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I actually drank the water *again*

July 28, 2015

I haven’t been drinking it at home, but I drank it at work. I just forgot. I needed something to drink in the afternoon, so I got a cup of water from the water fountain. After only an hour or so I started to get a headache and started to go crazy and get irritable. After a couple more hours I was becoming nauseated and feeling like I was going to have a convulsion, which, inconveniently, started to happen when I was riding the bus on my way to the College Buffet, a Chinese restaurant. So I wasn’t sure if I would be able to eat. I did eat, but was still nauseated. After lying in bed at home, my legs are kicking like crazy the way they were when I was having the worst convulsions.

I can’t believe I forgot. I set myself a reminder on my phone, ‘No water!’, so that I will drink nothing but bottled water at work tomorrow.

breaking rules

July 26, 2015

I have had to break all the rules and regress rather than progress. I have had to raise the amount of rent that I am willing to pay, sacrifice my desire to live in a single apartment and send emails to apartments that have other roommates, and fight against everything that I know from experience never to do. Living with roommates is destroying my life. Mary Jo suddenly decided I had to leave, right at the moment when I was just starting to recover in several ways, and I had been planning to make a longer search rather than a rushed search over a couple weeks. I had been planning to go to a single apartment. I will never make any progress unless I am in a single apartment, because I cannot share the kitchen with anyone. Nobody understands this about me. I cannot tell other people to get out of my space. If they have garbage covering every square inch of space, I cannot shove all their piles of crap into the trash where they belong so that I can use the surface. I also cannot leave my belongings unattended away from my room, so, for instance, I must carry dishes and cooking tools up and down the steps every time I use the kitchen. I will not leave tools in the kitchen. I will not mix my belongings with other people’s. Having roommates is a HUGE destroyer of all progress. I must cook for myself, which means I must have an ergonomic setup in the kitchen with tools and objects that I leave there permanently, including something like a table which is the right height for me to work on because counters are designed by morons who believe that you can get leverage cutting something when you’re five foot two and the countertop is above your waist level. I cannot make anything ergonomic, and leave it there if other housemates are sharing the kitchen. And the refrigerator is even worse. I cannot share a fridge with two other people. It absolutely does not work. I will have to buy my own separate fridge, which will, of course, be up in my bedroom, not in the kitchen. I will carry food up and down the steps when using the kitchen. This is not acceptable.

Took an herb to force myself to do something I hate

July 26, 2015

I still haven’t found an apartment. I could not even find a storage unit that was empty. All of them are completely full – they must have student stuff in the summertime. I did not call every single one yet, but I called several of them. There are still more that I could call, but I might be refocusing my energy. I might just look again to try to get into an apartment directly.

Last night I took melatonin. I have been taking it very rarely, because it makes it even harder for me to get up early the next morning. This morning, I nibbled a very small amount of dried St. John’s Wort, which I have been keeping. I just pick it myself because I recognize the plant.

I usually avoid using St. John’s Wort because it causes unwanted side effects, such as my being excessively friendly with people. However, if I have to do something that I absolutely hate doing, then it helps me to use this herb.

I was unable to keep searching for an apartment because the one that I was trying to apply to turned out to be a fraud. It is a huge amount of effort for me to fill out any paperwork, so it took days for me to fill out the rental application that he sent me through email. I cannot just do paperwork over and over again only to have it turn out to be a fraud. So I have been unwilling to look.

So that is why I caved in and took SJW today.

Socionics Model B Chart by Alexander Bukalov (typos fixed this time!)

July 25, 2015

Model B Text - No Typos

Typos all over Gamma in my Model B Chart! Says +Si/-Se where I meant +Se/-Si!

July 25, 2015

I’m fixing it now. I am SO MAD at myself. I copied and pasted the wrong thing. First I wrote it wrong and then copied it all over Gamma. I only published this in three places, and I know exactly where they are, so I can do some damage control.

California’s artificial drought protects it from Fukushima

July 24, 2015

This was my weird conspiracy theory of the day. The weather wars. One person causes one attack of weather and earthquakes, and another person fights back by causing another weather phenomenon. Somebody artificially caused the earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the Fukushima reactor. The goal was to poison the west coast of the USA and to give us all radiation-laced rainfall as the rain evaporates upwards from the contaminated Pacific Ocean.

But then, somebody decided to fight back by diverting the humid air away from California, preventing California from getting any of the radioactive rainfall coming off the Pacific Ocean. So the drought slows down the irradiation of California.

The end!

Speaking of contaminated water, I seem to be less sick drinking bottled water I bought at the store. My filter at home doesn’t do enough. However, I still might try to pass out in the shower again, but I’ll worry about that later.

Broken water main, sinkholes along the roads, boil water alert, bacteria and other stuff

July 23, 2015

Thanks Eric for the link to this news article:

Yeah. That’s cool. I’m having problems when I take a shower, too. I’ll be buying some bottled water, because boiling water doesn’t remove poison, it only kills germs. I don’t think the germs are the biggest problem, the poisonous chemicals are just as much of a problem. There have also been sinkholes around the college, and construction crews are repairing them. We had tons and tons and tons of rain.

Society. Infrastructure. We need a better way. This is
unacceptable. Monopolies, utilities, government ganging up with corporations, making it illegal to collect rainwater because you’re not allowed to have your own ‘reservoir,’ quote unquote (yes, I read an article somewhere where a house that was collecting rainwater was told it was illegal to collect rainwater in a ‘reservoir.’) Society. I am very bitter right now, especially because my stomach is on fire.


July 23, 2015

I do not know if I am catching a virus that’s going around, being poisoned by something in the environment, or eating something that is making me sick. I’ve been getting sick repeatedly, and so have several coworkers and their families. I myself am also having stomach problems after I drink this milk, and it’s an organic brand of milk that I have been drinking for quite a while now, and it never gave me problems before. It might also be this particular coffee powder, but again, that stuff never gave me problems before. It could be something in the tap water. I am having a burning stomach, an urge to vomit, I nearly passed out in the shower – I was crouching down on the floor of the shower for several minutes, unwilling to move, then I stood up and nearly fainted. I am having convulsions, and the convulsions are not a total loss of control, but rather a great difficulty in moving, like walking across the room and I have to grab the edge of the wall, and I don’t want to move my leg. It’s under partial control, because if somebody were watching me doing this, I would feel embarrassed and I would want to pretend to be strong, so I would be capable of forcing myself to walk normally. It requires more effort and I am having the convulsions sometimes while lying in bed, kicking and thrashing my legs and arms around in repetitive motions, but again, if anybody saw me doing this, I would be embarrassed and I would be capable of stopping, so it’s semi-voluntary, but yet still a real thing going on. I also could be exposed to a chemical in this house, maybe someone else’s drug residues on the floor of the shower, maybe residues in my clothing, maybe some insect poison sprayed somewhere – I don’t know if she did or not, but we had a lot of ants in the house so it’s possible that she sprayed something to kill the ants. It was like we had a whole bunch of ants, and now I haven’t been seeing quite as many ants, so maybe they’ve been sprayed. There could also be something in the environment that I don’t know about – for instance, perhaps all the farmers in the entire region have all simultaneously sprayed Roundup on all of their fields, and maybe it’s all washing directly into the tap water after all this rain. Yes, that happens. Farming is the spawn of Satan. Farming should be illegal. Morons should not be allowed to become farmers. The end. A rant for another day. I don’t know what it is, but I am quite badly sick and it’s incapacitating me at the very moment when I need to be extremely active, because I must move my (few) belongings into a storage unit, to make it easier for me to move out of this apartment. I might go camping, I might stay in the homeless shelter, I might do something by magic, I might be rescued by a dea ex machina at the very last second, Falcor the luck dragon could swoop down out the sky, I don’t know what is going to happen, but actually I am not very scared about. I’m an SP personality type! This is a perfect example of the SP personality type. (SP doesn’t stand for ‘sensus profiteor’ in this particular case – I was referring to ‘sensing perceiving’ in the Myers Briggs, but it coincidentally also stands for sensus profiteor, my type in socionics, using a different lettering system that I usually don’t use.) I’ll wait till the last second, and then panic, and I will be miserable and in the midst of a crazy horrible disaster for several days, and maybe I will stay awake for 48 hours in a row trying to move out of this place and go somewhere, and I know it will all work out and it doesn’t matter what I do because I’m not gonna die. The situation is extremely inconvenient and unpleasant, but it is also nonlethal. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to my cats. I really want to make sure that they are taken care of, by me, or else by somebody who ********DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT ALL CATS MUST BE STERILIZED************. That means if anyone takes care of my cats for me, that person must not be an evil retarded moron brainwashed to believe in what everyone else is doing in society. They have to have a few functioning brain cells that are able to wake up and fire a few signals when I say the words, ‘I refuse to neuter my cat Max.’ They must be like, ‘Yeah, I never thought about that before, but that sounds like something I would believe in too, if I had ever thought about it.’ I myself recognize these things instantly when I find them. Pro-breastfeeding. Anti-circumcision. Anti-neutering, anti-spaying, anti-declawing, anti-docking of ears and tails on dogs. I instantly know that these are good things the very first time anyone tells me about them, and I remember them forever afterwards. I want other people who respond that way if I talk about neutering, if I give my reasoning for it, if I argue logically against all the crazy delusional fears that people have about how the entire world will be overrun with stray cats unless we neuter every single thing that moves, and how all the cats are starving, and every crazy delusional belief that they have about what will happen. I’m sick of dealing with that.

This is a wall of text without paragraphs, but I’m posting it as is. I need to go try to eat. I also need to stop eating whatever is making me sick, and I really hate to say this, but I think it’s the milk. And I have no explanation for *why* the organic milk would be making me very sick. I need to know what’s happening. What are the cows eating? Is there something that the cows are eating that could be getting passed into the milk? Do they ever graze outside in the summer? If so, do they eat poisonous plants that are too poisonous for humans, but nonlethal for cows? Is there something else in the organic milk farm that could be making me sick? I don’t know what it is, and I am really reluctant to throw away the milk, but last time when it was happening last week, I finally got rid of that particular milk, and my stomach improved. Could it also be an additive in the milk? I’m using a particular type of milk that has…. one of those vitamins added to it, and I think it comes from seaweed. Could the ocean have poisonous algae in it at this time of year, and the poisonous algae is contaminating the stuff that the nutrient comes from? It’s like DHA sourced from algae or something like that, I forget what exactly. Maybe all the poisonous chemicals from all the factory farms are washing into the oceans at this time of year, and it’s all getting into the same area where the algae comes from where they are harvesting it and taking the DHA from it? I don’t know, but I will just have to avoid that milk without having an explanation for why it keeps making me so sick. And I think there might be several other factors making me sick, but I don’t know what they all are. It’s actually a really bad problem. It’s urgent that I can function, that I can move quickly, that I can take action, and I can’t do it if I keep getting sick over and over again.

I’m going to try to go get food. I will avoid the milk temporarily. I will eat something else.

I’ve also been having tremors, nerve tremors, muscle tremors. I am sometimes waking up with the shakes, where my whole body is vibrating. This is strongly connected to pesticide, in my experience. Something somewhere is poisoning me, but I don’t know what it is.

Did they spray the weeds alongside the road? That always makes me sick. Fuck those bastards, they can die. Spray weeds! I’ll spray YOU with weedkiller and see how YOU feel. Let the goddamn weeds grow and just fucking ignore them. I hate this society. Everyone is fucking retarded. Weedkiller should be illegal. The end. I am going to eat now. I am sick at my stomach, starving, having convulsions, barely able to move or stand up without fainting, and I have an urgent emergency where I’ve gotta move out of this apartment now. I’m winging it. I’m gonna live, I know that, but I’m under stress right now.

And oh! I forgot to mention nudism! The war of the senses, continued.

July 22, 2015

The very same drugged-up sluts and crack whores who want to get drunk and drugged out of their minds and then go to a party and talk loudly to everyone about the sexual pleasures that they love, while wearing a miniskirt and high heels, and then *NOT GET RAPED* and this is a WOMEN’S ISSUE that we can all relate to – yeah, those women – Those very same women are the reason why everybody has to wear clothing and nobody is allowed to walk around naked. You know why? +Si/-Se.

People who have +Si/-Se as their base function tell other people they’re ugly and disgusting. You have an ugly disgusting body. I don’t wanna see that shit. I have verified this by reading something written by ISFPs in a forum, where an ENxP (not sure what type they were, they said) was being criticized by her semi-dual ISFP for being too disgusting, having stubble growing on her arms, food on her face, getting food in her hair – I remember Rachael the ENFP used to have those exact same problems, and I ignored them, because -Se/+Si is my ignore function. An ISFP cannot ignore them, but must say them out loud.

I typed another person ISFP at a temp job. I didn’t wear deodorant the first couple times I went to the temp job. I believe in ignoring body odor because deodorant is poisonous and it goes through the skin. You should get used to ignoring the body odor of everyone because it is trivial and unimportant, and other needs are more important (health) and also logic. Chemical companies ganged up together, controlled the media, and made a bunch of TV advertisements telling us we smell bad and we need to buy their products, and that is the reason why it has now become common sense (-Se) to the majority of all people that it’s bad to have body odor, and if you have body odor you are a ‘bad object’ (-Se) to be talked about loudly. Also, +Si involves ‘disgust,’ the detailed internal sensations – this was described in the movie ‘Inside Out,’ which is ISFP. ‘Disgust’ is something that I always ignore. I do not openly talk about my sensations of disgust with everybody, whereas an ISFP does. An ISFP will say that the disconnected object, ‘somebody else,’ is objectively disgusting, and they believe that everyone agrees (-Se) with this common sense, because everyone can smell it and it’s disgusting (-Se), global sensing and global agreement about which objects are bad.

The ISFP girl at the temp job openly talked about my body odor. This was part of the evidence I collected to define ‘talking openly about your disgust for other people’s body odor and viewing that person as a bad, disgusting object that you wish would get away from you and away from the group and away from all society’ as a combination of +Si (detailed internal sensations such as disgust) and -Se (bad objects must be pushed away from you and dissociated, bad objects must be pushed out of the social group). This is my IGNORE FUNCTION, function 7 in Model B, -Se/+Si. I IGNORE THIS! I do not value it! When will you get it through your heads that Model B is REAL! I do not value +Si! I can’t stand +Si! Si is not all the same! Delta and Alpha Si is TOTALLY DIFFERENT and opposed to each other!!!

This ISFP girl was also a thief. As usual, I confirmed what I already knew: -Se is associated with STEALING THINGS from the group. The whole group is supposed to gang together and give you whatever you need. You get your food from the group (-Se) rather than taking responsibility for seeking it individually (+Se). The group provides you with whatever garbage is the most popular, such as mac-and-cheese, beans and rice because it’s cheap enough to feed the group, and sandwiches on white bread with processed lunch meat because everybody loves that and who cares about those weirdos who want some other kind of food, you gotta just get with the program and eat whatever the fuck everybody else is eating, retards. Yep. My ignore function, -Se/+Si, the total lack of concern for long term health because they value sensual pleasures more (mmmm! MSG, monosodium glutamate in my lunch meat, to give it a really strong intense umami flavor! I value all the detailed sensations of artificial umami flavor in my mouth because I’m +Si!!! I love describing the nuances of each and every chemical I perceive inside my mouth and how it affects the total aesthetic experience of eating! yummyy!!!)

So the SLE/LSI chemical manufacturing company groups all join together to provide us with intense sensory pleasures that they want to shove down all our throats by force, and the SEIs/ESEs eat that shit up and love it, because Beta STs and Alpha SFs have the same base function, but with a slightly different emphasis on -Se in the Betas (-Se/+Si), and +Si in the Alphas (+Si/-Se, written reversed). This is how I interpret the meaning of Model B when I can’t read Russian and can’t ask its creator how he intended it to be used. I just have to wing it and assume that those are differences of emphasis.

Oh, I got sidetracked. I was gonna talk about nudity.

-Se tells us that somebody is an ugly object that we want to push away so we can stop seeing it. This means they hate universal nudism. They don’t want the UGLY people to be naked, only the ATTRACTIVE people. Only the hottest ladies should be allowed to go naked in public. If you have the slightest bit of fat on you, or if you’re a fat ugly old man, you should be banned from going nude in public, because that’s disgusting, and we’re gonna talk loudly and verbally about how disgusting it is. This is Alpha-Beta sensing.

However, it’s okay to let fat LADIES go around naked in public, sometimes, because a few of us have a secret disgusting quirky little fat fetish. Some people think fat young LADIES are hot, so fat young ladies should be allowed to go around naked, but only in places where there are people who are sexually aroused by the sight of fat young ladies, because, as we know, social nudity is ALL ABOUT what we find sexually arousing and sexually attractive, and it has no other purpose except to sexually arouse us all the time. The whole reason for social nudity is so that we can constantly look around at all the hot, sexually arousing females while making the ugly fat old men wear clothes because we don’t wanna see that shit, it’s disgusting, make it go away (+Si/-Se, Alpha-Beta sensors, ISFP, ESFJ, ISTJ, ESTP).

They do not conceive of social nudity the same way I do (-Si/+Se). Accept all bodies regardless of whether they are ugly. Ignore bad objects. Ignore -Se. Take pride in ignoring bad objects. Take pride in ignoring ugly people. They’re ugly. Get over it. Everybody is universally allowed to walk around naked all the time, regardless of whether their body is ugly or not. Fat old men are allowed to walk around naked, just as much as hot sexy young women. It has no connection to sexual arousal. It has no connection to disgust. Your disgust (+Si, your detailed internal sensations, changing moment to moment) is irrelevant, unimportant, stupid, trivial, and a pointless waste of time (MY IGNORE FUNCTION!). So is your sexual arousal (+Si, the fact that you get a hardon because you just saw a hot naked chick walking down the street). Ignore the sexual arousal. Ignore the hotness or the disgustingness of all the objects. All of that is stupid, trivial, and unimportant. That is how I view nudism, which is the antithesis of how other quadras view nudity. Nudity is not sexually arousing, and if you insist that nudity in and of itself *is* sexually arousing, I will become very angry at you for being so fucking stupid.

Nudity has no connection whatsoever to sexual arousal. You are meant to get used to nudity, ignore it, and pay attention to other things that are more important than your stupid sexual arousal and the stupid hotness or ugliness of a body (-Se). What matters is health and the prevention of chronic illness, so we will eat a healthy diet from the moment of conception, then breastfeed our babies even if it’s difficult or inconvenient (oh, woe is me! my breasts hurt when I breastfeed! I’ve gotta sacrifice my baby’s health for a lifetime because my trivial little detailed internal sensations happen to be unpleasant for five seconds! +Si! Ignore! Don’t even bother trying to, say, find a WET NURSE or somebody else who can breastfeed for you because breastfeeding is important and it matters! Oh no! That would be inconvenient! Don’t tell me how I should live my life! Don’t judge me because I’m too stupid to figure out some way to breastfeed at all costs!).

After we eat this healthy diet from conception onwards, and
breastfeed, and avoid several other factors which are the causes of obesity (such as drug use, which can cause people to gain hundreds of pounds), then there will be fewer fat people anyway, so we’ve indirectly achieved the goal of getting rid of fat people, but we did it by preventing illness from the beginning. Other quadras who use -Se/+Si try to prevent obesity by starving themselves to death, stupidly and ineffectively, because they don’t understand the long-term causes of obesity. They think you have to force yourself to suffer pain in order to lose weight, when actually, obesity will be prevented if you live your life a certain way, beginning with your parents’ lives before you were conceived, and, oh, woe is me! That means somebody has to TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFESTYLE! You mean, I’m not allowed to shoot up heroin, get drunk, smoke tobacco and marijuana, and then have a baby who’s completely deformed? You mean I’m not allowed to eat a malnourishing diet, then take antidepressants to make myself feel less miserable from my malnutrition, because those antidepressants will also cause deformities in the babies, thereby leading those babies to a lifetime of constant suffering which is preventable if only I change my lifestyle? Don’t you tell me how to live my quirky little lifestyle! I wanna shoot up heroin and drink a bottle of whiskey every day before I go to work!

Okay, I’ll post this, I’m not done yet, but I’ll get it out there. Basically, universal nudism means you must ignore fat ugly old people, and you must totally disconnect sexual arousal from the sight of a naked body. Sex and nudity have no connection. Ugliness is unimportant. Your disgust is unimportant. People’s bodies will become more beautiful as an indirect side effect of living a lifelong healthy lifestyle starting before you are even conceived. Ugliness is prevented, rather than hidden under clothing and rejected and made fun of. Ugliness is ignored and accepted because it is not the fault of the victim who suffers from ugliness. Ugliness is not under your control.

As evil dictator, how should I end the quadra wars? An eight-section community design.

July 22, 2015

8:47 AM 7/22/2015

Fixing the wars between the socionic quadras would be much easier, except for one thing. Children are sometimes born into a random quadra. All the anecdotes I am reading say that sometimes, a child is born in a family with a totally different quadra than their own.

I (and ‘they’ or ‘we’) had been imagining a system which, strangely, resembled the community design in ‘The Giver.’ Except mine had a star with eight spines. (It isn’t actually a star, but a *square*, divided equally into eight sections that meet in the center, with the lines crossing sort of like an asterisk. I saw another web page that showed the 16 personality types arranged in a star like this, with two types on each spine. Each section of this square is the land that you live on, real estate (Hey, Donald Trump! Give us some real estate!).) Each spine was a ‘house,’ a socionic house (the word ‘house’ is not used in socionics, it was a reference to something like the Hogwarts houses in Harry Potter). You get sorted into your house, using an EEG cap that reads your brainwave patterns and categorizes you into your personality type. You are put into a house with your duals, your soulmates, in socionics. We were sorting them into eight groups rather than four quadras because even within your own quadra, you can still be somewhat annoyed when you are forced to live with the judgers/perceivers on the opposite side of the quadra from you.

If only you lived in a neighborhood with nothing but identicals and duals, life would be peaceful. However, all the other houses must be not too far away, which is why all the houses joined together in the center of the eight spined star. You’d go to the center when the time came to send your children to their house. They’d come and go freely all their lives, so even your young toddlers would experience what it was like to be around people who understood them, rather than being raised in a family whose alien values were evil and hostile to their own. Children would get a chance to immerse themselves in the culture of their own duals and identicals, activators and mirrors, and any other types they wanted to be with, and would not be forced to live in a world where they hated all of existence because everyone else’s values were being shoved down their throats, which is the world we live in today.

But children are born into unpredictable quadras, which is why these houses cannot be too far apart or too isolated. You cannot just take the ISTPs and ENFPs and transport them away to their own planet so they won’t disturb you with their way of doing things, because they might randomly have children who aren’t ISTPs and ENFPs, although from what I have seen, if duals marry each other, their children *do* seem to be pretty close to their quadra (Jesse’s family is a SLI-IEE duality (*note, SLI-IEE is the same thing as ISTP-ENFP*), and while I haven’t been able to figure out the types of all the children, some of the children seem to also be IEEs, Jesse himself, maybe his little brother – I’m not sure. I wish I could type them all to see about the genetics of type in a family where the parents are a duality/dyad or whatever it’s called.

In non-dual families, where the parents married the wrong type and have an unhappy marriage, children are being born randomly. I just read an anecdote about an ESTJ-ESFJ family where the child was born an INFP. An ESTJ-ESFJ is called a business relation, and in Model B, they are attracted to the T/F in each other (+Te/-Ti in the ESTJ attracts -Fe/+Fi in the ESFJ and vice versa). Where on earth did that INFP come from? It has no relation to either of them.

So, unfortunately, the solution is not so easy as to just give each dyad their own planets to live on, because their children might be born randomly and be miserable, forced to live in the wrong world. And then it would be exactly like what we have now.

Oh, by the way, racism. I’m looking at different races who have the same personality type that I have, and I am seeing differences in intelligence that are *extremely obvious*, not at all subtle but extreme and pronounced. Asian ISTPs are much, much smarter than I am, and when I look at African ISTPs, I see someone who I can’t really relate to who seems, I hate to say it, but stupider than I am.

And I hate racism, and I desire to treat everyone fairly, and I also enjoy the sight of a wide variety of physical features, hair colors, skin colors, hair curls, and every variation of the physical body, and also I believe that the widest racial variety protects us because our genetic variations make us less vulnerable to everyone being killed by one virus. If one race is vulnerable to a virus, other races might still survive. So in principle I value all the races, especially their physical beauty and physical uniqueness.

However, I *really do* fail to identify emotionally with the souls of Africans expressed through their music, and even when I see Africans who are my identicals/duals, I can’t bond with them as deeply as soulmates who are my own race; and similarly, when I see an Asian, I instantly know that their souls are much deeper than my own soul, which suddenly seems shallow and pathetic in comparison. I am a racist. I am a racist who hates being a racist and wishes racism wasn’t real, but who is reluctantly discovering that there are objective, real differences between the races that I cannot deny.

I haven’t decided what to do about this. I *don’t want* to make everybody the same race, or force the races to live separately in other places with only their own kind. I love the variations of the races. But it’s really true, I cannot find the soul of Africa in such a way that it resonates with my own soul, whereas the soul of Asia is much deeper than my own, and I am inferior and pathetic, and I know I could not be with them and give them what they need – I would always fail to give them enough. So…. racism. Still an issue that I am working on, with my design for society.

I would not be happy in a world where I was surrounded by nothing but Africans, because I cannot find their soul and bond with it – it is different from my own, and I am so sorry to say this, but it feels inferior, less intelligent, less deep. I would also probably not be happy if I were surrounded by Asians, because I would always feel that sensation that I was failing to keep up with them, and I know that from my relationship with Rachael in the past – she had *FASTER SPEECH* than I did. I was a slow talker, and she was a fast talker. She could compress a hundred words a second, whereas it took me a full minute to say a hundred words. I don’t enjoy feeling constantly stupid and slow when I’m with another person. I have to be with someone whose speed and intelligence are the same as my own speed and intelligence.

The voices in my head said something which was the truth, but which would also be perceived as funny or humorous or sarcastic. They said, I need to find a person who identifies with the universal suffering of a first world white girl from a wealthy family with a
German-Irish-Welsh-Celtic background. Those are the very problems that people make fun of, first world problems in wealthy families, in the races of white people who are in power and have all the
privileges, but nevertheless, my suffering is real.

I need to say, ‘Woe is me! Problem XYZ!’ and have a sympathetic listener who understands exactly how I feel about that. And all of my problems are the first world problems of a white girl from a wealthy family. Does that mean I deserve death? Some people say yes, of course I deserve death because I care about my first world white girl wealthy family problems. Other people say, I need to be put with my own duals and identicals in a world that I can stand to live in, because a lot of these things are socionic quadra values and the conflicts between the quadras.

The politicians have got the races and sexes thing figured out, but they do NOT have the personality types thing figured out *AT ALL*, not even close. Every single person running for president in the Beta quadra knows that a woman president is representing all women as a group and dealing with women’s issues and women’s needs, and I’m a woman, so I’m supposed to be happy about that and I’m supposed to say, ‘Yes! You’ve identified all of my needs correctly! I care about rape, because I want to continue drugging myself up, getting drunk, going out into the world and talking openly about my sexual and sensual pleasures, and NOT BE RAPED BY ANYONE,’ which is what people want if +Si/-Se is their base function, the function that is my own ignore function (function 7) except written as -Se/+Si in Model B for some reason, probably for emphasis.

The women who want to group together and have somebody represent ‘women’s needs’ are the people who have either +Si/-Se or -Se/+Si bundled together, in their quadra (Alpha-Beta). Those needs are always something like, ‘I want to go outside in a miniskirt and not get raped.’ These are the same people who want to shoot up heroin and coke and get drunk and experiment with every drug that exists so they can have their extreme thrills and extreme sensual pleasures and extremely enjoyable sensory experiences, +Si. They want to be totally drunk, drugged up, and unable to control themselves, and then go into a group of people and start talking about all the sexual pleasures that they love to experience, and then, WOE IS ME, THEY GET RAPED. Oops! And I’m supposed to be able to relate to this need, because I’m a woman. What… the…. fuck. Seriously, how fucking stupid can you be. +Si is *definitely* part of my IGNORE function in socionics, which is why I use Model B instead of Model A. Model A just says that I ‘value Si,’ without specifying that I value long-term health and the avoidance of injury. ‘Si’ is always described as ‘loving sensual pleasures and aesthetics,’ nothing more. The people who write the socionics descriptions have absolutely no clue about the existence of *my kind* of Si, which is ‘protect your health and everyone’s health in the long term, even if that means you have to sacrifice those stupid, pointless sensual pleasures.’

No, this does not mean that I advocate circumcision. I advocate total, absolute body integrity. Oh, woe is me! I’m not allowed to chop my own penis apart anymore because I have a sexual fetish for body modification! You’re telling me how to live my life when you made circumcision a felony that would get you a lifetime prison sentence with your own penis totally chopped off (actually, that sounds kind of hot, could you please do that to me? I’m aroused at the very thought of having somebody chop my penis off!) so you can experience how it feels to lose all sensation irreversibly forever and ever! (I *want* that! Do that to me, please! I want to go around chopping other people’s penises off because I want somebody to take revenge on me and chop MY penis off by force! That sounds SO HOT!!!!)

Woe is me if I’m no longer allowed to choose to live my own quirky fetishistic lifestyle where I have some strange urge to chop my own penis apart and I need a nice clean legal surgical office where it’s all sanitary so that I can do this without getting a disease and a bacterial infection and dying! (Oooooooohhhhh, scary, bacteria, nope, germs, ewwww gross, germs, bacteria, scary…..) Woe is me, if you make this practice illegal, then people will be dying from infections because they will try to do it themselves illegally, and that would be horrible, we must never make *ANYTHING* illegal because people will then try to do it themselves and drop dead from the unsanitary conditions! Woe is me, you should never even SUGGEST that
circumcision should be banned and made illegal because all the body modification fetishists who want permission to live their quirky little lifestyles and pursue their quirky little sexual fetishes and their quirky little body dysmorphic disorders need to have a clean, sanitary, legal doctor who will happily do these things to them!

I am the antithesis of all of this, and it is expressed in my socionic quadra values and disvalues. I have had these conversations, and they are always arguments with a particular group of personality types, often my superego type, the IEI/INFP in the Beta Quadra. Those values are all embodied by the Beta politicians who are all running for office now, which means that issues like ‘banning circumcision’ are at the ABSOLUTE VERY BOTTOM of the list of priorities that they are planning to work on. Banning circumcision? Lol! Trivial and unimportant! Who cares about chopping off body parts permanently? We *love* chopping off body parts permanently! We’re SURGEONS! We’re a DOCTOR! This is what happens when politicians are all from the same quadra, usually Beta, and all of them completely fail to represent any of the needs and desires of the other socionic quadras who value things like long-term health and body integrity (-Si/+Se) more highly than they value the need to pursue your own quirky little sexual fetish (+Si) of chopping your body parts off (-Se).

Oh yeah, and the very definition of government is GROUP WILL and the WILL OF THE PEOPLE (-Se), the collective will of the majority. My quirky little individual wants and needs (+Se), my ‘niche market’, is trivial, stupid and unimportant. I want something, but I’m a MINORITY, and, lol, by definition, if you’re a minority, then all of your wants and needs are stupid and unimportant. I live in
Pennsylvania, and I want to see some organ meats available for eating, but they are nowhere to be found. Grass-fed organ meats free of hormones and chemicals. I cannot find them in my grocery store. I cannot find them in these restaurants. I have a quirky little desire (+Se), something I want to seek which is a niche object that the mass majority of people are too stupid to provide for me. All that everyone provides is some processed lunch meat on a piece of bread. I don’t want that, but that’s the most popular food, and the only thing that matters is whatever is popular (-Se), the wants of the majority. Who cares about my quirky little foods that I’m seeking and can’t find anywhere because the only thing for sale in every restaurant and every grocery store is ‘whatever is most popular!’ My quirky little wants are laughable and pathetic.

The very definition of government is: give the mass majority whatever is most popular (-Se), and totally ignore and make fun of any other minority desire or niche markets for something that other people are too stupid to want, such as healthy, nutritious, grass-fed organ meats (+Se), a specific want for something that supports long-term health (-Si), the prevention of deformities in my children (-Si/+Se), the perfection and integrity of my physical body and the bodies of my children (-Si/+Se), the avoidance of getting braces on their teeth and poisoning them with nickel which is now lining the inner surfaces of all their blood vessels for the rest of their lives after they spent years swallowing nickel leaching out of their braces – WHO CARES! TRIVIAL AND UNIMPORTANT! Preventing the need for braces because you’re concerned about chronic nickel poisoning from nickel leaching out of your orthodontic braces – that’s stupid! Common sense tells us that this problem doesn’t exist (-Se), the agreed-upon consensus of all the doctors and scientists with their peer-reviewed studies telling us that none of this is real!

And so, to end the insanity, the eternal war within all of humankind, the wars between the socionic quadras, the wars between the quadra values, the wars between the people who desire to get sexual arousal from chopping off their own penises and the penises of others while fantasizing that someone will take revenge on them and chop THEIR penis off because the idea of that is REALLY HOT, versus the people who, well, the people who are actually sane. Period. I’m really sick and tired of this eternal, stupid war going on. Quadra values!

So it would be nice to separate the quadras from each other, and I went one step farther and made the ‘houses’ or dyads of duals, living separately even from the other side of their own quadra, the judgers and perceivers on opposite sides, to guarantee an even more peaceful, happy, satisfying life for all of them. But, as we have said, children will be born in the wrong house, at random. In the center of the eight pointed star, all the houses join, and their children move between the various houses. However, someone must still enforce the laws. I have no practical method of enforcing the law.

The wars of the socionic quadras – eternal, everlasting, in the nature of mankind.

People are sick. Water supplies flooded, maybe?

July 22, 2015

An illness has been going around for the last couple days, right after all this rain. There are sinkholes being repaired here at Penn State. I wonder if the drinking water has sewage in it. Many places have been flooded. I myself was sick and have been intermittently mildly sick for several days. Coworkers are also calling off sick, so I know it’s not just me.

Another day in the life of the evil dictator of the planet (me)

July 22, 2015

7:14 AM 7/22/2015

I don’t have a lot of time to write since I’m getting ready to go to work. I somehow ended up looking at videos of a few of the people running for president, after my brother mentioned Donald Trump on facebook and then the voices in my head typed him as LSI/ISTJ. I then watched a few others.

I was mystified by Ben Carson. So I went on one of the forums and asked what other people said of his type. Someone said he was a SLE/ESTP, and yes, I agree, that works perfectly. Not everyone agreed – someone else said he was a LIE. But he is a vessel for the will of the people. He is a SLE. I don’t see LIE for him at all. He actually has a quiet, almost female voice like Charles Manson, who was also typed as SLE. He is a doctor. I have been at war with doctors for many decades, and a SLE doctor is a manifestation of all the reasons why I am at war with doctors.

Every single person that I looked at was a manifestation of all the evil from every other quadra except my own. I did not see even one single candidate who was in the Delta quadra. I might not have looked at all of them, I know.

I’ve been studying the meaning of sensing, what sensing is, and writing a long description of it in a forum. I started off by mentioning the other elements, but then later on I began to focus on describing all the nuances of sensing, since that is my own strongest function. I distinguished the different types of sensing from my own. The sensing of other quadras is not like my own, and because of quadra values (the definition of socionics), the other types of sensing are perceived as ‘evil,’ ‘bad,’ or ‘stupid and pointless.’ In return, I know that others perceive my own type of sensing as bad, evil, stupid, and pointless, because of quadra values.

The voices in my head sometimes indulge me and they pretend that I am the evil dictator of the planet and I can do whatever I want. They test to see which ideas I am most compatible with. One of the things viewed as ‘evil incarnate’ that I myself actually relate to is that I honestly agree with stopping people from using drugs. All the libertarians and others are like, ‘You can’t tell me how to live my lifestyle,’ but when I indulge myself as the evil dictator of the planet who will do whatever I want at any cost, I don’t mind at all the thought of destroying all recreational drugs forever. Again, it’s a fantasy where I’m the evil dictator, so we all know this is never going to happen anytime this century.

As I am working to define the different types of sensing, I have decided that perhaps my own type, -Si, is a desire to tell everybody how they should live and what’s good for them. This is an *extremely* unpopular viewpoint, so universally hated and feared and suppressed that I know I would be shot dead instantly if I even mentioned that in public. I know not to even *try* to express this viewpoint to anyone. Everybody wants to wake up in the morning, shoot up their shot of heroin, drink their bottle of whiskey, and then drive off to their jobs. And then come home and drink another bottle of whiskey and go out with their friends and do some coke. My desire to tell everyone that their lifestyle is unhealthy and should be changed, at all costs, is viewed as evil exponential, evil factorial. I’m not even allowed to publicly admit that that is how I feel and that is my desire.

I wouldn’t necessarily have come up with all this on my own. The voices are going along with me and asking me about what kinds of ideas I am able to tolerate, in the fantasy where I myself have absolute power and am able to force the entire world to be exactly the type of world that I desire to live in. I have barely even begun to sketch this out. I can’t even conceive of it really happening, and so it’s impossible for me to answer questions such as ‘What means would you use to achieve these goals?’ Obviously, every single goal would have to be achieved by means of brute force, technology, and laws. There can be no other way to force people to change their lifestyles so that I can live in the type of world I want to live in.

So, the voices in my head are working with me to define what exactly is the type of sensing that I use, what is it good for, and how exactly it is opposed to the types of sensing used in my opposite quadra, Beta, the quadra where almost every politician running for president is from.

I know that I have been at war with doctors for, like, decades. I have spent a lifetime in an eternal war against ‘common sense.’ ‘Common sense’ is exemplified by my extinguisher relation, the SLE, Ben Carson, the doctor. ‘Common sense’ says ‘A peer-reviewed scientific study has declared that XYZ is not true and doesn’t work.’ For instance, common sense tells us that the Feingold Diet doesn’t work to help hyperactive children, because the drug industry wants everybody to take drugs instead, and they have the power to tell everybody that foods, of course, cannot *possibly* have any effect on our behavior or the way our brain functions, and hyperactivity is merely a *behavior* problem that ought to be treated by means of, I dunno, punishment or something.

‘Common sense’ is the power to control what everybody believes. I have a blog author that I sometimes read who talks about this subject. I had guessed his type as one thing, but then I mentioned him on a forum, and afterwards, the voices in my head told me he was a SLE even though nobody in the forum said anything about what type he was. I still don’t know for sure. I had said ESE at first. Anyway, common sense has determined that officially a diet cannot possibly influence behavior, because that just goes against common sense. And they have a powerful group of wealthy people who all agree that this is how it is, and the more people agree about something, the more true it is. That’s common sense, and that is what my entire soul and spirit have been battling against for all the decades of my life.

So the voices in my head are helping me to fantasize what would I do if I were the evil dictator. Since I want to control everybody’s lifestyles (evil beyond evil, spawn of the spawn of the spawn of Satan) for their own good, I would not only get rid of drugs and recreational drugs, I’d also get rid of food chemicals. I don’t want to live in a world where it’s impossible to buy any pure food anywhere. Awwwwwww, your poor widdle wifestyle that I’ve just interfered with! You’ll no longer have the luxury of indulging in that decadent, bright-red, artificially colored and artificially flavored strawberry pie filling anymore! Your life is utterly ruined and I am the spawn of Satan! Your poor widdle wifestyle is not worth living anymore now that you can no longer find any bright red artificially colored cherry pie filling on the shelves at any of the grocery stores. Cherry pie will never be the same again. You might as well just go kill yourself. I’ve destroyed all the enjoyment of your existence, and without sensual pleasures and brightly colored food, life is simply not worth living anymore! Oh no, all the recreational drugs are gone! Where will I get all my extreme thrills now? For this, I am the exponential spawn of Satan.

I really do agree with Model B because of this very thing. Model A says that I value ‘Si,’ but it makes no distinction of what kind of Si, and so I’m supposed to agree with all the people who think that a world without bright red artificially colored and flavored cherry pie filling is a world not worth living in. Oh no! My food no longer tastes like artificial chemicals! Whatever shall I do? I can no longer use chemicals to dye all of my candy glowing neon green that you can still see after you turn the lights off! How on earth will I *ever* derive any sensual pleasures from eating food anymore??? Woe is me! I am the exponential spawn of Satan for advocating a ban on all artificial colors and flavors, especially because common sense tells us that hyperactive children are merely in need of some more punishment, and they’ll obey if only you scream at them loud enough and make them terrified for their lives.

Oh…. I don’t have time to rant, but maybe I’ll rant more after I get to work. I need to get dressed now.

Anyway, interesting things happen when the voices in my head ask me what I would like the world to do if I had ultimate power and could force it to happen. I haven’t even gone into what I would do with hair cutting, because I’ve already said that a million times before. The global ban on hair cutting would be viewed not merely as the exponential spawn of Satan, but the exponential spawn of complete insanity. The reactions to this would be unthinkable. It would not be enough merely to shoot me dead and assassinate me. They would want to hunt down every fragment of my DNA in the entire population and make them all go extinct. They’re already doing something like this, but I’ll get into that later (you can google it, I just don’t remember exactly – they have a leaked video where somebody observed that they were making a virus artificially to infect the brains of people in Afghanistan to destroy the ‘God gene,’ to deactivate the gene that makes people experience the presence of god in their minds. They’re planning to spray this virus from airplanes in the sky, which is probably similar to the spraying they’re already doing over here in the USA. We don’t even know what viruses they’ve already given us to murder our souls. That’s why I call them the soul murderers.).

I’ll rant more later, maybe. I was just saying, interesting things happen when I am the all powerful dictator of the planet, and the voices in my head are helping me to identify exactly what those things would be.

Donald Trump

July 21, 2015

I was watching a video of Donald Trump. I was going to try to figure out what type he was, but the voices in my head saved me the trouble – they said ISTJ / LSI. I agree, I can see it.

miserable day at work

July 20, 2015

I am so sick and exhausted today, I don’t know how I will even make it to 3:30, even though all I have to do is sit here at a desk. I can barely stay upright. I just want to be lying down.

did not use any herbs

July 18, 2015

I ordered the gold coin grass seeds, but I have not touched them since the first day that I brought them home. I will probably get rid of them – they are, indeed, in that category of herbs that I was afraid they might be in: possibly effective, but so deadly dangerous that they cannot be used at all. It’s like a chemotherapy drug. I’m pretty sure it also causes bone loss. It may very well dissolve gallstones, but it also dissolves anything and everything in its path, including hipbones. It goes into your bones and doesn’t come out. I only had an extremely minor exposure to the contamination, so a routine decon will get rid of it, since I am continuing my routine decons anyway from the ephedra in 2008. I already know all about deadly herbal drugs from China that contaminate everything you own and nearly kill you. There is a reason why Chinese people take off their shoes before they walk from one room to another, and why they and the Japanese take off their shoes before they enter your home. There is a reason why the Muslims wash their feet. There is a reason why some areas are designated ‘sacred ground’ that you cannot even walk on. There is (probably) a reason why the lower caste of India was called ‘the untouchables’ and you were not even allowed to walk in their shadow. Many ancient people have known about the phenomenon of contamination, but they have forgotten why they started these traditions, which were originally intended to prevent the spread of herbs, drugs, and poisons onto their floors and belongings, where they would cause chronic illness. Anyway, it’s possible that the tiny traces of gold coin grass are making me sick, but I actually don’t think so. Strangely, it might be this particular carton of milk – that seems to trigger the sickness every time I drink from it.

I think somebody somewhere sprayed pesticides or something

July 16, 2015

I was off work today anyway because there was no testing at the testing center. But now I’m deathly ill on a day when I was planning to try again to look for apartments. I feel like I have to vomit and pass out. I think maybe my landlady might possibly have sprayed for ants, that’s my theory. Something is making me extremely ill. I also am having semi-voluntary convulsion-like episodes, which is one of the weird things that happens when I’m exposed to pesticides.

Well, I was going to get an apartment, except then I found out it was a fraud. The guy wanted me to send money to him, before I had even visited the apartment. So after wasting all of last week hoping this was it and thinking I was gonna get this apartment and filling out a rental application, I have to quit that whole thing and start over. I cannot invest much energy into filling out forms.

Buying my cup of coffee at the Inconvenience Store

July 9, 2015

2:25 PM 7/9/2015

I’m about to go get a cup of coffee. For the past few days, since I threw all the caffeine pills and the instant coffee and the regular coffee grounds into the garbage, attempting to quit caffeine, which lasted for about a day or two, and then I went back on it, anyway, since then, I’ve been walking down the street and getting a cup at Uni-Mart. This is undesirable and temporary. It’s sort of supposed to make it inconvenient for me to drink such a large amount of coffee. I’m paying money for the service of inconvenience, and I’m shopping at the Inconvenience Store! That’s great. Inconvenience is a very valuable service when you are trying to break a bad habit.
Inconvenience would be a very valuable service for alcoholics who are trying to quit. You isolate the alcoholics in a peaceful, healthy, intentional community, like a monastery, and feed them only the food you provide there, and don’t give them any money. Without money, without a car to drive, isolated and far away from the stores, the alcoholics aren’t able to just run out and buy more alcohol. Inconvenience – a service worth paying for, at the Inconvenience Store.

Anyway, I was going to write a blog about the j/p switch, which is something that is being done in one particular group of personality typing systems. It’s not just harmful to socionics, it’s also harmful to its own community, the Myers-Briggs community in the United States. That algorithm wreaks havoc wherever it goes.

I might have to go back to the forum and try to ask somebody for the rationale in their poor, virus-addled brains (I am calling this an information virus) for why we do this (Note, I was just talking to Dario Nardi in a comment recently, and I don’t want to make fun of him, so really I wouldn’t go around saying people have ‘poor, virus-addled brains.’ That’s not nice to say. It certainly is not going to win any converts. I have other ‘voices’ in my head suggesting that I write things.) I remember doing it. I remember joining the forum and learning how to do that. But then, a few years later, I learned about socionics, and I stopped doing the j/p switch. If a person’s first function is sensing, then it’s sensing, period, regardless of whether they’re an introvert or extravert.

I’m half writing the blog now, because everything I want to say is coming out all at once.

The J and P are not just ‘silent letters’ clustered together in a word, which we no longer pronounce anymore, like ‘weight,’ where you don’t say, ‘weggahut,’ which is how I pronounced it the first time I read it. It’s not weggahut. You just don’t say the gh. But you did, a very long time ago, when our English language sounded different from the way it sounds today. You did actually say ‘weikt’ or something like that hundreds of years ago.

People are acting like the ‘J’ and the ‘P’ in the Myers-Briggs types are just silent letters that you ignore. It’s all attached together to the type. But that is not true. The J and P actually mean something and are very important. I will have to write this all out. I just wanted to make that analogy that people are treating them like ‘silent letters’ in words, which are all grouped together in a clump, which cannot be separated out. You are reading it as a whole, rather than reading the individual parts, all of which have meaning individually.

I embraced Model B in socionics because it made so many things okay and reconciled so many things. I can use both Si and Se, and that’s okay. Both models have grains of truth. Some models say that I use Si, and other models say that I use Se. I’m using both, but not all types are using exactly the same kinds of Si and Se. I’m also using both Ti and Te. There’s so much, I can’t explain it all now. It explains supervision relations too, why they’re attractive, and also why the supervisor disvalues the supervisee’s base function. It’s my demonstrative function, if I look at a LIE/ENTJ and see them using -Te/+Ti, and I don’t like that function, so I tend to ignore it, fail to appreciate it, fail to admire it, and even make fun of it, which is why supervisions in the long run are unhealthy. But I’m attracted to their +Ni/-Ne in their creative function, and so I start giving them protection, guarding them, covering their weakness.

I’ll write more after my trip to the Inconvenience Store.

The world still seems to be normal today.

July 9, 2015

I actually was not all that worked up about what happened yesterday (power grid, stock market, and so on).

What I will worry about is when I can’t withdraw money from the bank all of a sudden, and can’t use my food stamps either (yep, I’m gonna be one of the Food Stamp Protesters crowd now). I haven’t learned the skills I need to be a hunter-gatherer yet. Just because I’ve camped in the winter at below zero temperatures does not mean I am capable of feeding myself without money. And I refuse to eat nothing but beans and rice, like all the people who say you can live on pennies a day. Those are people who don’t care about nutrition. Yes, it’s possible to survive with almost no money if you eat beans and rice, and if you have a stomach of steel that can tolerate eating rotten food out of the dumpster after it’s been sitting there at hot temperatures all day long, which again, I won’t do, because I have a sensitive stomach. I will not be a person eating nothing but beans and rice for months at a time.

I also have not been saving silver coins lately, for many different reasons, partly because I have almost no money at all and have to use every penny I have to buy things I need immediately.

I’ve said it a million times before. I’m not really in a hateful mood at the moment, since I haven’t been overdosing on caffeine yet this morning, although I will get some coffee later on. But, as I always say, I hate the way our entire society is set up. We are supposed to be small-scale, stone-age, nomadic or partly nomadic, subsistence farmers, hunters, fishers, gatherers, insect-eaters, and we are supposed to be getting our food and supplies off the land directly. We are not supposed to have $1,000,000 sitting in the bank, which the banking system can suddenly take away from us in an instant, our life’s work, all the decades of our life, because the banks can suddenly close their doors and shut off their MAC machines if there is any kind of problem with the banking system or the global economy. That’s not how life is supposed to be. You do not do decades of hard work and then have it suddenly vanish, like Cyprus.

It is inconceivable how much money is vanishing, directly and indirectly, secretly and openly, because of the banking system and the computer systems, the hackers and the frauds and the thieves and the governments. It is a number of a magnitude so high you cannot picture it.

Power grid hacked, stock exchange shut down, China stock crashing, United Airlines down, JP Morgan contagion

July 8, 2015

I don’t know how many of those things have been fixed yet. I only found out it happened this evening. It began earlier today.

I heard a loud ‘boom’ which sounded like a transformer exploding on the next street. I went outside to see what happened. Some neighbors on the next street had heard it too. I myself did not lose the electricity. I don’t know for sure if it was a transformer, it’s just that I’ve heard a transformer explode before and it sounded like that. This happened at the same time approximately that the stock exchange shut down and maybe at the same time the airline went down. The Wall Street Journal website also went down. It all has to do with China and Greece. They say right now China’s stock market fell as badly as 1929. When I heard the ‘boom’ and went outside to see what happened, I had no idea it was connected to anything big, but now, I suspect that our entire power grid got hacked, and it blew up a transformer here.

I read that JP Morgan is the one waiting for money from Greece, and they’re not getting the money, so JP Morgan is having a loss. I don’t know any details, this was just a quick brief article that I read, so I don’t know for sure how much of it is true.

Socionics Model B Chart by Alexander Bukalov

July 8, 2015

GGGGGGGRRRRRRR!!!! I have typos all over the Gamma Quadra in the text chart that I made myself with a spreadsheet. I wrote the wrong thing, then copied and pasted it. I am working on fixing it and double checking it now. I will repost this and replace the image. I am SO MAD at myself for making a huge typo and then publishing it. Fortunately I only published the typo-filled chart in three places and I know exactly where they are. In Gamma Quadra, there are a bunch of places where it says +Si/-Se when it’s actually supposed to say +Se/-Si. HUGE DIFFERENCE.

*****Okay! Here is the fixed version! No typos! Damage control!*****

Model B Text - No Typos

Model B