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Chronic fatigue, and the movies

November 22, 2017

I was having problems with chronic fatigue yesterday as I unscrewed those long brass screws. All of them were very tight and wouldn’t move, but as soon as I put duct tape all over my screwdriver I was able to do it. But still, I collapsed in pain gasping for breath after every couple minutes, because my arms experience a lot of chronic fatigue – getting tired no matter how in shape I am. I took a break and ended up seeing two movies on the day when they’re cheap – half off on Tuesdays. The first movie was packed – “Wonder,” about a kid with a genetic problem that caused facial deformities. There was almost no room left. The second movie was “Let There Be Light,” which I watched out of curiosity, knowing I wouldn’t really like it. I did like it, but rather, I’m still not Christian.

Both movies showed a common theme for the ESFJ: total helplessness about the power to prevent tragedies and a total lack of control over causes and effects. They don’t say, as I do, that cancer was caused by something. It’s just a totally random tragedy probably caused by genes. So is deformity – totally genetic and random, a bad lottery. None of them focus on systemic causes of disease, like chemical pollution or vaccines. They don’t look to the future with a sense of control, thinking those things can be prevented. Instead, they just accept the painful emotions caused by random tragedies. This is a difference in how ISTP and ESFJ view the world. But they all seem to have this belief that “it’s genetic” or “finding the cause is impossible.”

Going to the movies was actually “their” suggestion, although Tuesday is a good day to go. It’s always more full when it’s half price.

I have to go to work in a while so I’m getting up now. I had another dream of carrying a baby – I just remembered one from a few weeks ago too, a weird and annoying baby that I didn’t like and it wasn’t mine. That might have been referring to the extremely annoying guy on POF that is incapable of conversation.


Two movies, both ESFJ, and severe insomnia from ascorbic acid

November 22, 2017

I don’t have much time. I’m about to go to work. I was very confused when I woke up because I thought I had to go to Aunt Jean’s house today for Thanksgiving. I was sure of it. I thought so all night long and all day yesterday. I was convinced it was “tomorrow,” Wednesday. I hope that was, in fact, a mistake, because I didn’t go and am planning to go tomorrow.

I got this juice with ascorbic acid added. I usually try to avoid added vitamin C because it causes side effects like rashes for me. I forgot it also caused insomnia. I couldn’t sleep even though I was very tired and wanted to, so I played Terraria until the morning light, around 7:30 am. I finally set it aside and laid down to sleep, and I did sleep, only to wake up a little while later extremely confused. I argued with myself that Thanksgiving isn’t on Wednesday so I can go back to sleep. I did finally sleep some more, but had a nightmare.

I was going to eat dinner with a group of people in an extremely fancy restaurant that had been extremely expensive to build. It was located in a trailer-like building which was hanging from chains or cables on the side of a very tall skyscraper. You could see through the windows and try to grab the edge of the building because it constantly felt like it would fall.

I actually went to this hanging trailer thing and experienced the fear of falling and was told it was very expensive and was designed to induce fear and feelings of helplessness. Meanwhile, the entire group I was to meet was elsewhere, not in this hanging trailer. (I think I recall being told that Howard Roark from The Fountainhead built the trailer.) They were on the bottom floor in a sane, comfortable, non-terrifying room. They all took it for granted that it was crazy to go to the restaurant in the hanging trailer on the extremely high side of the skyscraper. I’m going to assume the skyscraper is Dad, because he is financially much stronger than I am.

Yay, I got it! Taking a break

November 21, 2017

The door is now taken off. I can see the wooden thing with ripped staples. I’ll be able to fix this. The staples aren’t important. Something else happened where the door connects to the sliding track. But now that I can see it and get to it, it will be easy to fix. I’m going to get something to eat. I accidentally bought Sheetz brand cashews, which had a disgusting seasoning that including red, blue, and two different kinds of yellow food coloring, along with snot flavor (yeast extract). I no longer can bear the taste of yeast extract now that I recognize it as tasting the same as hocked loogies during a bad cold or flu. So I want something else to eat. My arms are in pain from unscrewing something on the ceiling – it’s an awful position.

Housework, continued

November 21, 2017

The reason why the “Astronauts” National Geographic is on the floor in that photo is because I needed to cover the heat vent. I dropped a screw, one of the smaller easier ones, and was lucky it didn’t go down the vent, so I covered it.

Nothing is as hopeful and inspiring as the Lowe’s Hardware full color photo instruction book with do-it-yourself solar projects. They are not just solar electricity, they are also direct uses of heat, like solar water distillers and solar heat collectors and water heaters. They don’t imply that it will take over 100% of the heating, but rather, it *reduces* the cost of heating and the use of conventional heat or gas heat. It must be part of a hybrid system that uses several methods cooperating.

I love and hate the book, because it shows it all being done perfectly with modern conventional tools, like caulk, a chemical, which I would like to avoid. It’s possible to make it look professional according to modern mainstream norms, and the goal is to sell more products sold at Lowe’s, which I don’t mind, in this case.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to see a book exactly like that, but customized to my local forest? Instead of shopping at Lowe’s, I’ll shop in a medium growth deciduous forest of Bellefonte, PA, using the type of sandstone we have here, the species of trees we have here, and the type of dirt we have here.

I wouldn’t mind using clean burning coal – “clean” as in its emissions go through extreme filtering. I may get heavy metal poisoning from touching coal with my hands. Why are people severely deformed in WV? Coal and its chemicals from refineries, and other chemical factories in the area on the rivers, factories everywhere. People’s IQ is also extremely low if they are deformed. It’s visible and obvious. Factory emissions and chemicals in the soil, air, and water cause severe deformities, and I have no knowledge of whether coal, in and of itself, without refining, can cause these deformities. I don’t know.

I’m still not done, but maybe this is the last one

November 21, 2017

The nice thing about coal is I can go to Centralia, PA, and scoop it off the ground with a shovel for free, as long as I don’t mind getting less-than-perfect coal. It meets the criteria of being extremely low-tech, simple, and local. Native Americans surely must have burned coal, as they also quarried other types of stones. You know, why don’t we hear about this, the coal-burning natives? We act like Europeans *invented* the burning of coal.

But extreme filtering of smoke is something I have no knowledge of, just as I don’t know how to divert my exhaust from the LP heater into a heat-absorbing water-surrounded pipe or something. I don’t know how scrubbers work, or how to bubble the smoke through water.

I tripped the circuit breaker by trying to run the oil filled radiator at the highest setting, and then turning on my little tiny space heater fan too. They all shut off, and so did my refrigerator, and so did my electric blanket. So I had absolutely no plugged in appliances at all, and no heat, neither electric nor gas.

I was very distressed. I looked in my trailer’s instruction manual, a pdf on my laptop, but it didn’t say exactly where the fuse box was located, only that it was “near the converter,” and never said where that was. I finally deduced it by looking at where the external power line went into the wall. It goes into a little wooden cabinet door under the kitchen sink. I was thrilled to be able to turn it back on with a mere switch, and not to have to replace an actual blown fuse. I really didn’t know what to expect. I was afraid I’d have to call a repair person because of THIS, too.

I’m just taking a break from unscrewing. It’s exhausting but I’m making slow progress. I need a Lowe’s book with detailed full color photo instructions on making your own spaceship, and starting your own moon colony. You can make your atmospheric dome using the clear plastic in aisle 7! Don’t sit around waiting for government disclosures!

Duct taped screwdriver, sticky side out, and my earthquake-proof trailer

November 21, 2017

I’m working on unscrewing the door rail again. Today I wrapped the screwdriver in duct tape with the sticky side out. I was glancing around the room for objects to use to make it stickier, and almost used a menstrual pad (a fresh one), just because that was available. I need grip on the handle. It gets sweaty and just slips uselessly. I need a rubber grip with those fins that stick out. It needs to withstand extreme turning force. I think also that I need one which is only a tiny fraction larger in size or something, but the other screwdriver I have, which looks larger, just slips right over the hole. The indentation, whatever it’s called, in the screw. It’s like the fins of the screwdriver need to stick out more, while the depth of the tip must be shallower.

The only reason I know the word “fins” and can use it today is because the radiator instructions called those things “fins,” the sections of the radiator, and I at least glance at the instructions.

I become very hot and start ripping off clothing layers as soon as I’m working on unscrewing, but the instant I stop, I freeze. It’s “warm” outside today, in the big scheme of things.

Why a sudden memory, out of nowhere, of riding in the child seat of the grocery cart, and looking up near the ceiling and seeing the big words with the ads and sections of the store, like “dairy” or “delicatessen?”

My trailer must withstand extreme bumping and bouncing if it is actually pulled along the road over ruts and potholes. Part of this door frame seems to have been ripped from the wall and is hanging at an angle (hanging loose, I guess) with exposed metal staples. It probably happened during a routine earthquake on the highway somewhere during transit.

I’m gonna run out of text. I’ll do a second post. Last night I tripped the circuit breaker. I didn’t blow a fuse. It’s not an old fashioned fuse box with fuses that get destroyed and replaced, which I’m thankful for.

Automatic water drip regulator to water indoor plants all the time

November 20, 2017

I bought a rosemary bush at Lowe’s when I bought my new heater, which I haven’t tested yet. I’m eating a snack and drinking my Perrier water (I’m usually drinking Gerolsteiner, and alternating it with plain regular water) and dabbling in my solar power library book. I just went on a crazy, mad shopping trip and bought a book about solar power in addition to the borrowed library one, because the Lowe’s book has huge color photos. I meet tons of Delta Quadra folks at Lowe’s. It’s Delta heaven. ISTPs and ESTJs are tool collectors. I met a store associate who reminded me of Mom.

I cannot buy every object in the store, and there are some sections that I do not love, such as the toxic pesticides or paints and chemicals. But I love tools and hardware and building supplies.

But I accidentally went the wrong way and ended up at Pier One Imports, which I remembered from years ago as being really interesting. It was slightly duller than I remembered.

The colors I want are brighter, crazier, intense, like the welcome mat I posted on Twitter, colors like the strokes of pastel crayons. Nothing is that bright. People fear brightness and bold craziness. Their guests would disapprove. But my crazy intense colors must please only me. When I scan and post copies of my old paintings, you’ll see how I drew. Use every color in the box. I’m sick of dull soulless lifeless colors in this town.

Oh – but I want automatic dripping pipes to give collected rainwater to my future house full of mosses and plants. It is easier than watering manually, which took forever at the WV house when Mom died. Did my mom really die? That’s weird.

One screw!

November 19, 2017

I actually took out two other small easy screws. But I’m assuming the screw on the other end of the rail will be as hard as this one.

The electronics book, and the impossible screw, continued

November 19, 2017

I’m actually not done yet. That screw holding up the rail that the bedroom door slides on is so impossible to turn, and it also seems extremely long and deep. I’ve made progress unscrewing it (lefty loosy, counterclockwise, was effective – at first I thought I must be tightening it, because of how hard it was to turn), but it never gets easier. Usually screws are only hard at first and then they get easier after a couple turns, but no – equally hard with every turn. I think I need the next larger screwdriver. I don’t have a screwdriver with interchangeable tips because I hate how they feel, all loose and wobbly in my hand. I had one in the past. This one skips over the screw hole thing and will be stripping it every time it slips. I have to push very hard, which means I can do about two turns, then I collapse, gasping for air like I’m having a heart attack, over and over. It is unbearable to use my arm muscles in that position. You would not believe my hours-long struggle to unscrew ONE screw. Jacob gets upset when I breathe funny. It scares him. He meows angrily at me if I gasp for air too loudly after each struggle.

The book about electronics is sort of too easy, but also, I won’t remember a thing unless I do thousands of calculations by hand on paper. My hands teach my brain. I learned chemistry that way in school. To this day I can still convert measurement units by drawing a little table. Twelve dollars per six hours times seven days, and so on.

But a video game, I thought of. I never use the electrical stuff in Terraria. But others do, online, making traps for monsters. I thought, why not a circuit wiring video game, to teach! Maybe it already exists!

But Radio Shack also exists. It’s online, though they left town (and woe, John says Tech Shop shut down!). Radio Shack sells hobby kits for wiring things. I need one! I’ve always wanted one. Project: hack my old Nokia so I can use it on 4G networks. Best phone I ever had.

continuing previous post

November 19, 2017

I sat at the table with Matthew, and his legs were invading the space of my legs so aggressively that I had to turn my legs completely over to the side to avoid touching him, because letting my legs touch his was the most wonderful thing that could ever happen to me in my life. And I had to avoid sex until I got antibiotics. All of that resulted from Stefan.

I can clearly see that some things might have been drastically different if I hadn’t been with Stefan for that brief moment a few months before. He didn’t use physical force to rape me. He just kept insisting, verbally, and I was inconvenienced by the fact that I was waiting for the bus when it was like 10 degrees outside, so I stayed in the room instead of waiting outside.

Even though Stefan did not rape me with physical force, I still feel sickened and violated when I see him. He has come to MM several times recently. He talked to me, and at first, I had forgotten who he was.

I started to feel manic after I took my caffeine pill a while ago. The joy of life and the feeling that anything is possible returned. I have all these pine cones in a basket in the bathroom. I collected them weeks ago because they are covered in sticky pine sap that smelled wonderful. Their own pine smell has faded, but now, I’m using them as essential oil diffusers. I have a drawer full of oils in the bathroom, and I dump drops of oil all over the pine cones, which have a large surface area. I love it that I made this myself. It serves the purpose of a natural decoration and a wonderful smell at the same time. Those oils are addictive. Even citronella, a pesticide and repellant, smells mouthwateringly wonderful to me. I have more oils in the storage unit.

But caution must be used at the storage unit – rubber gloves for ephedra contaminated things from WV. I am afraid to go back there to get stuff out. I have no room anyway. Huge bags are piled up waiting for HEAT so I can unpack them. I’m gonna try another space heater.

Mania, sleep, library books, and an unbelievably hard long screw

November 19, 2017

As interesting as the title sounds, it’s clickbait. The screw is a literal piece of hardware. I’m unscrewing it because my bedroom door is broken. It’s a sliding door that hangs from the ceiling. As long as it’s strapped into the open position, you can’t see that anything is wrong.

But when I tried to unstrap it and slide it shut, to keep the heat from my space heater trapped only in my bedroom, the door hung all crooked by one side. So I am unscrewing the rail it slides on to take the whole thing down and see if I can fix it. I’m sure I can. But I might need to go to the hardware store. And this goddamn screw is impossible.

I’m texting from home, so I will get cut off before I finish this. I have a day off, and I slept all day after getting out of work at 3am. The heat broke again after being temporarily fixed. After writing to McD Eric on facebook about my troubles, I heard voices asking me why I can’t use space heaters. It was partly because I just kept assuming the heater would soon be fixed easily and would not keep breaking, so I haven’t tried to buy more space heaters. But also I’m nervous to draw too much electricity. If you turn on all the lights and the fan, the lights dim. Appliances might be dangerous operating at low and irregular voltages. Also, the wires in the wall heat up when I use my teeny cheap space heater, so a huge massive space heater (maybe one of those oil filled radiators) might strain the wires even more. There is limited, finite electricity allotted to me. It doesn’t shut off, but rather can’t power too many things at once.

I am reading library books, because I fantasized I’d fix the heater myself, and got a book about electronics. I also got Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It’s as though people are meddling in my life with Time-Turners. I met Matthew right after Stefan and the trich, which made me too fearful to eat from the same tub of ice cream with him.

Tian Tsui – Blue kingfisher feather jewelry in China

November 18, 2017

This is now on the list of things I want that are probably tens of thousands of dollars. I don’t think I’ll be able to just go out and get this right now today.

The guy who looked like Jesse and the guy who looked like Matthew

November 17, 2017

I wasn’t feeling really well tonight. My coworker said her boyfriend had a stomach virus the other day, which confirms my suspicion that I had one a couple days ago, but didn’t throw up.

But I wasn’t really feeling well again, and also, this hormone thing is bad – I have to quit drinking milk. It causes intense mood problems and feelings of craving, withdrawal, intense need, and loneliness. I have been intensely desiring guys, emotionally and sexually.

A customer walked in who looked like Jesse. I almost started to cry. He had a hat on, and I wanted to tell him to push his hat back off his forehead so I could see him better and understand it wasn’t Jesse. Jesse wasn’t a perfect ideal relationship (ESFP, socionic illusionary) and lives in Idaho with his fiance, waiting for their child to be born. But seeing his twin, my heart broke. It was unbearable.

Then, another customer guy looks just like Matthew, but has another personality.

“They” knew I saw Matthew’s face in him, so they artificially arranged for me to encounter him in an unusual incident on the sidewalk late one night after work. Some random people started an argument with him, and then ran away. I walked up as he was yelling at them. I wanted to defend him, but they were gone. He recognized me from where I work at MM. So we chatted, and had a bond after that.

I now have a desperate, unbearable, agonizing desire to run up and give him a hug. He gave me the “hang loose” hand sign as he walked in, and I felt this desperate, passionate, intense affection, like to run up, crash into him, hug him and shout “I love you!” My feelings and hormones are normally more muted and under control than this, and I think it really is from the milk – I’ve had past experience with extreme mood problems from drinking milk. I know my feelings are one-sided. While the Matthew twin recognizes me, he probably isn’t passionately wanting to give me a running hug.

Edit – the heat is now on

November 16, 2017

The repair guy was here a couple days ago and jiggled some cords and got it working, but that wasn’t enough. It works intermittently and stops working. It hasn’t been bitter cold, and I have blue camping mat rolls which are extremely warm insulation, several sleeping bags, a space heater, and an electric blanket. So I can sleep, and I can survive, but merely surviving is all I can do if I’m just wrapped in the blankets. The whole point of moving into a camper was to make progress. I need indoor heat so my hands aren’t frozen and I can do paperwork, and my own space for projects – a paperwork table and stuff.

Well, he got here and fixed it again. I watched and learned. He took off a circuit board and replaced it first, but that wasn’t the problem, so he took off an orange ignition-and-sensing cable and replaced it. That seems to have worked. We’ll see.

I seem to have been ovulating in the last day or so, and I bought normal milk (although it says no rBST), so that milk might be making my hormones more intense.

Whatever it was, I was somewhat comfortably sitting and chatting with a very attractive ESFJ supervision who looks just like Starbuck from the original Battlestar Galactica. As comfortable as it’s possible to be as the ISTP supervisee. The socionics pages describe it as feeling like the supervisor is watching over and seeing all you do. I literally feel it as he walks behind me, outside the glass window, an energy of consciousness radiating from him. Socionics must be an energy interaction.

I finally did some more stone meditation or healing. It’s informal. I press semiprecious stones on EFT tapping points, and on approximate chakra points too, but only as I feel like. I can feel energy changes in my whole body and mind as I am touching the stones. I’d have a house of semiprecious stones.

I’m not sure if the heat is still working. Nope. Didn’t come on. It went off and didn’t come back on again. I’m gonna go look at it.

My life-ruining rapist is here hanging out, and he doesn’t seem to be aware of how much I loathe him

November 15, 2017

Apparently, he went to live near the beach for a while, from what he says. But . argh. Now he thinks we’re best friends. His trichomoniasis is why Matthew ghosted me. It’s the primary reason, although being mind-controlled while on caffeine pills also had something to do with it. But I was unable to do things around Matthew that I would have otherwise done because I had trichomoniasis for months until I was able to get to the doctor. Now he’s driving around doing deliveries or something and happens to be talking to me, not realizing that I view him as a disgusting diseased rapist

texting from home, ran out of text

November 13, 2017

I don’t have a working internet connection here, so I’m texting. Anyway, I shouted, “If you want to make a game, then make your own game! I don’t need you! I don’t need your help! I am able to do this MY WAY! I didn’t ask for you to be here “helping” me! YOU invaded my brain! That is not “help!” I can do it without you, you just don’t like my way of doing it! Learn socionics! It’s common sense! Different people do things differently and they need certain kinds of help but don’t want other kinds of help! I don’t need your kind of help! Why can you not grasp this simple fact!”

All these things are always true, but they only turn into a major fight if I am sick and if I am trying to use my brain for something and if I’m under the influence of particular drugs.

When the purpose of a project is for me to learn something, to learn how GameMaker works, to learn what functions and tools are available, and NOT to be perfect for all eternity the first time I do it, and NOT to foresee every possible variable that I will ever need to reuse or change in the future – then there is no need to write an “inventory monitoring process” as I try to make a script that will put an object in a certain location in the inventory. If I wanted my game written someone else’s way, then I would go out and buy someone else’s game, which I already did – Terraria! And now I’m doing it myself because I want it to be done my way! I’m not exactly copying the game. I want some changes, because I don’t like everything about Terraria.

I don’t want to hear my voices insisting that I’m coding badly or there’s something wrong with how I’m doing it, because I didn’t ask for their opinion, and because, FOR MY PURPOSES, it doesn’t matter! I’m not in a situation where hundreds of people are cooperating to write a huge program together. My situation is, I’m exploring GameMaker to see what useful tools might be available that I didn’t know about which might apply to my situation, or a useful method.

Had a major fight with Them, possibly because I drank tea, possibly because I was sick

November 13, 2017

Normally I endure the unwelcome attackers and try to ignore them. But I was sick all day, so sick I couldn’t get out of bed or do anything or leave the house. I was nauseated and almost threw up, and I was dead exhausted in spite of two caffeine pills.

I bought this box of ready-to-use chai tea, which I’ve gotten before. I drank a lot of it without milk, and tea makes me very sick, so that might be what happened. I don’t know. I might have had a virus or food poisoning from something else.

Well, I started working on my GameMaker game, which is a copy of Terraria, for the purpose of teaching me how to use GameMaker. It’s not for the purpose of selling the game for a million dollars. It’s not to be perfect.

The tea is probably what put me in an extremely bad mood. A voice was telling me how to write the program, as though I was incapable of doing it for myself, and as though doing it perfectly, to last for all eternity into the future, to never have to change anything later because I anticipated every possible eventuality, as though doing it perfectly the first time and forever was a matter of life and death. They were abusing the socionic Tempus function, Ni, introverted intuition, which is not my base function. I use it, but only a certain way. I definitely do not use it constantly like “they” were doing. They were making structures within structures for future use, whereas I am writing with “simple arithmetic,” such as hard-coding the actual numbers instead of creating a thousand new variables. Every time I make a variable instead of a number, it is an unnatural strain and a violation of who I am. I can do it in a very limited way, usually after testing the hard-coded way first, and only if needed.

I began whisper-shouting at the voices, so angrily that Jacob looked at me with fear, and I went over and gently petted him and said “I’m not mad at you. It’s okay.” I then continued whisper-shouting.

The monopoly grip of the petroleum companies gave us an insanely evil heater design and no insulation

November 10, 2017

I was really angry about this yesterday, but now I’m writing it down as just a quick thought. I’m going to rest before work tonight, so I won’t be writing long. I also have a dopey head from the heater smell – it might have mold too. The air blowing seemed to have mold or something toxic before. I’ll figure it out. Anyway, the camper has little or no insulation, when it ought to be thickly insulated for independent survival. It also has this insane heater where the heater has this external vent which is venting heat to the outside world!!! When I want to heat my camper!!! This is insane evil and it can only be the result of the petroleum monopolies influencing the design of the heater and the design of the camper. It’s taken for granted as normal by everyone that, of course, the heater is venting heat straight to the cold outdoors so I have to spend more money buying liquid propane! I am not kidding! It literally has an air vent blowing precious heat straight to the ice cold outdoors while I want my camper to be heated indoors! This is not a mere accident or oversight. It is not a necessity of design. It is so blatantly obvious a child could see it, and so it cannot possibly be an accident. It is designed with “malice aforethought,” by deliberate intent, to waste petroleum in a sneaky way that some people won’t notice. They’re sheeple who believe what they’re told. People tell them that’s normal, that’s just how the design works, it’s a necessity of design. IT IS NOT NORMAL for a heater to vent heat to the outside, AND NO ONE WILL CONVINCE ME IT IS, not even some engineer or know-it-all who can make up some plausible sounding excuse, some shill for the oil companies. No one will make me doubt that blatantly hemorrhaging a river of heat to the outside world is not a normal part of a heater design. No – don’t tell me it’s the burning smoke exhaust. Fine, if it is – circle it through some water lines.

Okay, we have heat

November 10, 2017

I don’t like how it smells, and I brought in my carbon monoxide detector. But the heat is now working. I’m probably not going to have it on high all the time. It just has to be tested. The guy opened up a corroded connector and scraped some stuff with a knife, and jiggled the orange igniter line, but other than that did nothing. Jacob doesn’t like the heat blowing. It makes him meow. We’ll get it straightened out. But Jacob loves my electric blanket.

The heater isn’t working and I can’t move over to the RV but I can’t explain why

November 10, 2017

It seems like it would be better to start living over there even without heat. I tried to get it working and I talked to Paul at Centre RV. He’s really busy because all the football loving douchebags with their RVs (I’m guessing) are all in town. They were really busy with another RV when I tried to go tell him what was wrong with my heater, after having talked to him several times. I’m parking the truck in the laundromat lot and trying to move it in the early morning every day so the cleaning crew won’t start noticing it and have it towed or give it a ticket. I forgot to buy more cat food and both the dry and wet food are gone, and Jacob is fussing because he wants wet food and there’s only some dry left in the bowl. I won’t get any sleep. I don’t have enough money and didn’t get my hours back at MM after telling them I want to work. It’s helpful to have this time off temporarily while working on moving, if only he would fix my heater as soon as possible.