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Police radar embedded in guard rails might be a good thing for electronic harassment victims

May 31, 2013

(*Edit 6/2/13: I had no idea this blog post would get me so much web traffic.  Normally my blog just gets from 30-50 views a day, and it suddenly went up to over 150 just because of this post.  (A whopping 360 views on June 2!) Sorry, I didn’t really have anything useful to say about the radar itself.  I’m not sure what information people are looking for.*)

I just saw a photo today of a new type of police radar used to catch speeders. It’s just a device that’s embedded in the guard rail. No, I don’t like the idea of anything that’s always on, and I don’t like it that it’s constantly radiating, because of the background electromagnetic pollution that it causes. But even so, background electromagnetic pollution is not as bad as direct electronic harassment and torture by people using things like radar guns.

The point is that maybe there will eventually be fewer cops driving around with radar guns, if they start using this guardrail radar instead. I don’t know if cops are the attackers who are harassing people, or rather, I don’t know if they are the *only* attackers – it’s likely that some cops do attack some people sometimes, probably using radar guns. Radar guns would still be available for other people to buy, steal, or make by themselves, so there would still be lots of people attacking and torturing the victims with the radar guns. This guardrail radar probably won’t do much good to reduce those attacks. But it seemed like a hopeful thought at least.

I had recently read a comment elsewhere written by someone who lives in an isolated rural area with few people. This person said that he experienced very severe sleep loss, insomnia, whenever the state troopers were around. He didn’t know what was causing it, and the doctors said it was ‘anxiety’ and they gave him a drug for it, but he stopped taking the drug because, he said, it made things worse. (I agree!) That suggests that, sometimes at least, the cops are the attackers.

Suddenly waking up for no reason and being unable to go back to sleep is often caused by radio frequency attacks.  Using your cell phone late at night can also cause insomnia, and so can using the wifi on your laptop, especially if you are uploading large files like videos, which causes the laptop to send out a lot of energy while you are sitting right next to it.  But if you haven’t done any of those things, and you are suddenly waking up at night, you need to know what’s causing it.  Any kind of background radiation can cause it too, but if you suddenly start waking up over and over again at exactly the same time of night, like at exactly 4:00 AM on the dot every night, you might be getting attacked.  Anyway that’s why I was thinking about this and why the guardrail radar photo caught my attention.

I googled ‘where can I buy a radar gun,’ and it turns out that any random asshole can buy one cheap whenever they want to. So, for anyone who doesn’t believe that electronic harassment is real, go out and buy yourself a radar gun, turn the thing on, duct-tape the button or the trigger or whatever so it’s always on, aim it directly at your bed, and then try to go to sleep. Leave it on for a couple days and find out how it feels to never, ever, ever sleep at all. That is the life of an electronic mind control-torture-harassment-stalking victim, a ‘targeted individual.’ Everyone, anyone, can be targeted, but some people are ‘more entertaining’ than others, for whatever reason – the people who know they are being attacked.

Potential for police harassment

May 30, 2013

2:20 PM 5/30/2013

I have been talking to a couple of the neighbors. One of them just sent me an email saying that he’s heard that the police don’t want me to live on the mountain, and they will try to evict me.

I’m thinking about what exactly this means. Since I’m doing a decon and getting rid of most of my belongings anyway, it’s okay if I lose a lot of my stuff, although there are a few things I need to look through.

Sure, this feels like harassment to me. I’d like to turn it around and say they’re doing me a favor. I’ll sit there in a lawn chair with my feet up and watch them as they climb up and down the mountain carrying all my stuff down for me and putting it into a truck and taking it away. That would be nice. That’s probably not how it will go in real life, but at least I can enjoy imagining it that way.

I’m not sure how aggressive they are going to be about this, whether it’s urgent, whether it’s something they’re planning to do right this very instant, or whether it’s something that they’ve sort of been thinking about but it isn’t a very high priority. I don’t know. I’ll find out more later, I guess. The police have not spoken to me directly. This is just something I heard through a neighbor who heard it from another neighbor, and I don’t know who he heard it from. I don’t know if he himself even heard it from the police.

NP6 (formerly NewPOS), the McDonald’s cash register system: A very long list of problems.

May 26, 2013

10:35 AM 5/26/2013

(*I’m going to add a few more items to this list, but don’t have time now.*)

I haven’t worked any weekend afternoons in a long time. I’ve been working weekday mornings, which are really busy. So I haven’t had any chances to stand around doing nothing for hours and hours.

But I went back to working on weekends, and yesterday I found out all over again what it’s like to stand there in back booth for hours with nothing to do. So I decided to write a list of complaints about the NP6, the McDonald’s cash register software or till system or whatever you call it.

Almost everyone hates it. A few people might say a few good things about it, but overall, it is awful. I’ve complained about it in my blog before. A bunch of managers wrote a list of things that were horrible about it and sent it to the computer people (I think ‘SEI’ might be the name of the corporation that makes it, but I’m not sure), but they ignored us.

When we had a franchise owner, we had a different computer system. I don’t know if they made this system just for our stores, or whether lots of stores had this system. It was an old, ancient, green-screen, low-resolution system, and it was lightning fast – you absolutely could not push buttons faster than this thing could respond. But when our franchise owner left and they sold us back to the corporation, we got a new system, and I swear it is the most horrible software that I have ever used in my life. It’s not even stupid. It’s downright sadistic.

I suspect that maybe these computer programmers live in some foreign country where everybody is underpaid and they are all suffering from chronic lead poisoning and other chemicals affecting their brains from all the pollution they inhale and all the toxic chemicals in their food and consumer goods, in addition to their difficulty speaking our language and difficulty understanding the nuances of the task we have given them (not that I have any particular country in mind that meets that description). When I imagine them that way, I feel sorry for them.

Every once in a while, they automatically update the system. The latest update changed the name from ‘NewPOS 6’ to ‘NP6.’ I suspect this might have been because I wrote blogs talking about how we all said ‘POS’ stood for ‘Piece Of Shit’ instead of ‘Point Of Sales.’ But even though they changed the name to NP6, it’s still a piece of shit.

Well, I wrote this long numbered list yesterday. It’s a random number of items, something like 43. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many more problems with this system which I have not included in this list because I am not aware of them, forgot about them, have gotten used to them and don’t notice them as much anymore, or didn’t have time to write them all. (And no, just because I got used to something does not mean it’s okay!) I don’t use every screen. There are screens that only the managers have to use, and I guess those screens have problems too, but I don’t know what they are.

But if you have ever tried to use this system, you will recognize many of the things that I’ve written here. I will try to keep it short, but I’m long-winded, so this might be pages and pages long.


1. NP6 – No longer NewPOS, but still a Piece Of Shit (as I said above).

2. The latest update is even slower to respond when you first touch the screen to start a new order. So you might hit the same button several times, trying to order two or three sandwiches, but it only records one hit. If you’re not paying attention, you’ll only order one sandwich instead of the two or three you were trying to order. You have to slow down, wait several milliseconds until the screen starts to respond, and then hit it again. The old green-screen system was so fast, as I said above, that you could not possibly push buttons faster than it could respond. But, they tell us, ‘New computers are better than old ones!’ New computers are also much more cluttered with unnecessary garbage than old ones.

3. The ‘size’ buttons – Child, Small, Medium, and Large – are far away from the objects they modify, such as the drinks and the french fries. You should be able to push a size button, and then move your finger over to the nearest column on the screen to hit an object. But instead, you have to hit the size button, and then move your hand all the way down to where the drinks are, or all the way over to where the fries are. Frequently performed actions should be close together on the screen so that you can push them quickly without moving your hand around much.

4. The $1 large sweet tea button is STILL buried several screens deep, even though we use that button constantly. You have to hit ‘Drinks/Drink Promos/’ and then go way, way, way down to the bottom right, to a little button down in the lower right corner all by itself next to the $1 unsweetened tea button, on an empty screen. (I think that this system varies depending on which region you live in – maybe not all areas have this item on special.) And you have to do this every single time you want to order it. And again, your hand has to jump all over on the screen and travel a long distance to push these buttons. Fortunately, it doesn’t kick you out of that menu automatically after you push the button, so you can stay there and wait to see if the customer is going to order another tea.

5. We have only two flavors of frappe, although I’ve heard we are getting the chocolate chip frappe again, but still, that will be only three types. But the button has now separated all the attributes of this drink so that you must push each attribute separately: size, frappe, flavor. The screen is full of nothing but empty space. There is so much room on the screen that they could have 3 sizes x 3 types of frappe = 9 separate buttons if they wanted to, so that you could push ‘Large Mocha’ or ‘Small Caramel’ or whatever, as one integrated button. But no. You have to push the size, ‘frappe,’ and then the flavor all separately. There is so much empty space on the screen that the designers could set up both methods of doing it, so that if you like pushing all the attributes separately, you could choose that method, or if you prefer to push one button with everything in it at once, you could do that, and there would STILL be lots of empty space left on the screen.

6. The ‘Dessert’ button. Our dessert button has ‘Dessert’ and ‘Dessert 2’ written on it. If you push this button once, it takes you to the ‘Dessert’ screen, which has a couple of items and lots of empty space. If you push it again, it takes you to ‘Dessert 2,’ which also has a couple of scattered random items and lots of empty space. At least put it all together into one screen, for crying out loud. There are lots of frequently used items buried in the ‘Dessert 2’ screen, so you have to push the Dessert menu button twice and then push the item you want.

7. I’ve already mentioned this in several of the previous paragraphs, but when I was writing this list (on a piece of paper), I was gradually becoming aware of this idea, so I wrote it explicitly as its own separate item. The entire system is designed in such a way that you have to move your hand long distances and jump all over the place to move between frequently used items. They should have put the rarely used items together in one spot, and the frequently used items together in one spot, so that you can jump around quickly between all the frequently used items, and just stay away from the rarely used items.

8. A ‘2 pack’ button for pies. Why? The whole screen is full of empty space. Why not just put one button for an individual pie, and another button for the 2-pack pies? It used to be that way, but they randomly changed it in one of the updates. It seems as though they were trying to be ‘consistent’ and ‘logical,’ so that if they used the ‘Separation Of Attributes’ principle on some of the buttons, they felt the need to use that same principle on ALL of the buttons in the entire system, regardless of whether it was appropriate in that situation or not. They don’t seem to be able to figure out when it is, or is not, appropriate to separate the attributes onto separate buttons (one button for size, one button for quantity, one button for flavor, one button for which item it is, etc).

9. The cookie button. At our store, we have only one kind of cookie, chocolate chip. To get a chocolate chip cookie, you have to hit the ‘dessert’ button (I forget whether it’s on Dessert 1 or 2), ‘cookie,’ and then the type of cookie. Meanwhile, as I keep saying, the screen is full of empty space. There is no need to go to a whole different screen to push each of these attributes individually. I can almost imagine that they are trying to make this system expandable and changeable from THEIR point of view, from the programmers’ point of view, so that they can change what type of cookie we have in the future, or something – but my brain explodes whenever I try too hard to understand their rationale.

10. The multi-order button: Still nearly useless. It might, or might not, keep your two orders together if you and someone else are taking orders at the same time on the first speaker and the tandem speaker – I don’t remember. This seems to change with the updates. I’m pretty sure I remember some incidents where I was taking a multi-order, and saw that my two orders had been separated with a car in between them on the ‘Recall By Preview’ screen, but I could be wrong. Keeping your two orders together might be all that this button does. You used to be able to see an order number appear above the order on the cash screen, and it would say, for instance, ‘241/1’ and ‘241/2,’ when you had two orders in the same car. But now it shows no order number at all, in this latest update.

Why is that so bad? Well, the person taking the cash at the window might not be the same person who took the order. Or, it might be the same person, but you might have forgotten that there was a multi order. I’ve done that before. I’ve taken two orders for the same car, and when they came to my window, I only took their cash for their first order. Then, they drove to the pickup window and said, ‘Oh, we have two orders for the same car’ (even though they had only paid for the first order!) and fooled the presenter into giving them both bags. Then they drove off. Meanwhile, their next order had not been paid for, and so when the next car came up to the speaker, I asked THOSE people to pay for the previous person’s unpaid second order. It got everything all messed up, and the multi-order people got away with a free order. And this is all because our screen shows no indication whatsoever that it is a multi order.

Someone might say, ‘Oh, that can’t ever happen. The people at the present window are not supposed to let any car drive away until they have pushed the “serve” button, and you can’t serve off an order until it has been paid for.’ Well, guess what – it did happen, and it does happen. It doesn’t matter whether it should or shouldn’t happen. The person just didn’t notice that it didn’t say ‘PAID’ yet, and so they handed out the bags, and then tried to serve off the order, and failed to serve it off, and gradually understood that it hadn’t been paid for yet. It took us a couple minutes to sort it out.

Even when it used to show a /1 and /2 for a multi order, it still was so invisible and so hard to see that it never caught anyone’s attention. It needs to be written in huge, bright, gigantic, glowing letters, in a big huge warning that you can’t possibly miss. But it was written in tiny numbers that looked just like all the other numbers always looked.

And it’s very hard to use the multi order button. Usually, you don’t even know you have a multi order until the customer has finished with their first order. Then, they’ll suddenly tell you, ‘Oh, I still have two more separate orders.’ Oops – there is no way at all that you can push a button to say that the previous order that you just took was part of a multi order. If you try to push the multi-order button whilst in the middle of taking the order, you get an error message telling you that you can’t push that button right now. You can only push it BEFORE you start taking an order, which can only happen if the customer tells you right from the beginning that they are going to do a multi order – and that doesn’t always happen.

So people often push ‘ASK ME’ on one of the items in the order to make a note to themselves and to others that something is going on with this order, which causes confusion for everyone. Nowadays, the people in the grill area have gotten in the habit of ignoring the ‘ASK ME’ message, because they almost always go ask someone and they’re told ‘Oh, it’s not for you guys – it’s just a multi order.’ The ‘ASK ME’ button used to be only used if somebody wanted something special that had to be explained because the option wasn’t available in the system. So, people might be asking for a special sandwich, but nobody bothers to ask anyone what it is anymore, because it’s almost always just somebody’s note telling them that it’s a multi-order.

The multi order button is one of the biggest failures of this system, and they’ve never even TRIED to fix it.

Well, that’s only item 10 on my list. My list has 43 items. I’m not sure whether I should continue with this – it will take hours to write and hours to read.

11. On the ‘TENDER MENU’ (the cash screen), an error message will say ‘There is no order available to recall.’ Really? Who cares! Pointless, trivial, strangely worded, hard-to-understand error messages are common in this system. Nothing needs to be done. No actions need to be taken. No decision needs to be made. It’s just telling you that, just so you know! Every time you finish paying out all the orders, it can no longer find another unpaid order to recall, so it gives you this pointless error message, and you have to hit ‘OK.’ If you don’t hit ‘OK,’ that error message will sit there on your screen. Meanwhile, a new unpaid order may very well have been added into the system, but it still thinks that it can’t recall anything, because you haven’t hit ‘OK’ yet. The error message should disappear and it should automatically recall the next new order that has just been added, but no, it won’t do that. You either hit OK, or else the error message eventually disappears on its own after sitting there for, I don’t know, thirty seconds or something (I’ve never paid attention or tried to time it, but it sits there a long time). After it disappears, it defaults to the menu screen, instead of recalling the next new order that has been added.

12. The buttons all show pictures and images with tiny, blurry text. The old system used to be a low resolution system, and they couldn’t put a bunch of colored pictures in there, so they used to have abbreviations written in large letters and all caps, like ‘MAC’ for a Big Mac, ‘CHB’ for a cheeseburger, and so on. Once you had learned what those meant, it was perfectly easy to find them. They were large and easy to read and very visible, a high contrast bright green on a black background (on our system, that is).

But the buttons on the new, ‘improved,’ ‘high-tech’ system are hard to read, hard to see, hard to find. It’s horrible on the condiments screen. It shows you an image of all of the dozens of different condiment packs, like sugar, ketchup, salt and pepper, etc. Since you don’t use that screen very often, you don’t learn where things are. You have to hunt, and hunt, and hunt, and squint your eyes, and look up close, and it’s awful if the sun is shining on the screen. After several minutes, you might get lucky enough to find the salt and pepper buttons. Or you might give up and just push the ‘ASK ME’ button somewhere on your order. Meanwhile, they have a teeny tiny hard-to-read bit of text that says ‘SALT’ or whatever, under the salt packet, so small you need a microscope to see it, in low-contrast blurry letters. Above each item, it says ‘CONDIMENT’ – on the condiments screen! Really? Condiments on the condiment screen? Who’d a thunk it?

It almost seems as though their intention was to help ‘visual learners,’ or perhaps retarded people or illiterate people – none of whom are ever trained to use the cash register.

13. There is no ‘Next Dollar’ button on the cash screen. I’ve used other cash registers at other places where I’ve worked before, and most well-designed cash register systems are able to automatically calculate that if someone’s order total is $2.57, they are very likely to give you $3 in cash. This happens all the time. So a button will show something like ‘Next $’ or maybe it will show you ‘$3’ or whatever is appropriate, and you can just push that button to tell it how much the customer gave you. No such luck with the NP6. That doesn’t follow their bizarre ‘logic’ in any way. It’s everyday reality, therefore it’s not logical enough to design into their system. You have to manually type in 3 00 CashTendered, three separate button pushes instead of one. And the more buttons you push, the more likely you are to make a mistake – but who cares about mistakes with cash! The customers love it when you give them the wrong amount of change!

14. Whenever they do an update, they move around frequently used buttons into random positions, even when there is nothing to gain by doing so. So you’ll still hit the same place on the screen that you’ve been hitting for months, only to notice that a different button is there now. Well, this time, in the latest update, they did that on the TENDER MENU screen, the cash screen. So now, you’re likely to hit the wrong amount of money, like if they give you $5, $10, $20, or $50, because those buttons are no longer where they used to be. And a manager kept trying to hit one of the buttons that she needed to get into for some manager function, but kept accidentally hitting the ‘EXACT CASH’ button that had been moved into that spot, over and over again.

15. They finally removed something that followed their insane ‘logic’ (if you can call it that) on the cash screen. It had been there for months. You can type on a keypad the exact amount of cash that a customer gave you, but they also gave you some buttons on the side which followed what I might call ‘Denominational Logic.’ Denominational Logic is the only type of logic that they are willing to use on the cash screen, instead of Practical Logic or ‘This Is What People Really Do’ logic. They only made buttons for denominations of the dollar. So you had a .05 button for the nickel, a .10 button for the dime, a .25 button for the quarter, and a .50 button for the half dollar.

Okay, well, let’s imagine that you attempted to use these buttons. Suppose someone gave you two dimes. You might think to yourself, I can press the dime button twice. Nope. You can only press the dime button once. The only situation where you could ever use that button would be if somebody gave you one dime, for some reason. Did that ever happen in reality? Well, it might, but there are other things that happen a lot more often.

I can’t remember if you could combine using those buttons with using the keypad. I tried it once or twice but I forget what happened. You might, for instance, type in the number 1 for $1, and then push the .25 denomination button, if someone had given you 1.25. But I seem to recall – and I could be wrong – that it wouldn’t let you do that. I seem to remember that it would just overwrite or erase whatever you tried to write first, so that it would only show .25. I might be wrong though. Now that they’re gone, I can’t test it.

There was no particular reason why you would ever use that button in reality, more so than, for instance, a button that said ‘$0.37’ or a button that said ‘$4.89.’ Any random number could have been made into its own special button so that you could push that button to tell it that the customer gave you that amount of cash, but that doesn’t mean it’s something you’ll ever use. The only reason those buttons existed was because of ‘Denominational Logic.’ But in the latest update, they finally removed those buttons that nobody ever used. However, in the process of removing those buttons, they moved around all the other buttons into unexpected positions so that you accidentally hit the wrong thing – see #14 above.

16. If they wanted to make a special button for something, they could make an ‘exact coins’ button (not the same thing as the ‘exact change’ button). This happens all the time: Someone’s total is $11.37 (these are not realistic numbers, I’m just making them up at random), and so they give you $20.37, because people want to get rid of their change. The coins are the same, but the dollar amount is different. You could type in 20, then hit the ‘exact coins’ button to get .37. But no, the designers don’t care about things that constantly happen in reality and would be useful to have. This would be similar to the ‘Next $’ button which really does exist on other cash registers at places where I’ve worked, which I mentioned above in #13.

17. A timer is ticking to show you how many seconds it has been since you first started the order. Our managers are told that they have to keep this number as low as possible, so they often nag us to hurry up and get our times down. Well, people noticed that if you hit ‘Recall By Preview,’ so that you can see all the orders in pictures on the screen, it resets the timer or pauses it or something, even though, in reality, that car may have been sitting there for a very long time. So what! The numbers look good!

18. In the latest update, or maybe in the previous update, they FINALLY put the picture of the car down below the person’s order on the cash screen, so that you can verify that you have the right car. I’m glad they finally did this, but that should have been there all along. We have to wait months and months and months using something that feels more like a beta test version of the software, while essential, common-sense functions don’t exist yet. Putting the car picture next to the order is common sense.

19. The ‘Special Functions’ button is buried in the menu screen, so that you can’t easily reach it if you are on the cash screen. Suppose, for instance, your automatic coin dispenser is no longer hooked up, but somebody forgot to tell the computer that they took it away. You will get an error message over and over telling you that the coin dispenser is still on. To turn this error message off while you are on the cash screen, you have to hit ‘Modify Order,’ even if you have no intention of modifying anything in that person’s order, so that you can get to the menu screen, where you can reach the ‘Special Functions’ button. You then are at risk of accidentally modifying something if you happen to tap a button while you are passing through – but who cares! Customers love it when you randomly add new items to their orders and then charge them for them! So then you have to hunt for the coin dispenser control button, and it gives you some stupid message saying ‘Coin dispenser is enabled – Do you wish to disable it? YES/NO.’ WTF? Why not just an on/off button? But no, it has to be some complicated, confusing, hard-to-understand error message with unnecessary choices, so that you can take a couple minutes longer trying to figure out what you want to do while the customers are all sitting in the drive-thru waiting for you to finish what you are doing. Then, if you can figure that out, you have to go all the way back to the menu screen, once again at risk of accidentally modifying the customer’s order, and hit ‘Take Total’ again to get back to the cash screen. Or, you can avoid all that, and just tolerate hitting ‘OK’ on this ‘Coin dispenser is on’ error message over and over and over every time you have to give someone change. This is insane. The ‘Special Functions’ button needs to be available directly from the cash screen.

You also have to do that if you want to reprint a receipt, which I think I’ve written about later on in my list.

20. Stupid error messages and confusing choices. Again, I was writing this list on paper and gradually noticing that these things were recurring phenomena throughout the entire system. I talked about this with regard to the ‘coin dispenser control’ in #19, but it also is true for other error messages in the system. Instead of being short, simple, clear, and easy to understand, the error messages are confusing and hard to read, and they take a minute to interpret, which wastes your time.

21. The ‘Show Prices’ button. It’s nice that there is at least SOME way to see the prices of things – but then, it’s useless for items where all the attributes are separated! A small fry and a large fry are not the same price as a medium fry. But the ‘Fry’ button by itself defaults to medium, and medium is the price you will see if you push the ‘show prices’ button. There is no way to tell it that you want to see the price of a large fry, because you cannot push multiple buttons while on the ‘show prices’ screen. If you try to push any buttons at all, it gives you an error message, something like ‘Show Prices is enabled. You cannot enter items while on this screen. Disable? YES/NO’ Something like that. So, if you’re like me and you don’t bother to waste your brain space memorizing the prices of every single item on the menu, you’re just screwed if someone asks you for the price of anything other than the size that a button is defaulted on (usually medium), if the button is designed with the ‘separation of attributes’ principle. Large or small drinks, large or small fries, a value meal instead of an individual sandwich – you can’t see the prices of any of those things because they all follow the ‘separated attributes’ principle and require multiple button pushes to tell the computer that’s what you want.

There’s not really a need for the ‘Show Prices’ button. It’s a high resolution image, with plenty of room on the screen, so there’s room to just show the price all the time. But no, all the buttons show a colorful image of a sandwich or a condiment packet, instead of showing you something useful that you need to know.

22. I mentioned in #15 that they finally took away the pointless ‘denominational logic’ buttons on the Tender Menu showing a nickel (and maybe even a penny, I forget – I wouldn’t put it past them), a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar. But guess what, they also took away buttons that we actually used ALL THE TIME, the speed buttons for $1 and $2. We now have to manually type in 1 00 CashTendered or 2 00 CashTendered, three button pushes instead of one.

I assume the rationale for taking away the $1 button is because our dollar menu items always have tax added to them, so they end up being more than $1 ($1.06 in Pennsylvania). But we still often used that button for people who ordered one single apple pie or a senior drink for $0.73. I also know that inflation is raising the prices of everything, so that fewer and fewer items will be under a dollar – eventually, in the future. But for now, we still use that $1 speed button frequently, and it’s no longer there. And all the other speed buttons were shifted into different positions so that we accidentally push them instead.

I suspect that the $2 speed button was removed because of ‘denominational logic.’ We don’t normally see a $2 bill. It exists, but we don’t get them very often, and perhaps there was an ignorant computer programmer who didn’t know that they exist. So since there is no $2 denomination (in the mind of that ignorant programmer), there is no reason to have a speed button for it. Meanwhile, we used that button ALL THE TIME! People really pay with $2 (in two one-dollar bills) for any order that totals $1.06.

Maybe they’ve been told that everything on our menu is eventually going to cost more than $2 in the future because inflation is so bad – but meanwhile, we’re still using that $2 speed button constantly – or we were, that is, until the latest update occurred. But I doubt it. I think they removed that $2 button because they mistakenly believe that there is no such thing as a $2 bill, and because they can’t imagine what kinds of speed buttons the cash register operators need to use in reality. (We try to tell them, but they ignore everything we say.)

23. This one is a HUGE fail. You can no longer grill a whole group of items all at once. In a previous version of the system, you could. But they changed some things, and now, if someone orders 10 double cheeseburgers, add Mac sauce, no pickles, you’re screwed. Perhaps you will type in one that way, and then put ‘ASK ME,’ and then go shout to the grill team, ‘THEY’RE ALL LIKE THAT!’ which is what I sometimes do. But what if you care about charging extra money for the condiments you add? (I don’t, not anymore!) What if you care about the fact that it charges them a few cents extra if they add leaf lettuce, tomato, and cheese to something? What if they order fifteen McChickens and they all add leaf lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes? Oh well, who cares about keeping track of our costs in the system! Just put ‘ASK ME’ and go shout what they’re supposed to do. Or, you could painstakingly take five minutes to put a special grill request on each and every sandwich individually, scrolling down through several screens in the list of items to add on the grill screen (and by the way, I never got around to criticizing the design of the grill screen in this list! That will have to happen another day.).

Oh yeah, speaking of ‘failing to keep track of costs in the system,’ I heard from another employee that he and some other people had tested the system to see if it recorded the amount of bacon properly, and he said it was totally wrong. So if you are actually adding three slices of bacon to a sandwich, for instance, the system would only say you were adding two slices, and so our inventory would think we had only taken two, and one slice would be counted as missing. They were constantly nagging us about how huge amounts of bacon were missing.

24. On the cash screen, it’s hard to read the tiny numbers showing you what the customer owes you, the amount that they pay you (which you have typed in), and the amount of change you owe them. These numbers should be very large, high-contrast, and easy to read, and there is plenty of empty space on the screen, so it isn’t like that because there just wasn’t any room. But you have to squint and get up close to see them if your vision is bad at all. My vision is normal, but I still have to strain to see them, and it’s hopeless if the sun shines on the screen. If the sun is shining in, I have to cup my hand next to the screen and stick my face up close to it to read them. But who cares if you’ve typed in the wrong amount or if you give the customer the wrong change! Customers love it when you do that!

25. The ‘Make Meal’ button is a good thing. Customers will say ‘I want a Quarter Pounder,’ so you’ll push that button, and then they’ll add ‘….the meal.’ Finally, after years and years of not being able to do that, after years and years of having to delete the item and add in a new meal from scratch, you can finally just change it into a value meal automatically… but, once again, that’s common sense, and it should have been there from the beginning. We should not have to suffer for years and years with a system that cannot perform ordinary, everyday, commonsense, basic, normal functions, and then finally get an update that adds something that everybody wanted all along. That ‘Make Meal’ button was added several updates ago, so it’s been there for a while now, but it went way too long without it. And this type of thing is typical of the NewPOS / NP6 system.

26. I said something similar to this a while ago while talking about the ‘Separation of Attributes Principle,’ but I’ll say it again here for emphasis. The french fries in particular should just be on three buttons: a small fry, a medium fry, and a large fry. It’s only three buttons. It won’t take up that much space on the screen, and there is lots of empty space with nothing in it. Use that empty space for three fry buttons. It would make it fast and easy. But no… you have to hit ‘S’ for small, then cross all the way over to the other side of the screen to find a teeny tiny fry button, which ought to be right next to the size buttons. They decided that everything everywhere should have its attributes made into separate button pushes, even if it would be small and simple to combine them into one button for something like the fries, where there are only three possibilities, and we use them all very frequently. They don’t seem to take into consideration whether you use something frequently. And they have no communication with the real people who are using their system, so we can’t tell them what we do or don’t use all the time in reality.

I got the feeling that the person who designed our old fast green-screen system was a cash register operator himself who used the system every day and knew what it was like. Not anymore.

27. There is no ‘UNDO’ button on the cash screen. Nothing. If you make a mistake, if you push the wrong button, the order will just cash itself out and move on to the next order, and you’re stuck standing there looking at this cash drawer opening up and you have no idea what change you need to pay the customer. I’m really, really good at math on paper, but I cannot focus enough to do mental math on the fly in a noisy, stressful environment. When something like this happens, I have to get someone else to tell me what needs to be done. Yes, I can brag about the fact that I scored a 5 on my Advanced Placement Calculus exam at the end of high school, but without mental focus, I can’t fix a mistake with the cash register while a hungry, angry customer is impatiently waiting for me and people are yelling at me to hurry up. It would be nice to have some kind of ‘UNDO’ button so that you could go back to your last order and just undo whatever happened and start over from scratch. I’m not the only person who feels this way. Yes, some people ARE able to do mental math in a noisy, stressful environment filled with angry people shouting at them, but lots of other people can’t. And everyone gets annoyed at me when I have to go find a manager or someone and ask them what I have to do. Sometimes I can figure it out on my own, but if it’s something complicated, there’s no hope.

28. ‘Double click here to see last order’ – useless. Who ever uses that? Sometimes a person in the present booth will accidentally serve off an order without seeing what it said. So they will come back to me and ask me what was on that previous order. I’d try to use the ‘double click here’ section, but if you’ve already paid out that order, it just shows you whichever order you are currently on, not the previous order. The only way to see the previous order is to go to ‘Reprint Receipt,’ which I will talk about in a minute. I need to check this to see how it works, because I can’t remember exactly, and I know that sometimes it does show you the previous order, but other times it only shows you the one you’re on. And, you can only click it once to see the order that was directly before your current one, but it would be most helpful if you could click it over and over again to see all the other orders before that one.

29. ‘Reprint Receipt’ – Very badly designed. If someone needs to see what was on a receipt from several orders ago, you have to go to the ‘Special Functions’ screen, which I talked about earlier. You start by clicking ‘modify order,’ even though you don’t want to modify the order you’re on. Then you have to find ‘special functions’ and go to ‘reprint receipt.’ On that screen, you then have to touch a teeny tiny line on the screen, in a list of all the orders. You have to touch one line, read the receipt, see if it’s the one you want, and then touch the previous teeny tiny line to open up the previous receipt, until you find the one you want. You may have to touch the teeny tiny line a dozen times until you find the one you want. You should have an up and down arrow that would scroll from one receipt to the next and open them up, but no. Then, when you finally get the receipt you want, you have to escape from that screen, go through the order which is in ‘modify’ mode, don’t accidentally touch anything while you’re on that screen, then hit ‘take total’ to get back to the cash screen, and you have to do all this while a line of customers is parked in the drive-thru waiting for you.

And even if they did make an arrow button like that, I expect that the arrow button would be so small it was hard to touch, like the scrollbar next to the list of receipts, which is a normal-sized scrollbar just like any scrollbar on a computer where you have a mouse, instead of something made for the size of human fingers touching a screen. And, knowing how these people think, they would probably use some kind of ‘either/or’ logic, so that if they gave us an up/down arrow button to help us scroll through the receipts, they would take away the option of directly clicking on the teeny tiny line, thinking to themselves that it should be done either one way, or the other way, but not both ways. There are some situations where you want to click on the line, because, for instance, you know vaguely what time the incident happened, and you can see the time in that list and go directly to it. Knowing these people, they would probably give us the arrow button to be nice, but then take away the option of clicking directly on the lines, instead of making the lines bigger and thicker so they were easier to click.

30. On the ‘image recall’ or ‘recall by preview’ screen, the little magnifying glass function, which shows you the customers’ orders over top of the picture of their car, FINALLY stays stuck on if you push that button and then leave the preview screen. When we first got this system, it worked. It would continue to show you the text of the customers’ orders over top of the image of their cars. But then, on one update, they suddenly messed this up for no reason, so that you’d push that magnifying glass, see the text appear, leave the screen, come back, and see nothing but the images of the cars with no text again, and have to push the magnifying glass again. We went months and months and months with it broken this way, even though it had worked originally. Finally, they’ve fixed it with this latest update – but who knows which random function they will break and leave broken for months and months next time we get an update?

31. This may not be in the menu at every store, but our store has been doing a deal of $1 for every size coffee. You have to hit the size button, then the ‘value coffee’ button. However, if you try to hit ‘Large Decaf,’ it says that size is not available. Why not? No reason, just random sloppiness. It works fine for all the other sizes, just not large decaf. So for decaf, we have three sizes: small, medium, and ‘medium ASK ME.’ Then we shout ‘THAT ONE’S A LARGE!!!’ up to whoever is making the coffee.

32. There is a row of buttons that takes you to different categories of menu items. I understand the need for this – there are a lot of menu items, and they would not all fit on one screen. Still, I think there should be fewer categories, and the categories should group together items we use frequently. Instead, they try to describe each and every category of food, then put only a couple of items in each category. So we have lots of categories with only a few things in them, and you have to push buttons several times to get to them, when they ought to be on the main screen.

Also, some of those category buttons have more than one category written on them, such as ‘Dessert/Dessert 2.’ You have to hit this same button twice to get to the Dessert 2 screen. Instead of having to hit that button twice, it should just be its own button that you have to hit once. Actually, there are so few items in the dessert screen that there shouldn’t even be more than one category, but anyway, there are other category buttons like this, I just can’t remember them all offhand.

33. The ‘number of items’ buttons are written out in a wide row on the main screen, showing the numbers 0, 1, 2, through 9, written in huge, gigantic numbers. This is so you can hit ‘9 double cheeseburgers’ or whatever. Those buttons should be all close together in a keypad instead of spread out in a wide row, and they do not need to be huge. There are lots of other situations where it would be very helpful to have huge numbers that are easy to see, such as on the cash screen. But we don’t use those quantity numbers very much. We usually use only the number ‘2’ or ‘3’ maybe. They should not be so huge and should not take up so much space on the screen when we barely even use the numbers 4-9 or 0. The only time we can use the ‘0’ button is if we type in ’10 double cheeseburgers’ or whatever. We can’t type in any higher multiples of 10. If we try to type in the number ’20,’ for instance, which happens occasionally, we get an error message telling us that we’re not authorized to type in such a huge number of burgers, and we have to get a manager to type in their password to say yes we can. (At least I think it’s 20.)

34. When you use the ‘plain’ button, it disables all the other options on the grill menu. They all disappear, because ‘logic’ says that if something is plain, you ‘won’t need’ to worry about anything else on the sandwich. But in reality, we often DO need to use those other buttons.

There is no way to type in more than one attribute for something simultaneously. Say that you want ‘ONLY EXTRA pickles’ on a sandwich. Sorry, it sucks to be you – you can’t do that. You can choose between ‘ONLY pickles’ or ‘EXTRA pickles,’ but not ‘ONLY EXTRA’ pickles. The only way to tell it to put ‘only extra pickles’ is by pushing ‘extra pickles’ and then pushing the ‘plain’ button AFTERWARDS, in that order. There is no other way. And this is a ‘secret,’ and the majority of people don’t know how to do it. So most of the people taking orders will write ‘extra pickles, ask me.’

There is another menu which appears at the top of the screen (often covering up essential buttons that you can no longer find when this menu is over top of them), which shows you frequent options that people might want to add or change on the sandwich. If I recall correctly, if you push the ‘plain’ button up there, you can’t un-push it. It just sticks on ‘plain’ with everything disabled. (I need to go check this again. I know there’s something wrong with it but I don’t remember exactly what.) If I recall, you can’t even hit ‘clear grill’ to erase it. The only thing you can do is hit the ‘grill’ button in the upper right corner – and that button doesn’t respond, so you have to hit it like five or six times in a row really hard and really fast – you can’t just push it once. Then, you’ll go into the larger, complete grill screen where it shows all of the options. That will be the only way to fix it if you’ve accidentally hit ‘plain’ and disabled all the other options available. I could be wrong about this, or it could have been changed.

This also makes it so that you can’t do, for instance, ‘plain, no bun.’ If the customer is talking to you, and the first thing they say is, ‘I want this sandwich PLAIN,’ and you hit ‘PLAIN,’ and then the customer tells you, ‘no bun,’ you don’t have the option of hitting ‘no bun’ because all of your other choices have vanished, since ‘nothing matters now that it’s plain.’ The only way to do it is hit ‘no bun’ FIRST, and then hit ‘plain’ afterwards.

35. Items that are unavailable now, such as the Angus burgers, are still sitting there on the screen taking up space, and will sit there for months. Meanwhile, buttons for functions that haven’t been enabled yet and aren’t working will be put there months in advance, taking up space. We had a button for ‘make meal’ months before the button actually worked. Yes, I’m glad they gave us that button, but they shouldn’t put a bunch of nonfunctional buttons on the screen when they haven’t even been programmed to function yet. This gives us that ‘beta testing’ feeling again. We shouldn’t have to put up with a beta test version of the software for months and months while they slowly figure things out.

36. If you grill an item, like ‘no ketchup,’ the people in the kitchen can’t see what it is until you click on some other item on the screen. It will just sit there flashing, with no words written on it. You’ll be able to see that it’s a cheeseburger, and it’s flashing, so you know they’re changing something, but it could sit there flashing for five minutes if you have a clueless operator who doesn’t realize that they have to click on something else so that the people in the kitchen can see what they have to do.

In our old green screen system, it did that too, and we didn’t like it. Whenever they gave us the new system, THAT WAS THE ONE THING THEY FIXED that we were glad about. In the beginning with our new system, it would actually show you whatever they were grilling, while it was being grilled, so you didn’t have to sit there waiting. But then, randomly, in an update some time ago, they broke this one nice thing that had originally been working, for no reason. And now, that one nice thing is gone, and it’s back to being like the one bad thing that I didn’t like in our old system.

(*Note: I’m going to publish this now and add more stuff later.*)

Here are the last few items.

4:31 PM 5/26/2013

I’m on break at work right now. I’ll finish some more of this list, but might not be able to finish all of it. I was on item #37.

37. ‘Drink Upcharge.’ It’s kind of a good thing that they stopped showing the customers the price of the drink with a value meal. Customers are often too stupid (forgive me) to understand that you can choose whatever drink you want with a value meal, and that you are being charged for that drink. They don’t understand how the value meal pricing works. With a value meal, there is a sandwich and fries, and their price is added together, and then some amount is discounted, I forget how much. In addition to that, you are required to buy a drink, and you are charged for that drink. But customers usually think that the price of the burger and fries, with the discount, is the final price of the value meal. ‘Can I just get it without a drink?’ is a Frequently Asked Question. No, you cannot. You *can* order a burger by itself, and a fry by itself, at the regular price without any discount taken off. Anyway, so they stopped showing the price of the drink, and instead they’re just showing ‘Drink Upcharge’ to show that you bought a drink which cost more than a medium soda (or whatever the default is) would have cost. It might sometimes be helpful for us, inside, at the cash register, to be able to see how much the drink cost, while the customer is shown ‘Drink Upcharge’ on the screen outside. Customers might also want to know how much the drink costs. But, overall, I don’t really mind it that much. This was one of the changes in a recent update of the system.

38. In our old system, the green-screen system, we were able to push buttons multiple times on the grill screen, so that if you wanted ‘lots of extra pickles’ instead of just ‘a little bit of extra pickles,’ you could push ‘EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA pickles.’ Sometimes customers ask for that. In this new system, you can’t. You can only push one command, one time, and cannot make a combination of commands, such as ‘ONLY EXTRA something.’ It’s not meaningless to write ‘EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA.’ It gets the grill people’s attention and tells them that the customer wants a lot. It is not merely redundant. However, because of the ‘logic’ that these programmers are using, it would be viewed as redundant, so they won’t let you do it. In the old system, you could even write something like ‘PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN PLAIN,’ which might not seem to make any sense at first. A customer might come through the drive-thru and tell us that they want their burger plain, and they’re angry about it, because last time they were here, they asked for it plain and got it regular. So if you write ‘PLAIN’ a bunch of times, it means, ‘Pay attention and get it right this time.’ You can’t do that kind of thing anymore, and just have to use ‘ASK ME’ and then go shout it to them.

39. Annoying error message: ‘Ask manager to complete a skim.’ I know, skimming the cash drawer is important. They created this error message deliberately to be annoying, intrusive, and unavoidable, hoping that this would pressure you to actually go ask the manager for a skim. Normally when your drawer needs a skim (that is, it needs to have some of the money taken out of it) and your manager hasn’t gotten around to it yet, it means that everyone is extremely busy and doesn’t have time to do it right this instant. No matter how annoying that error message is, it won’t make the managers able to come back and do a skim on your drawer that very instant. You just have to keep pushing ‘OK’ on that message every time you pay for an order, over and over again, forever.

‘No apples, only fries’ – I wrote this one along with #39, but really it should have been its own separate topic. Not too long ago, McDonald’s decided to be ‘healthy’ by including apples in their happy meals, and reducing the amount of fries. (Don’t get me started on whether it really does anyone any good or not.) Some customers, for instance people with young children who can’t chew apples yet, don’t want the apples, and just want fries. But that option is not available on the screen. There IS an option for ‘No fries, only apples,’ because that option is ‘healthy,’ and they want to encourage everyone to be ‘healthy.’ They want to discourage people from being ‘unhealthy,’ so you’re just not allowed to get rid of the apples and take only fries instead. If a customer asks you to do this, you have to write ‘ASK ME,’ and you’ll have a tone of irritation in your voice while you are responding to the customer’s request. (You’re irritated because you actually agree with the customer but can’t do anything to fix the computer system.) The reason I included this one with #39 is because it seems to use the same ‘Annoy The Operator’ strategy. If the operator of the cash register feels annoyed, they will convey that annoyance to the customer, who will pick up on the subtle cues that they are not allowed to get rid of the apples and have only fries in the happy meal. The annoyance begins with the operator. That’s their only way of ‘using force’ to send out the message ‘Be Healthy!’ The fact that there is no option in the computer system for ‘only fries’ does not change the fact that customers *hate* the apples in the happy meals and don’t want them at all (except for the occasional brainwashed person who mistakenly believes that apples are good for you – and if they had wanted apples in the first place, they could have just asked for them – but don’t get me started on the subject of Happy Meals either).

40. The ‘drinks’ category does not actually take you to a screen where all the drinks are shown. Instead, it just puts a sort of toolbar on the top of the screen, which covers up any other items that are visible in that space. If you want to see all the rest of the drinks, you have to go to the ‘lunch’ menu instead. There are times when it would be easier to just look at one screen with all the drinks on it.

41. If a customer has a bunch of coupons to get items for free, you can’t hit the ‘promo’ button on the last item they’ve ordered, until you’re sure that they’re completely done ordering. The customer will say, ‘Oh, I had a coupon for that last hamburger, too,’ thinking that you’re going to accidentally charge them for it, and you’ll say, ‘I know, I’ll take that off in a minute,’ or something. When they are done ordering all the free items, you have to hit ‘promo order’ if everything in the entire order is free. It would be nice if you could hit ‘promo’ on that last item individually during the time when the customer is still ordering, and then just hit ‘promo order’ or something when the time came to store the order. But it gives you an error message saying that you can’t promo off every single item in an order if you try to do it that way.

42. A while ago, a new feature was put into the system: a sort of temporary ‘toolbar’ that appears at the top of the screen, covering up whatever buttons are underneath it. Sometimes when you are in the middle of trying to use those buttons, the toolbar appears and gets in your way. For instance, if you are ordering a mac wrap, you might hit the mac wrap button once, and then want to hit that same button again to order another mac wrap, but the button is gone – it’s covered up with another toolbar that lets you choose what items you do or don’t want on the first mac wrap. If you want to order another mac wrap, you have to go down to the lower right corner and push the ‘wraps’ button again to get back to that screen. You can avoid this if you press the number ‘2’ before hitting the mac wrap button, but that doesn’t always occur to you, and sometimes the customer didn’t tell you they want two of them yet. Plus, it’s annoying to hit the quantity button for anything, because the quantity buttons are always far across the screen from whatever item you are ordering. There are so many empty spaces on all the screens that there’s no reason for a toolbar to ever cover up anything.

43. And finally, #43, the last item in my list. Suppose you want to try to use the quantity buttons, and you accidentally hit, say, the number ‘4.’ Then you try to hit the number ‘5’ instead, hoping that it will overwrite the number 4. But it doesn’t. Now you’ve typed in ’45.’ If you try to select an item like a burger after that, you’ll get an error message telling you that you’re not allowed to order that many items without a manager’s permission, or something. You then will have a keypad that appears to let the manager type in their password (I think – it’s been a while since I made this mistake). You have to cancel that to get back to trying to order. The alternative way to fix it is to press the ‘clear choice’ button on the right side of the screen, but for some reason, that will also give you an annoying and unnecessary error message saying ‘Choice not made or selected.’ It’s true, you haven’t chosen any of the usual things that that button is used for, such as the drinks in a value meal, but it’s the only way you can erase your quantity of ’45’ or whatever you wrote by accident. By the way, the ‘clear choice’ button is one of the good things about the system. If you put the wrong drink with a value meal, in the past, you had to delete the whole value meal and start over, but now, you can just remove the drink from the value meal.

There are actually a lot more details in the system that need to be fixed, and I expect they never will be fixed, and I expect that every update will break some random function that had been working properly before. That’s what happens when you hire non-English-speaking underpaid lead-poisoned malnourished slave programmers to save money. I don’t know if that’s who really programmed our software or not, but it seems that way.

The only thing I can do about this is start my own business instead of working here, but I have had to postpone that project until I finished other stuff. Sooner or later, I will go into business for myself, and won’t have to worry about all the things that I have no control over, as this company slowly dies, as our entire economic system is slowly and inevitably destroyed by the fiat money system… but that’s another story. Enough for now.

The elaborate hoax phenomenon

May 20, 2013

2:28 PM 5/20/2013

Since I don’t really care that much about extraterrestrial aliens – it was just sort of a ‘fad’ – I haven’t put much effort into debunking them either. I just don’t really care one way or the other. I’m not totally a believer, and I’m not totally a nonbeliever either. I just don’t have enough information to know.

Anyway, ‘they’ started mentioning hydrocephalus. When I watched the one video where the alien was ‘gibbering’ and I said it was scary because of how fast it was talking, I didn’t realize that there was any connection between the first image of the ‘alien’ with a huge head sitting in a wheelchair, and the next images of someone doing something to the ‘alien’ that caused it to start screaming and thrashing around. I just thought they were two separate aliens. When I saw the one in the wheelchair, I thought, that looks just like a human with hydrocephalus. I didn’t realize it was the same alien as the one in the next part of the video, but I think it is now. However, it seems to have strangely reflective eyes. I don’t know, maybe hydrocephalus also causes people to have abnormally reflective eyes. It looked like it was a fully grown adult with hydrocephalus, in the wheelchair photo. In the next image, with the ‘alien’ having something done to it that caused it to start screaming and thrashing, I couldn’t see the whole body, and it didn’t seem to be the size of an adult, but it might have been a fully grown person below the view of the camera.

But not all of the aliens look like humans with hydrocephalus. Are there other diseases or disorders that could cause people to grow up to be small and skinny, with alien-like bodies and heads, and white skin? Dwarves and midgets don’t look like that. They are stocky.

So this brings me to the title of this blog post: The Elaborate Hoax Phenomenon.

When you watch movies allegedly of aliens, you have to choose between two main interpretations: either the thing in the video is indeed some kind of real animal, or, somebody created an elaborate hoax. Both possibilities are actually rather scary, and I will explain why. I don’t need to explain why it might be scary that aliens are real. I’m just going to explain why it’s scary that people are doing elaborate hoaxes.

Have you ever *tried* to create convincing special effects images? Have you ever spent hours and hours, or weeks, using computer animation to create believable realistic images? Some of these images claim to have been around for a long time, as in, they are quite old. How do you explain the ‘special effects’ used to create the images of aliens in the oldest footage, which supposedly came from a time when people didn’t have computer animation?

You would need to verify that the image was indeed old, or, did someone painstakingly, time-consumingly ‘oldify’ the image so that it *looked* old, but really wasn’t? They copied all the effects of an old film to make it seem like this footage of the alien was recorded a long time ago.

If the image really is old, from a long time ago, then somebody would have had to create a realistic special-effects robot or puppet to do the things the alien did in the video. They would have had to spend a large amount of time and money.

Either somebody did that, or the alien was real. You have to think about this.

If you deny that the alien was real, then what does that tell you about the elaborate hoax phenomenon? It tells you that there are people out there – what type of people? Liars? Sociopaths? People who spend countless hours creating a robot, or a puppet, and making it move realistically and believably, down to the smallest detail, and then filming it, along with a group of other people who also appear in the film and agree to participate – what does that tell you about the ethics of that group of people?

Does anyone ever claim responsibility for the footage – for example, could someone ever say, ‘I know where that video clip came from – we were in the process of making a movie, but it never got finished, and the project was abandoned.’ Does anyone ever say that about these film clips? Does anyone ever say, ‘I remember making that movie. I was one of the actors.’?

If these video clips have been floating around for a long time and nobody has taken responsibility for them, and nobody has ever explained that they were in the process of filming a movie and the movie never got finished, then, is it an elaborate hoax?

Maybe not. Maybe the video clips are all so old that all the people who were actors in the movie are dead now. Or maybe they’re all old people who don’t use the internet and aren’t looking at all the alien video clips floating around on YouTube and other websites.

But not all of the video clips are old. Some of them are new. The ‘speak, motherfucker’ video of an alleged alien captured in Brazil is new. Is that just computer animation? Is it just a robot or a puppet?

Who spends large amounts of time making these videos and secretly ‘leaking’ them anonymously, telling everyone it’s a real alien? What does that tell you about people? What does that tell you about people’s ethics?

I have been arguing that I am being attacked by unknown people who spend huge amounts of time stalking and torturing me for unknown reasons. One of the methods of harassment is dream-scripting. Every dream that I dream, every night, is fake. Who on earth would spend time, or waste time, rather, writing a dream and making it into a cartoon for me to watch, night after night after night, for decades? Could it be possible that maybe, just maybe, there really are people out there who are that sick, that messed up, that evil, that they desire to spend that much time doing this? If it’s true that people spend huge amounts of time creating alien hoaxes and putting them on the internet, could it not also be true that people spend huge amounts of time torturing the mind control victims and scripting their dreams and doing everything else that the victims claim they are doing?

Most people don’t want to believe that evil sociopaths really exist. But serial killers are the perfect example, and most people will (grudgingly) acknowledge that serial killers really exist. Serial killers spend an enormous amount of time painstakingly planning every detail of the crimes they are going to commit, and they buy special tools and do research in advance to prepare for the crime. They don’t gain money by doing this. They do it because they want to kill people for some reason. Are serial killers real? Do they exist? Do they in fact really spend huge amounts of time preparing for their crimes in intricate detail? If so, then maybe these other attackers really do exist, these people who use electronic weapons and follow their victims everywhere for no reason other than the fact that they desire to kill and destroy people and cause pain and suffering.

Evil people really do exist, and they really do spend enormous amounts of time, and money, to carry out their crimes, for no reason other than the fact that they want to cause pain and suffering.

Just try to think about what it would cost in terms of time, effort, skill, knowledge, and money, to create all these elaborate hoaxes and videos. Try to imagine how you would do it if you were doing the same thing. Now imagine that somebody else out there cares so much about hoaxing people and tricking people and lying to people that they were willing to spend all this time, effort, etc to commit this crime, this hoax, this lie. What kind of social impact do these people have in their daily lives, these compulsive liars, these people who lie for the fun of it, every hour of every day?

I need to take a break from using the internet so that I can get away from a cowardly, pathetic bastard who refuses to even try to communicate to resolve problems.

May 20, 2013

6:38 AM 5/20/2013

I am thinking of taking a vacation from using the internet for a while. There are reasons why I want to do this. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

But I think about leaving my laptop up at the tent when I go down the mountain, and I feel lost without it. I’ve only done that a few times. I only do it when I need to go run an errand, like go shopping for something important, and I have to just go out and come right back without stopping anywhere to fool around (and use the internet).

I know what I would do. I would go back to living the old way, the way I did when I was a teenager. I would read a lot of books! I haven’t been reading books for the past few years ever since I had an incident where I totally destroyed a library book by setting it down on the contaminated carpet in the apartment where I had all the drug residues. I picked up the book again and had a severe reaction to it. I chose to throw it away and pay for the book, because I believe that other people react to drug residues too, they just don’t understand what’s happening, because they don’t have the knowledge and experience that I do, which is necessary to understand the connection between causes and effects – I touched this object, and I had these symptoms as a result.

If you had absolutely no idea that an object was contaminated, you would not even know where to begin to understand your symptoms. Similar things have happened to people who handle scrap metal from junkyards. There have been incidents where people collected scrap metal and became sick without knowing why, and it turned out that they had collected old pieces of *radioactive* metal that had been thrown into the junkyard. If you didn’t know that you were touching and handling a piece of radioactive metal, then how on earth would you explain your symptoms? This knowledge is the key.

So, I used to try my best not to pass on contaminated objects, although there were limits to what I had control over. I threw away the library book, and stopped checking books out of the library, and also stopped buying books at that time too. I would keep ruining every book that I bought.

That is why I have gone years and years without reading any books. I just rely totally on the internet. Yes, the netbook can become contaminated, and over the years, I’ve sometimes wiped off the keyboard as well as I could with a wet wipe. This netbook hasn’t been in the middle of the worst contamination, so it never got contaminated very badly. It’s only mild.

But I am doing a major decon this summer. I’ve had to postpone it for a reason. I meant to do it earlier, but I lost all my money. I had almost $3000 in the bank at one point, if I recall. I know it was more than $2000. I had sold my coin collection. I was going to use the money to do a decon and buy new things, including a new bicycle. I was trying to do that just before winter started in 2012. But winter came and I couldn’t get done fast enough, and I had to abandon everything and wait till spring.

Then I started getting sick late in the winter, over and over again, and I ended up staying in a hotel many times. For various reasons, I was unable to just relocate to a cheaper hotel, and instead I kept staying at the one that cost $60 a night. Yes, I would have wanted to go to a cheaper one, but it was mostly because of various unwanted mental phenomena that I was unable to choose to go to a cheaper one. So I destroyed almost all of that money that I had saved, by going to the hotel over and over again. It’s much more expensive than renting an apartment. I did not do this of my own free will – ‘they’ were very much the cause of it, and I kept getting forced urges to go to the hotel when I would not otherwise have done so. All of my money was destroyed, so I didn’t have enough money to do my decon when it finally got warm outside. This is typical of the sabotage that mind control victims experience, and typical of what I myself have experienced over the years. Destroy, destroy, destroy, sabotage, sabotage, sabotage – ruin everything, every day, make someone powerless to help themselves, force them to waste huge amounts of money on things they don’t need – it happens to every victim.

I have gradually been able to reduce the amount of time I spend sleeping in the hotel, and have gradually been able to save my income again. I was working only three days a week, and I told the manager that I wanted to work five days again. I will soon be working more hours, and no, that wouldn’t be enough to offset going to the hotel every night if I were still doing so. I still have to refrain from going to the hotel even if I am working more hours.

That is why my @#$%#$@ decon has been postponed.

In a couple of weeks I’m going to West Virginia on a bus. My mom said she would pay for the bus trip if I told her how much it would cost. I agreed to let her pay for it. I don’t know yet how much it’s going to cost. I need to call the bus people on the phone and ask them. I don’t want to make myself angry by struggling to use their badly designed idiotic self-centered website that is incapable of seeing anything from the customer’s point of view. (Do you have a bus that goes from the town of Esoterica to the town of Obscuria at 5:28 PM on February 30th? No.) So I will call them.

Well, I have all these tangents that I keep wanting to finish first before I get to what I wanted to talk about. I need to explain some of the reasons why I want to take a break from using the internet.

Many years ago, I met a guy named ‘Nerdman’ in a chatroom. We talked to each other almost every night for a while. Eventually we gave each other our email addresses. To make a long story short, there were some problems in our relationship. He answered only one email. After that, he never answered another one. He had hinted that he tended to ‘ignore’ people if those people had hurt his feelings in any way. He ignored people to get revenge on them and to punish them forever if they had slighted him in some way. So he started ignoring my emails.

At that time, I did not yet know about mind control. I also did not know about how drugs affected my moods. So I was totally under the control of drugs, electronic harassment, forced urges, and forced delusions, and I helplessly wrote hundreds and hundreds of emails to this person for several years. I didn’t know that I was being forced to do this, so I totally blamed myself and I thought that I was crazy and that I needed help from a therapist. I did, actually, try several times to get help from therapists during that time, and it was disastrous. I won’t go into that story. The end result was that I just had to figure out my problems on my own and use my own methods instead of getting any help whatsoever from any therapists or psychiatrists.

Eventually, I stopped writing to that guy. I won’t go into that story either. I found out that indeed, he was still receiving and reading my letters every day, perfectly content with the situation, not the least bit concerned about stopping it from happening, delighted to be getting all this love and attention from someone without having to give that person anything in return.

So, for a while, nothing like that happened again. I was still affected by drug residues and mind control for many years, and I was still being forced to get crushes on guys and try to write to them, but it never went as badly as it did with that first guy. I never had any situations where I was forced to write hundreds of letters over a period of years.

Then, in the spring of 2011, I was reading about the Myers-Briggs types again. I had seen the word ‘socionics’ mentioned several times in that forum, but I wasn’t curious about it at all. I had no desire to learn what it was. I don’t like to learn about all the million different systems and variations on the systems and what not – I don’t feel that I can get all that much benefit from them. I usually don’t feel like it makes that much of a difference to change or tweak the rules and the nuances of some ideology, and I figured that’s what socionics was like, just something similar to the Myers-Briggs but with a few little tweaks, or something else that was weird and irrelevant and a totally different system, like the enneagram.

But one day ‘they’ suggested that I google the word ‘socionics.’ I hadn’t cared about it at all and hadn’t been interested in it. But I knew the word well enough to understand what ‘they’ were telling me to do. So I googled it.

That led to my finding a particular author on the internet, and it led to my confrontation with him, and everything that has happened since then. I knew right away what was going on, but this time, I knew about mind control and drug residues. I knew that I was going to be forced against my will to send this person thousands and thousands of emails for years, and that I would be forced to do things like take naked pictures of myself and send them to him while I was manic, because that was what they forced me to do the last time this happened.

It would not have gone so badly if a few things had been different in the beginning. In the beginning, he already ‘triggered’ my behavior right away by ignoring me. I was commenting on his blog, and my comments kept being mysteriously deleted, with no explanation, no reply, nothing. He told me in email that he wasn’t deleting my comments, but now, I suspect that he was lying to me. I think that he was actually deleting them himself, and then lying to me about it.

However, since I also have problems with computer hackers, I could not rule out the possibility that I was being hacked. The comment deletion problem seemed to happen only if I wrote comments from my desktop PC (at the time when I was living in an apartment), and it didn’t happen if I wrote comments from the library. That suggested hacking. My PC was old and I had just given up on trying to protect it from hackers. When some asshole is stalking you on the internet, some unemployed asshole receiving welfare or some wealthy person with a passive income or something, somebody who doesn’t need to spend their hours working, but instead has infinite free time to fool around on the internet, that person is capable of spending every waking hour finding ways to hack your computer. If you want to hack through a firewall, if you want to hack through some particular antivirus program, all you have to do is a couple google searches, and somebody out there has found a way. There is a way to do everything you ever want to do.

In order to fight back and defend yourself against that type of constant, nonstop hacking from a determined individual or group, you would have to spend 24 hours a day constantly devising new forms of self-defense, which is impossible. The only other solution is to put those people in jail, and heaven forbid that I mention any other solutions to the problem besides ‘jail.’ I don’t know who they are. I only know that they have infinite free time and infinite resources and they can afford to do nothing but sit around hacking computers 24 hours a day. There is no antivirus program or Windows patch that can fight back against that. And they have electronic weapons that can hack into your computer even when you’re not connected to the internet – they demonstrated this to me when I was using another laptop in my apartment that had no internet connection and it also had no wireless antenna in it at all.

I wasn’t born knowing about this. I learned it from years and years of constant unavoidable harassment and torture.

So, I thought, I could have been hacked. Maybe he wasn’t deleting the comments himself. But nevertheless, the pattern had already been triggered. I wasn’t absolutely certain whether or not I was being ignored, or whether my comments were being deleted and intercepted by hackers. ‘Not knowing for sure what’s going on’ is one of the key parts of the pattern. There is no way to know anything for sure unless you can talk directly to the person.

The last time they did this to me, ‘the person’ lived in Philadelphia at the time, only a few hours away. I made a couple of attempts to reach him, but failed. All that I ever wanted was a reality check. I needed to understand what was going on on his end. Was he getting my emails, or not? ‘Being unable to reach the other person to get a reality check’ is another crucial key part of the pattern.

Eventually, with that other person in Philadelphia, and I won’t tell the story again now, but I was forced to get the idea to do something which caused the police to go to that person’s apartment, and it resulted in the police being told about the emails I was sending him, which he had to print out on paper for the police files. That finally proved to me once and for all that yes, he was receiving my emails. That was the reality check. After that, I was able to judge him as the insane, stupid, pathetic, evil asshole that he was, and I had no more urges to write to him. The pattern was broken.

I’ve been attempting to break this pattern going on right now without doing anything like what I did in that past incident. I’ve been attempting to communicate with the person who is delighted to be receiving all my naked masturbation photos and doesn’t want all the free porn to stop appearing in his inbox. I’ve been trying to get a reality check so that I can understand what is going on. He obviously doesn’t want it to stop. He wants it to continue forever. All he has to do is sit there and ignore me, and I’m guaranteed to keep on writing thousands upon thousands of emails to him, and anytime I have a drug-residue-induced mania, I will have forced urges to send him another batch of naked masturbation photos, which he will happily receive.

I want this to end, but he doesn’t want it to end. He refuses to allow me to get any kind of reality check, any kind of real-world communication. Real humans are never as interesting as fantasy porn photos and cybersex on the internet.

This time, ‘the person’ is inconveniently far away. Last time, he was only a few hours away in Philadelphia. This time, he is in Europe. It is very inconvenient and difficult for me to go there to get the reality check that I need in order to break the pattern of sending him emails while he ignores me.

When the pattern began, I begged and begged this person to please, please, PLEASE delete any emails that I sent to him. I begged him to put up a filter that would automatically delete any emails I sent him. I begged him to find a way to make sure that he wasn’t even informed about the fact that I was sending emails to him. I begged him to find a way to not even be informed if I was putting comments on his blog. I wanted to make sure that, for instance, he would not see a number being incremented on his ‘spam’ folder, or something – you know how it says “Spam(530)” or whatever, showing how many emails are in that folder. I didn’t want him to even know that I was incrementing the number of emails in his deletion folder. I didn’t want him to ever, ever be tempted to open that folder up and look at what was in it. I knew in advance exactly what would happen, every detail of the pattern. I knew that drug residues and mind control would cause me to become severely manic and suggestible and that I was going to be forced to start sending him pornographic photos like I had done last time with the other guy.

Note: When I was trying to tell him why he needed to delete my emails, he didn’t even really spend much time discussing it with me, listening to me, or trying very hard to understand what was going on. He was more like, ‘Ignore you? Okay bye!’ before I had even finished telling him what was going on and why he needed to do this. I needed to discuss it with him in more detail to make sure he understood what was happening and what needed to be done about it. But he was already all too eager to ignore me and to pretend he was deleting my emails. I was still in the process of trying to explain what was going on when he instantly cut me off. As a result, if he really did filter out my emails, he never got much of an explanation of what was going on, and never read my warnings of what was going to happen. He never discussed with me a way to prevent the problems that were going to happen later, and a way to communicate with each other at moments when it was necessary to do so. Instead, he just closed this wall against me with an absolute no, so that no communication was possible at all, which meant that problems could not be solved as they started happening.

He had already been ignoring me when I was commenting on his blog, before I had even done anything all that terrible. He was already ignoring me and deleting my comments for no reason from the beginning. That was the signal that told me what kind of a person he was, and I knew what he was going to do. I knew from the very beginning, based on past experience, that he was an ‘ignorer,’ and he was going to just happily and gladly receive hundreds of emails from me, knowing that so long as I couldn’t be sure about anything and couldn’t get a reality check, I’d be forced to continue entertaining him every day.

And again, a key part of the pattern is ‘not knowing for sure.’ Did he, or did he not, set up a filter that deleted everything? I don’t know. Does he, or does he not, sometimes get tempted to open up that folder full of my thousands of emails (I am not exaggerating the number) and open up a few to see what’s in them? ‘They’ are giving me a forced delusion, through no fault of my own, through electronic mind control – every time I send him an email, ‘they’ put voices in my head telling me about his response to whatever I sent him, even though he never sends a reply in email. Those imaginary responses may, or may not, reflect reality, and I have no way of knowing unless I talk to him about this for real.

Meanwhile, I know about the puppeteers. Other mind control victims on the internet talk about something they call ‘street theatre.’ I think I read that mostly on Eleanor White’s web page. Eleanor White is one of the first people you can find most easily on the internet whenever you try to research electronic mind control, so I sort of see her as ‘the authority’ on the subject, even though she may not really be. She was one of the first people I ever read.

‘Street Theatre’ was described like this: There are people who get *paid* to do things to you, people who are knowingly, consciously, voluntarily doing this, people who are members of a huge gang of stalkers. That is the explanation that she, and other victims, give to explain this phenomenon.

So, for instance, maybe you wake up in the morning and you’re thinking about buying a new vacuum, and a few minutes later, a vacuum salesman knocks on your door. That person is presumed to be a gang member who is using electronic weapons to read your mind and is getting paid to harass you.

I myself interpret the situation differently. I say, everyone’s a puppet. Everyone is vulnerable to being controlled and getting forced urges to do something. My explanation: Some vacuum salesman was given a forced urge to go to your door at that particular moment, or, alternatively, you were given the forced urge to sit there thinking about buying a new vacuum, when the attackers were aware that a vaccum salesman was already on the way to your door. It doesn’t matter, they can control either end of the incident, either by controlling you or by controlling the other person. All that matters is that several things have to be forced to coincide in the same place at the same time, in such a way that the victim realizes that it’s not a coincidence.

There have been incidents where total strangers in a public place will turn around and talk to the victim, using the specific, exact words that the victim themselves had been using earlier that day while talking elsewhere to someone else. Some victims will conclude, ‘That person is a gang stalker who was using a listening device to eavesdrop on my conversation earlier today, and now, they’re taunting me in a public place to tell me, I can listen to you and get away with it.’ It’s supposed to make you angry at the gang stalkers, and you’re supposed to retaliate by freaking out and attacking the person, which you will only do if you are taking any psychiatric medications. If you’re not using any psychiatric medications, then you will just inwardly seethe with anger, but not attack anybody. If you’re using psychiatric medications when they do this to you, you will go in a public place and start shooting all the ‘gang stalkers’ who are everywhere around you everywhere you go. Prescription psychiatric drugs are the key to making the victims become violent. You just have to convince them ‘It’s a huge gang, and everybody’s in on it,’ in order for them to feel that it’s okay to go out in a public place and shoot everybody. (*Note: I also believe that parasites, and some other physical illnesses, can make people get angry and crazy. Parasites can cause encephalitis or meningitis, which affects the brain. I think that high blood pressure can also cause people to go crazy and get angry and violent. Ironically, if you take prescription psychiatric drugs, you might possibly kill your parasites. When I used Prozac, all of my invisible itchy skin mites got killed.*)

This is why I both like, and dislike, ‘The Truman Show.’ Yes, I loved that movie, and I bought it and watched it millions of times. But yet, I disagree with it, because it encourages people to believe that everyone around them is getting paid to be part of the gang, consciously and knowingly. That could lead to somebody believing that it’s okay to kill all the people around them because those people are all just ‘extras’ in the ‘movie,’ like in The Truman Show. I don’t want to encourage anyone to believe that.

So, I have chosen to always assume that ‘everyone’s a puppet.’ Could there be, in reality, paid gang members who are consciously and voluntarily participating in the stalking and harassment? Yes, very much so. However, I *choose to assume* that that is not what I’m seeing, and I assume that for my own protection. It makes me feel better to view other people as victims themselves who are not in control of their own forced urges, people who, like me, are being mind controlled and have no way to resist it. Do I have proof? No, I can’t prove anything. I would need a lot of expensive equipment in order to prove who is, and who isn’t, acting of their own free will. If someone is shielded from external attacks, and yet they still act like an asshole while they’re being shielded, then I’ll know that they really are just an asshole all by themselves.

Well, unfortunately, I have seen puppet incidents going on with the person who I have been emailing. That person writes things on their various websites that seem to be referring to or reacting to things that I have written in email. And it’s always the worst if I am threatening to leave, if I threaten to quit writing to that person, if I use dating websites and try to meet other guys, if I talk about leaving. Suddenly there will be dozens of references to things that I’ve been saying in email, things which are designed in such a way that they seem to be a ‘reply,’ without actually having to send me an email, just something to tell me, ‘yes, I am listening, I am getting your emails, I am reading them.’ It is a cowardly and indirect way of telling me how he feels about me, without actually having to admit anything or make himself vulnerable. He has what they call ‘Plausible Deniability.’ What? You’re accusing me of doing X? But that’s insane! The DSM-5 describes that as a delusion! I’ve just proven that you’re mentally ill, therefore I could not possibly be doing the things that you claim that I’m doing!

And it’s even worse if I send him my naked masturbation photos during my severe attacks of mania – he ‘rewards’ me by writing things that I’m interested in and would have desperately wanted to discuss with him, except he doesn’t write them directly to me in email in such a way that we can have a two-way discussion, but instead puts them on his websites so that I can see them but not discuss them.

‘Not knowing for sure.’ Is he a puppet, or is he a cowardly evil asshole who really is doing this ‘plausible deniability’ thing to protect his reputation and avoid having to admit anything or be vulnerable or put himself at risk in any way? I don’t know which is true. Puppet, or evil cowardly bastard?

That’s the reason why I’ve wanted to talk to him in the real world. It can be settled by communicating with me, and whatever is true, I will be able to accept and forgive. I can even forgive him for being a sick, sadistic, sociopathic, cowardly bastard, if only he explains to me what he was experiencing and why he was doing it. I know everyone’s a puppet and no one is safe and no one anywhere has free will. He just has to admit to me that he experienced forced urges to do things, and I will forgive him. Basically he just has to confess that he himself is a mind control victim too.

So, this is the reason why I’m getting ready to leave the internet for a while. I’ll be doing it around the same time that I do my decon, because after my decon, I’ll be able to buy and borrow books again, so I will have something to do besides read the internet all day. If I’m not on the internet, then I won’t be able to see his plausibly deniable evasive roundabout secret messages and not know for sure whether he’s a puppet or whether he consciously and knowingly is writing those things because he is too cowardly to talk to me directly. Either way, I need to stop seeing that shit. So I’m going to quit using the internet for a while.

I’m unable to stop sending him emails. This is something which I am being physically forced to do. I also cannot verify whether or not he really did set up a filter to delete every email that I sent to him and to make sure that it was instantly deleted the very moment that it was received, instead of being saved in a folder that he could possibly be tempted to look into later on.

And there’s no need to waste my time arguing with the people who tell me that I’m delusional and that none of this is happening at all, neither him being a puppet, nor him writing secret messages deliberately and consciously. Most people would say that neither of those things is happening, that there is neither mind control nor secret messages written by a pathetic coward. Most people would say that this phenomenon is explained by Cognitive Bias XYZ which has been documented and explained by Illustrious And Respected Psychologist ABC.

Sure, you see what you expect to see. If I decide to count the number of Orange Volkswagen Beetles, suddenly, the entire road will be filled with nothing but 100% Orange Volkswagen Beetles, and there will be 0% of any other type of car driving down the road, merely because I’m paying attention to orange beetles and expecting to see them there. I’m saying that these incidents are so specific, so detailed, and so extreme that they cannot possibly be explained by merely ‘seeing whatever you expect to see.’ Imagine if the scenario I described really happened. Imagine if an entire fleet of nothing but thousands of Orange Volkswagen Beetles was suddenly driving down the road on the very day when you announced that you were going to do an experiment on cognitive bias and you would be consciously paying attention to how many orange beetles you saw on the road. That’s the type of thing that happens to mind control victims. It happens over, and over, and over, and over again, day after day after day, to me and the other victims. It is extreme and specific and it cannot be a mere coincidence or merely seeing whatever we expect to see.

Imagine if, after that fleet of a thousand orange beetles went by, you said, ‘Okay… I’m just gonna toss out that data point and do a new experiment. That was a bad statistic.’ You’re gonna start over and this time you’re gonna do an experiment where you count the number of owls flying in daylight, since you’ve just watched Harry Potter recently. That very day, you suddenly see a gigantic flock of hundreds of owls clustering around a building that you pass every day. Should you toss out that data point?

You decide that you’re going to do a new cognitive bias experiment every single day. But every time you do, something happens which messes up your data because it’s just so extreme that it can’t possibly be normal. Every time you say, ‘I’m gonna listen in public places to hear how many times people use the word “antidisestablishmentarianism” in their everyday conversations,’ you’ll have an incident where a dozen different people use that word in a five minute period. It wasn’t merely because you were paying more attention to that.

That is the life of the mind control victim experiencing ‘street theatre.’ And I’ve decided to interpret these as incidents of puppeteering, rather than concluding that every one of the drivers of the fleet of a thousand orange beetles was a paid gang stalker who drove there on that particular day merely to harass me.

And so, unfortunately, I’ve been seeing cowardly, evasive, reputation-protecting behavior from the person who I’ve had a crush on for two years now. I’ve been seeing this behavior for quite a while now. And it is preventing me from going out and finding another real boyfriend, because I still feel attached to this person online who ‘seems to be responding’ whenever I send him an email. Unfortunately, he refuses to give me a reality check. He doesn’t like reality, and he prefers to live in a world of fantasy. Fantasy and free porn are so much more fun than real people.

So I will soon be taking a little break from using the internet, and I won’t have to see his little puppetspeak / cowardly indirect reputation-protecting secret messages for a while.

He actually mentioned this himself, on the forum, where he announced what was going on and made it seem like I was the villian and he was the hero. He mentioned that ‘So you’re a delusional parasite, and everything I say online, you’ll think it’s directed at you, regardless of whether or not it really is directed at you.’ Of course, he framed this in such a way that it was made as an accusation of my craziness. The implication was, ‘Therefore you’re crazy and I’m a great guy who’s being harassed by a crazy person.’

But he is aware of the phenomenon. HE KNOWS that whatever he says online I’m going to read it and think it’s directed at me. That’s why he made his facebook page un-private after having originally made it private, supposedly to protect himself from me. A private facebook page doesn’t allow him to send me secret messages. He opened it up so that the public can see it again, so that non-friends can read it again, so that I could read everything he does on facebook and receive my cowardly indirect secret messages again.

Or, maybe the hackers did that to his facebook page. Maybe they hacked his facebook settings and made it so that his page was no longer private. Maybe they hacked MY facebook so that it has a ‘friend’ cookie or something in the browser so that I’m able to see things that only his friends can see. Who knows? I can’t find out. He refuses to give me a reality check.

The only way to get away from this pathetic bullshit is to quit using the internet for a while.

And *HE* needs to publicly admit (since he refuses to email me privately) that he is either a compulsive liar (the socially acceptable way of describing it) or a mind control victim (the socially UNacceptable way of describing it). ‘Compulsive lying’ is viewed as a socially acceptable disease. Psychologists and psychiatrists accept that this phenomenon really happens. If you label yourself with some kind of well known mental illness, then you can submit to society, tell society that you’re pathetic and inferior and that you have an ‘illness,’ tell society that they are superior to you and they have the power to diagnose you and give you medications for your illness, tell society that you still want to be part of society and you don’t want to separate from society and you would rather be a member of the group than be an individual, and it will all be okay. Society will forgive you for being a compulsive liar and taking prescription psychiatric drugs to treat the condition for the rest of your life. Society *loves* weak, submissive people with diseases that can be treated by medications. Sure, nothing is really wrong with the world – I just have a disease. And it’s treatable!

Or, you could be someone who goes against all of society and insists, ‘Someone is attacking me and forcing me to say and do things and forcing me to tell lies all the time.’ That’s not a very popular viewpoint.

Or you could have some other view which avoids the worst of those two options – perhaps you will admit that you are a compulsive liar, but you want to avoid using medications, and will try to find some other way to treat it. You still won’t admit that electronic mind control is capable of forcing people to tell lies, but maybe you believe in avoiding psychiatric medications because of the hundreds of well known ways that they are harmful to your health (homicide, suicide…).

Of course, whatever he writes on his web pages, I probably won’t see it if I’m going to be off the internet for a while. But I’m not quitting the internet this very instant. It might be a few weeks from now. He still has a few weeks to answer me. He still has time to choose whether he wants to frame himself as a selfish pathetic cowardly bastard who is responsible for all of his own actions consciously and deliberately because he is inherently evil (I don’t particularly like that way of seeing things), or whether he wants to frame himself as suffering from an unknown something which he cannot entirely control – whether he wants to frame it as some kind of disease, like compulsive lying, or whether he would, heaven forbid, go so far as to talk about electronic weapons and the fact that yes, they really can do everything that I claim they are doing (I seriously doubt he will ever say this).

I’m not expecting to see anything at all from him. He’ll just passively sit there and let me go without even saying goodbye. But sooner or later, people really do leave you for real, and they don’t come back. You can tell yourself over and over again that eventually they’ll be back, and you can believe that for years and years and years. Maybe your wife will come back, too. Did she divorce you, or did you divorce her? Why did you guys get divorced? Maybe your wife will come back if you edit your ‘female attractiveness’ blog post so that it says ‘Well, maybe women are still attractive up to age 30 – I was wrong, female attractiveness DOESN’T suddenly shut off like a light switch at their 25th birthday.’ Did you divorce her because she became older than 25? Or, older than 21, or whatever your real maximum age is for the women you’re attracted to? Are you still sitting around hoping she’ll come back to you? How long will you sit around hoping everyone will come back to you? How long will you sit around in a foreign country hoping that your loved ones will follow you there from the United States to tell you that they loved you and didn’t want you to move away?

So like I said, it’s time to take a break from the internet. I’m going to do my decon, I’m going to quit caffeine, and I won’t be under the influence of drug residues anymore, except minimally, and I won’t be writing a lot of blogs or emails. I’ll be visiting my parents in a few weeks, and then, if all goes well, at the end of summer I will be taking a trip to Alaska to live with the Hailstones. There’s actually a video, or maybe it’s just a trailer, I don’t know, called ‘Life With The Hailstones,’ and I don’t have the link to it right now. National Geographic was up there doing documentaries about people living in that area. Those are the people I’m going to be staying with. It’s also in the series called ‘Life Below Zero,’ if I recall. I’ll use the internet to talk to him and discuss what I will do and how I will do it. So I won’t be completely off the internet forever. But I will be using it less often.

I was thinking about not using the internet, about what it would be like. I’d start out by leaving my netbook at home. Eventually I want to get rid of the netbook, but that would force me to go to the library to check my email. I could get rid of my library card, because I have to type in the card number to get on the computer, and I don’t have the number memorized anymore. I’d have to tell people my phone number and mailing address, and every once in a while, we’d mail each other ‘I Know You Still Exist’ cards in the mail.

When I think about not having my netbook with me at all times, immediately I feel bored. I’d have to read books constantly. What on earth would I do? Well, I would also want to take classes and learn some new skills. I’ve had to postpone all skill acquisition.

But I don’t want to talk to people. Everyone everywhere is too boring, stupid, and ignorant to waste my time talking to. People don’t know about any of the things that I’m interested in. People aren’t motivated to do the things that I think need to be done. Everyone’s interests and energies are directed in other ways away from me and my life. How do you find intelligent people to talk to?

I was thinking about what the internet has given me and why I feel so lost without it. On the internet, I can research illnesses in a way that I can’t easily do in the real world. I would have to interview hundreds of people in person to get this information. On the internet, people write their anecdotes about their illnesses. There is a template that I can follow, a pattern, like this: Mainstream medicine does this particular procedure, but alas, nobody warned me that it was going to have devastating side effects A, B, C, D, E, and F, which ruined my life. That information can only be found on the internet, or by interviewing hundreds of people in person. You cannot get that information by talking to doctors.

Also, another template having to do with illness: I had symptoms XYZ for years and years, and nobody could figure out what was causing them, and I went to ten different doctors who prescribed a hundred different drugs, and none of them worked, and they all had horrible side effects, and then finally I tried ABC, which wasn’t suggested by a doctor but instead came from a fill-in-the-blank (some random person, homeopathic doctor, book author, ‘quack’ doctor of some kind, natural medicine doctor, nutritionist, holistic medicine doctor – anybody who is not approved by the mainstream medical establishment), and it finally worked. That information is most easily found on the internet.

Without that information, I would not know how to troubleshoot medical problems. However, some of my knowledge came from books before I was using the internet. My parents just happened to be lucky enough to see a Donohue show talking about the Feingold Diet for hyperactive children, in the 1970s, when you could still tell the truth occasionally on television. So somebody told the truth, and mentioned that chemicals in foods can trigger hyperactivity. You’re not allowed to talk about this on TV anymore, so if I were born today, I would be drugged, and my life would be ruined.

There are so many things in my life that I’m grateful for that came to me through random luck like that, which I would be lost without. But many of them were books. I wouldn’t understand politics and government if it hadn’t been for Ayn Rand. I would simply be lost and would have no opinion about them at all. It’s just chaos to me. But now I have a framework to put it into because of her.

Without the internet, it would have been extremely hard to find out about mind control. I would not have had much of a desire to read any books about it. Most of the writing is done in a style that I dislike, something that I am uncomfortable reading for long periods of time (it’s probably a socionic phenomenon, I’m pretty sure). The writing on the internet is just as intolerable to me. However, on the internet I could find a variety of writers, some of whom were less intolerable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a high quality book written about the phenomenon of mind control. You can find books written about ‘conspiracy theories,’ about how this group, or that group, has some agenda, and they’re all ganging up together to take over the world. You can find books about that, but that’s all. You can find books written about government activities that have been de-classified, like MKULTRA, which I’m sort of sick of hearing about. I just don’t find that useful. I can’t find any books to read on that subject that are really enjoyable to read and that make me feel better instead of making me feel sick, traumatized, depressed, and hopeless.

There are a lot of things that I learned on the internet, a lot of things that shape the way I see the world. I was able to find support for my feelings of being opposed to the way the world is, the way the government is run, the way society works, everything. If I talked to other people around me, it would be hard to find a lot of people who are opposed to everything in our lifestyle and society. Most of them are happy with the way it is, or dissatisfied but not with anything specific, or dissatisfied in ways that I disagree with (‘I don’t like the fact that I can’t get more money from the government! I want the government to force the rich people to give us EVEN MORE money! I want the government to reduce the number of hours that I have to work per week, and make it illegal for anybody anywhere to work more than 30 hours, but we’ll all get paid MORE money than we are now!’ Etc.). So I can find dissatisfied people, but not people who are dissatisfied in the same way that I am. Most people seem to be just kind of clueless about everything and have no opinions. They’re just struggling along trying to pay the bills, and that’s the way it is.

So on the internet I can find larger numbers of that minority of people who agree with the way that I see things and the way that I feel about things. Without the internet, I would feel consciously aware that I am an outsider opposed to the entire world around me and surrounded by thousands upon thousands of hostile people who disagree with everything I believe. Or, I would just have to bury myself in books and not talk to anybody, and try to find book authors who comforted me the same way that people on the internet do.

What on earth would I do without books? I would be forced to have arguments with everybody all day long about everything. And it’s frustrating to constantly argue with everybody, and never win, because the masses and masses and masses of people around you simply overload you and bombard you by their sheer numbers. They can shout louder than you do.

It would be an interesting challenge to try to live not only an internet-free lifestyle, but an *oralite* lifestyle. I remember reading about oralite versus literate cultures. Life without writing, life without books. Everything important has to be memorized, which means everything important must be written in the form of a structured poem. People sit around in public places and talk about philosophy, like in ancient Greece. Jesus preached to crowds of people publicly. There could be a million Jesuses out there right now, but they’re all reading books and surfing the net and watching TV instead of preaching to the masses in the public square. (I’m not particularly interested in Jesus, I’m just using him as an example.)

Do I have a desire to preach to the masses? Well, I can tell you this. I absolutely loved speech class. I loved giving speeches. It was actually one of the most thrilling and exciting things that I have ever done in my life. I remember the adrenaline rush. It was terrifying, but extremely exciting, and extremely rewarding if my speech was taken well.

So if I have to give speeches in order to find people who agree with me, in order to socialize in a bookless world, maybe something good will come of it. A netless, bookless life might turn out to be interesting. What would I do with my energy if I had no books, no internet, no one to talk to? What would I do if I could not sit writing a blog (or a thousand emails to THAT GUY) for hours and hours and hours all day long every day?

But this will be gradual. Now that I’m not spending every penny on the hotel, I have slightly more money again, and I will be able to do my decon that has been postponed for so long. I’ll visit my parents in WV, and hopefully if all goes well I will visit the Hailstones in Alaska, and then I don’t know what I will do next. I have some more projects that I need to do.

I will try to go down the mountain now and go get something to eat.

talking to the chipmunk under my tent

May 16, 2013

9:26 AM 5/16/2013

It was the middle of the night last night, and all the leaves around me were rustling quietly with small animals and insects, in the silence.

I sometimes have had mice under my tents, or chipmunks or ground squirrels. I know I have actually seen the mouse a couple of times, but haven’t seen the chipmunks or squirrels and I don’t know exactly what they are. They like to crawl under there and stay where it’s dry.

Last night I heard one of the little squirrels rustling around. But I wasn’t sure what kind of animal it was at first, just something small. It was close to the outside edge of the tent, some small animal rustling the leaves, and it made this very human-sounding soft, quiet, purring sigh. I started talking to it in a quiet voice, with long pauses to listen for it to answer. After a few minutes it would make another noise.

It seemed to be alone. One time two of the squirrels were crawling under my other tent at the same time, talking to each other loudly. This time it was just quietly chattering alone. I was the only one there, so I had to answer it.

It made the pleasant sounding little sigh, and little chattering noises, and a purring sound, and little chips that were quiet, not like the very loud ‘CHIP!’ that they make when you startle them and they run away. It crawled under the tent edge. I tried to imitate its noises and talk back to it, but I couldn’t make my voice high enough. It wasn’t too far off, though. I made burring sounds that vibrated the mat that I was lying on, and sometimes it felt like the chipmunk was purring too. I think that they vibrate and the vibrations travel through the ground – it felt like that’s what it was doing. I have also read that they make ultrasonic noises, and sometimes I could hear some of those noises, because I have unusually high pitched hearing sensitivity. The noises were right at the top of where I could hear, and I could almost feel them instead of hear them.

The chipmunk stayed there under the edge of the tent even though I was moving around and having trouble sleeping. It slept close to my head.

I haven’t tried feeding them anything yet. I don’t really want to. But if I tried, I could probably get them used to eating out of my hand.

If I don’t see any aliens soon, I’m gonna give up this fad.

May 15, 2013

I’m not sure why the Big Thing was aliens in the past week or two, but since I haven’t actually seen any, it’s very likely that I’ll get bored with them very soon. I’ve seen a couple of hoax pictures and videos on the internet too, and hardly any real, reliable information. There’s just nothing to go on. I demand to meet an alien in person, a real nonhuman extraterrestrial alien, or I’m gonna change the subject and talk about stuff that’s more relevant. So there.

Grey aliens are a terrestrial subterranean species that evolved from bats

May 14, 2013

10:37 AM 5/14/2013

Here is the latest theory. As always, this wasn’t my idea, it was something that resulted from hearing voices.

This theory does not rule out the existence or the presence of aliens from other planets. But it is a different explanation for some of the aliens we are encountering and seeing in YouTube videos. And I loved this idea. It’s fascinating, it’s ingenious, and it makes a lot of sense.

The aliens evolved from bats. The bats went deep into the caves. Some of the bats went in and never came out. I don’t know what they found to eat in there. Maybe they found underground rivers and ate the fish. Occasionally people discover cave dwelling species of fish and other strange things in caves. I recently read an article about a large crayfish-like creature discovered in a cave in Pennsylvania, dead of course, but very unusual, very large, with legs and also a crayfish tail. It was so big and so bizarre that it seemed like it had to be a hoax. The guy said that he had a hard time finding anyone who would take it seriously, but finally he found some biology professor or somebody who understood how unusual this was and helped him research it. I don’t know what ever came of it, and I’d have to find the link again.

So maybe bats did something similar. Bats went down into the caves and got lost. Maybe there were caves that were extremely deep, deeper than anyone has ever gone, any human. The bats somehow found something to eat down there, I don’t know how. And they somehow were able to breathe the stagnant air. Over millions of years, the bats lost their ability to fly and developed into pale, stooping, wingless, large-headed mammals that resembled humans. They were totally left alone, with no predators and no external threats at all. Maybe they continued eating insects and fish. So they didn’t need to have big, strong bodies able to defend themselves against physical threats.

However, this doesn’t explain why the grey aliens are said to have no visible external genitals. It seems strange that they would lose the ability to reproduce sexually. That’s a pretty fundamental thing. Also, it seems strange that they have big eyes that are able to see in dim light. In the caves, they would have almost total blackness, not dim light. Many cave dwelling animals become completely blind, rather than developing an extremely strong sensitivity to light. In all or most of the videos, they have the grey aliens in darkness and they say it’s to make them more comfortable because they are sensitive to light. The grey aliens are able to see, and they can see in very dim light, and haven’t gone blind. That sort of contradicts what *usually* happens when a species evolves inside of a cave or underground.

Still, this is a great theory, very ingenious, and I really liked the idea that they came from bats. That explains why they still seem familiar and mammal-like, yet distorted and strange. It explains how they could have gotten deep into the caves and evolved in a subterranean environment. It explains their smallness, stopping posture, pale skin, and weak bodies.

It also accounts for myths about strange, twisted, deformed demons that lived deep underground in hell. Some people may have explored caves and actually seen them, but not many people would have done that. Maybe they sometimes came out of the caves. Maybe they tended to linger around geographical regions that have very large, deep, natural caves in them.

It explains why they were supposedly found in a cavern when the military was digging its deep underground military bases.

But these creatures would need to be protected. If people knew about them, they would want to go visit them and treat them like zoo animals. But they might have actually evolved intelligence. And they might even be the aliens in UFOs. They could have evolved such an intelligence and such a complex society underground, safe from all attackers, that they were able to build advanced technology and flying crafts superior to those of humans. It’s possible to do all kinds of things when you are undisturbed for a very long time.

So they are not going to be zoo animals. They are going to be something kind of scary and weird and threatening, especially if they are more intelligent than humans. They just need to be left alone, although if *some* people were willing to cooperate with them, treat them as equal to humans and give them equal rights as humans, then *those* people should be able to go meet them and interact with them. However, humans can’t even respect the human rights of other humans. We can’t trust *those* humans to go and respect the human rights of an intelligent subterranean nonhuman species.

I was watching some videos, and didn’t get to finish watching them. I was clicking related links on the Brazilian captured alien videos. You know how on YouTube it shows you all the related videos that appear in the viewer after the video is finished, and they also show a list of related videos on the side of the screen. Anyway, I saw one video of a baby ‘alien.’ Or subterranean. Or grey, or whatever. A baby grey. Someone was holding it, apparently a ‘scientist’ or ‘doctor,’ quote unquote, and they were going to do something to it, something medical, but I couldn’t see what. I could only piece this together. It was a close up of the baby’s face. You couldn’t see the context around it. There was a voice in the background, a female voice, saying, ‘Just CALM DOWN… this is going to seem a little bit strange…’ That’s how I gathered that they were going to do something ‘medical’ to it. Maybe they were vaccinating it, maybe they were sticking a rectal thermometer into it, something unpleasant and uncomfortable, something it wouldn’t like.

The little baby alien really did look batlike or rodentlike. It was extremely fast moving, much faster than humans. It was blinking its eyes, which were reflective and shining. It was babbling at extremely high speed, gibbering. It was talking extremely rapidly in some kind of babble, and I felt this strange feeling when I watched it. I felt fear. I felt afraid of it. But also, I felt empathic fear. The baby itself was expressing terror and distrust of the person handling it. Sometimes, when you feel afraid of something, it’s because that thing feels afraid of you, and you are empathizing with it.

I’m pretty sure that humans are able to *smell* carnivorous predators. When you smell them, you feel intense, instinctive, visceral terror. That is what you are supposed to feel.

But that is not the same as the fear you feel when you are watching a creature that is strange and unfamiliar and intelligent and alien, something faster than you are, much much faster, babbling incomprehensibly, terrified and distrusting of the person who’s handling it.

Well, then, the next thing that happened was horrible, but it was also almost funny. If it hadn’t been real, it would have been funny, and it could easily be spoofed. The camera, I don’t know how the camera was positioned, I don’t know what was holding the camera in place, but it was pretty close to the baby alien. The baby started screaming and crying and thrashing around, and it was kicking the camera or something, directly hitting the camera. So all you could hear was this screaming and the ‘doctor’ person trying to calm it down and you just see blurry motion and the camera being battered around. And then the video ended.

If you watch it, you’ll see what I mean about how it’s almost comical and it could be spoofed. It’s not funny that a baby creature was hurt and terrified. It’s funny that it seems as though the baby suddenly became strong and powerful as it was thrashing around, and you can almost imagine that it escaped from whatever was holding it down, and it trashed the entire laboratory and escaped. But in reality, it was still trapped in place, and it was just kicking the camera, making it seem like a lot was going on when in fact it was probably still trapped.

Even though the greys seem to be super-geniuses, super-fast, child prodigies, they still have the same needs and the same vulnerabilities that humans do. The baby alien was actually helpless. It didn’t have a strong body. Maybe it seemed scary and creepy in that video, but in reality, it couldn’t do anything to harm the human, and was totally helpless and vulnerable. It only *seemed* scary, just because it was babbling at such a high speed, much faster than any human is able to talk, especially a baby. The high speed gibberish was the scariest and most ‘alien’ thing about it. It was like trying to listen to birdsong, except it was at the same general pitch range of a human.

So anyway, that’s the theory of the day: greys evolved from bats, and they are subterranean terrestrial creatures that did not come from another planet. So, what about lizards? There are amphibious – what are they called? The ones we had in West Virginia were called ‘skinks.’ Amphibious lizards with smooth skin that needs to be kept moist. Did those evolve into the ‘Reptilian’ aliens that people say we also have underground? I can’t remember the name for the ‘amphibious lizards.’ Technically, they’re not called lizards, they’re called something else, but I can’t remember it. Oh, salamanders. Yes, and aren’t ‘salamanders’ mythological creatures associated with fire, hell, demons, and the underground?

Again, none of this rules out the possibility of aliens from other planets coming here in the future, or already being here, or having been here for a long time. It’s just an alternative theory for subterranean creatures that might exist, and how they might have evolved.

Why don’t we dig underground?

Why isn’t there more digging going on? Why haven’t humans dug very deep in all their millions of years of existence? We have explored some caves, but we have hardly ever dug deep into the ground. And we haven’t completely explored all of the caves that exist. We haven’t even *discovered* all of the caves that exist.

It’s hard to dig. We only dig just deep enough to give ourselves a foundation for our houses, our skyscrapers, our highways, and other buildings and projects. Those don’t need any extremely deep digging. When you dig deep, you have to remove the soil as you dig. It piles up so quickly and takes up so much space. I dug a hole here on the mountain last year and I was going to try to use it for myself, but immediately a nest of yellowjackets took it over, and I had to spray them and could not use the hole. I abandoned it and then filled it back up. But I know when I was digging that small hole, the dirt piled up really, really quickly, and took up a huge amount of space. It’s hard to find a place to put all that dirt that you’re digging.

So, humans usually only dig as much as they have to. They might only dig some relatively shallow holes near the surface. They might explore caves, but people really can’t spend all their free time exploring caves unless they’re wealthy enough to have large amounts of free time. It takes a long time to go deep into a cave. When you go in, you can’t just come back out in an instant. You have to be ready to go in for a long, long time. You have to have help and support. So it’s hard even to explore existing caves that you don’t have to dig.

And it’s dangerous. You could trigger a cave-in if the walls and ceilings are fragile. You could die from breathing stagnant air filled with toxic gases. You could get lost. You could fall into a pit and die from the fall or get stuck in a narrow place that you can’t climb out of.

But people have created huge drilling machines that make it much, much easier to dig extremely deep holes in the ground. And they have been making the Deep Underground Military Bases, using these machines. The machines use some kind of nuclear reactor to melt the soil in front and push it off to the side in liquid form, where it cools into glass and solidifies on the walls of the tunnel. They don’t need to scoop out the soil that they are digging, since it’s just getting melted into the walls. These drills are gigantic. You can see pictures of people standing in front of them. The drills are as tall as a building several stories high.

And so, for a few decades, we’ve been drilling deeper into the earth than we ever did in all of human history. What did we find? Well, only the government has access to these drills, because they are extremely expensive, and nobody else has any need for them. The government prints its own money and gives it to itself, so the government has infinite money for everything it wants to do, no matter how sinister it might be, no matter whether the general public wants it to be able to do those things or not. Supposedly, they wanted to build places where they could go in case of a nuclear war, and that’s allegedly the reason why they’ve built these deep underground military bases.

However, none of the rest of us ever get to see them, visit them, take a tour of them, or learn anything about them at all. Why? Aren’t WE allowed to go down into the underground when there’s a nuclear war? Apparently not. The only people who will go underground in a nuclear war will be the government and its cronies, and all the rest of us will be left up here to die. We’re not suppoesed to know anything about the underground bases at all. And none of us have access to these huge, trillion-dollar nuclear drills so that we can drill our own underground caverns for fun.

But, while drilling, surely they would have accidentally drilled into a few deep caverns underground. They would have found lava tunnels, maybe, I don’t know. They’re deep enough under the ground that it won’t cause a cave-in on the soil above. A person could drill underneath a city and undermine the skyscrapers and make the city collapse. It would be hard to do without trapping the drill as it was drilling, though. But you could drill under a city and then plant bombs in the tunnels. Maybe that’s why they don’t trust anybody else to know about the tunnels or have access to any of the drills.

So anyway, they would have accidentally wrecked a few undiscovered caves that nobody had ever heard of. Oops. You know how people are about protecting the caves. They don’t want any contamination to get into them, they don’t want people breaking off the stalactites or the giant crystals and taking them home, they don’t want people polluting them with smoke. Surely these drills would have opened up some pristine, completely unknown caverns. Some giant drill just blasted right through the walls and broke all the stalactites and the crystals. Maybe they found some filled with gold, and of course, they took it all for themselves, at taxpayer expense, using a drill made with taxpayer dollars and printed money given to themselves. Maybe they are storing bars of gold somewhere in those caverns.

So maybe they did find ‘alien life’ down there. But it’s not alien. It’s terrestrial. It’s just unfamiliar and unknown and strange. And maybe they found intelligent life.

This is all really interesting, for the time being, but eventually, I’m going to run out of things to think about, since there is so little information to find on the subject. So little *truthful* information, so little accurate information. Eventually, I’ll get tired of bashing my head against the government’s information barriers. I’m not bothering to do a lot of research on electronic mind control right now, either – there’s just not much that I can learn without spending a huge amount of money. I’d have to buy lots of equipment and I can’t afford that right now, so it’s not even worthwhile to spend my energy learning about it. All that it ever does is make me angry when I try to read about it. I can find tons of web pages written in a thinking style that I strongly dislike, with interpretations and attitudes and approaches to problem solving that I strongly dislike.

Last night they were talking to me about socionic information elements, and they thought they might have refined a definition of one of them: -Se versus +Se. They were thinking that -Se means ‘lost freedoms for the general population,’ and +Se means ‘freedoms that I do have, for a particular individual.’ There are web authors who are constantly writing about our lost freedoms. And I am glad those people are out there doing that, and I appreciate what they are doing, but I myself am totally uninterested in writing about ‘our lost freedoms’ for long periods of time. This suggests that ‘our lost freedoms’ are one of my super-id functions. I’m good at understanding it, I’m strong in that area, but I’m just not interested in it, and I would prefer that other people take *their* time and effort to think about, talk about, write about, and do something about, ‘our lost freedoms.’ Do I *care* about ‘our lost freedoms?’ Yes, very much so, and I am often reading those authors who talk about our lost freedoms. But my brain just can’t think about that or talk about it for long periods of time.

And +Se is associated with a short-term, local escape or defense. Like, you can climb a tree to get away from wolves. It won’t solve the wolf problems in the long run, it won’t solve a recurring daily attack from gangs of wolves, it won’t fix the fact that the wolf country has totally surrounded the entire border of your country and won’t let you cross into the wolf territory, and it won’t fix the fact that wolves are now getting into positions of power in your own government. But if a wolf pack is chasing you through the woods, you can climb a tree to get away from them for the time being. That, supposedly, is +Se. That is supposedly what I am good at.

So I am good at looking for a place where we can temporarily go to be free, even though it won’t solve the long term loss of freedoms that we have as a group, it won’t stop the ‘wolves’ from continuing to pursue us and attack us everywhere we go, but it might temporarily get us away from them for just a couple of moments. Sometimes, in some situations, if you can only escape for just a couple moments, you can slip out of the entire system and they will lose you forever.

For instance, Antarctica. I’m interested in colonizing Antarctica. However, I know that we would have to live a primitive stone age subsistence lifestyle if we wanted to escape from ‘the wolves’ who have taken away our freedom to trade. I’m well aware that there is no real free trade anywhere on earth. All trade, in all countries, no matter how relatively free their economies might be, is, in reality, totally controlled by the influence of the US dollar, which controls all other currencies on earth. And there are a few other large powerful entities that control some other parts of the world, so it’s not just the US dollar. But basically everything everywhere is controlled by only a small number of big, powerful groups.

If we went to Antarctica and, say, tried to set up a free uncensored internet there, and a free banking system there that used only gold and silver and whatever currency anybody else wanted to invent, I know that immediately the ‘wolves’ would come down upon us and start ‘regulating’ us and taking away our freedoms. The problem would not be solved forever. We would be slightly more free-ish for a couple of years, but as soon as we became the slightest bit wealthy, developed, or successful at all, they would instantly start enslaving us again. Immediately it would be declared illegal for any country on earth to use gold and silver as its currency, if only one country started using it and proved how great it was. They would start sending their agents down into our country to start controlling us from within and destroying our laws and getting into positions of power. They’d hack our internet and censor us and block out whatever we were trying to talk about, trade, or do online.

However, if we only lived there using a moneyless economy with stone age subsistence and stone age barter, they would just have contempt for us and they would leave us alone. They would leave us alone for a long time, until the day came when somebody decided that they wanted to open a mineral mine on the land we were living on, and set up an oil drilling well in the oceans where we whale hunted. If we were ignorant primitives, then they would seduce us to become ’employed’ by their oil wells and mineral mines, which would destroy our health and our community, and would bring dollars into our economy, and bad foods imported from outside, and drugs imported from outside, and ‘normal houses’ that they would want us to live in, with electricity and indoor heating, and television sets to brainwash us, and they would tell us that they were giving us a better life and we should be grateful.

That’s only if we were ignorant.

However, this group is not ignorant. This is a religious group much like the Amish. It is our law to refuse those things. Only a few members will be fooled by their offer. The rest of us will continue to follow our own law, which has been designed to protect us against that very lifestyle, which will inevitably follow us and try to enslave us.

Could there be a better lifestyle with free trade and modern conveniences? Yes, there could be. But it’s never really free. It always inevitably gets taken over by people who want to corrupt the system and parasitically feed off it for themselves, printing their own money and giving it to themselves and their cronies and their gangs, distorting the entire economic system so that everything is more expensive for everyone else. We *never* really get the benefits of these ‘labor saving devices’ like washing machines. Those machines save us a few minutes of time and labor, but then, the government parasites tax away all the rest of our time and raise the price of our land and our rent so that we have to work longer and longer hours in the workplace to pay off all our debts, and in the end, we have *less* free time than we had originally.

Unfortunately, the only way to keep the government parasites off of us is for us not to become wealthy enough that they want to steal anything from us. We still will always have the problem of people invading our land and wanting to build mineral mines and oil wells there, no matter where we go, no matter how far away we go, no matter how harsh the environment. They will want to build hydroelectric dams on all our rivers so that the fish will no longer spawn there and we can no longer survive by fishing, and have to earn money and buy groceries from the agricultural society instead. This will always happen no matter where we go, eventually. It is already happening in the Arctic. Everybody wants to go build things there.

And there are forces that are global which we cannot avoid. We can’t avoid the radio waves coming down from the satellites in orbit. We can’t avoid the radio waves from HAARP and other HAARP-like regions in other countries – I don’t remember where they are, but I read that there are actually several of them around the world, so HAARP isn’t the only one. Those people will always be destroying the world for everybody else, and no matter where we go, we can’t get away from the harm that they are doing.

I’m interested in Antarctica and the Arctic, but those won’t be peaceful places forever, and they probably aren’t even peaceful places now. I haven’t been there yet to find out, but I suspect that the electronic mind control attacks will follow me everywhere I go on earth, and this is based on the experiences described by other victims online, who have said that they’ve traveled all over and gone to remote places and can still feel the attacks. It might slightly improve depending on where you go. That is what I am hoping for, just a slight improvement, a slight reduction in the attacks, just enough to increase my quality of life a little bit, just enough to increase my mental and physical freedom just a little bit, so that I can sleep at night without being zapped awake and forced to remain awake for hours and hours every night, and when I sleep, I don’t really sleep for real, but instead I have fake, forced, controlled, artificial dreams that they write for me, and every moment of my life is controlled and zapped and scripted and interrupted so that I am constantly prevented from existing. Maybe, just maybe, I can slightly reduce those attacks by going to remote locations.

That is what I am looking forward to in the future. If I can find anything, anyplace, if I can find any good news, if I can find any hope of freedom anywhere, then I can talk about it to the other victims and bring them there so that they can experience freedom again, temporary freedom, a temporary reduction in the attacks. It won’t solve the entire problem forever. I’m aware that it won’t. I think that only LAW can solve the problem, a strict, clear law – only that can solve the problem for a long time, although of course that won’t be forever either.

I guess maybe it’s time for me to go down the mountain and get something to eat. I still haven’t decided exactly what I will do today. I am out of money, and very anxious about spending even small amounts of money on anything at all. In reality I have money saved in silver coins. I wasted the rest of my money by going to the hotel three days last week because I’ve been sick.

I’d like to do the laundry, but I’m anxious about that. There is someone who tends to visit me when I go to the laundry, someone who smokes cigarettes and always totally contaminates me with his tobacco, which is extremely strong and causes me to have all the tobacco side effects and food cravings and withdrawal symptoms. I really, really don’t want to encounter this person. I can’t say ‘no’ to him, unless I just simply avoid him and don’t encounter him. It would break my heart to try to say ‘no forever’ to him, absolutely no, forever, which would require me to write a note explaining my reasons why.

I would have to tell him that he would have to make huge, extreme, enormous, life-destroying sacrifices in order to merely even be my friend, and then, we STILL would not even have a long-term marriage, he would STILL just be my reluctant, grudging, temporary-friend-with-benefits while I’m still preoccupied with loving someone else. He could make those huge gigantic sacrifices and gain very little from me in terms of receiving a long term bond. He’d have to permanently quit smoking and throw in the garbage, or sell, every object that he owned which was contaminated with tobacco, and that includes some sentimental items, some special things, which he would have to ‘quarantine’ someplace else if he didn’t want to sell them, as I have quarantined a bunch of my belongings at my parents’ house in West Virginia. And then he’d probably have to live in some other house instead of the hotel where he’s staying now.

I don’t want to tell other people to do those things, unless they literally come to me on their hands and knees BEGGING to be commanded to do those things, and maybe even paying me money to command them to do those things, because they so strongly and sincerely believe that I know what I’m talking about and that I’m right and that my knowledge will help them. Only then would I ever command somebody to throw away all their belongings in order to do a decontamination. I will only help people who are absolutely desperate and who are at the end of their rope and who have no other choice but to trust me and obey me and take my word for it that I know what I’m talking about.

And even then, it STILL takes a lot of force to get me to command them to do something. I will become more confident about my medical advice if I get paid every day to give people medical advice, or maybe, if I have an organization that gives this advice for free, but I know I’m respected and I’ve proven time and time again that my advice is highly effective and that I know when it will work, versus when it won’t work. My advice doesn’t universally apply to all situations. There are times when somebody’s problem isn’t caused by contamination and can’t be helped by decontamination.

I will feel better when I have a system set up, some kind of infrastructure, where people can go to decontaminate. I imagine there will be a camp where people will go to stay for a week or two. They won’t throw their belongings away, and they won’t get rid of anything. Instead, they will go to the decontamination center temporarily, and while they are there, they will see that their problems instantly vanish while they are decontaminating, and the problems instantly return the moment they put their contaminated clothing back on when they leave, and instantly reappear at the original severity when they go home and start living in their contaminated homes again. That is the method I will use to prove to people that my advice is right. I don’t tell anyone to throw away their belongings. I only tell them to experience temporary decontamination, to see that all of their symptoms are caused by contamination, and only then will they be convinced that they have to do a real, permanent decontamination to get rid of it all forever.

I’m not going to just jump right in and tell a clueless person that he has to throw away every single belonging that he owns, right this instant, so that he can permanently end an ongoing contamination problem. He has no idea what to believe. He has no idea that what I’m saying is true. He has no idea of what he will gain if he does this. The only way he can know what he will gain is if he experiences temporary decontamination, and then goes back to his contamination and has all the symptoms reappear.

Meanwhile, I also need a method to remove people’s dental fillings, which are another cause of ongoing nonstop health problems. They’ll be more likely to believe that I know what I’m talking about if I’ve already demonstrated to them just how much better they feel during the week or two that they spend at the decontamination center.

So, as of right now, I just don’t have the resources that I need to command this guy to throw away his entire life and obey every word I say just based on the unproven assumption that, of course, I know what I’m talking about and my advice always works.

The only thing I can do is avoid him. He will have to be one of the millions, the billions, of people who need my help and never got it and were left to fall through the cracks and flounder and fail on their own without my knowledge. I just don’t have the resources I need to help ANYBODY AT ALL right now. I can barely get out of bed every day!

So I dread going to the laundromat. And I’m not going to that other laundromat, if I could even find it again. And I’m not going to laundromats that I myself contaminated with ephedra in the past. That’s why I always go to this same one. It’s like the only one left in town that I didn’t contaminate with ephedra. I don’t trust that the washing machines and dryers are safe to use at those places where I washed the ephedra-filled laundry only to find that it just spread it all around and remained in the washer to contaminate the next batch of the next unfortunate victim who did their laundry there.

I know that the puppeteers are trying to force me to tell him about tobacco. I know that’s what they want me to do. I’m sorry, but it’s just NOT GOING TO WORK. This will not work. I will not be able to save him from his cancer and from eventually going to a doctor who will see what he has on his neck, that cut that won’t heal, which will lead to the doctors chopping off every single bodily organ they can get their hands on, which is what they will do, and poisoning him for years and years, and irradiating him. I know that is what they are going to do. It’s inevitable that sooner or later a doctor will see his cancer growing on his neck and they will decide to chop him to pieces and totally destroy his entire existence. I know this is going to happen. I cannot stop that from happening. The puppeteers cannot force me to stop it. I do not have the resources I need to do this. I do not have the physical infrastructure I need. I need a physical decontamination center where people can go to experience temporary decontamination so that they will be convinced, based on personal experience, that their symptoms are caused by contamination, and their symptoms immediately reappear as soon as they put their dirty clothes back on and go home. I DO NOT HAVE THAT INFRASTRUCTURE. No matter how many times the puppeteers force him to go to the laundromat looking for me, like they did last time I was there, I will not be capable of proving and demonstrating to him that he has tobacco residue all over him and that he must get rid of it in order to quit smoking.

If they want me to start an ‘Unsustainable Manic Project,’ sure, I can do that. I can start up an informational campaign. I have THOSE resources. I’m capable of writing and distributing printed materials and I’m capable of giving speeches. That is all that I can do right now. I can talk about it and I can write about it. But I can’t ‘save’ this specific person from his cancer that he doesn’t know he has yet. I know it’s cancer, he doesn’t know it’s cancer, the doctors haven’t gotten their hands on him yet, he still has the potential to be saved, and I can’t save him because I do not have the resources, and the puppeteers are forcing him to seek me out over and over again because they believe I can save him, and I can’t.

Am I saying that I can get rid of his cancer? I’ve never tried it before, but I suspect that I might be able to. That is what ‘they’ want me to do. They want me to cure cancers without using mainstream medical treatments, without using the ‘cut, poison, burn’ approach, as it’s called – I’d like to watch that video sometime, but I think you have to pay to buy it.

So, all of this is an argument about whether I will try to do my laundry there today or not. Everything is a huge big deal. I have to decide whether I will carry my bags of laundry down with me, or leave them in the tent. I have to get ready to go down the mountain, I’ll have to catch the bus going into town, I need to get something to eat, and I want to use the wifi to ease my loneliness while I wait for the money in my checking account to increase. Everything is a huge argument. I just don’t feel like I can do it today.

The Mars One mission makes me REALLY want to colonize Antarctica now.

May 13, 2013

I already was planning to colonize Antarctica, someday when I get a little bit of spare time. But I’ve been reading about Mars One and how many people are signing up for it. We can do exactly the same in Antarctica, and we’ll have better food to eat and we can have children there, and we’ll be able to go home if we want to more easily.

All I have to do is start a project and publicize it and collect money for it, and people will be eager to sign up to go live in Antarctica. Reading about Mars One tells me how much is possible.

More about aliens

May 11, 2013

11:50 AM 5/11/2013

I still have more thoughts about aliens, but they are sort of disorganized. I don’t have one coherent theme to this. It’s just a jumble of ideas.

I was thinking that aliens could be analogous to dog breeds. Dogs are all one species (note: I’m not saying that aliens are all one species), but the different dog breeds have extremely different forms and sizes and hair types, and they also have somewhat different temperaments as well. Pit bulls are known for being violent, murderous dogs. But I have a facebook friend who is a pit bull fan – I don’t know if she owns one herself (actually I’m not even sure which facebook friend this is, and it might even be a ‘he’ – I have one or two facebook friends who I don’t know very well) – and she occasionally posts things about having a fairer perception of pit bulls, because pit bulls will not all necessarily be trained to kill, and individual pit bills can differ from the stereotypical temperament and behavior associated with the breed.

Aliens could be the same way. There might be a temperament associated with a particular race of aliens. They might all have a genetic weakness or tendency to have some metabolic disorder that causes a particular temperament. Or maybe this genetic condition exists in only some members of the race, but not all of them.

I read a lot of stuff about aliens that portrays them very badly, and it’s similar to the style of disinformation about other races of humans in foreign countries. All ragheads want is jihad against Americans. Every raghead is programmed from birth to build bombs that will be used to kill as many Americans as possible.

I see that same sort of attitude about aliens. According to some sources, grey aliens quote unquote ‘feed off negative energy.’ Every grey alien that exists is some kind of parasitic monster that tortures everybody so it can feed off their ‘negative energy,’ whatever that might be. And yes, by the way, this thought process that I’m having has indeed been a discussion with the voices in my head, whoever those voices might be. And they mentioned a comment that I wrote elsewhere, where I said that sociopathy is probably a disease, and it has a cause, and it should not be viewed as a moral issue, but a medical issue instead. Sociopaths are not soulless demons, but instead they are humans who have some kind of disease, but we don’t know exactly how the disease works, what causes it, or what can be done to fix it, and it might not have a cure – it might be similar to deformities, where it develops early in life and once you have it it cannot be undone, or else you *can* undo it, but that will result in distortions.

You can sort of undo the mouth deformities, the dental occlusions, by getting braces, but that distorts the structure of your mouth, and causes injury to the gums and the tooth roots and to the entire mouth in many ways. It ‘looks okay’ externally, but internally, the structure is all distorted because you moved the teeth around with orthodontic braces. Braces cause receding gums. When the teeth are moved around and tilted in other directions, it stretches the gums and causes them to disconnect from the teeth, so that you have a gap between the gum and the tooth root, an empty space, where the exposed root becomes vulnerable to decay. And I don’t know this for sure, but I believe that the roots of the teeth are microscopically broken and re-healed as the braces force the teeth into new positions, and anything that is injured and healed is not the same as the original uninjured body part. You can make surgical changes to any part of the body, and it might end up ‘looking almost okay’ from the outside, while not being the same as an unharmed body would have been. And so, there might be ways to surgically alter the brain of a sociopath, if the brain deformity were known and could be corrected with surgery, if it were that simple to ‘fix.’ It would be better to have somehow prevented the problem in the first place.

The point is that I have said in other places that I think sociopathy should be viewed as a disease, and we should direct our energy into understanding and preventing the disease somehow, and if there are any methods that work to ease the symptoms without causing more harm, then we should do those things – I’m always in favor of trying the Feingold Diet as a first treatment, to see if someone gets better when you take salicylates out of their diet, and other chemicals. I myself was an abusive monster who tortured cats and dogs, when I was an infant, and they diagnosed me as hyperactive and put me on the Feingold Diet, and I instantly became non-abusive and gentle – it was a chemical problem.

So, aliens. You see these entire races of aliens grouped together as though all of them behave exactly the same way and have exactly the same motives, every one of them. I haven’t read a large amount of material yet, so I have only a few limited impressions of what some people believe about grey aliens. I’ve read that they ‘feed off negative energy,’ as I said above, which I’m going to classify as ‘B.S.’ I’ve read that they are a genetically engineered species created by the Reptilians, and their purpose is to serve as the slaves of the Reptilians. Meanwhile, the Reptilians are also being demonized as an entire race of evil creatures, and supposedly, the whole race’s motive and goal is to control everything in the universe and enslave everybody – of course, there couldn’t possibly be a single Reptilian individual who might disagree with that. And there couldn’t possibly be any reptilians who are the victims of other reptilians, the same way that there are humans who are the victims of other humans.

I assume that maybe some of these aliens are trying to escape persecution, and some of them are coming to earth with the same motives as the people who came to America. No, I don’t agree with the Europeans (*edited – duh, I originally wrote ‘Americans’ by accident*) taking all the land away from the natives and killing them all. But I agree with the need to go someplace else to escape persecution in your home country. I understand how that is. I want to escape from the IRS and from the federal reserve, and live someplace that has genuinely free trade, no taxes, and a free banking system. To me, taxation is persecution, and most of the government’s laws are a form of persecution, that I want to escape from.

Aliens are able to adapt to extremely harsh environments, much like humans. Humans have been living all the way up in the Arctic, all the way down to the equator, and have also traveled across the seas and in the air and in the outer space near this planet and also underground and under the ocean – we’ve been in all sorts of environments. That wasn’t all done with primitive technology, and I’m usually in favor of using more primitive technology, because advanced technology requires free trade and free exchange of knowledge, which we do not have. You have to be able to trust that you will be able to get all of your supplies from the people you have to buy them from, and that you can know what you need to know. If the government destroys the economic system, then everything you have to buy, everything you’re depending on, becomes unavailable. That’s why I’m cautious about depending too much on a global trading system to provide advanced technology.

Maybe the aliens have indeed been living deep underground for a long time, an unknown length of time, maybe even millions of years alongside humans. I’m confused about why alien encounters would have only been happening more recently, instead of happening all along. Or, maybe they were happening all along, and I would see them if I did the research, which I haven’t done. Gods who live in the heavens – a recurring theme in many mythologies. Demons who live deep under the earth. These things could be literally true, and it doesn’t bother me to imagine that they are.

If you live on another planet, you might have to adapt to extreme heat and cold, like on the moon. The same side of the moon is always facing the sun, if I understand correctly – I’d have to go read about it again. I can’t remember. So, that side of the moon is extremely hot, while the dark side of the moon is extremely cold. It seems strange and unbelievable that the moon is always facing in exactly the same direction, so I could be wrong about this. But anyway, even so, they say that there are extreme temperatures on the moon. If you lived underground, you could avoid those extreme surface temperatures and live someplace with a more moderate temperature.

It’s hard to speculate about aliens when I have so little real information to go on. Everybody else is speculating too, so I’m just speculating about other people’s speculations. I don’t know where their speculations came from.

However, I do know that there are just a couple of realistic videos of grey aliens. I found out a little bit more about one of the ones that I thought was realistic. It was a video of a live grey alien captured in Brazil. I could find the link to it, but I’m not online right now, but you can google it.

The video has all the hallmarks of reality, sadly, and it shows the worst of human nature. Basically, it’s a video about how horrible humans are, which just happens to involve an alien as part of the plot. In this video, a couple of brainless assholes are mistreating and making fun of a captive alien. They are speaking Spanish (or Portugese or something), whatever they speak in Brazil. The only reason I say ‘Portugese’ is because Google Chrome told me that it could translate a page that was written in Portugese. The person who translated the video said that the guards were saying, ‘Speak, motherfucker! Speak!’ and then you could hear them barking like dogs, like they were telling a dog to speak. This is the one that seems to be filmed with a pinhole camera, perhaps in someone’s shirt button. They were not allowed to film.

The alien started to move its mouth and make a noise, and I couldn’t hear it very well, but it was like baby talk. It was just going, ‘Ba, ba ba ba,’ or something. Supposedly, the people who released this video were arrested, and the comment on the page said, ‘They weren’t arrested for kidnapping an alien – they were arrested for releasing the video.’ Then it said that supposedly the alien was moved to another location after that.

There is another video, which, once again, shows the horrible cruelty and stupidity of human beings. An alien is just sitting on the floor, unhappily, in a closed, isolated room, just sitting there. It gets up, walks around a bit, looks at the camera, and sits back down. Eventually, someone opens the door, apparently bringing food. The alien ignores the person when they open the door, and then gets up and gets the food after the door is closed, and then sits back down and eats it, hunched over it. It behaves exactly like a trapped human in the same situation. We are watching videos about kidnapped people, basically. It’s painful to watch. Imagine watching a kidnapped child on video, a kid sitting alone in a closed room, kept in an unknown place faraway where you can do nothing to help it. You wish you could free it, but you can’t, and you don’t know where it is. And it’s probably surrounded by hundreds of men with guns.

Another video shows an alien sitting in the dark supposedly being interviewed or interrogated by a telepathic person. My first reaction is that this is the stupidest and most unreliable way to try to communicate with aliens. I am extremely skeptical about telepathy. And I’m a mind control victim who talks to the voices in my head every day, so I’m an expert on this subject. In the beginning when it first started happening to me, they tried to convince me that I was able to control things with my mind, and they tried to make me believe that everything the voices said was actually true. It’s not. They constantly say things that are incomprehensible gibberish, things that are just wrong, things that have to be taken metaphorically instead of literally, things that are nonsense or inaudible. You can’t ever assume that you are able to talk directly with some particular individual who you want to be talking to, but instead must assume that some third party might be pretending to be that person. I learned all of this, I learned that telepathic communication is totally unreliable, just about the *WORST* possible way to communicate with *ANYBODY*, including aliens.

But, they claimed, a telepath was talking to the alien in this video. But during the video the alien starts to have a problem – it’s coughing, or something. You can’t quite tell what’s happening to the alien. So then, some medical people eventually come in and do something to make the alien stop coughing, but you can’t see what they did. The voice in the video says that the medical team is chosen not for their medical competence, but for their willingness to keep a secret.

I am going to assume that their medical treatment is just as insanely horrible as it is for the rest of us. I’m going to assume that they’re feeding the alien horrible, toxic foods and inedible chemicals instead of feeding it optimal nutrition. I’m going to assume that they’re injecting it with deadly poisonous drugs and it’s having side effects and withdrawal from the drugs, which is exacerbating whatever health problem it’s suffering from. It’s probably being forced to live in a toxic environment with bad air and mold. It probably doesn’t get enough clean water to drink. They are probably clueless about what kind of food and environment the alien needs for optimal health. Their ‘medical treatments’ are probably just as insane as they are in the hospitals for humans. So, I’m going to assume that they are *CAUSING* the alien to get sick, with their stupidity and incompetence.

I believe that the way to save the great ape species is by integrating them into human society, cooperating with them, showing them how to do manual labor, and letting them earn wages and live like humans. I do not believe that this will give them optimal health – in fact, I believe humans would achieve optimal health by living the way the apes are living. But nevertheless, that is the way to save the great apes from going extinct.

I believe exactly the same thing about aliens. We need to learn some reliable way to communicate with them. They have a language, the same way the great apes have a language, but apparently, people are too stupid to realize this, and they’re not bothering to try to decipher that language and use it themselves. Apes talk to each other, bonobos and chimpanzees and ALL ANIMALS talk to other members of their species in some kind of a language, but apparently, the ‘rest of us’ are not allowed to hear about any scientific research where somebody tries to decipher the language of animals so that we can speak it back to them. There’s *got* to be research going on *somewhere* about deciphering animal language, but obviously, it’s taboo. We’re just not allowed to know. And I am sick of all these stupid taboos. I’m sick of all these things that we desperately need to know but aren’t allowed to know.

And I’m just going to get annoyed if I see some mainstream journalist writing, with shocked surprise, that ‘Oh my gosh! An amazing new discovery! Animals have language, and scientists are just beginning to scratch the surface of it! We can now talk to them in extremely simple and basic words!’ No. Bullshit. Animals have always had language, since the beginning of time, and any human who had a brain in their head always knew that animals had language. They’ve had language all along, and scientists have been studying that language perhaps for centuries, but for some reason, we’re not hearing about it. Scientists ALREADY KNOW the entire whole of the animal languages – none of this crap about ‘We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of some particular animal language, blah blah.’

Any scientific article that claims, ‘We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of XYZ, but it will be DECADES AND DECADES before anything actually comes of it’ is disinformation. We are NEVER just beginning to scratch the surface of something. Everything that we are supposedly scratching the surface of has already been drilled as full of holes as a swiss cheese for decades or even centuries, but they just haven’t gotten around to telling the general public all about it. I instantly become annoyed when I see any scientific article at all claiming, ‘We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of X and it will be decades before anything results from it.’ Usually, whatever they’re talking about will be something that I’ve already known all my life and have been experiencing every day in its completely developed form that supposedly won’t exist for another few decades. ‘Oh, electronic mind control – yes, yes, we’re barely scratching the surface of that, but it won’t be fully developed for decades – nothing to worry about!’ But I experience it every day, and it is a fully developed technology and fully functioning and able to do just about anything already.

Well, I guess I need to get up and go down the mountain to get something to eat now. I’m going to request a vacation, just a small vacation, and I will try to get to West Virginia to see my parents, and I will try to ride the bus to get there.

Grey Aliens

May 9, 2013

4:02 PM 5/9/2013

All this time, I ‘officially’ didn’t believe in nonhuman extraterrestrial aliens. I always said that they must exist, in principle, but that I had no particular reason to believe that they were here or had been here in the past. In principle, I know that since the universe is so huge, there must be other life out there. I’ve always believed that.

Lately, in the past few months, I started getting interested in aliens as portrayed in the popular culture. I’m not as interested in UFOs as much as the aliens themselves, what they look like, their behavior, their bodies, etc.

I do not have a fearful attitude about aliens, even though maybe I should. But I view them as fundamentally similar to humans. As with humans, there are good aliens and bad aliens. Aliens vary as individuals and cannot all be grouped together as ‘bad’ or ‘good’ as a group. There might be good alien cultures and bad alien cultures, just as there are better or worse cultures and societies and belief systems on earth.

I just watched the movie ‘Host,’ and I can relate to the feeling of having some other entity that takes over your body and prevents you from being who you are. That is my experience with electronic mind control. I don’t necessarily believe that I actually have an alien parasite inside me, and if I did, it might not necessarily look the way it looked in the movie. I usually assume that I’m being controlled by something external and that it’s possible to somehow block it out. One of the reasons why I assume this is because the attacks vary in severity and type depending on where I go. If something were inside me, the attacks would always be the same no matter where I went. So I have hope that I will still be able to somehow shield myself and block out the attacks in the future. I’m assuming I don’t have a parasitic alien or parasitic nanobots or some other horrible thing controlling me from inside.

But the ‘pop culture’ aliens are not like the aliens in ‘Host.’ The pop culture aliens are the ones that I started reading about recently, wondering if any of it could be true.

I always wondered, if something were alien, then why would they look so similar to humans? I read Vernor Vinge’s ‘A Deepness In The Sky,’ and in that book, the aliens were made to look very different and horrifying, more like giant spiders. The idea is that alien creatures might not all be pleasant and cute to look at, and somewhere, there must be aliens that are extremely different from ourselves. That would be more believable to me. The fact that pop culture ‘grey aliens’ look so human is the very thing that always made me skeptical. We created our God in our image, and we also created our grey aliens in our image.

But maybe these aliens don’t come from another planet. Maybe they are hominids that evolved on earth, but they burrowed underground and have been living in deep tunnels under the earth for millions of years. Some of the alien encounter incidents supposedly happened when the military was digging deep underground military bases – there was one particular guy, and I’d have to go look up his name, who claimed that he was involved in the digging and he encountered a room full of aliens who were fighting and killing people, in a room underground that the diggers had broken into.

But then again, maybe they really are from another planet, and that is what I’ve been thinking about recently, as I’ve been reading. I decided to just go with it, suspend disbelief, and wonder about it.

Occasionally I’ve been researching electronic mind control, and I’ll go and read old books to see about people’s experiences with mental or psychic phenomena hundreds of years ago. If this were manmade electronic mind control, then the phenomena would have only started happening in the past few hundred years. It would have only begun after people started discovering electricity. It’s possible that the Chinese people discovered electricity, like, thousands of years ago, though, because they had acupuncture.

Anyone who experimented with electricity would have been able to perceive the physical effects of radio waves, which are emitted simultaneously with electrical fields, although I don’t know enough about the physics of it to describe in detail exactly when and how the radio waves are emitted. Any scientist who was observant of his physical sensations would have noticed that he was hearing strange sounds, strange clicks in his head, and feeling physical sensations every time he handled electricity. It’s possible that people started developing electronic weapons hundreds of years ago, and that they have been here much longer than, say, 100 years.

I do find mentions of strange phenomena in books that seem just a little bit too old. I can find strange phenomena happening in books written in the middle of the 1800s, for instance, which seems just a little too early. They did have radio back then, and telegraphs were being invented in the mid-1700s. So it’s possible that people noticed that you could feel things and hear things when radio waves were hitting you, and maybe they did start using it for torture, harassment, experimentation, and for ‘fun’ (and no, the victims of the attacks do not find it to be fun), all the way back then.

So I’ve always assumed that electronic harassment began hundreds of years ago at the moment when the discovery of electricity began. And that has always accounted for the phenomena that seemed like attacks, written in people’s journals and other books in the mid-1800s. They didn’t have the internet back then, so nobody was revealing their secrets, and it was much easier to keep a secret back then. You just had to be a sick, evil sociopath who handed down your technology to some other sick, evil sociopath, who happily received it and continued keeping it a secret. That could have gone on for a couple hundred years. Now that we have the internet, it’s just the slightest bit easier for the victims to do research and at least get a *vague* idea of what’s being done to them, even though we *still* can’t find out any of the specifics.

But I could go back farther than that. I could say that maybe things were happening before electricity was invented, and maybe our gods really were talking to us back then, and they came from space.

I could also use Vernor Vinge’s theory, which is that the aliens detected the unusual radio waves being emitted by a planet, which is not where radio waves normally come from in outer space, and realized that there must be intelligent life down there, and went to investigate. So there would be an increase in alien attacks and interactions at the same time as the discovery of electricity, but there also would have been human-to-human attacks using some kind of primitive electronic weapons too, during the same time period.

But maybe the aliens were already very advanced millions of years before we were. And maybe they just scanned the universe to see if any planets had the conditions needed to support life, which is exactly what our astronomers are doing, too. Maybe they found earth millions of years ago before humans even lived here, and have been watching the planet ever since then.

I was watching another lady talking about aliens on YouTube, and she talked about the pop culture’s historical interpretations of what the aliens’ motives were, and how those interpretations changed over time. She said that people believed that the aliens needed more genetic material because their own race was dying, for instance.

I believe that there cannot be just one single motive for what the aliens are doing. There are as many motives as there are aliens. Humans all have their own individual motives too. Yes, there are group motives, but there will always be more than one group, too. There is never just one single unified group with only one single motive that explains everything. That is true for humans as well. What do they want? What are they trying to accomplish? There is always more than one answer to that question.

There is torture and abuse and other horrible things being done to us, and we can’t understand why. I consider myself a lucky victim because I don’t have it as bad as some other victims whose stories I’ve read online. I am not suffering as badly. We are maybe like lab rats. Lab rats get put into experiments, and the experiments are insane, cruel, and pointless, and the same results could be gotten by using a completely different approach without any lab rats. The same is true for us. We are the victims of insane, pointless ‘experiments’ that have no purpose, that achieve nothing, or if anything is achieved at all, it could have been achieved in some other less cruel way. If any knowledge is being gained, it didn’t have to be gained this way.

Maybe the aliens really are traveling to earth. I don’t know how fast they travel, but maybe they have an unknown method of traveling quickly through space. When they leave home, do they ever expect to go back, or are they like expats who leave and say goodbye to their families and friends forever? Do they leave with no hope of return, never knowing what became of anyone? How did all their friends’ lives go, and how did they end? What types of aliens are more willing to leave their planets and go traveling, and which types of aliens are more likely to stay at home and continue to live on their planet? Aliens all have different personalities just like humans do.

If aliens are traveling here, then they are weaker when they live here, separated from the economic system that they came from. They are a minority here. They have to get the supplies they need from our planet or from something nearby. With fewer aliens and a smaller economic system, their technology is less advanced and more vulnerable and harder to maintain. In some ways we are more powerful than they are, here on earth, simply because we have a majority in numbers.

I’ve watched some videos supposedly of grey aliens on YouTube. Some of them look fake. A couple look like someone drew a cartoon on top of a real video. Some of them might have been humans. Some of them might have been earth creatures, but an unknown species – for instance, there was one video that looked like a camera was attached to a plumbing snake thing, which was moving through a tunnel, and a long tailed rat-like creature suddenly leaped across the space in front of it. There could be unknown species of animals underground somewhere. I recently read about some crayfish-like thing which was discovered in a cave in Pennsylvania, the skeleton of it anyway, and maybe it wasn’t a hoax, maybe it was real. An undiscovered species is an amazing thing, and surely there are still some undiscovered species on earth.

But there were just one or two fragments of videos that seemed almost real to me. Of course all the videos are bad quality. Some of them are bad quality because they were taken through a pinhole camera, in a situation where they were not allowed to videotape anything but had a hidden camera in their button on their shirt, or something. I tried to find that particular video again but couldn’t.

It frustrates me that the aliens are always interacting with the military and the government and it’s always being kept secret. I personally feel that it would be fine if the aliens were publicly known and integrated into our economy. They would walk around in broad daylight and they would do work like the rest of us. We would trade with them as partners. But no – it’s always some secret military hushed up thing. That’s because the military and the government control the radar system, which is what detects UFOs. If there were a civilian detection system, similar to the radar, then ordinary people would be able to find and interact with aliens before the government could get to them.

I’m still thinking about this, and I’ve got to go home now, so I might or might not write more about it later. I don’t feel scared or paranoid about aliens, just curious, and actually, if they really look the way they are portrayed in the pop culture, with their huge eyes and big brains and little skinny bodies, then I think that they seem cute and lovable, like babies, with neotenous characteristics. I was going to write about their parallel evolution and I was going to try to explain why they look so similar to humans even though they developed on another planet, but I’ll have to leave that for later. It’s possible that they really did evolve to look humanoid and we didn’t merely ‘create them in our own image.’

The bus trip search page is so stupid I can’t even use it at all.

May 6, 2013

8:06 PM 5/6/2013

It’s time for me to complain while this is fresh in my mind.

I’m thinking of going down to West Virginia by bus. I’ve never scheduled a bus trip before. I have also never scheduled a plane flight before. But I have looked online at web pages where you can search for flights or bus trips, and I *hate* them. I tried looking at the Greyhound website just now, made one single attempt, failed, got angry, and decided that it was time to complain, rather than trying again. I don’t feel like trying again. I feel like complaining. So here it is.

The websites are not designed for people who are just looking in a passive way to get an idea of what trips might be available and how often they go. When you are looking at this for the first time, you know absolutely nothing. I want to go from State College, PA down to Charleston, WV. But I have no idea whether there will ever be any trips from there to there at all at any time in eternity. Does a bus ever, under any circumstances, go directly from there to there? This is totally invisible to me. I can’t look at an image and see that yes, indeed, there are occasionally trips from there to there, maybe some kind of line drawn between those places on a map. I can’t just ask the search page, ‘Do trips ever go from there to there AT ALL?’

No, you have to ask it everything in specific detail. You have to ask it if it goes from there to there, on a particular date and time of departure, and on a particular date and time of return. And it doesn’t care if maybe those dates and times are flexible for you. It doesn’t care if you’d be perfectly willing to adjust yourself to the dates and times that they have available for you. Nope, you have to demand that you get this exact location, date, and time, and the result is always ‘NO,’ period, the end. No helpful suggestions of, ‘We DO have a trip from there to there which leaves five minutes sooner than the departure time that you demanded – but NOOOOO, you had to have it YOUR way, and YOU DEMANDED to leave at exactly 6:07 PM on Thursday, March 24th, so it sucks to be you!’ That’s how their search page works. You are required to fill out every field, demand all these specific details without knowing anything at all, without even knowing where to begin, without even knowing whether they EVER have any trips from there to there AT ALL, and the only answer you will ever get is just ‘NO.’

So, for all I know, there could a hundred buses a day running between those two places, but just not ones leaving and coming back at the exact times that the website forced me to demand. And I can’t say, ‘Be flexible and look for all the times that it departs this week, and all the times it returns this week, and show me all of them.’ Not an option!

And so, this page is almost TOTALLY USELESS. And from what I’ve seen, almost all of them are designed that way! Not just this particular Greyhound bus page, but every other tranportation-related page, such as airplanes or other bus companies or anything at all.

In order to find out whether there is EVER a trip that goes between those two places, I would have to redo the search, changing one tiny detail each time, and hoping that sooner or later I will be lucky enough to land on exactly the right number. ‘Does a bus leave at 6:08 PM? No. [hit the BACK button.] Does a bus leave at 6:09 PM? No. [hit the BACK button.] Does a bus leave at 6:10 PM? No. Does a bus leave at 6:11 PM? No…’

Okay, so I am slightly exaggerating. They don’t ask you to fill in the exact minute of departure. But you do have to fill in the date, for instance, 5/6/13. So I would have to just try each and every day. Does a bus leave on 5/6? No. Does a bus leave on 5/7? No. And so on.

Even though I actually want a round trip ticket, I have to start off by searching for one way tickets, because that requires the least limiting information. I have absolutely no idea if any buses are even going there at all, and so the less specific I am, the better chance I have of finding out. I can’t demand that it leaves on a particular day AND ALSO returns on a particular day! Of COURSE the answer will always be ‘NO!’ That’s just too specific.

I just want to ask it, ‘Do you EVER go from here to there – EVER???’ But I can’t.

The only thing I could do would be to ask it when it goes to a nearby big city, something huge, like Philadelphia, or Pittsburgh. I can be pretty sure that there will be trips SOMETIME that go to the nearby big cities. However, the only reason I know this is because of past experience and common sense. There are no instructions on the page that recommend, ‘If you can’t find a trip to the destination you want to go to, try looking for trips to a nearby large city instead, and then go from that city to another large city somewhere south of there, and then go to another large city somewhere south of that one, and then to another large city somewhere south of that one, until eventually you’re close enough to Charleston that maybe there will be a bus connecting that city to Charleston.’

Nope. I just have to figure that out by myself. I have to make all the connections by myself. I can’t just ask it to do all the connections for me and figure out which cities I will have to travel through in order to gradually make my way down to Charleston. The computer doesn’t understand that one city connects to another city and could be used as a pathway between two points. I don’t want to go to Pittsburgh, but the only way I can get to Charleston is (maybe) by going through Pittsburgh first, so I have to begin my search by looking for trips that go to Pittsburgh.

It seems like they would be smarter than this, but no, amazingly, they really are THAT STUPID. You just can’t ask the web page to make a series of connections and do whatever is necessary to get you from here to there.

Let’s say that I wanted to go to Florida, but for some reason, the only route that ever went to Florida was a route that was coming from California. How on earth would I ever know that, without having been told? I would have to somehow magically figure out on my own that I must take a trip to California first, and then get on the connection to Florida. Maybe I would have to start by finding out all of the places that State College connects to, and then look at the destination and find all of the places that that place connects to, and then try each and every one of those connections and see if any of them connect to anything in between or close to the other city I’m coming from or going towards.

Again, nothing told me that I must do this – I had to figure it out myself, and I had the common sense to know that maybe I should try connecting to major cities first. Not everyone would know that. A person would just sit there helpless, clueless, frustrated, and TOTALLY UNABLE TO USE THIS WEB PAGE, and they don’t even care!


And what if I don’t really like the idea of just going through all the major cities? I mean, yes, I can do that. I know I can do that. I know it will work. But I don’t like that idea. What if I don’t want to go on a bus trip that goes through two or three major cities on the way to my destination? What if I want to take a scenic route through a bunch of small towns instead? How on earth would I guess which towns connected to which other towns?

The computer should be able to do all of this automatically. You should be able to ask it for several possible relatively short routes that you could choose from, or you could say that you wanted to be more flexible and you were willing to take a longer, more scenic route through all the small towns, so that you would take a trip through California in order to get to Florida, if that was what you wanted to do. You can’t tell the computer to do a couple of random trips and let you choose one. But the randomness is fun! Wouldn’t it be neat if you asked it to get you from here to there by a non-direct route that didn’t go through the major cities, and instead took you through some of the nearby states, or something, and took several days longer, but was more interesting?

But no. You have one choice: Take me from here to there on this departure date. Anything more than that, you’re on your own.

I hate stupidity.

The horrible mood has improved; I saved some money in silver; and, if all goes well, this summer I will meet one of the ‘Life Below Zero’ families in Alaska.

May 3, 2013

2:39 PM 5/3/2013

I am not sure exactly why, but the extremely horrible mood has somewhat improved. I am not snapping at every little tiny thing anymore, or at least not today, and not really yesterday either. What have I changed, and what have I not changed, from that list of things I wrote the other day?

I didn’t change the external weather. It changed itself. I don’t know which weather-related causes could have contributed to the bad mood, whether it was a solar eruption, or chinook winds, or what.

I didn’t clean up the drug residues any more than they already were, although I did take another shower. My clothes are still dirty. I’m still sitting at the pesticide-covered table (which might possibly have been wiped off since then, I don’t know) at work.

The only thing I’m aware of that I changed was, I haven’t eaten that cereal much in the last couple days. I think one of the cereals has some kind of soy product in it, if I recall. Soy is estrogenic. I know that xenoestrogens cause bad moods, because when I got my dental fillings, I was in an extremely horrible angry mood for weeks, maybe months. It was like constantly having PMS.

I don’t know what else might have changed. Maybe I had a virus, and the virus caused a bad mood, and the virus went away. Maybe I fought off the mild parasitic infection. I don’t know. But I no longer feel quite as absolutely horrible as I did feel.

Yesterday I decided to protect the last little bit of my money, the $900 tax refund. So I bought silver coins again. I can feel myself having a reaction to the coins, and it’s either 1. because I sold my contaminated coins back to Dave, and then bought these coins from him, which means that everything he owns is now contaminated; or 2. I am reacting to something in the silver itself, which I doubt, because I have handled ‘clean’ silver coins and not had this feeling. It’s the same sensation I felt from touching objects in the contaminated apartment. That stuff was all over the coin collection that I sold. I can’t do anything about the fact that now Dave has it all over him. I will just have to take precautions when I buy coins from him in the future.

Anyway, so my cash is now saved in the silver coins.

Our store is not going to close down. They were going to close it and rebuild a new store, but they decided not to. I am relieved, actually. I didn’t like the idea of going to work at a different store in town and having a hard time getting hours and having the disruptions of going to a new place, meeting new people, bonding with them for a couple months, and then leaving them. It’s painful for me to bond with groups of people and then separate from them at high speed over and over again. I like to bond slowly and then stay with them for a while if possible. I have always found it to be very painful to relocate or change jobs, and yet I have been forced to change jobs over and over again this past decade, because of layoffs and other problems. I want something stable.

But now I have to plan my vacation. I had requested a vacation, and they said, ‘Wait till the store closes and you have to go to another store. Since they don’t have a lot of hours to give you, that would be a good time to take a vacation.’ I was planning to do that. And the store was supposed to close just now, this week, the beginning of May. But it isn’t closing now.

So I will have to reschedule my vacation. I was going to take two vacations. For the first one, I was going to ride a bus to West Virginia to see my family, and I also was thinking of riding the bus to Canada for fun, but I might not do that. I am also going to do a bigger vacation, if all goes well, and I will go up to Alaska, possibly in the car with my brother, or maybe not, depending, and then I will hopefully be staying with someone who is living as a subsistence hunter. He and his family are going to be in a National Geographic video along with some other Alaskans. I don’t know if this is going to be just one single documentary, or a series of shows. It’s called ‘Life Below Zero.’ The people I’m staying with are the Hailstones family. I encountered him in a forum online and asked him if he ever allowed any visitors to come up there and help out with the work and learn how to live the subsistence lifestyle – and surprisingly, he said yes, we might be able to do this. If I had to guess his socionic type, I would guess it’s probably SLE, but I will get a better impression when I interact with him some more.

But first, before I do that, I’m going to do a more mundane trip down to see my parents. And now that I know that the store isn’t closing, I will have to plan something. That means I need to talk to the managers.

Native sedges can grow in the shade

May 1, 2013

6:55 PM 5/1/2013

I am so excited to read this! I’m getting more and more excited the more I read about this. I decided to research native grasses, grasses that originally grew in Pennsylvania and in the USA in general. I don’t like the idea of buying a bunch of grass seed from a farm supply store and getting some variety of grass that didn’t naturally grow in this area. I had been thinking of trying an experiment of growing grass in the woods under the forest canopy on purpose, for grazing animals to feed on.

However, I was thinking that all grasses require open fields with full sun, because that’s all that I’ve ever seen. I never saw grass growing in the woods under the forest canopy.

So while I was reading some pages about native grasses, I started saying, ‘OH MY GOD…’ because all these descriptions are exactly what I need:

Sugarbush Nursery has native grasses from Pennsylvania. There is a whole list here of grasses that grow in the shade. Appalachian sedge, Penn sedge, and silver sedge all grow in shaded areas. I wonder if the deer would eat them, or if any other grazing animals would?

The rest of the grasses on the page are more like the grasses I’m used to, mostly growing in the sun. But this gives me an idea where to start. It doesn’t have to be ‘grass’ per se, and sedge is okay. I just need to learn more about it.

I really want to try this experiment. I’d plant grasses under the forest canopy on the south side of the mountain where they can get the most light.

Hey! The little clumps of grass that I already saw growing in the woods look exactly like common oak sedge! I was really happy when I saw them, because I wanted to find grasses that were able to grow in the woods. They had little flowers on short stems like in all the pictures on google. The flowers looked just like that. That’s probably what it was then.

Say ‘yes’ to one random stranger, and suddenly a hundred random strangers all want to be your friend.

May 1, 2013

This happened through facebook’s friend-of-a-friend thing, the ‘People You May Know’ section. Some friend of a friend requested to be my friend. I don’t know that person in real life, but I decided to say yes. It was just random. I have one or two other people like that – I might vaguely have heard of a couple of people in the distant past, maybe. For whatever reason, they desire my friendship. But now that I’ve allowed that one little bit of ‘corruption’ into my friend network, suddenly I’ve gotten yet another friend request that I have to say yes or no to, from some other friend of the friend who I didn’t know in real life.

Oh wait, I suddenly realized I think I know who this is… Yes! Never mind, I was wrong. I do know this person in real life. I’ll say yes to her. Silly me.