for diarrhea today. I might nibble another pawpaw twig, too. But being up out of bed at 9am and out of the house planting things!

It’s too soon the be sure, but I think the pawpaw got rid of the persistent diarrhea; the Exopolitics books by Michael Salla, about undisclosed technology and other things

July 10, 2018

I was ready to go to one of the clinics if I have to, and I still can. I don’t have an official diagnosis of what’s causing the persistent diarrhea, but it was similar to when I had giardiasis, although it didn’t seem to be as severe.

However, last night I had a solid stool once again.

I felt like I was going to throw up, during the time when the pawpaw twig juice was going through my lower intestines. I’ve noticed that with plant poisons, sometimes you don’t even really notice it right after you swallow it, but you feel it hours later when your lower intestine starts to absorb it.

That was what happened with purslane poison and mountain laurel poison. I didn’t eat mountain laurel, I just touched it and then ate food with unwashed hands. I did eat tiny amounts of purslane on purpose. The purslane tasted good, but caused heart problems when it was absorbed later on. The mountain laurel also caused heart problems.

I’m still waiting to see if the diarrhea is gone. I’d like to be ecstatic about pawpaw working and being effective for parasites, but it’s too soon. To be more precise, it would be "effective for persistent diarrhea of unknown cause." It could be bacterial. I’m not familiar with all the possible diarrhea causes, like cholera, and have no idea what plant medicines can cure bacterial infections, unless you outright grow your own penicillin mold at home, which I have no objection to in principle, but which would require a lot of knowledge. Millions of plants are found to be allegedly effective against bacteria, but that’s when they’re tested in the laboratory, in vitro.

After spending a lot of time in the bathroom miserable with nothing to read except plant identification books, I decided to get Michael Salla’s books about the secret space programs. I was reading a book sample from Amazon, just skimming it, since it’s hard for me to really think deeply while, 1., I’m feeling sick like I was last night, and 2., reading on the phone instead of paper.

But, while skimming that sample, I had interesting reactions. First, since I couldn’t deeply absorb it while too sick to pay attention, I knew I was missing a lot of information.

But a few things caught my attention, such as, the fact that a supersonic jet is creating combustion with air that is moving by at supersonic speed. That’s almost as bad as breaking into a solid object. Extremely high speed air is hard to crack into. It resists anything that tries to break into the stream. But yet, it’s different from a solid object, because you can’t make progress on the same spot you were working on, because it’s gone. It’s like you chipped into a rock, and the rock healed itself a second later.

It’s not static high pressure, it’s moving high pressure. High pressure air sitting still inside a pressurized box is not the same as the high pressure of a river of air moving through an opening. Influx and efflux, I guess. Intake and outlet. It is directional. Your pickaxe that you use to chip into this piece of air will be getting pushed sideways from only one direction. Air mining.

That’s assuming you choose not to use the entire volume of air. I think the whole point was that they directed that entire river of air into the engine with the intent of using it all for combustion. These were ramjets and scramjets.

That’s like making espresso coffee.

That’s funny. Sometimes the voices in my head say funny things.

I actually love that idea and I would use it as inspiration for exploring further ideas. I would visualize it that way and then see where that idea leads.

That book is of value to me because it gives context and meaning. I can go on Google Scholar and find millions of things that are too technical to be common knowledge. But "undisclosed and classified and suppressed" is not quite the same as "too technical and esoteric to be common knowledge," although there is a great deal of overlap.

The idea that "entire civilizations are already living inside the earth underground and have been for millions of years" isn’t technical either, it’s just something you can’t see for yourself easily. I always use the comparison to "Do you know what your neighbor ate for breakfast?" If you can’t even so much as tell me what your neighbor down the street ate for breakfast today, behind closed doors, then how can you be so sure you know what’s happening on the moons of Saturn? The information must be told to you secondhand by someone else who has seen it. Do you completely 100% trust the person or group who is telling you?

That is where the Flat Earther idea comes from. That is why some tiny crumb of that idea is actually believable to some people. It’s because they have decided to completely, 100% reject the most basic information taught by the authorities in school, because of distrust, and lack of opportunity to quickly and easily see for oneself. However, they are then trusting some other authorities who say things like "Some person did an experiment and proved so-and-so, so we know the earth is flat."

I don’t really want to waste my time arguing against Flat Earthers while slowly thumb typing on my phone. Maybe someday on my laptop with a keyboard. I can only say that, while I also greatly distrust authorities, some part of my mind still has a sense of what is probably true. It’s also about what it means to you if it is true. I feel no real need to argue about flat earth – it’s kind of a non-issue for me.

However, as I said, I have a feeling for what is probably true. My argument goes like this: the universe is infinitely huge and infinitely old. People try to put numbers on it, but those numbers are meaningless. We can’t imagine how much time has gone by over how huge a space. Therefore, of course it is extremely likely that advanced aliens are all over the place and are traveling to earth and they know things that we don’t know.

I also know that authorities and common knowledge are untrustworthy based on my own experiences, so I’m inclined to believe other things.

So this book has context. Like I said, I can find technical gibberish on the internet which is amazing. However, all of it, always, every time, says, "This has potential for the future and might happen someday, eventually." The stuff that is secret is already working right now. You cannot just go out and find pages about certain things that are already being used.

This book gives the context, the history, that shows that, for instance, there was a time period for a decade or so when it was socially acceptable to talk about antigravity. But then it vanished. The book shows which technical topics are actively being suppressed, and what happens to people who try to research them, and what happens when people have tried to get Freedom of Information requests, and so on.

The feeling I felt was… boredom. There is one thing after another after another which is possible to do, but we’re not allowed to do it or talk about it, and every single one of those things is already millions of years outdated, because the knowledge is already so far beyond it, but we’re *STILL* not allowed to use it, have it, know it, do it, or talk about it. The world is this endless boringness and sameness, where nothing ever happens, nothing ever makes progress, nothing changes, nothing develops, nothing is possible. That’s the feeling of boredom.

When I read disclosures, and books like this, I feel, for the first time in decades, surprised, interested, curious. You mean, it’s not just meaningless technical gibberish if someone talks about using supersonic airflow in an engine, it’s actually suppressed technology that we’re not allowed to know exists? Everything has meaning now, the gibberish. It’s explaining why all that technical gibberish is out there and why all the articles always say "it might be possible ten years from now," but none of us ever see a single one of these things actually happening.

I nibbled the twig of a pawpaw tree

July 9, 2018

I went to Tudek Park to get some pawpaw twigs from their butterfly garden. I have one small pawpaw that I don’t want to cut, and a bunch of failed cuttings that are dead. I have made and planted new cuttings. I have no experience rooting plants without root hormone, but if I want root hormone, I’ll make it by soaking whichever tree that was, the white maple or whatever. I know what it is, or silver poplar or something, I know what it looks like, but I forget the name. They say you can make homemade root hormone from that, and also from honey. I got raw honey as a gift from a coworker.

The pawpaw twigs are emetic. They will make you throw up if you eat too much at once. I only chewed one nibble, and swallowed the juice from that. Then I waited, as the feelings of dizziness and mild vomit urges passed, and I nibbled more of it over the next couple hours.

I’m already feeling slightly more energetic. I will wait and see if it stops the diarrhea. I can get more twigs and gradually do a higher dose, whatever I can tolerate. It’s very strong, and just one nibble of one twig makes you dizzy and sick.

Edit, the huge orange star was in the south

July 9, 2018

I was confused about my directions. I don’t have a local obelisk to line up with the rising of the morning sun, so I forgot where the sun rose. I was imagining the sun rising somewhere else. I’m never out of bed looking at things at sunrise, I’m in bed usually with the shades still closed. Anyway, it’s probably Mars. Mars is much closer to Earth than usual, and it’s being described as very huge and bright orange, in the south.

Vivid dream about ziplining ride that went over a river by a bridge; “they” said maybe Gamma INTP for Ron?

July 9, 2018

"They" said Ron could be INTP too. I really don’t know. He seems like a P. Incidentally, ex-BF Eric could theoretically be Delta ESTJ, which I never considered before but which makes sense – I could never decide if he was ENFP or ENTP. Anyway, Ron had some feelings of similarity to me, except some strange differences. He maybe got along better with Jodi, as I heard them laughing while talking, and Jodi is Beta INFP. I get along with Jodi very well, but we don’t say anything that causes laughter.

"They also said that when I ordered hackberry seeds from a random non-expert off Amazon, he might have given me buckthorn seeds. I planted two of them in a box. If they sprout, I will identify them carefully, and I won’t plant any more until then, and might get rid of them. When I planted them, I felt an unbearably horrible sensation of horrific, disgusted regret. It was similar to the sensation of death I felt when I chopped down a "dead" pine tree that was alive on the inside. That sensation might have come from touching misidentified buckthorn seeds in wet soil as I planted them. Buckthorn seeds look a lot like hackberry, but are horribly poisonous and cause extreme diarrhea. I’m going to assume I probably have water parasites, but I’m aware of the possibility of buckthorn contamination as a possible cause to consider.

Hackberry is perfectly easy to identify. The bark has very strange lumps that stick up all over it, which somebody described as looking like the Grand Canyon, and they’re made of cork. I’ve seen them. They are little layered ridges, and the layers of cork represent the multicolored layers of soil in the Grand Canyon. They are easily broken off with the fingers. This bark is totally unique. Hackberries are also called sugarberries and are edible and nutritious, and they say they’ve found caches of them in human cave dwellings.

Anyway, this dream. I requested to have an amusement park ride built. I was responsible for this ride being built – it was my fault, and it turned out to be terrible in every possible way. In fact, I was getting ready to send a text message to Eric from McD about all the things I hated about this ride. He was at that same park and he might have considered going on this ride, and neither of us had known what it would actually be like when it was built.

So, this was a sort of zipline. But it was also like a roller coaster. I had absolutely no idea what it would do, although if I had seen this thing in real life, I *never* would have done what I did in the dream.

There were no attendants or inspectors watching over people getting onto this ride. Usually a bunch of people check that your seat belt is locked, and so on. You could just jump on this unattended ride.

The zipline wasn’t a line that stayed in place while you rode hanging on a rolling handle down it. It was more like a (I just remembered, Kris de Decker, the Low Tech Blog, wrote about transport lines like this, and he also wrote about a million other things, but I never finished reading his latest article about global environmentalism, and what can one individual do about it) – it was more like the transport lines described in Low Tech Blog, like a ski lift. The line moves, and you must jump on.

However, there were no chairs like a ski lift, and there were no handles like a zip line. There were only these little metal tiny cylinders attached to the line itself. I just grabbed one of those with both hands, and it lifted me up at very high speed. It went right into a tunnel going upwards right at the beginning, and then, it went horizontally a little ways, then suddenly fell down at extremely high speed.

I’m guessing this refers to the large intestine, because in my dreams, "tunnels" always refer to bodily orifices, and nothing is ever innocent or meaningless.

The line went downhill at extremely high speed, freefall speed, with a lot of slack in the line. I was in the open now, no longer in the tunnel, and I could see a highway bridge to my left. I was crossing a huge river. I felt the terrifying sensation in my abdomen that you feel during the drop on a rollercoaster. It was unbearable. This ride was excessive – if I had built it in Roller Coaster Tycoon, people would say "Zipline 1 looks too intense for me." It just kept falling for a very long time.

Then it caught the slack and began to pull me out of the fall, and it gave me the sensation of my organs being pressed a different direction with the g forces. It was just unbearable again. I could feel all this very clearly in the dream. The line started to pull me horizontally again.

Then I guess it made it across the river and the ride was done. I let go, happy to be alive. It was unthinkable that anyone had left that ride there unattended and that it was designed that way so that you had to just hold on all by yourself with no support. There was no frame around you, nothing beneath your feet, so it was yanking your arms out of the sockets, assuming you could even hold on without your hands slipping. If there were such a thing, you could ride it safely if it were only a few feet over the ground, and moved slowly in one direction with no g forces.

One of the worst scars I ever got, in real life, out of only two severe scars (aside from tooth removals), was from the time I rode a zipline over gravel at the neighbor’s house in WV. It was Mrs. Lee’s house, but it was the people who lived there before her, I think. The zipline went low over the gravel path at the end, and I had my knees bent so my feet were lifted off the ground. My right knee, I think, – yeah, I checked – scraped along the gravel at high speed and gave me a huge cut.

Actually I forgot all the fryer burns I got at McDonald’s. Those scars are still on my arms. Then the entire surface of my body is covered with scratches from the bird mites.

Anyway, I remember that cut being a big deal, the kind of thing where you run home crying for emergency treatment from your mom.who is a nurse. I don’t remember exactly what she put on it, but she would have used all the traditional applications, like liquid iodine, and maybe Neosporin, before putting bandaids on.

Oh yeah, in the dream, I was trying to drink bottled water, but the water wouldn’t reach my mouth. It stayed inside the open, downturned bottle like a block of clear gelatin. I was trying and trying to drink. I woke up with a dry mouth. My diarrhea isn’t completely gone yet. It’s less bad when I have no caffeine.

The other bad scar came from climbing up on the Oakwood Forest sign, or whatever the name was, where Rachael used to live. That sign was made of bricks, and I was climbing up on it, but my right foot slipped and my right shin went against the sharp edge of the bricks. It lifted up a flap of skin, a large chunk. It disconnected the nerves there. The scar tissue formed, and to this day, I can feel that the nerves are abnormal there and the skin is too thin over the bone. The bone feels vulnerable if I press on it. It’s an unpleasant sensation. I pressed on it just now, and it’s actually hurting and tickling in a very weird way again. It definitely remembers the injury and it did not heal to be exactly like it was originally.

I’m assuming I probably have a parasitic infection. I will continue waiting to see if it goes away on its own. It’s not severely bad, but it’s causing really bad fatigue and I can’t get anything done. I’m so tired I can barely walk. I mean I can, but very slowly.

The "ride" in the dream could also refer to my scooter under the tarp. That would be why Eric from McD was involved. He makes and buys electric vehicles. I would love an electric scooter, but the shape of the seat causes my hip joints to dislocate badly. I need to make the seat flat like a normal chair, even if I duct taped cardboard all over it. I also need a longer lasting battery.

There is a huge, bright orange star, I guess northeast?

July 8, 2018

I don’t really know what direction from me it is, and I’m clueless about stars. I have no idea, is it Mars or Venus? It’s above the horizon, which could make it orange, but it’s pretty far above the horizon, not just right on the edge. I only saw it because someone was setting off fireworks and I went out to see where they were, and I saw what I believed was an orange streetlight through the trees, I guess like a sodium vapor streetlight. I thought we didn’t have a giant orange sodium vapor streetlight in front of the main cabin. So I went out to look, and it was "merely" a star. It just sat there, but it looked like an oncoming airplane that is traveling straight towards you and seems to be not moving for a few seconds, but then moves – but this orange star-planet never moved. It was so bright it radiated classical star-shaped lines outward in all directions. I kept waiting for it to move and become a plane. I don’t have Dad’s app where his smartwatch tells you which sky objects you’re facing towards, but I wish I did at this moment. It is something enormous and very bright and orange, but still just within the boundaries of normality – I can’t call it a UFO, just a "very bright unidentified planet," that looks like a sodium vapor lamp.

I talked to this new neighbor, and he might possibly be a Delta. I’ll talk to him some more over time. The guy who I was paranoid about, Ron, I couldn’t figure out the type of. I felt torn between ISTP (my own type) or ENTP (Alpha quadra). He left after a couple days, but they say he’s a regular. I got used to him. This new guy said he would be here a few months possibly, for a temp job.

I just learned from wikipedia that espresso has a lot of magnesium; the ants are eating my sugar and I wanted to talk about ant people

July 8, 2018

It said it had about twenty something percent. 23% of the daily value of magnesium. That could explain a lot about coffee!

I just made myself a new pot of coffee, and I ground the beans myself. I had the grinder sitting around waiting to be used for a while. I got organic beans, and I ground them to a powder so fine, I probably could’ve inhaled it if I wanted to, but I’m not that ambitious. Don’t try that at home.

I once had a coworker, I forget her name, she was crazy, but cool. She asked me for a vivarin once. I gave it to her. She smashed it up and then tried to inhale it. I have no idea if it worked for her or not. I hope she’s doing okay nowadays. I liked her.

I’m getting her confused with memories of two other girls who were similar, one who I worked with on the overnight cleaning job with the illegal Russians, and one girl whose boyfriend talked about chemtrails, in the early 2000s, when I wasn’t ready to believe him yet. I do now.

Anyway, this girl would’ve liked the fine ground coffee I made today. I ground it for so long, the grinder started to make a screeching noise, so I stopped it. I found out the dust was getting packed down inside the bowl and the blades were compacting it down as they made more dust. I had to scrape it out with a plastic spoon. So that’s how finely ground it was.

I had goats milk, and I also had new sugar, so I made a nice, pleasant cup of coffee the way I like it. I’m usually drinking it black with sugar, because I usually don’t have milk of any kind.

The sugar is "new" because I bought a box of normal white sugar from a gas station, since I was in a hurry, and the ants started getting into it, because the box flap didn’t close very well. I continued using it, just picking out the ants, making sure to dump the sugar in my cup *before* the coffee was in there.

My whole house is constantly full of ants, and this is normal, and I ignore them, as pesticides are much more harmful to me than these tiny ants. If they were attacking me in masses and biting, I’d feel differently.

Anyway, after dumping the sugar into a big plastic bowl so I could see the ants and avoid them, it just gave them more surface area, so there are more ants. I got sick around this time, and, in troubleshooting mode, I wondered if I might be sick from eating sugar infested with ants. I don’t think that’s the problem, but it occurred to me. I haven’t eaten the ants, but they could theoretically leave chemicals or germs. I’m not germ-phobic, but it crosses my mind if I’m sick and don’t know why.

So I just bought new organic sugar in a closable ziploc bag. I need more ziploc bags for this house. I need to get them at the grocery store.

This cup of coffee hasn’t really energized me a lot, but it also didn’t set off a half-hour bout of burning diarrhea with the cat sitting outside the door all worried.

This is a *horrible* thought, actually, and I hate this idea so much: pets depend on people. If a person gets sick or dies, the pet can’t open the door to go outside (hence my official rule that animals cannot be locked up, although you can make their shelter protected from, say, foxes trying to eat chickens, or coyotes or wolves or cougars, but without totally restricting the pet). The pet can’t go screaming to the neighbor to beg for help. The pet can’t call 911. The pet is totally helpless, locked indoors with a dead onwer (prison attendant), unable to escape, unable to turn on the water for a drink, unable to open a bag or can of food. If I die in a car wreck, who will let Jacob out? He will die, or be taken to a shelter and euthanized, or given away to horrible, stupid owners who are too retarded and incompetent to own a pet. This thought is just so horrible I can’t bear to think it. I need something in my wallet along with my ID, which says I have a cat that needs rescued, and a name of a person to give him to if I die.

So anyway, maybe I didn’t have hepatitis, but I had an unknown waterborne illness, which is slightly improving today. It might not be as bad as giardiasis. Giardiasis was diarrhea that just *would not stop*. It was relentless, for so many days, until I felt dizzy like my electrolytes were out of balance, and I went to the hospital to prevent sudden accidental death from a heart attack. I am not that bad this time.

Oh, magnesium! So I went to read about espresso while my coffee brewed. Wikipedia said espresso has 23% of the daily value of magnesium! That could explain why there are conflicting results when people try to figure out whether caffeine causes bone loss. It speeds up the intestines greatly, and also, the magnesium would add to that speeding up, although – no, it isn’t in mineral form, unless the magnesium comes from contact with hot metal during processing. If the magnesium comes from the beans, it is not a mineral ion. I don’t know what form the magnesium is in. Anyway, magnesium is essential for preventing bone loss, and our horrible SAD Standard American Diet has very little magnesium.

The morons and/or cash-strapped farmers who have no choice, however you want to view them, don’t bother adding magnesium to the soil. They add nothing but NPK: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium. So our depleted soils aren’t putting much magnesium into anything we eat, unless it’s organic food, which has a lot more micronutrients.

So if coffee has magnesium from any source at all, that could be why some people insist coffee is good for you. I insist coffee is an addictive drug we should avoid, and I won’t change my mind about that. But if it has any traces of value to anyone’s health at all, magnesium might be the reason. Some people’s diets are so bad, coffee might be their only source of magnesium, and therefore the only thing preventing bone loss.

This would also be why I myself have mixed or conflicting observations. I insist that both coffee and caffeine pills are bad. However, even a cup of coffee doesn’t do as much damage to my bones and teeth as a bowl of millet does. Millet must be such a strong mineral binder that you actively lose minerals, or maybe bones and teeth crumble because of the intense attack on the thyroid.

I’ve had joint problems from caffeine, especially pills, the stronger and more effective the pills, the worse my displaced / dysplasic hips get. I had stabbing pains like something sharp was pricking inside my hips. The caffeine might cause you to lose all your water, including the water inside your joints. Also, I exercised more vigorously, as I felt no pain on caffeine, as it’s a strong painkiller.

So ignoring the pain signals of overworked joints causes injury. The joints cannot withstand such high speed flexing, at such a heavy weight, with such inertia at each flex. Paying attention to joint pain, and obeying the pain signal, protects joints from further damage. That means slowing down. Every movement of every joint is slower.

This is just like a machine: high speed puts higher physical stress on the machine, unless you’ve solved the Inertial Damper problem. Haven’t I solved that yet? Isn’t there some weird word for the forces acting against you when you make virtual photons or something? I wrote about that in my blog a few months ago, when I researched that engine, the one that works, which is disclosed, and I can see the shape of it. It’s a container of microwaves that uses no fuel for propulsion. Unbelievers can’t get it to work, but believers are doing just fine at making it work and profiting from it. It’s somewhere in my youtube history, but I’m not online. There’s a Doppler effect inside the engine, which they had to prevent from happening, and that Doppler effect caused inertia. The waves get crushed against the object as it moves into them, and the waves get stretched out behind the object as it moves away. The crushed waves discourage it from moving forwards, and the stretched out waves encourage it to settle backwards to where it had been because it’s easier. Wave damping? Make them uniform?

Yeah okay, so I’ve had a cup of strong coffee after going a few days without one. I wish I had my secret underground laboratory all set up, and I wish I had the energy to go work in it.

Oh yeah, the ant people. Everything I’ve heard makes them sound very nice. The other dude, who isn’t on Cosmic Disclosure but elsewhere, said he did a twenty and back on Mars, practicing military operations, and he was running through the desert shooting at ant people, who sounded like galloping horses. They shot his arm off, then psychically interrogated him with great kindness, looking into his past, seeing that he was a kidnapped slave, and they brought up a childhood memory and said, "That is who you really are." The military regrew his arm afterwards.