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Douche move! Booked, then Phyrst canceled them for no reason

February 19, 2018
I saw them leaving. A waitress who I talked to said that it was going to be a busy night and they got another band or something. I saw the guys leaving. I went outside and found them smoking out there. I asked what happened. It was two guys and a girl. They booked two weeks in advance and drove down here from New York to play, but suddenly were canceled without being informed. The girl said cynically “I think *I* know what happened.” (I imagine somebody paid someone a bribe or something or sucked someone’s dick to get their band to play instead. I assume that’s what she means.) I said, “So you took all the time and trouble to come here from New York and they did that to you? Well, I don’t know any other place you can go.” She said thanks for the support and I shook all their hands. I also mentioned I worked at Minit Mart, and she said she might’ve seen me there. I just wanted to explain how I knew them.

It’s too late to go see a movie unless I wanna walk into the middle of it.

Jesse just called. He and Kyndle haven’t had the baby yet. They’re due this Friday and she said they’ll induce it if it doesn’t happen. I told them good luck and I know it’s more painful when you induce it, and she already knows that. I wish I could tell everyone how to have a baby properly.


still nothing at 9:37

February 19, 2018
Well…. Not sure how long I can sit here taking up space. I’m using up an entire half a table. He did kind of say it might not start exactly at 9. But I’m pretty sure I saw him come in with his guitar. It was a guy I’d never seen before, who had a guitar with Christmas lights around it, and I told him I thought that was a good idea. It was battery powered. Dear god. I’m not drunk enough to dance to bad music. Other people got excited at this song playing right now. Some people with guitars went to a back room and I haven’t seen them again. I’m assuming I don’t have to go to some other room to see them.

well, torture so far

February 19, 2018
I’m waiting for the open mic to begin, but so far, it’s just really loud prerecorded music, and someone up there apparently practicing drums and not to the same tempo as the other music. The guy who i chatted with as a customer at work said he’d be performing sometime tonight. I don’t drink and don’t socialize so I’m by myself sober in an extremely loud bar. I’d do an open mic performance. I just need some instruments. I’d write music these people have never heard before and will never hear again. This guy said he was doing something acoustic.

Again, these are still not completely set in stone, but here they are

February 19, 2018
I’m somewhat anxious about writing them, because I could change my mind about something later on. I was lying in bed meditating about these, and some of them are still vague, unfinished, or unexplained. Oh, and all of them must have further explanations. 1. Long hair for men and women

2. Special food (very detailed with subcategories, evolving)

3. No surgeries to remove body parts or implant objects, for people and animals

4. Polyamory for men and women is allowed but not required

5. No drugs

6. Social nudity

7. No electronic mind control (explicitly in my religion, since Christians are using electronic weapons to control people who go to church)

8. No vaccines (requires more info for how to treat things like rabies, which I personally experienced)

9. No makeup, although you might use clay or something if you were in baking hot sun, as I tried that once on a long walk – it’s not makeup from the store) or other cosmetics – details and exceptions to be given

10. All races welcome, racial mixing encouraged but not required

11. Environment, free roaming herds of animals – more info needed

12. Dozenal counting, special measurement systems and special math, oralite culture, new language, glossolalia, newly created names for children alongside a mainstream name possibly

13. No huge Christmas with thousands of dollars on presents. Alternative celebrations, holidays, gifts, seasonal observations will evolve

14. No worshipping the Christian god or Jesus or Satan or other gods. I meditate on Anaya as a vision of a person, like an ideal human being or an exceptionally healthy person who is my friend and supporter. There are more that I’ve forgotten or that are too vague and uncertain as of now. All of them contain a lot more detail, with explanations and exceptions. Death acceptance, for example, is important, but hasn’t been fully elaborated on. It means fewer medical treatments.

Special clothing

February 19, 2018
That could be included with the social nudity rule maybe, I don’t know. There are some regulations for clothing, but one rule is that it will vary from place to place due to climate and local resources. I just don’t want horrifically bad mainstream garbage clothing. I do have a lot of clothing rule details actually.

A few of the Anaya rules

February 19, 2018
They’re written in a blog called The Order of Retmeishka, but that’s not the name I use for it. I don’t use the word retmeishka for anything other than this blog. The word was deliberately created for the purpose of being searchable on the internet, since it’s a made-up word that will always refer to me. The link for that is on my page here somewhere if you scroll down. That is an unfinished version where I speculated about things. Those are not set in stone and I have changed my mind about a few things or would express them differently now. I haven’t read it in a long time and don’t remember all that it says. It is incomplete and evolving.

In the last few days I was meditating and putting the basic rules in order and trying to memorize them. As the numbers increase the rules become more vague and uncertain. Only the first few are very sure. They were also being slightly associated with enneagram numbers for the purpose of a mnemonic aid, and then, the numbers and meanings were being connected to each other.

I was hearing “I’m a rebel just for kicks” in my head. It’s in an ad before the movies. I don’t really like that song because it rhymes for the sake of rhyming, because that’s what one does, isn’t it? But no, we rhyme to easily recall important and meaningful information in an oralite society. You could memorize a song thousands of lines long if the meanings and rhymes were interconnected. It would have information you needed. Not “rebel just for kicks, I’ve been kickin’ it since 1966,” and then later “1986,” and I don’t know if they do any more after that because I can’t hear. The music on Black Panther was “good African music.” It had a melody where there’s more than one pitch.

I’ll continue this because I’m texting from home and I’ll run out of text soon. Anyway, prayer beads could help you memorize the Anaya laws, especially if I added detailed subcategories. The laws are supposed to be extremely important for preserving quality of life on earth.

Black Panther movie fits with disclosure and Anaya very well – it was great

February 19, 2018

12:44 AM 2/19/2018

I’ll be brief. Maybe I’ll write more later. I went to eat at Chen’s Mongolian Grill or Buffet or whatever it’s called. I’ve never eaten there before. It was okay. The Mongolians are beautiful.

I’m wearing my new necklace that I made out of stones. I have various multicolored semiprecious stones and crystals. It’s not great, but it’s a beginning. I wore it to work today too.

Then after I ate, I went to see Black Panther. It was EXTREMELY GOOD. It fits with disclosure and it fits with Anaya very well. Anaya could be just another tribe. It happens to be my personal favorite of the tribes.

I have noticed that black people in movies and in life don’t really compare very well to white people, but if you put them in a group of nothing but black people and just compare black people to each other, it’s much easier to evaluate them fairly and understand them, instead of seeing all the ways they’re not like white people. Black Panther did that. It was a movie of almost entirely black people with a few white people in it.

I’d also like to see Soul Boy, a movie made in Africa, an extremely low budget movie. Bits and pieces of it are on the internet, but not the whole thing, and you should probably pay for it.

I’m not going to go into detail about everything right now, but I saw, like Anaya, the combination of extremely primitive sacred traditions and ways of life alongside high technology and a secret haven. Quality of life is preserved.

Then I happened to see a magazine, Allure, which happened to have Lupita Nyongo on it, and it was about hair, and it has some pictures of long haired people, so I bought it, as a symbolic gesture of supporting that issue with my money. She was in the movie, and she was also a character in Star Wars, although it was a CGI character or puppet. Probably CGI.

Black Panther was advertised before Star Wars, which is why I decided I wanted to see it. I saw the preview a whole bunch of times.

The movie was packed full, even though it’s a Sunday and it isn’t the Bargain Tuesday where movies are only 5.50 or whatever. Tuesday is usually the day when it’s packed. The audience clapped at the end of the movie, and I did too. You have to stay till the end of the credits. The thing before the movie warned us that we probably ought to stay till the very end. It was in the little previews before the movie started.

I loved the photos of Mongolia at Chen’s. They had a huge open field in one. In another, there was snow with some kind of cows walking on it. They had glass with actual dried flowers inside the glass, making windows between all the booths. The hostess lady radiated happiness and health, and she had a broad Weston Price face, not the deformed kind.

My necklace fits well with the ones in the movie. I need to make more of them. I was thinking of adding to this one, but maybe I could just make a whole separate one and wear two of them. That’s an option. I also need bracelets. I’ll need a tiara at some point but that will require a little more effort to figure out how to do it. I don’t have any dresses to wear right now or robes or anything though. So it has to be a gradual transition to wearing what I want.

I could wash dishes at Golden Wok and eat kidney frequently

February 18, 2018
I’m really hungry right now and have nibbled lettuce and a few caloric snacks too – I had organic pistachios, and a thing from Walmart made of nothing but dates, coconut, and almonds. I had another thing that contained goldenberries (tomatoes), and it was so sour I couldn’t eat it and might not be able to finish the package. I hate goldenberries but I had forgotten how much I hate them. I do not like strong sour flavors. I had a microwave shepherd’s pie with grassfed beef in it.Golden Wok is a vulnerable business within the targeted area that will soon be destroyed and made into multistory apartments. There will be no more Chinese restaurants serving kidney and organ meats once it’s gone. I don’t know of any. Ni Hao was mysteriously shut down immediately after I ate there only one time, the first and last time. The sadness of the hostess lady was terrible. I detected a huge burden of sadness and pain. Asian emotions are stronger and more detectable than Caucasians’. I didn’t know why she was so horribly sad.

Where will I get organ meats unless I order grassfed ones online and make them at home?

The Korean restaurants were good – I got a headache after the one on North Atherton (indicates MSG was used). Pho 11 served tendons, so they might serve other organs. The tendons were inedible. They’re cooked to be soft, but they trigger an involuntary gag/vomit reflex due to an unknown irritating substance or perhaps bad quality. It is not merely “the idea of tendons is disgusting.” There’s still Say Sushi, which has some nice things but I don’t think they have kidney.

Don’t tell me that pointless paperwork is an unavoidable aspect of all jobs

February 18, 2018
Or that pointless paperwork is inherently in the nature of jobs and I should just get used to it. It isn’t. Paperwork can serve a purpose, and someone can make sure that it’s fulfilling its purpose effectively. I need to have control over the consequences of the paperwork. Does anything ever change as a result of our cigarette count? Does it matter what temperature all the individual food items are on the hoagie table as long as somebody closes the lid so they will get cold again? I see people who don’t close the lid, as though the magical fridge will magically keep it cold from below even when it’s a huge bag of lettuce sticking up a foot high over the tray. Or the stuff right up against the hot dog cooker, which is adding heat to that part of the trays while the cooler is cooling it. If our temps were ever high, would anyone ever do anything about it? Would a micromanager stand there and tell people to shut the lid or get fired, and follow through on that? Seriously, how on earth does one enforce such things? If I want to follow through on the pizzas I make and see how well they cooked, is my name written on them? No. Does anyone care to tell me that my pizzas are consistently causing problems because of how I make them? Can I work a different shift where I get to be in each situation seeing the consequences of my previous actions?

Quality Processes. We hire some Toyota consultants to tell us that we need to build a culture where anyone can stop the process and tell someone something is wrong and be taken seriously. And do I even give a fuck if my pizzas cook well or not? Only if someone might notice it and tell me. And they have to communicate it the right way. Do we have training for communication skills?

And why should I even give a fuck about *any* of this? Is it serving *any* of my values at all to sell junk food, cigarettes, and caffeine, and nonorganic malnourishing prepared food? With no principles?

I need to talk about hating my job

February 18, 2018
I’m off caffeine. I haven’t had any watercoffee. So now I can feel the pain in my hips. Losing a little bit of weight would reduce the stress on the hips. I’m eating lettuce, but the nonorganic butter lettuce gave me a craving for more food. I think the pesticide residues are the cause. It’s probably neonicotinamide or whatever. Nicotinoid pesticides. They have nicotine. I’ve experienced it with other factory farm foods that don’t explicitly have any visible unusual ingredients, like Fritos. Fritos have ingredients that shouldn’t cause cravings, but they do, so it’s a hidden ingredient. Standing up for a long time hurts my hips, but I don’t notice it as much if I have to move around a lot. But the type of activity I have to do is essential for enjoying my job. I hate working in the kitchen at MM because *nothing* is ergonomic. We must slice our own tomatoes, onions, and peppers, but have no dedicated prep person to do that task or do it elsewhere in another location and then deliver it to us. We could sell *so much more* food, but everything is time consuming. It’s not made to be fast. I hate having free time where I’m expected to do things like wipe windows or mop the floor. A dedicated person should do those things at a specific time and only then. I should not have a single moment where there isn’t a desperate emergency. It should be nonstop emergency requiring maximum productivity in an ergonomic factory. I loved McDonalds except for the fact that they started spraying pesticides and going insane in other ways. I love what they once were and what they can be, but not what they are now. I liked the Nittany Lion Inn job because it was constant action.

I’m thinking about this because they tried to call me in to work tonight. CJ says he’s sick. He has major ongoing problems, and probably uses drugs. He also was at one point on a prescription med too.

I hate feeling like I’m doing something bad by neglecting the task list and paperwork I’m supposed to do.

I want to sew new clothes

February 16, 2018
I think her tobacco is affecting me. Tobacco makes me able to do things. I suddenly began trying to make a beaded necklace with my stone beads today, on impulse. I didn’t drink watercoffee – I had the last of it. I still desire coffee though. I can’t make the necklace because I don’t have the right thread. I tried to do it but it wasn’t working. I want semiprecious stones and crystals touching my skin for a long time. I also want a tiara on my forehead with stones on my head and scalp. I want to feel the conduction of energy that I feel from them when I meditate, but all day long. I will need special clothes to wear with my special jewelry. I want raw tourmaline ore and other raw ores so I can guarantee that the stones aren’t dyed or heat treated, but are their original color. If you dye a stone, why even bother? Why not just wear a piece of plastic then? The purpose of stones is to be themselves, to be exactly what they are and nothing else. So I’ll get a beadmaking machine too and grind beads, with earplugs in my ears.

The drama continues – she lost her $800 new glasses while drunk yesterday

February 16, 2018
She wants a ride again. She wants to go to the beer place to see if she left them there. She has already had beer so can’t drive. I’ll take her.

Okay, so I think she might be hyperthyroid or something

February 16, 2018
I don’t have enough information to know what’s wrong with her. I only know that she just has too much energy, too much aggression, too much harshness. She told me she sleeps only 3 hours and then wakes up and is ready to go again. People do not just choose to sleep only 3 hours for the heck of it because they want to. It’s abnormal. They do it because something is wrong with them. It could be too much thyroid or some other hormone problem. I don’t know.

Well, she knocked on my door again today, after I told her yesterday I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I often sleep until late in the afternoon, and I also work late at night. It was like 10:45 am or something. I’m not out of bed before noon except to go to the bathroom.

She then knocked again a while later after I ignored the first knock. I have my earplugs in, and I was also naked and didn’t want to put clothes on. So I ignored the knock again, feeling guilty. I definitely don’t want to socialize again instantly right after seeing her the day before. She was exhausting. I also have smoke on my clothes now and I can’t do the laundry every day or take showers every day.

I had told her I need to sleep, but she is incapable of listening and hearing (probably the weak vulnerable Ni and Fi functions combined with the extra aggressive hormones and tobacco and alcohol and maybe other meds if she’s on anything). When I would talk, she would play on her phone and look at facebook. Whilst I was talking. So it probably went in one ear and out the other when I described chronic fatigue and sleeping till late afternoon.

And now, I just got a text saying they needed me for work earlier. So I’m going in at 6 instead of doing a short shift from 11pm till 2am. Nader called off for some reason. I want a shower and I will want to eat. I was hangry yesterday at work. I’m slightly nauseated from hunger right now. I’m fasting but not really. I last ate at 8pm last night & it’s 2pm now.

So we got new hot fries and new chicken fries even though I didn’t want any more chicken fries

February 16, 2018
So she said, “Are you going to abandon me there?” because I wanted her to go in by herself. I was like, “No, that’s unthinkable, I would never do that.” She told me her girlfriend had left her someplace once when they went to visit a friend in another city. So, she insisted on carrying the box of chicken fries back in along with the French fries. I had been okay and was eating them and avoiding dirt or hair on them. I didn’t really want an entire new box of them. I told her I just couldn’t go in because I felt like we were lying because we had actually spilled the fries, although like I said, she had already said they were not hot before that happened. However, it hadn’t been an emergency at that point. We had been going to just go home and tolerate the slightly unhot fries, as far as I knew.

So… new fries, and more chicken fries than I wanted, on a day when I had meant to fast a little bit more. She also kept pushing me to eat the French fries too, but I hate French fries. I think I would enjoy organic sweet potato fries, or better yet, butternut squash fries, cooked in lard or tallow (grassfed, and not reused for long, not in a deep fat fryer). I have discovered I *love* squash. But mainstream factory farm white potato (or whatever type) fries in vegetable oil are the most disgusting thing.

So we went home, and she drank some more beer and also smoked cigarettes indoors. She said her girlfriend got annoyed if she drank even a little bit of beer. Well, I didn’t like it either. I hate beer and alcohol. I only recently said I might hang out with drunk young college guys in a group. But I’d be able to leave at any time and would not be essential to the group. It’s okay to leave a group of people who were already together anyway without you. This was different.

Oh, and Peter called from the hospital while I was at her house. Old Peter is still alive and occasionally gets pneumonia.

Actually I ate food yesterday afternoon before she knocked on my door, I remember now

February 16, 2018
I had eaten a microwave meal and actually wasn’t that hungry for Burger King, but I figured I could eat some chicken fries. I had a hard time finding a place to put the bag after we went through the drive through. She requested “sea salt fries,” and I assumed she knew what she was talking about, so I asked if they had that and they said no. Now that I know what I know, that makes sense. Maybe she should avoid iodine (iodized salt). So I put the bag on a little spot on the edge of the seat between us in the truck, and then I said, “I’m just afraid this is going to fall as soon as I stop.” I kind of wanted to put the bag next to her in her seat or have her hold it. She was holding the other bag with her burger in it. I was exactly right. We didn’t even make it out of the BK parking lot. I stopped before turning onto the side road next to BK and the bag of French fries and chicken fries toppled straight to the floor, open end down. I apologized, but she told me not to apologize. She picked up the stuff and put it onto a paper plate which happened to already be right where it fell, on the floor. I had used that paper plate to diffuse essential oils once weeks ago.

We tried to eat a couple of them, but I found a hair on one of them, and I said there will be hair everywhere, which is the downside of having long hair. She said the fries were cold anyway, not as hot as if they had just come out – and to her credit, she had said that *before* they toppled onto the floor. But now she wanted to go back and get new fries. I said I didn’t really feel like it. She said okay, so we went to Lykens to get gas. She offered to fill it for me, $10 worth, so I let her.

I then said, maybe yeah, we should go back and get new fries because they have hair on them and stuff, but I told her I couldn’t do it because I felt like I was lying. I said she could do it by herself. I’m *never* a person to go back and ask for hot fries…

I’m fasting again today, just observing how I feel

February 16, 2018
Yesterday the lettuce fast went well. I fasted on Wednesday, I guess, not yesterday. I ate some food at some point, leftovers from Sheetz. I forget when I did what. The time of day matters when you’re at least vaguely aiming to fast a particular number of hours. I think I fasted from 7:00 Tuesday night until Wednesday afternoon. It was less than 24 hours, but I think more than 17. 17 is one of the numbers that intermittent fasters often refer to. Why 17? I don’t know. And then for the remaining 7 hours you’re allowed to eat. I ate those things Wednesday evening, some leftovers and snacks. Then I had intended to somewhat fast again, partly. It was an unclear goal and I wasn’t really trying. I forget whether I ate or not on Thursday, but I know I ate more lettuce, to get rid of it. It’s hard to eat a box of lettuce before it wilts into a pool of mush.

Well, “as fate would have it,” yesterday the lesbian next door who is an ESTJ, my socionic mirror, knocked on the door. I’ve talked with her a few times and stayed at her house for a while one day and chatted. She broke up with her girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, so now she is very lonely and is more aggressively pushing to be my friend and spend time with me. I didn’t know it would be a problem. I’m typing on my phone so it’s hard to type fast enough and I’ll have to continue this over several posts.

Well, so yesterday she undermined my fast, but I figured it was a one time thing because I didn’t know what was going on yet. I agreed to drive her out to Burger King to get food and to let her give me $10 for gas and to get her to the beer distributor to buy more beer. She didn’t want to drive because she’d already had some beer. That was the same as last time I drove her to get beer.

I allowed her to undermine my fast, thinking this wouldn’t happen often. I hung out with her afterwards at her house and talked. I listened and tried to understand about her and her girlfriend. TBC

Antarctic glacial melt water should be for sale

February 14, 2018
I’m doing an “intermittent lettuce fast” today while also drinking my Gerolsteiner mineral water, and also just regular bottled water. I won’t drink nothing but Gerolsteiner because I have decided it doesn’t flush waste from the body as well as non-mineral water, so I alternate fresh water with mineral water. Omg, Jacob eats lettuce and loves it! I already know he eats grass and plants when he goes outside. I bought a box of organic mixed lettuces. He is eating it eagerly. I’m ripping it into small pieces for him.

Why lettuce? It’s non-goitrogenic. Kale is an alleged superfood but it’s so goitrogenic it causes severe fatigue. I’m not eating factory farm iceberg lettuce, which has practically no nutrients at all. These are organic lettuces of other varieties, with actual color to them. Jacob only ate a few pieces, then stopped. It’s slightly bitter.

I can understand the “raw water” fad because I’ve drunk from streams in the woods in WV. The time when I got giardiasis was when I drank from a much larger stream than usual, not from the small springs, and I also stirred up soil from the bottom of the creek. But that silty raw water was the best water I ever had. The silt tasted heavenly. I think we are supposed to eat dirt and are deprived of it. I was driving home from WV to PA after that, and had to stop somewhere to vomit. I then had pure-water diarrhea for a week and felt like I would die from electrolyte loss, so I went to the hospital and got that antibiotic I can’t remember the name of. It worked instantly.

In the future I will eat live plants potted in soil. I’ll have my own pots of edible plants.

I had said I wouldn’t advocate fasting, really, but felt more comfortable with the idea of eating nothing but leafy greens for a period of time. They are so close to zero calories they don’t count at all, for all practical purposes, I think, but I’m sure a scientist would say they prevent ketosis because they have some carbohydrate.

I’m slightly more able to code today

February 12, 2018
I tried again to work on GameMaker. I’m feeling slightly better than I was last time. Last time I couldn’t even do one simple function. I think I haven’t been feeling well ever since I got the flu. I’m just continuing to be extremely tired. The caffeine reduction is also going on. I’m still drinking extremely thin watercoffee. I’m going to try to take a shower. It’s nightfall; I seem to be able to get up at nightfall. I feel able to move. I’m going to take a break from coding the game.

I made it so the little guy can go towards a blueberry bush if I click on that bush. Just that one tiny detail took many days of struggle. I can’t code for long without becoming exhausted.

But right now, if any obstacle gets in his way, he starts freaking out and doing unpredictable things, like running at extremely high speed, getting stuck inside walls or going through walls and appearing on the other side, and ignoring any additional clicks on new blueberry bushes that are reachable. Every tiny detail requires an enormous amount of effort to code. My brain is quickly exhausted. Using my brain to do actual thinking is the worst part of chronic fatigue syndrome – I can barely ever think above the absolute minimum needed for survival. Habits are easy, novelty and unfamiliarity is hard.

Yes, this is the same “Axe In Inventory” game, where I made something similar to Terraria. I’ve been writing about this intermittently since the fall of 2016, but only while decaffeinated. On caffeine, I’m contented to just *play* games for hours and hours. But decaffeinated, I am able to write them. I did it in fall 2016 when I was decaffeinated for months. Caffeine stops me from coding. As strange and unthinkable as that is.

I feel somewhat better after sleeping

February 12, 2018
It would help if I could take a shower today. I’m off work. I also need some clean laundry but I’m not ready to jump up and do it this instant. I have to ask her to unlock the laundry room door for me. Maybe this evening. I’m not awake yet. I’ve been working late. I had some dream about a weird hairstyle but I forget what it was. I’ve had some urges to change my hair recently, but I would just grow it out again if I did. I know a new hairstyle won’t fix all the problems in my life. But I still believe that coffee will fix all the problems in my life. Coffee fixes everything.

Rage at the whole world, for being so stupid, so evil, and so insane

February 12, 2018
I hate everyone everywhere for making bad websites that don’t work, and bad appliances and tools and equipment, and bad food, and a horrible society. They write bad music and they brainwash everyone to believe stupid things. Evil stupid people were messing with my laptop, while I was offline, just to prove they can, but I already know perfectly well that they can. I’ve known that for decades now. I can’t fix my computer, I can’t build a shield, I can’t stop the people attacking me, I can’t remove the ephedra from the carpet and objects, I can’t bear to go talk to the neighbor about his stupid laser beams coming into my window (they’re not okay, but I’m ignoring them for now, and might go talk to him when the snow is gone, I just loathe him and want to stay as far from him as possible, for as long as possible). I can’t stand the horrible ugliness of people and the short hair and beardless faces of men. And the horrible clothing I’m forced to wear because my sewing machine is in the storage unit that I can’t get in right now and I have no sewing workshop. And the food I have to eat until I can get my kitchen working again. I live in a giant pile of mess that can’t be fixed right now. When Obama was president, the mind controllers were at least *pretending* to acknowledge the things I complained about in my blog, but now they completely ignore them, and that began with Trump. I’m forcibly prevented from using my own brain to solve my own problems, so I have to passively and helplessly wait for the mind controllers to do something for me.

I have a headache, but that might be either because of the caffeine reduction, or because I haven’t slept well, or maybe I’m sick again. Or the orange juice dissolving my BPA dental fillings. It does that. I get breast pain (since I got the plastic fillings) after drinking orange juice. That didn’t happen from the mercury filling. I’d had no breast pain since I took out my plastic retainer.