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Dunkirk: Nearly Equal Enemies – how is that possible?

September 30, 2017

What strikes me about that movie – I watched it three times now – the music is great – it mimics the sea, the waves, the constant rise and fall in the background. I found the movie script, so now I can read what people are saying if it’s inaudible.

But what is it that leaves me wondering for hours after seeing the movie, what is it that made me curious enough to want to read about World War II (and confirm once again Hitler was on drugs)? It’s because the enemies in the movie are nearly equal. The enemies are able to fight back using almost the same kind of equipment.

This is strikingly different from using a drone to remotely bomb a sheep herder’s baby in a mud hut (or something). These were countries that both had factories able to produce airplanes. I keep thinking of Schindler’s List and how the factory sabotaged what they produced. But even so, it was more than that – one website said German equipment was too complicated, with too many specialized moving parts, any one of which could fail. They kept taking Russian guns because they worked more reliably and were simple to fix, using stuff anyone could find in a machine shop.

When’s the last time you could simply repair your own household appliance with some duct tape, or regular screws from the hardware store? When’s the last time you saw an Afghan shepherd flying a plane that shoots down an American plane? Nearly equal enemies are very rare nowadays.

So that is what I wonder about. How on earth did it come to pass that nearly equal enemies were having an almost fair fight? What was World War II used to accomplish?

salamanders; I’m about to go get trash bags

September 28, 2017

I’m not throwing away all this stuff. For now I’m keeping it. It’s all the sleeping bags that got wet. I’m taking them to the rv and then deciding what to do with them.

One thing made me feel bad about taking down the second tent. It had been there a very long time. It was still abandoned there when Matthew helped me back in April or whenever. I lived in the apartment for this months and the tent sat here unattended while some animal ripped holes in it to get the garbage. So all the rain flooded in. It didn’t make a huge pool, just a little puddle under all the stuff. But forest salamanders had laid all these tiny yellow egg clusters, which I removed while taking apart the tent. I saw two of them – one was mostly dark gray, and the other was black with little yellow-white dots. It looked exactly like those pans that are made of iron and covered with enamel, the dot pattern. I gently removed both salamanders. I don’t think all their eggs will live but I buried the eggs under something wet.

I’m eating now after about 20 hours

September 28, 2017

I decided it was okay to eat. I’m not going to be perfectionistic about it. This is just experimental. I will do it more over time, and after I move into the rv and have a fridge, I’ll have leafy greens and other good foods for the times when I’m eating. I’m only finding out what I can do and how it feels.

I took down the other tent. All the stuff must go in bags and be taken out. I have the truck still. I will try to do it tonight.

Still off work, resting, fasting, caffeine withdrawal, gonna try again to do some work

September 28, 2017

I felt really sick all night and just could not get up again to work on emptying the other tent. I had dream after dream after dream of finding wasp and hornet nests all around my house, which was a regular brick and mortar house, and spraying them with wasp spray. Maybe this symbolizes me fighting an infection in my body, too.

The wasps (I wish I were ignorant so I could just call them all bees. It’s so much easier to say. Wasps has too many spsps, like banananana or Missississippi.) were coming out of holes in the wall at the doorways, even for the pantry in the kitchen. I had a real incident at the duckpond house years ago where a nest was under my apartment doorstep and I had to jump over it to go through the door.

I was using regular wasp spray and I was terrified of them. My dad was helping me do this.

I’m not worried about the nest at the rv because it’s in a place where I can ignore it until winter and then take it down. I don’t recall details of the dream, except terror at finding so many nests all around the house, everywhere.

I’m fasting a little longer than before. I think I’ve done 16 hours, and that feels like nothing. I’ve read online that 16 is the most popular. But there’s a scheduled way to do it. I’m going to try not to eat until 7pm, which is approximately when I ate last night. It’ll be about 24 hours. I’ve never gone that long except during a stomach virus, but I always observed that I felt *great* the day after a stomach virus, as though my immune system was working again. Fasting the whole day might be why.

So I’ll do this test and see how I feel. I’m also going without coffee or vivarin during that time, though not necessarily quitting. I just need a break from it. The caffeine has stopped working. I can do this because I’m off work. Work will probably force me to ruin it all. Right now I’m still in bed, still somewhat sick, though better than last night.

still sick & overcaffeinated, can’t sleep, thinking of all that I hate about online ENFPs

September 27, 2017

I’m still grouchy and sick and all I feel is hate. The mind control system really is an AI that attaches to whatever you’re doing and merely continues it, so for instance, if you’re already sick, it just encourages you to keep thinking sick and miserable thoughts. In the real world, the free world, you’re able to think thoughts that will cure your own sickness and ease your suffering and solve your problems. But the Artificial Stupidity only knows how to copy whatever you’re doing, and do more of the same – not how to oppose what you’re experiencing and lift you up out of it and change the direction.

So they’re making me keep complaining about things I’ve seen in the ENFP forum, in my head. But if I were free, that’s not what I’d be doing.

There was one girl who did a perfect example of the ENFP whore behavior, followed by the inevitable, “Gasp of horror! I’m being stalked!” response. She took a selfie of herself with a miniskirt on, with the photo focused on her spread legs coming out from under the miniskirt, and was all bubbling about “How awesome do I look in this miniskirt??? Is it whorey enough?????” And then the post said, “Edit, I don’t accept random friend requests, sry.” This is the TYPICAL EXAMPLE of how these fucking whores behave. All of them. Let’s take a selfie of my spread legs and/or boobs hanging out and all my makeup on, talk about how I love to do drugs and have sex, then get shocked and horrified because, gasp, men are stalking me! Those men are crazy and evil! I’m a glorious light being who can do no wrong! Women shouldn’t be raped because of the way they’re dressed and how they taunt and seduce everyone and reject anyone who doesn’t have enough money or muscles, and call those people stalkers and convince everyone they’re evil and deserve life in prison.

It’s this behavior of blocking people on social media who are merely trying to communicate, saying they’re “acting crazy.”

sick headache, trying to rest

September 27, 2017

For hours I’ve had that sick headache again, like I had the day I caught this cold. I feel like throwing up, and I’m trying to rest instead of cleaning out the other tent. I also rested a lot this afternoon because it was 95 degrees in my tent. I don’t know what the outside temp was, but the tent remained 95 even when I had the door wide open to let air in.

My being sick might partly explain this feeling, but some of it is genuine. There were two incidents on facebook where an ESFP got together with their INTP dual from socionics forums. One of the pairs claims to be engaged. These are “famous” forum members I’ve known for years. They did have a socionics meetup which I didn’t go to. I’m in the midst of chaos, as always. Maybe they met there.

My feeling was, I got very angry seeing this. I can find plenty of ENFP duals, although few who know socionics, but all of them are shallow fucking retards. The one “famous” ENFP in socionics is someone who I don’t find attractive AT ALL, and he’s terse (non-sensitive, shallow), not verbose. He also of course is physically unattractive too. I have to have longhaired ENFPs who are verbose and gifted. I’m not a normal person, so I can’t just grab any old dual and be satisfied with them. The stupid morons and sociopaths in the ENFP forum are not attractive to me; >90% are female. They want to relentlessly take selfies, talk about sex & drugs, have shallow discussions with an attention span 30 milliseconds long about superficial and unimportant things, answer questions with two-word sentences, emojis, stickers (little pictures in facebook), or memes, or complain about the trivial way someone offended them and how they blocked that person and then called the police on them for stalking, then convinced everyone the victim was in the wrong (“Glorious Light Being” complex or delusional sociopath). All of these fucking people do that same stupid shit. And I think they’re not *all* mistyped ESFPs, who are *less* fucking crazy!

doh! hornets are active at night!

September 27, 2017

I left the tent for a while because there was a huge black and white hornet, like a queen, flying around in there, the tent I’m trying to take down. I got here to Uni-Mart and got online and googled it to find out if they’re active at night. Of course! They’re the only ones that are! Other wasps aren’t, just the hornets.

Thinking about intermittent fasting, but not yet

September 27, 2017

I actually wrote this earlier in the day than my other posts, but it’s on my laptop so I wasn’t able to post it.

11:47 AM 9/27/2017

I’m not yet fasting, I’m just thinking about preparing to fast, and reading a little bit about it to encourage myself.

I saw Kat fasting during Ramadan. She was required to fast during the entire day, then eat only at night. I don’t know the restrictions on what she was allowed to eat. She also spontaneously quit caffeine and quit smoking during that fast. Ramadan lasts for, what, a month? It’s not an extreme fast. Millions of Muslims are able to do it.

My lingering fat is something that hasn’t gone away on its own. In the past, if I ever gained weight temporarily, it would just go away on its own, maybe if I changed one small thing, like I would stop drinking milk for a while.

My nutrition overall has been so extremely bad for years while I’ve been camping that I’m not in a nutritionally good place to start fasting. Just because I’m alive and I haven’t dropped dead doesn’t mean I’m getting good nutrition. Good nutrition is when you eat some plant foods raw, anything that doesn’t have toxic antinutrients in it, and eat some meat raw, including organ meats. I have yet to get organ meats because I haven’t had a refrigerator all this time, and I can’t build food storage infrastructure in the woods when the police are able to destroy it.

Fasting starts with resisting the urge to eat for only * a couple minutes * . There are people who eat at an hour of the clock, and that’s not me. I do not eat at a particular clock hour. I completely ignore the clock. I eat when I feel the urge to eat.

However, most urges to eat are caused by withdrawal from addictive foods. Sometimes this ‘withdrawal’ is actually when the food is going through your large intestine. It’s like you start absorbing the molecules again and it triggers a craving. I’ve noticed the cravings for something often happen not long before a bowel movement, which is why I know that the food was in the large intestine. So for instance, you might drink milk one day, and then when the milk is going through your large intestine about to be excreted, you feel a craving for milk again.

Milk is an addictive substance. It contains opioid proteins. Some types of milk contain fewer of these proteins, such as A2 milk instead of A1 milk.

All nightshade vegetables are addictive drugs, so that means you feel nicotine cravings for tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, hot peppers, eggplants, and tobacco, and all spices made from those those. They all contain nicotine-like substances that end with -ine, such as tomatine. If you have ever tried to stop eating those foods, such as in the Stage 1 Feingold Diet, you will know how extremely addictive they are. People doing the Stage 1 Feingold Diet will say things like, ‘I can’t imagine life without tomatoes.’ The world looks bleak and boring and unbearable without tomatoes. Is that because they just taste good? No, they are an addictive drug containing a nicotine-like substance. It’s like quitting smoking.

You also get extremely intense cravings for garlic and onions and any spices containing them. A huge number of foods add garlic as a spice or secret ingredient. It is everywhere. I literally go into garlic withdrawal if I eat fresh garlic. I get this extremely intense desire for more garlic later.

These cravings are the primary cause of all desire for food. Sugar craving is another, but I don’t talk about that one much because everyone else already talks about it and nobody ever mentions that nightshades and garlic are addictive drugs.

Also, caffeine addiction. If you get rid of all the other food addictions, like nightshades and onions, you suddenly find it’s easier to quit caffeine. Nightshades trigger caffeine cravings. Quit coffee, and then eat some salsa, and you’ll suddenly have an unbearable desire to fall off the wagon and have some coffee again. I know it from personal experience.

When you start fasting, it begins with merely the first few minutes of resisting the craving. You don’t *need* the calories, although I would argue that our nutrition is so horrifyingly bad in terms of not getting minerals or vitamins, especially *real* minerals and vitamins (not synthetic, not in unnatural forms), and other beneficial food substances (such as the thousands of unnamed, unknown substances in raw organ meats, including secondhand hormones that our body is able to use, or raw blood sugar, which actually prevents Inuits and other people from going into ketosis), that we do actually have a need for proper nutrition before fasting. We are starting from such a terrible starting point, and then depriving ourselves even more. However, if you only fast for a couple days at a time, that’s not so bad.

I normally tried to troubleshoot the causes of my temporary fat gains. I would notice, for instance, if I used antidepressants I’d get fat. But now, I’ve been unusually fat for over a year, and it *just won’t go away* no matter what. I do not know the reason. I drank that one cup of alcohol by accident, not knowing what it was, and it seems to have correlated with that. A single cup of alcohol is all that you need to get a beer gut forever that won’t go away. I’m fairly sure that’s the cause. It kills or deforms the cells in your adipose tissue so they are permanently enlarged or distorted in some way.

So, after all this time of not seeing the fat go away on its own, it’s time to start using the conventional belief system: get rid of fat by burning calories and not taking in more calories.

I don’t count calories, and I won’t be counting calories now. But fasting for a couple days doesn’t require any counting.

I noticed beneficial results when I deliberately fasted for only a *couple hours*. I resisted the urge to eat. In one sense, the urge to eat went away, although another kind of urge to eat became stronger, and I ate more than usual whenever I did finally eat. But the urge that went away was the addictive craving. That will be the desire for milk, cheese, garlic/onions, and nightshades, and any other addictive foods with drugs in them. Oh yes, corn chips – I’m pretty sure corn chips have actual nicotine in them. It comes from the neonicotinoid pesticides applied to the plants. They use those because it makes the corn addictive, not because neonicotinoid pesticides are more effective than other pesticides. They’re literally putting nicotine on corn for the purpose of making humans crave it. I don’t get that same sensation of corn addiction when I eat organic corn chips, which is how I know it comes from
neonicotinoid pesticides.

I think that’s the right word. I’m not online.

Anyway, you resist the first urges for food for only an extremely short time. You *can* watch the clock if it helps you. You can say you’re gonna refuse to eat for only ten more minutes, while suffering a painful craving, and then allow yourself to eat. These cravings are real, and they are from drugs in the food. If you change your diet so it’s drug-free, it’ll be much, much easier to begin a fast. You’re already not craving anything, and you’ll already be well nourished. That’s ideally how I’d like to start it.

I don’t start fasting when I’m under huge stress, and right now, I’m moving from the tent, or rather doing a cleanup project. This is an unusual, non-routine activity. Now is not the time to start a fast. I also don’t start a fast when I have a bunch of food packages here already opened up, or anything that’s going to expire and go to waste.

A good way to stop eating would be to leave all your money and all your debit cards at home. But at my job, I would still be able to eat leftover pizza, one of the worst possible foods to eat while trying to fast, because it has all the addictive drugs rolled into one – GMO wheat, which has the addictive pesticides on it and also opioid proteins; tomatoes with tomatine, cheese with opioid proteins, garlic in the sauces, and CAFO meat with drugs fed to the animals. I’m sure there are others in there that I haven’t listed. It’s designed to be an addictive food, not a nourishing food.

I’m not fasting yet, I’m just encouraging myself to do it. I tried it for a couple hours, a couple days ago, right after my period ended. During the menstrual cycle, there is a buildup right before the menstrual period where you become extremely hungry and want to eat a lot. But immediately during and after the period, you suddenly stop wanting to eat a lot. Appetite plummets suddenly due to the hormone changes. That was the moment when I experimented with fasting for a few hours, over two or three days. I only resisted the urge to eat for a little while, just a few hours. I felt that I wanted food, but allowed myself to wait a while, which I was able to do because I had woken up and had to work later in the evening. Going to my job is the #1 reason why I cannot diet or fast. I would just sleep for a couple days while fasting if I wasn’t forced to work as a slave.

There will be a time in the future when I own some land. I will live on that land, and pay the ‘rent’ for that land (taxes, mortgage), but I am going to start foraging and hunting there, and I’m not going to be spending all my money on food anymore, and at that time, I’m not going to want to work at a normal job. I will need only enough money to pay the slaveowners their landrent.

I took a vivarin a while ago, but I’m not up yet. I have to work on the other tent, taking it down and getting rid of whatever I’m throwing away. Now isn’t the time to fast, but it will be soon. Fasting over the winter, for instance, is a normal thing to do. That is what we are able to do.

Slavery – I want my land. (I also need a new keyboard so I don’t have to hit ctrl-v to type the letter w.) I want my land, and I want to help other slaves, those who are willing and able to see my vision along with me. The Anaya will have a monastery on my land, and that is where the people will be healed.

another brief post from the tent

September 27, 2017

I’m on my second day off. I cannot go into work no matter how badly they need help. This move to the rv is my highest priority.

I want to leave no trace. When I take down a camp, I don’t leave garbage. I have sometimes left a few biodegradable objects, only because I don’t like throwing those things in the trash – I once left a little round basket made of whatever baskets are made of, wood or reeds or whatever. Or food, that kind of thing.

I actually put toilet paper into trash bags even though it’s biodegradable, because it’s unsightly and bright white and gross. I don’t make a latrine. It’s funny, Steve thinks in terms of “traditional” camping, and I remember him telling me I needed a shovelto do things like dig a latrine. If you’re alone, there’s no need to do anything special with waste. There’s no one else here to be offended by it.

I’m taking a rest now, but a while ago I pulled the tarps off the other tent so I could open it up and be able to see. Damn it, I need to get into my autocorrect dictionary and remove “AMD.” When I type the word “amd,” I *never* mean it as the acronym.

How do I train my replacement for the leader of Anaya? Anaya is global and must spread everywhere, creating colonies in every town on every continent, and it will have its own independent economy. They will trade with each other and seek to reduce the price of land everywhere they go.

Crystals – I can feel them even when they’re not touching my skin

September 27, 2017

I am getting used to my quartz pendulum bracelet that I bought. I also have the shungite pyramid. The quartz crystal is piezoelectric – if you press on it, it generates electricity – and this is real, “scientific” electricity. I can feel it when I hold it above my skin not touching. It’s like painting or drawing. My hands have to make decorative swirling movements. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. I’m just exploring.

I need to do intermittent fasting, with mineral water. I need optimal extreme nutrition on those times when I do eat, not junk food. I need to quit caffeine too.

I posted that previous post late because the unfinished post was sitting here on my phone and I never sent it. I’m actually in bed. I moved the trash bags.

I’ve gotten out of bed and I’m waiting to get the truck

September 27, 2017

The smell of these rubber tires just reminded me of scuba diving. I’ve got to go someday! To get certified, you have to swim for an extremely long time. I’d have to practice for months.

Struggling to use a broken keyboard; preparing for a major cleanup project; continuing to talk about Cillian Murphy’s type in socionics forum

September 26, 2017

1:45 PM 9/26/2017

I have three days off (note: I need to buy another keyboard to plug into this laptop – several keys are not working right, including the double u key. I might have to even write two uu’s every time I need a double u.).

I intend to clean up the garbage around the camp. This is no small thing. I don’t mean I have garbage strewn about. I have tons of bags, and also a lot of ruined blankets and sleeping bags in the second tent, the old one that got holes ripped in it from some animals getting in there to eat some garbage.

This is going to be dozens of trips up and down the path carrying extremely heavy bags. I have a dolly that I will use in the middle of the night, but even with the dolly it’s hard to do, especially while trying to be quiet.

I am not ready to actually move myself to the RV yet, but after doing this trash cleanup project, I will have only my current tent that I’m sleeping in, which has a lot less stuff in it.

I’m also going to put together, and charge the battery on, the scooter, and then test it. I don’t quite know yet how I’m going to test it. I knouu it isn’t able to go the whole distance from State College to Bellefonte.

Spellcheck is gonna love the double U. But I’m using notepad right nouu so I can’t even see things being underlined. In my rental truck, if I can remember to do it, I should go shopping and get another keyboard. I need my money for other projects or I’d just get a new computer too. The UU key sometimes uuorks, but only intermittently and unpredictably. I aluuays try to press it at least once, and it uuill sometimes uuork.

Ugh, that’s truly fucking annoying. Oh well – hey, it uuorked.

Anyhow, that’s the project….

except that Art quit his job. Art was an annoying guy of unknown socionic type who was basically hated by everyone in the store. (note: I forgot to ever tell the point of this story, which was, they want me to come in and help fill his shifts, and it’s horrible timing for me, and I’m going to have to say no.) I suspected he could theoretically be some kind of Gamma, possibly an ISFJ. He used steroids, and I’m pretty sure that’s uuhy he uuas so annoying. His steroids uuere for asthma. He used an inhaler many times, at work, and the constant louu dose of steroids probably affected his mood. He uuas the uuhiniest, bitchiest, angriest, most complainingest person in the uuhole store. Maybe he uuasn’t an ISFJ, maybe some other type, I really don’t knouu, maybe ISTJ, I just don’t know.

Well, he quit his job, and he said it was partly because of an incident, or mainly because of the incident, uuhere Blaire left early or something, and he started half an hour early to cover her shift, or something, and then he got in trouble for doing that. Apparently that uuas the last straw.

Ugh. I’m so sorry about that double u. I really will try to get a new keyboard. I have other letters that aren’t always working properly too. The right shift doesn’t uuork, so I’ve gotten in the habit of aluuays using the left shift for everything, and so when I go back to actually having one that uuorks it’s going to be really uueird.

I was using ctrl-v to paste a double u, sometimes, too. I just wanted to try a different method today. Ctrl-v is kind of uncomfortable to push.

I’m still too tired to get out of bed. I’m just resting. I walked a long way a couple days ago. I’m recovering from that long walk. I came from College 9 Theatre by Lowe’s all the uuay to Walnut Springs Park. I don’t know how many miles it is. I was watching Dunkirk again, trying to get a feel for Cillian Murphy’s character. we’re still talking about him in the forum. A lot of women really love him.

The character he chose to play was like this. (I’m going to try to use ctrl-v again for a while and see how it feels – ugh, that’s so annoying.) They saw him initially sitting on top of a boat that was upside down floating in the water. He was alone. It was a dramatic scene with his coat or something flapping in the wind. He mostly hides his face, partly because he is so recognizable, and he seems to feel a need to play characters for whom his physical beauty has been taken away or it isn’t an option for him to use it – he played Scarecrow in a Batman movie.

The small boat picks him up, and he’s shellshocked. He freaks out when he finds out they’re going to Dunkirk, when he thought they were going to England. He gets in a fight and hurts an innocent kid there, a teenage kid who bumps his head against some object and falls down the stairs. He must have freaked out *really* badly and must have been thrashing around a lot, because he hurt this kid so badly he eventually dies. This is for the purpose of adding drama to the movie.

He plays a character that does something wrong and is not an admirable person. In his state of being shellshocked he appears to be a ‘coward,’ and is only concerned with himself and nobody else. I’m anti-war and I might have been anti-war even back then in WWII, I don’t know – so I don’t necessarily think cowardice is a bad thing. He’s not concerned about going and rescuing anybody. He’s sure they’re all going to die if they go back there.

In a later scene, when they do finally pick up the people they’re rescuing, I think I saw him helping one guy get into the boat, so he’s no longer completely ignoring them, he’s participating. That’s his character development. He’s also concerned about the kid that he hurt, and they don’t tell him that he died.

This is not a heroic character. Murphy said in interviews that he is more interested in ‘transgression,’ in people doing something that’s wrong, rather than normal people doing normal things. That’s a more challenging character to play and less boring. This is relevant to his socionic type, but I don’t know how to interpret it.

I and others observed that he played characters who had some kind of severe emotional trauma in the past that was affecting their behavior in the present, and he has to understand why that character is doing what they do. How come this particular guy got shellshocked, but no one else did? All those other crowds of people seem to be functioning normally. We know that they’re scared too, but they’re still functioning. How come he alone is the one who got traumatized so badly that he’s unable to function? why is he different from the other guys? why are they stronger than he is?

I was smelling the essential oils this morning, and they made me feel hope and happiness. I know some of them contain effective
antidepressants. These are legal, over-the-counter oils that come from legal plants. The drug effects are mild. But they do something.

Oh, about the blueberries on Mt. Nittany – I went back there looking for them. They are still green, or they were last time, but they are also being eaten. So I think some of them are ripening, and they’re getting eaten instantly. Animals are ripping the whole thing off, all the berries. Some green ones are falling off and partially ripening on the ground, and rotting. It did not go well at all. I need my own blueberry bushes, and I need to guard them and protect them. Also, I think they are triggered by cold weather to ripen. We had a couple nights when it got down to 40 degrees (right before the hurricanes – it was as though the hurricanes were pulling down the cold wind from the north), and Jacob climbed into the sleeping bag with me. I think those are the only nights that made the blueberries ripen. I have been told they require cold weather.

So, I will definitely get my own blueberry plants. I absolutely will do this for sure. I don’t know how I will make them cold enough. I will keep them in pots at first, until I get my own land to grow them on.

Maybe I’ll take a break from writing – this double u key is too annoying. I do need to start getting up, and go rent the truck so I can work on this cleanup project. Work needs to be done – or we can call it UUork. UUhatever UUorks. Spellcheck is gonna have a field day with this one.

Churches that fit the criteria of local mind control churches; also, space exploring for other reasons

September 25, 2017

I’m still in the tent typing on my phone. Typo previous post: “together” is “to gather.” Offline, can’t fix it, didn’t see it before I sent it.

First, have you seen those underwater robots exploring the deep ocean? I want one of those for every type of environment: ocean, space, and deep underground. Thy are exploring for many reasons, and I wanted to say that I want to colonize space, and that is one of several missions – my comment about looking for mind control satellites is the one that I was hearing voices about. But that’s not the only mission. Just to have the fun of seeing for myself, and doing it, and having the adventure! It can be for positive reasons.

Second, it’s easy to find your local mind control church. It’s on the edge of town far back from the road and surrounded by large fields of mowed grass. They play extremely loud horrible music at ear-damaging volumes for a contemporary young audience. They are relatively newly built churches. Older churches in the middle of town are also associated with mind control, but it’s less obvious, and I can’t do my church investigation project right now. The ones that are REALLY obvious are the rock music churches.

And one of these days, I’m gonna attend a Joel Osteen church. Joel Osteen – allegedly my socionic dual – if you write prayers on his website, under the heading “Hope For Today / Pray Together” (I’m offline, it’s something like that), the church mind control mafia will answer your prayers. They will also interrogate you with voices in your head.

I’m on my way to work now. It’s a long day.

The Couch Mafia, The Assembly of God, and other local mafias

September 25, 2017

This title makes it sound like I’m gonna write a real article, but it’s more of a note to self. I’m in the tent, I have a cold and feel like crap, and I’m typing on my phone.

I woke up this morning hearing voices, because yesterday I was frustrated about finding the type of grassroots space project I was looking for, although later on my brother found a better example. The thing I found first was a page where the emotion being expressed was like, “Isn’t it sad that you and I, us real ordinary people, can’t go into space? Let’s make a space themed living room decoration and pretend we can!” It felt like that.

I’m aware that the mind control comes from several different sources. That’s the whole point – to investigate and together information about which aspects of the system are in space.

The local mafias – lying in bed “they” mentioned the Assembly of God as an example. Christ Community Church, the one Matthew and Hannah went to, is affiliated with them. Some pamphlet mentioned them. They used local mind control signals inside the church. You and anyone can see for yourself. It was hypnotic brain entrainment openly done on a room full of people in broad daylight. You’ll feel yourself suddenly relaxing and wanting to sleep for no reason, and if you KNOW YOURSELF, then you know this sudden urge is abnormal, especially if you’re an atheist and you hate the music. You’ll then feel intrusive thoughts in your head during the church.

The couch mafia, real quick: to increase profits for furniture sellers, the couch mafia slashes holes in discarded couches by dumpsters, and spray paints them, so people won’t take them. I was imagining collecting all the furniture and hiding it in a rent-free gigantic underground warehouse. But whoever it is that slashes the couches would be paying attention, and they would follow my delivery truck to the secret location.

Trolls! Disinformation trolls! Do-it-yourself space exploration google results are pathetic

September 24, 2017

I’m stuck at work, typing on my phone, so I can’t do a real research project. The google result I found was the equivalent of childhood craft projects, except for adults. I’m talking about a REAL, start-to-finish project of launching some sort of object into space, albeit something small and cheap. Somehow, people know this is taboo. We – damn it, no time to write

Birds singing with bell-like tones

September 24, 2017

This is the second time I heard this here in the woods. This morning some bird was singing an extremely unusual song that sounded electromechanical, like a synthesizer. It had bell-like tones, and chirps that were like the sound of a radio being tuned. It seriously sounded like a robot bird, but the sound was beautiful. Some blue jays were with it. I tried to see it, and I figures it could only be a mockingbird, but why were there at least two blue jays following it, talking to it? It did look like it could possibly be a mockingbird, but I couldn’t see well enough. It also, or someone, made raven-like caws, but quieter than real ravens. Ravens also sometimes make very weird sounds, including bell tones, very, very weird and not what you would expect. But this morning it was a long, complex, beautiful song, and the two jays followed it like either they were mating, attacking, or just talking.

ugh, I’m sick because I’m sick

September 24, 2017

I didn’t know last night if I was just really tired and had a headache for no reason or something. But this morning I’m actually blowing my nose. I have some disease for real. I’m going in to work at 5 and hope I don’t have to keep blowing my nose.

I’m typing on my phone. This is gonna be short. I need a new computer that’s able to do the database program. I got a Schaum’s outline of databases but wasn’t able to get the database program. That was a few months ago. The book is in storage. I love Schaum’s Outlines.

I also want to finish doing the online video series from Preston Pysh (or something) about how to invest money like Warren Buffett. I’ll need satellite internet somehow, unless I can convince the campground to fix their wifi so it actually works. It’s like they just merely need to push the button and restart the router. It doesn’t work at all even close to the house that I think it comes from.

I also want a hand held harp. The one I like on youtube came up under “hand harp” as the search. It was a woman who looked Amish and the harp came from Praiseworthy Harps. I would busk with a harp, making sure not to quit the day job.

Caffeine pill isn’t curing my disease yet. How am I going to get to work like this? I hate it when I take a caffeine pill and absolutely nothing happens.

Dunkirk – Why was this historical event highlighted for us?

September 24, 2017

I’m going to walk off the sidewalk while typing this. I’m going home, sick, tired, and with a horrible headache.

I wondered why the evacuation at Dunkirk was brought to our attention just now. Apparently the Anshar are also evacuating. I had said that I perceived the absence of benevolent helpers for months now. Now I read they’re evacuating. I’m very skeptical about the solar flash and I also distrust pretty much everyone who claims to be communicating telepathically. So I made Anaya to imagine what my ideal people should do.

I need to watch Dunkirk again. I need sage smudges. I need my days off. I need to move into my RV. My head is killing me and I’m sick.

Typing Cillian Murphy ISFP (considering INFP); an extremely long rant about racism (trying to argue against it) because I have my laptop back and I can sit for hours typing a blog again; organic foods won’t sell unless they’re unavoidable

September 22, 2017

2:17 PM 9/22/2017

I’ve decided he’s ISFP, but I don’t know how to prove it, and I could be wrong.

I have my netbook back, so I can sit in the tent and type a long blog on it, and don’t have to keep sending little small blogs, but I have to be patient enough to wait until I can go someplace and get online. Sometimes I feel like I need to send the blog right away, in which case I have to use my phone.

I watched ‘Dunkirk’ the other day. And once again I saw the guy from Inception. It was the guy whose dream they were invading. I had never seen him before Inception. He has the most beautiful eyes. It’s not just the eyes themselves. They’re a very bright blue, and also very large, and deep set, with large eyelids, and very well structured bones. Weston Price would have pointed at his face and said, ‘This is how people are supposed to look.’ I don’t know what his parents did to help him grow with such perfectly formed bones. But he is an example of what people’s faces look like when they don’t have Weston Price deformities.

In Inception, he played a guy who was being sort of taken advantage of or manipulated, someone who was being wronged. And in Dunkirk, he is something similar – a shellshocked guy who is terrified of going back into a war zone, who gets into a fight as he is freaking out. Someone online said that he tends to play characters who have some emotional trauma in their background. That fits with Inception too – the disappointed father. He’s been wronged by someone in the past.

I don’t think he’s an INFP. He seems very down to earth, and never says anything that sounds whimsical, quirky, or imaginative. He’s very realistic and matter of fact. He also doesn’t express emotions in the way that INFPs do. He’s more like the people I know as my coworkers, many of whom are ISFPs. He very strongly reminds me of Kenny, a McD coworker, who I originally thought was ESFP, but ‘they’ said he was an I, not an E. And he himself told me he was more introverted, when I talked about this with him once.

I’m in the tent right now. Aunt Jean sent me a message saying they would help me move into my RV. I have to tell her that she may or may not be able to help – it depends on the timing of things. She says someone will be there, some visitor. It’s not merely that I don’t have a ride. I wasn’t ready. I needed to set up my scooter and charge it for 12 hours before it could be used. That’s the initial battery charge. I suspect I will also be adding new batteries later on, separate batteries that I have to link up to it. That’ll go along with my solar panels projects.

I can’t leave until I’m ready to go to the RV every single day to take care of Jacob. If I can’t reliably get back and forth to the RV every day, then I’m not ready to be living in it. That’s why I’ve stayed in the tent. I’m waiting till I get my days off that I requested, which is when I’ll be able to do the move, overnight.

I have experimented with short term fasting. I call it a ‘for now’ fast. I want to think of simple English words that aren’t based on Latin. Why is ‘fornow’ different from ‘intermittent?’ It’s only for now, not for ever, not for always. If it was in the past, it was forthen. Why is it in-ter-mit-tent? What do all those fragments mean?

I was reading about the speed of languages and their information density, because I was attempting to google ‘Asian brains are faster’ and ‘Asians talk at a higher speed’ and things like that, but you can’t google those things – they get you these anti-racist web pages where they do everything they can to argue that there are absolutely no differences between the physical bodies of the races whatsoever. The only things you can find on google are saying that the languages themselves are the cause of slowness or fastness. That’s not true – Asians have a faster reaction time during conversation even when they’re speaking English. They’re acknowledging things you haven’t even said yet, and moving on. This happens all the time, every day, when I am serving them as customers at the counter at work. I haven’t even said ‘Thank you, have a good day’ and they’re already responding to that sentence and walking off.

Meanwhile, the Africans take five minutes to merely pull the money out of their wallet, count out the dollar bills, decide whether they want to break a twenty, decide that they don’t want to break a twenty, so they decide they’re gonna go out to their car to get fifteen cents so they can give me two dollars and exact change so they can avoid breaking a twenty. I’m not even kidding! I wish I were kidding! They will go out to the car to get fifteen cents while we’re in the middle of a transaction, leaving it all sitting on my counter so that no other customers are able to come up and finish, even if there is a line.

If it isn’t that, then it’s them putting down a few items on my counter in front of me, then suddenly deciding they want to walk around the store and get a couple more things. Or they buy a couple things, and then after they get their change, they want to go around the store and buy more things and do a whole new transaction, as if they didn’t know how much they would be able to afford with that amount of money. Or I’m halfway through taking their money, and they suddenly decide that right now, they want to go get one of the cigars. Then it has to be added on, or if I’ve already completed the sale and the drawer has opened up, I just get out their change and start a whole new transaction. They can’t just buy it all in one run, and have plenty of extra money to be sure it’s covered, and not have to ask me questions like ‘How much is this? How much is this?’ while picking up three or four random small things they want to add.

I’m not sure why the theme is racism today.

I had said about fornow fasting. The anti-racism pages on the internet, which hide the truth about the real physical differences in the bodies and in the intellectual abilities and personalities and behavior of the races (but they’re allowed to say that a particular dog breed has a particular kind of temperament!), were saying that certain languages were spoken faster because they had less information density, like Spanish, which has a whole bunch of extra syllables that serve no purpose at all except for error-checking – does it end with o or a? But this is not the whole truth.

Anyway, they said English has a high information density and can be spoken more slowly. They said Mandarin was one of the slowest, which is probably because it’s a tonal language – you have to make a rising or falling or rise-fall or fall-rise or whatever for some of the vowels, to distinguish them from other words that are exactly the same, like ‘ma.’ There’s maA, or mAa, depending on when you rise and fall. And all that. That takes a couple milliseconds extra.

However, people who speak tonal languages often have perfect pitch in music! I read that somewhere else. There is a benefit to using tonal language.

So I wonder once again about the Latin words that have been
incorporated into English. What synonyms could I use for
‘incorporated’ that would make me sound less educated, but which would say basically the same thing, without losing any *important* nuances? Nuances would be lost, but do those nuances always matter? Which English words came originally from English untouched by Latin and Greek?

The racism theme is not my original intention. It’s something that results from pressure from the voices. I want to make Anaya global. Anaya must have colonies in every part of the world, on every continent, in every town. That means everything, including Africa, including the parts of the USA where lots of Africans live (the southeast), including the parts of Central America and the islands where lots of Africans live – some of which are African Native Americans who were here before Columbus.

‘They’ have noticed something, which I have to admit is true. It really is true that I have a greater likelihood of disliking an African. It really is true that I have emotional reactions to them which I am not expressing out loud, as I’m still being polite and civil to them. I have observed that they really are preoccupied with sex more than ‘my race,’ whatever that is, since I have a single drop of Native American blood somewhere back on Mom’s side, in addition to my Irish-German-English-Welsh-Something side. The *way* that they’re preoccupied with sex is *different*. It’s expressed differently.

Also, I have always disliked music by Africans. I don’t like the sound of their voice as they sing. They definitely have a different vocal timbre which is recognizable. They also have slurred speech. I read somewhere that the word ‘Arab’ meant something like ‘clear speaker,’ to distinguish them from the rest of the Africans who have unclear, slurred speech, due to the different shape of their mouth, tongue, and lips. It isn’t merely because their lips are large. There’s something else inside, something in the shape, that causes slurred speech.

And the music itself is always shallow, lacking nuances, banal. Their observations are banal. When they say something, suggesting that it’s deep and meaningful and insightful and intelligent, it always feel to me like it’s childishly banal, like something I thought of when I was five years old and have long since gotten past.

Maybe they suggested racism to me today because of how intensely I admire Cillian Murphy’s physical beauty and his whole way of being, the whole aura of him. He’s also from the general area of Ireland, and I myself have deep set blue eyes, although I have Weston Price facial deformities.

But I insist Anaya is global, meant to encompass all the members of the human race no matter where they live and no matter where they came from or what race they are. Anaya would make the biggest difference for Africans. They tend to be the most clueless and the most far behind with regard to their health knowledge. They are the worst in terms of picking up the most horrible health habits from modern society and then refusing to give up those health habits, or being behind the times in their knowledge, decades behind, so they are saying knowledge that we were told in the 1980s as though it’s a new thing they’re only just discovering now.

They’re the ones who need Anaya the most, because Anaya regulates the type of food you eat and the chemicals you are exposed to. Anaya laws forbid chemicals in food and chemicals used for other purposes.

I view the Anaya laws as ‘achievements.’ You ‘achieve’ compliance with some law. You can be at the lowest level of achievement, but still be Anaya. There is the most general group of Anaya, people who have joined but haven’t achieved anything at all yet. They might call themselves Anaya but fail forever to achieve compliance with any standards. Achieving compliance with one of the standards is something to be extremely proud of and it increases your value. So you can achieve compliance with the grooming standards or the diet standards or the chemical-free lifestyle standards.

Then there are going to be all sorts of teachings that you also must learn, but you don’t have to believe them, you only have to know them. Anaya cannot force you to believe something you haven’t experienced for yourself, but it can teach you something that it wants you to remember.

Specifically, Anaya teaches its people that electronic mind control is real, and that all people, everywhere, are vulnerable to being controlled, at all times, unless they are effectively shielded or effectively out of range of the attacks – which is hard to do.

The result is that we want everyone to know it’s hard to judge someone for saying something, for thinking or feeling something, for doing something, if you can’t be sure that they weren’t controlled. We should judge people less harshly due to the fact that they do not, and cannot, have complete and total self-control, in a world where everyone is vulnerable to these forces controlling them. We have *some* power to make choices, but not *total* power. Putting someone in jail for life is not the solution (I’m thinking of
antidepressant-induced mass murders, for instance).

Also, about racism, it’s illogical. Let me explain. How can you prove that every single person in your group has 100% of a particular ethnic group, and no other ethnic group at all? Do you have to DNA test every person? Does that mean that I myself would be excluded because I have one long-ago Native American in my blood? And are Native Americans considered to be as badly tainted as Africans? Which races are you allowed to have a little bit of? Which imperfections will be overlooked? How far of a distance can you go before an ethnic group changes – are all pale-skinned Europeans considered to be the same, or are redheads different from blondes who are different from brunettes? Is black hair different from medium brown hair? Is extremely light blond hair different from darker blond hair? Are extremely blue eyes different from duller grayish blue? Which differences matter enough to get you excluded? Is it okay to have been born a mile across the border of a particular country?

Back in the past, before people had transportation, their tiny little tribes used to walk around on foot, or in wooden wagons pulled by animals. These tiny tribes settled into tiny geographic regions, ‘in the hollow,’ the little valley between the hills – and the next hollow over could have a whole different tribe with a different physical appearance that was recognizable, even though they were living only a few hundred feet away. That’s a different ethnic group! Are we judging people based on micro-ethnicities?

The Nazis are frequently being mentioned in the UFO disclosure news. The Nazis also infiltrated the USA’s scientific community. The voices in my head have been pressuring me for a while now to become more racist against Africans. There are grains of truth in it, grains of truth in my lifelong dislike of music by Africans in particular. Music was the first thing I noticed.

I had a best friend in college, Valencia, who was black. She was INFJ, my socionic activator. But certain things about her frustrated me. And I can see it now – she was *always* lusting after some guy, some new guy every week, it seemed, and obsessing over every little thing he said to her. I was lusting after guys too, and I had crushes, and yes, my crushes were the center of the world to me, and Rachael and I used to talk about our crushes… but something was different in the way we expressed it, the way we thought about it, and it doesn’t seem to be merely because of our personality types. Another INFJ who wasn’t black would behave in slightly different ways. It’s so hard to explain, and I can’t quantify it or put it into words easily. There is a real difference in how Africans behave.

Does that mean I want all of them dead, through genocide? No, it just means I prefer to be in locations where I have less contact with them. It also means that if I do interact with Africans, it *greatly matters* that they must have a higher than average IQ, and they must have a compatible personality type – incompatible personalities are greatly intensified.

But ‘they,’ the voices, say that if I’m making an intentional community, and if I acknowledge that I personally prefer to interact less with black people, then shouldn’t I make a community where I invite in only white people? Shouldn’t I listen to my personal preferences? Why would I tolerate something I dislike happening in the community that I myself am designing for the purpose of building the type of world I want to live in?

Africans resist malaria if they have half of the sickle cell anemia gene, but not full-blown sickle cell anemia. Africans also process calcium better than white people do. I forget the exact details. They’re basically able to get more calcium and use it better, while eating less of it, and probably with less vitamin D.

But it’s this question, and I’m being pressured by the voices in my head to admit my real racism, which is lifelong and which nobody taught me. My disgust for music by Africans has only increased over time, but nobody ever taught me explicitly that music by Africans was bad. I just feel that it’s shallow. Even though I don’t like much music by white people either, there are at least a few things I like.

There might be some correct stereotypes about Asians, too, negative stereotypes – it might be true that they are somehow too rigid or obedient. I don’t know. I do know it’s hard for me to find Asian music that I like, and I have tried looking. It’s nearly impossible to find three-beats, although … the INFJ guy, whose name I’m not remembering, who made all those anime cartoons – he was typed as INFJ and we talked about him – he’s Japanese. Hiyao Miyazaki. In ‘Spirited Away’ there is a beautiful three-beat song at the end. I have a link to it in youtube. There are some groups of Asians who write music that I like.

Also, for some reason, I’m more strongly attracted to Koreans and Mongolians, and perhaps Japanese, and I can see a difference between them and Chinese. It was ironic, there was one of those garbage forum posts designed to inflame and troll people, basically, but the person who posted it probably thought it was good – it was about which country was which personality type. Totally arbitrary, and totally invented out of the imagination of the troll-poster who wrote the original article they were linking to – no actual method of measuring such a thing, just some person’s random opinion. But they happened to say that North Korea was ESTJ and South Korea was ENFP, and Sinapore was ISTP, and Mexico was INFJ. It just so happens that I have an attraction to a lot of those countries, although Guatemala was what I liked more so than Mexico – I have met Guatemalans and loved working with them.

Granted, this was a random troll article probably made merely to get people stirred up, because it mentioned North Korea. And the dictator, Kim Jong Un, was typed SEI (ISFP) in the socionics forum – not ESTJ.

Oh, it’s so much easier typing an insanely long blog post on my laptop!

Anyway, I like the ethnic minorities of Asia, and I want them to continue to exist. I can see the differences. Not all Asians are the same. I can’t tell you which one is which merely by looking at them, though. I like it that we have people in Nepal, Tibet, Vietnam, Mongolia, Siberia, those nearby -stan countries, Korea, and other areas, which have mixed groups of people with unusual traits. I love it that they’re mixed. They’re beautiful and unusual, and I want to see more mixing.

If I am so happy to see the racial mixing in Asia, and to see the racial differences, and to have a desire for those differences to flourish instead of being wiped out and made uniform, then doesn’t that same logic apply to Africa, even though I don’t like Africans? I would prefer that Africans be encouraged to mix with other races, rather than saying they need to be genocidally destroyed to get rid of particular traits that I don’t like, which would have to be fully articulated and described and measured and quantified, and there would have to be some cutoff.

Yeah, if the whole world were primarily full of almost nothing but Africans, and very little else, then I would genuinely be frustrated by that and would have a desire to see the increase of alternative races that had little or no mixing. But that’s not what the world is like. The world is full of a whole bunch of different groups of people with different characteristics, so we do have alternatives, lots of them. It’s possible to go someplace where there are fewer African people if you have a desire to see less of them in your day-to-day life.

I can admit that I sincerely dislike Africans, and that I see real differences between them and me, and that I would prefer to see less of them in my daily life (unless they are strongly sharing my values, and compliant with Anaya – anyone who is complying with Anaya is helping me to further my vision, and I appreciate them).

I put all that in parentheses, but it’s worth mentioning. Who is my friend – a white person who is advocating bottle feeding babies with chemical-filled baby formula, advocating circumcision, advocating horrible haircuts for everyone, advocating a chemical-filled lifestyle and the chopping down of every tree, advocating a world of nothing but concrete and asphalt covering every inch of the soil – is that person my friend?

Or, alternatively, a black person who is wearing their hair long and natural, not straightened, who believes in breastfeeding, natural childbirth, anti-circumcision, body integrity or intactness, a clean environment with trees growing, permaculture, who believes in the reality and the danger of electronic mind control – is that person my friend, or are they not my friend, merely because I can feel that they have an annoying way of feeling and expressing sexual desires, a sex drive greater than mine, and their way of expressing their
intellectual insights is somehow shallow, banal, and superficial in a way that I can’t really quantify or explain or describe – but yes, it’s there, and I feel it – are they my friend, or is the former person my friend?

I know from experience that I can’t convince a white person to change their values and behaviors to agree with what I want them to do, if they don’t already feel that way. If I find a black person whose feelings and values are similar to mine, even though I don’t feel intellectually stimulated by a conversation with them, are they my friend more than the white person is?

I can only say that some of my discussion of racism is coming from what the voices in my head are saying. They really do pressure me to exclude black people from my Anaya community, but to me, that defeats the purpose of Anaya and violates my vision and values. It also violates my logic. If I exclude someone else for their race, I would have to exclude myself, unless I can specifically describe exactly what it is that I’m excluding them for, and measure it. And if I can measure and describe this behavior, then I would also be able to forbid it. I could say, ‘Stop doing X, and you’ll be compliant with Anaya.’

Anaya is primarily about physical things in the material world. That is why I call it a practical religion. It actually isn’t focused on ‘ethics’ so much, which is what makes it different from other religions. That’s the whole reason why I *need* to create my own religion. If all I cared about were non-material things and ethics, then I’d be perfectly happy being a Christian, because Christianity is all about imaginary things.

I read something recently that was very well written, but I don’t know if I can find it again with a google search. I searched for something like ‘critiques of spiritualism’ or something like that, and found an article that said everything I wanted to say about David Wilcock and Corey Goode and the Law of One.

One of the best quotes from that article said, ‘Christianity can tell you to do unto others as you’d have done to you – but it can’t help you lose weight.’ Amen! That is the VERY THING that I dislike about religion! It has absolutely no practical value for your physical body and your physical lifestyle and your health. Or if it ever does have anything to say about that, people tend to ignore it (for instance, it tells you that you can eat meat – but people call themselves Christians without ever reading the bible, and become vegetarians, and ignore some parts of the bible as they please).

The purpose of Anaya is that it CAN ‘help you lose weight,’ although actually I would qualify that statement with some reservations. Its explicit purpose is not weight loss, but proper nutrition. It will give you extremely good nutrition, with things like raw organ meats, and foraged fruits and vegetables and nuts, some of which will be raw, but others will be cooked because they are toxic or indigestible. If you lose weight as a side effect, then we’re happy, but you might not necessarily lose weight.

Anaya is a practical lifestyle where good health and properly formed children’s bodies are the explicit goal. It *does* tell you the details of how to live your daily life in the real world. So I call it a practical religion.

But that means that its focus is not going to be so much on how you behave socially. I am less interested in that and less focused on that. I am not going to say, ‘You’re talking too much about sex, and I don’t like that, and I don’t like your lack of detailed nuances in your insights – you’re going to have to try harder to have some deeper insights and be more intelligent, or you’re outta here!

Anaya *does* use socionics as a tool for the design of its intentional communities, but Anaya does not claim to have invented socionics. It is a separate tool that I will use, with great restrictions on its use. People are able to misuse it very badly – for instance, people who mistype themselves because of the j/p switch for introverts, the ‘cognitive functions’ in the Jungian Cognitive Functions school of thought. I am going to use EEG typing, which comes from Dario Nardi, but which will be changed to reflect socionics, and which will use the function names like Model A…

Except I want Anaya to do its own original research. We would have new names for the functions, instead of ‘Si’ and ‘Se’ and so on. We would refer to the brain regions and what they do, such as F8 and FP1.

I also want Anaya to invent a way to EEG type someone without putting the electrodes on their scalp, because people with thick dreadlocks cannot do that. I had thick dreadlocks for a few years in the past. You can’t get down to the scalp with an electrode. I want people to be typed from around the edge of the hair, on their forehead, the back of the neck, behind the ears, everything around the edge of the hair. There’s got to be an extremely minimalistic way to type someone, by using only one single electrode in one single place. I feel that this must be true. There must be one location where you can determine their entire personality type using only one point of touch. It is probably going to be the forehead, but I need to do experiments to find this out. It might also be the back of the neck, or the shoulder blade innervation place where allegedly all the nerves come together. I want to find this point and use it.

One thing about Anaya: it promises to fix the future, but not the past. Many times we cannot undo permanent damage done to us in the past, but we are able to prevent it from happening in the future to our children. That is a very important orientation of Anaya. Rules for prevention more than curing. Just don’t ever let something happen to you, and you won’t have to cure it. It is possible to completely prevent an enormous number of problems with that orientation.

This is why Anaya welcomes people who have already been damaged. If you got a tattoo in the past, you can join Anaya, but Anaya forbids tattoos. There is no way to remove a tattoo. I don’t care if you say they can be bleached or changed so they’re not visible – the ink particles are still inside your skin, and you can’t remove all those ink particles, just like you can’t remove the heavy metal particles that have been bound up inside the various parts of your flesh, inside you digestive system, in your skin, inside your teeth and gums, and so on. That is permanent damage caused by a society that allows and encourages such things – implanting tattoos, using heavy metals for tooth fillings, even wearing jewelry made of metal. I haven’t explicitly made a law forbidding metal jewelry or the touching of metal objects, but I have at least considered it. Merely touching some metal can cause problems. Merely cooking in metal pans at all, regardless of what type of metal, can cause problems. Merely using metal in your society at all can cause problems. Stone age societies had better health and thicker skulls. I suspect that the thinning of the skull bone might be associated with touching metal and absorbing metal through the skin and in the digestive system, regardless of what kind of metal. I’m not sure about this yet and it hasn’t been made into a law, it’s a hypothesis.

Anaya welcomes people who are obese. This is damage from the past. There would be other communities – the same type of place that excludes black people – who also would refuse to let in fat people. If you’re trying to make a community of people who are perfect and desirable in the *present time*, then you also have to exclude people who have been damaged by society – and once again, THAT MEANS ME. I am damaged by society. This damage is hard or impossible to undo. I am not 100% certain of what is causing my fatty layer that won’t go away. It’s a new thing and it correlated with a few specific factors that began in the last couple years. It might be because I drank a small amount of water that might have been poisoned with the chemical spill that occurred in WV in January of… 2015? I think. Freedom Industries – the same one that I think might have given my mom cancer. They said it wasn’t in our water – but I felt something that made me very sick when I drank it. I think it went everywhere into the whole aquifer. It soaked into the ground and went everywhere.

There are nudist colonies where you’re expected to have a perfect body before you’re allowed to be nude. That is *not* my orientation and it is not Anaya. Everyone is entitled to be nude immediately, right away, no matter how imperfect they are in the immediate moment. Ugly fat people, old people, people with skin problems, people with things that make them unusual such as weird moles or skin tags or birthmarks or lots of freckles, anything.

Nudity in the colony serves a purpose: to make everyone accustomed to seeing naked people, to remove the emotional charge and sexual charge. Animals walk around naked and do not become sexually aroused at the sight of other animals, *except when* those animals are in heat and are ready to mate. Bonobo apes use sex as a way of communicating socially, but it’s not ’caused by’ the sight of another naked bonobo. The sight of nudity DOES NOT CAUSE SEXUAL AROUSAL NATURALLY. This is an unnatural phenomenon caused by the fact that everyone is used to seeing people wear clothes all the time, and the naked body is something different and unusual that we rarely see, which is fleeting and ephemeral – you can only see it for a couple seconds because it happened by accident and the person quickly covers up and protects themselves – oh no! a wardrobe malfunction has the entire internet in an uproar for the rest of eternity! We’re fascinated because somebody had a wardrobe malfunction.

Anaya is disgusted with this behavior and attitude. It’s pathetic that people have to feel this way about a fleeting glimpse of nudity. Nudity should have no value. It should not be something we
desperately seek to find one tiny precious glimpse of. It should be something so common and so universal that the sight of *clothes* should be viewed as the shocking abnormality.

However, my people are going to live in Arctic and Antarctic cold, and on other planets, which our bodies aren’t designed for, so we’re going to wear clothes for warmth. But inside our colonies, where the air temperature is warm enough, we are a nudist colony by design, by intention. And the goal is to make people stop caring about nudity, because they are so used to seeing it constantly around them, nonstop. It’s not possible to constantly get over-excited about the sight of something which you are seeing 100% of the time, at all hours of the day, everywhere you look, without finally getting used to it and calming down. Your brain would get fried by this constant
overexcitement. You would use up all the neurotransmitters until they were completely numb, and yet you would continue seeing the naked people surrounding you all the time, nonstop. You would no longer be physically capable of experiencing overexcitement at the sight of nudity. Your brain would be *forced* to become totally numb to the sight of nudity. That is how the world is supposed to be! That is the right way to be. You are supposed to be indifferent to nudity. Another day, another 2,000 naked people walking down the street. Yawn. I have better things to worry about. I have other stuff to do. Who cares about naked people. I’m not going to surf the internet looking for naked people anymore because I just saw 37 of them walking down the street outside. That is the attitude that Anaya wishes to create in the world – indifference to nudity, so that it is an absolute non-issue, because it is unimportant.

It disgusts and annoys me that people think of nudist colonies as something sexual. Hey! I’m gonna look at pictures of nudist colonies because it’s wanking material! No, it’s not. It’s EXACTLY THE SAME AS PEOPLE WEARING CLOTHES. If a person standing there in a neutral, non-sexual position, wearing clothes, is wanking material for you, then a person standing there doing exactly the same thing naked is wanking material for you. A person who is standing in the kitchen cooking a meal, fully clothed, is not seen as wanking material, so a person standing there naked doing exactly the same thing is not wanking material. This is how I want the world to be. Nudity and sex have absolutely no connection whatsoever to each other. The only nudity needed for sex is the minimum amount needed for sexual intercourse to occur, which isn’t very much at all.

It’s hard to explain this position, because I, of all people, am extremely reserved in my clothing, and don’t want random people on the street to be seeing me naked or seeing parts of my body. I know they will react the wrong way. They will react by expressing excessive amounts of curiosity and excessive amounts of overexcitement and excessive amounts of sexual arousal, or fear, or anxiety, when what I want most is for people to get so used to it that they take it for granted. NOBODY is programmed this way, not even me, because we don’t live in a nudist colony. You just can’t un-program yourself by a mere act of will. It is extremely hard to force yourself by a sheer act of will to stop overreacting to the sight of nudity. Even I do it. I react with disgust and annoyance at the sight of other females who are revealing too much of their body, because I know it’s done
deliberately to make people sexually aroused. Each exposed part of their body is screaming, ‘HEY! I WANT TO SEXUALLY AROUSE YOU DELIBERATELY! I’M A SEX OBJECT!’ It’s not screaming ‘NUDITY IS NEUTRAL! TAKE ME FOR GRANTED AS A NON-OBJECT!’

I even reacted to the sight of Cillian Murphy, because I decided to try to research him a little bit and then talk on the socionics forum about what type he is, after I decided that he’s beautiful and awesome and I was excited to see him in Dunkirk. I got all excited, I was like, ‘Oh hey! It’s that guy! That guy from Inception!!! Oh my gosh, I didn’t know he was in this movie! It’s him! It’s him!!!’ That was how I reacted when I figured out who he was in Dunkirk. He’s deliberately crouching, stooped over, hiding his face under his hair, which is hanging down over his eyes, hiding the very thing that makes him most instantly recognizable, as though he’s telling the world, ‘I want to be loved for something other than a physical trait that I have no control over.’ Everyone loves him for his beautiful and unusual eyes – but that’s objectifying him. He doesn’t want to be an object. He doesn’t say, ‘Bow down and worship me because I’m lucky enough to have been born beautiful.’ He wants his physical beauty to be taken for granted.

If everyone were eating the Weston Price primitive diets and avoiding all chemicals and drugs, then we would take such physical beauty for granted. It would be the norm. Everyone would be beautiful. There would be no need to be shocked by someone’s amazing beauty, because we would see it around us all the time.

I reacted very strongly when I found photos of him. He has some photos with slightly longer hair, and some photos that show a little bit of his chest hair, and I saw a link (which I didn’t click, because I thought it was clickbait and would probably not show any of what it was promising) saying they had pictures of him shirtless. I was interested in seeing those photos.

I have a pattern of sometimes finding my socionic kindred, the ISFP, to be *extremely* attractive physically. Every once in a while I will find an actor or a musician who’s an ISFP, and if I happen to be in the right mood or if I’m ovulating (I’m post-menstrual right now, which means ovulation is either happening right now or happening sometime soon), then I can have a brief, temporary, extremely intense crush on that person, but it passes with time. I do not develop a permanent obsession like I do with a physically attractive dual ENFP. A week or two from now I won’t be thinking much about Cillian Murphy anymore, other than to simply know he exists, and to possibly be curious to see other movies he’s in, but not actually falling in love with him. I can feel that he’s not my dual. Having a physical attraction to someone isn’t the same as being completely in love with them.

Anaya must use socionics as a tool to design its communities, but we will develop our own knowledge base which goes far beyond socionics and its Model A or Model B or any other model. I will use EEG for this purpose, to type people, and to understand what’s going on in their brain when they do a particular thing.

I have to go to work in a couple hours. I’m able to write a blog all afternoon sitting here in my tent because I have my laptop again. This is a form of resting. I drank coffee, but I’m still lying in bed resting. I’m not really challenged. I’m also hungry and will eat something else.

But it’s getting to be time for me to start moving.

Black people allowed in Anaya? That’s still the official law. It hasn’t changed. I admit my sincere dislike of black people, but the law remains the law. They are allowed in. That is the official rule.

My alarm is gonna go off, telling me to get ready to go to work. I just ate something and then became annoyed again. So I am back here writing.

One of the things I ate was a couple bites of an organic snack from work. They expired. Nobody bought them, for several reasons. It looked like a whole bunch of things expired – I’m not sure if what I saw was a bunch of expired products, or stuff that was new and was waiting to be put on the shelves, but not long ago, I saw tons and tons of bags of those organic apple chips.

I can’t even scratch the surface of how annoying these products are and why they failed so miserably and didn’t sell. The thing that I have, which I ate a couple of, was the expired organic chocolate covered apricots. It’s dark chocolate, because dark chocolate is supposed to be better for you than milk chocolate. Oh, I have so much to say, and I’m so annoyed (probably somewhat sick or something?), I can’t even say it all.

First off, ‘dark chocolate’ is stupid. ‘Dark chocolate’ is for idiots. I’m sorry, Dr. Mercola, I love you, but you’re advocating cacao nibs as a health food allegedly for their antioxidants. ‘Antioxidants’ are a general thing which can come from thousands of different sources. People eat chocolate because of the theobromine, theophylline, and caffeine that it contains. It is an addictive drug. There is no other reason that anyone eats chocolate. If it ‘gives you energy,’ that’s because it’s a drug, not because it contains healthy antioxidants. You can get antioxidants from *anything else on the planet*, not just chocolate, and so there is no particular reason to be advocating chocolate. It’s a DRUG.

I don’t like chocolate covered fruit. It’s disgusting. It’s one of those things that is ‘supposed to’ be good, delicious, luxurious, decadent, romantic, and so on and so forth – all of that is bullshit which only morons believe. Chocolate covered fruit is fucking disgusting and nobody likes it, which is why none of it sold. Just because it has some romanticized image of people decadently dipping strawberries in chocolate and this is ‘supposed to’ be something amazing and erotic and desirable – all that is a load of crap. Nobody really eats chocolate covered fruit, ever. I can manage to choke down a bite or two before I have to set it aside and eat something else because it’s so fucking disgusting.

Meanwhile, if they had merely been nothing but organic apricots without any sulfur, I would have wolfed them down. Fail! Trying too hard. Trying to be decadent and romantic won’t work. Decadent and romantic isn’t what the organic food movement is about. Charging an exorbitant price for something because it’s exotic isn’t what the organic food movement is about.

Organic food is like nudity: it should be everywhere, all the time (fuck! my W key isn’t working! I need a separate keyboard that I can plug in, and I need it now!). We should take it for granted. It is universal and unavoidable. There is no alternative. The only way to make people eat organic food is to force them to. The entire store must contain nothing but organic food, and not ‘decadent’ or ‘romantic,’ but as simple and mundane as possible. You must have no alternatives for sale anywhere. We’re the only store within walking distance, so you’re forced to shop here, and your only choice is organic. The organic food must come from the cheapest sellers, which means it’ll basically be a local farmer’s market.

Except there is value added by processing food in such a way as to make it ready to eat and convenient. I don’t want to see a shelf full of organic green peppers that you have to prepare yourself. I want to see a shelf full of foods that are ready to eat right now which have been made with nothing but organic ingredients. And it’s not going to be nothing but onions, tomatoes, garlic, and green peppers and hot peppers. You know what those are? ADDICTIVE DRUGS. People eat those foods because they contain variations of nicotine, such at tomatine in tomatoes, and possibly solanine in potatoes. They’re words that end with -ine. Get rid of those addictive drugs, and eat the, literally, MILLIONS, of alternative foods that exist in the world. I don’t want to see our shelves covered with organic tomatoes. It’s a world without tomatoes now. There are, literally, I could *cry*, MILLIONS of alternative varieties of foods available, other plant families out there.

I don’t care what’s popular. Being popular isn’t going to get us anywhere.

We need to normalize the things that are harder to find, the things that are *really* of value. Not just a shelf full of organic tomatoes, but a shelf full of organic dried organ meats, including unfamilar things like brain, kidney, and every single part of the animal’s body, which were grass fed and grass ‘finished.’ We need wild, non-domesticated breeds of animals. Not just the usual pigs, chickens, and cows. Not just salmon.

We need dried foods that survive indefinitely, or at least a few weeks, without refrigeration. Dried meats are especially hard to find and are always of lousy quality, like slim jims. We need the organic, grassfed, free roaming wild animal version of slim jims – made from bison or deer or something.

We did have these unusual dried meats but they got rid of them, and apparently they weren’t a big seller. This is why I say you can’t allow people to choose, because they will always choose wrong. I can quote Meryl Streep in ‘The Giver.’ Take away the competition. Don’t even sell normal slim jims anymore. Desperate people come to our store because we’re the only thing in walking distance. Let’s force them to eat our organic monopoly. Ha Ha, Organic! That’s our new motto. Ha ha, it’s organic! You’re forced to buy deer brains because there’s nothing else to eat for the next fifteen miles, and you’re walking on foot in a food desert. Deer brains are good for you, and you have to be forced to eat them because you have no other choice (yes, I am going to verify that they don’t have chronic wasting disease, and I’m going to investigate to find out whether that’s not caused by glyphosate, if it’s really a contagious disease or not).

And apple chips? Never pay money for an apple! Even if it’s organic! Apples are the lowest garbage out of all the foods available in the world. (I wasn’t aware of how often I use the W key.) You can pick up no-pesticide apples growing by neglect in the fields next to the road you walk on every day, because apple trees are growing everywhere and they are de facto organic by default! Never pay money for organic apples or any apples at all! I’m not surprised that those dozens of bags of apple chips didn’t sell.

They’re not fancy, they’re not decadent. Apple chips are a mundane survival food and must be portrayed as such, and as such, they should be *extremely* cheap. Fifty cents a pack, or twenty-five cents. If you want, you can write ‘no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizer,’ and then verify it using one of the alternatives to an organic certification, which is cheaper. Yes, they do have alternatives to organic certification.

Anaya will also make an organic certification, by the way. It is like the Kosher symbol.

I have to go now…

I forgot tomorrow was my birthday until an email reminded me. Crystals need to be cleansed with sage – I can’t wait to try this

September 20, 2017

I’m 43 tomorrow. I’m no longer 42, which means that I have only one more night to find the answer to life, the universe, and everything. I did have kind of an interesting year, in some life-related ways. Mom died, and also, I temporarily got pregnant for a couple of days. Those things both have to do with life, the universe, and everything, and they both happened during the time period of my 42nd year.

Corey Goode is doing a presentation of some sort near Philadelphia at the end of October. If I can remember, and if I can ask for days off work, and if I can get a rental car, and someone to take care of Jacob for a couple days, I would like to go, just for fun. I’m still very much watching and reading CG/DW even though I disagree about a couple of things.

What exactly do I disagree about? I believe that there will probably be hardly any disclosure at all, not even the limited disclosure, and that’s my prediction of what will really happen in reality. However, within the realm of people who are interested in these things and are actively seeking the information, there will be disclosures, just not out in the mainstream world at all. It’s limited to the people who want to know.

I also don’t believe there will be even the slightest thing happening with regard to a solar flash. I do find it interesting that they say the solar flash and solar changes are caused by a larger phenomenon happening out in space, waves or patches of energy that we are moving through, and that we might possibly be orbiting some other dwarf star – some of the things I read in Ascension Mysteries. (I ordered the other two books, but couldn’t get into them, so I haven’t read them yet, and now, they’re locked in my storage unit, so I can’t even get to them. I have to wait until I get all that stuff out of there.) But I don’t think this will trigger any DNA changes or evolution or spiritual evolution. I think we will notice almost nothing at all, although we might be able to observe long-term climate changes because of it.

I’m not feeling very well today and have no energy. I was a little bit sick the last couple days. I’m sitting in Uni-Mart right now, which is just down the street from where I’m camping, so it’s easy to reach. I had to go buy some bottled water.

I’ve had a lot of caffeine, but still am not able to think very clearly. I did something experimental the other day – I put a drop of patchouli oil on one sleeve, and a drop of citronella on the other sleeve, of the sweatshirt. I wore it and it was too strong smelling. I washed it, and I can smell it just a little bit, but it’s mostly gone. So this might be affecting me a little bit.

I just feel sort of numb, and just got over my period, and don’t have a lot to say. I’m just waiting for a couple days off which I requested, so that I can work on moving into the RV. I really do want to get a sage smudge stick, though – I have always reacted extremely well to sage and also rosemary, or the combination of the two together – when I was fully decaffeinated last winter, I was using those two and noticing huge benefits in my mental functioning. I wasn’t sure which herb, whether it was one or both, was responsible. But sage smudge sticks, which you burn, are supposed to cleanse your energy environment. I need to test these things.

I do experience electronic mind control and electronic weapon attacks, but I distinguish those from the things I feel when I’m touching crystals. The weapon attacks are usually not something that respond *consistently* in a way that I can control. They usually demonstrate that they are *not* under my control, and that’s the whole point – I’m being attacked by external forces that I can’t control, which are unpredictable and unstoppable.

The crystal sensations are not like that. I seem to trigger them fairly reliably, if I meditate while holding crystals, or putting crystals or minerals on various body parts, such as my forehead or my abdomen, while meditating. If something is reliable, then I view it as something whose causes are partly under my control. They’re not 100% under my control – brand new crystals and minerals seem to have stronger effects which fade after I’ve used them a couple times, or even just one time.

That’s why I take it seriously when people claim that crystals need to be cleansed and re-energized. It all sounds like woowoo to a scientific person, but I am directly experiencing these sensations and observing it myself, and I never call my own physical sensations woowoo. If I feel it, it’s happening, even if I can’t explain exactly how it’s happening. I can only say, *something* happens when I’m touching and holding semiprecious stones and crystals. I love them, and I always have. And if I meditate, then I absolutely, definitely, can feel something.

I feel things when I meditate in general, without stones, but when I am holding stones, I feel different things which are more specific and more intense.

I might try cleansing the stones using only water for now and energizing them in the sun, without sage yet. There’s no place where I can buy sage smudge sticks at this hour of the night. I was too tired to get out of bed and go buy them earlier today even though I was off work. I’m really hoping that this cleansing stuff is real, because it’s very disappointing when the stones only work temporarily. I shouldn’t have to keep buying new stones to make them work for only a short time.