Drug residues, secondhand drugs, and skin poisoning

7:18 AM 8/17/10

I often write about my sensitivity to drugs that go through my skin. I first learned about transdermal drugs in 2005 when I started growing my own St. John’s Wort. During my research I read that this drug was able to go through the skin, so that was how I used it. I ground up the leaves and mixed them with oil, then applied a drop of oil to my skin. Within a few minutes I would start to feel the effects of the drug.

In 2007, I bought the seeds of several other drugs. I bought seeds of tobacco, stevia rebaudiana, camellia sinensis, cacao, coffee, butterfly weed, and ephedra sinica, all around the same time in 2007. I wanted stimulant drugs to help me with chronic fatigue, which was probably caused by the moldy air in the apartment where I lived at the time.

I was planting the ephedra seeds in the soil when I suddenly reacted strongly to the ephedra, and had a panic attack and felt my blood pressure and heart rate going up. After that, I touched several other objects in my house. Also, I had previously touched many things after handling the envelope that the seeds came in. Over a few months I discovered that I had spread tiny amounts of ephedra residue onto many of my belongings, and I had severe reactions when I touched those objects.

Because of that, I became aware of all residues from the herbal drugs I had handled and grown. I discovered that if I bought clean new clothing, I felt much better than I felt if I wore clothing that I had had for a long time and had been washing. The drug residues are hard to wash out of clothing. I threw many of my clothes away because I had severe reactions to the drug residues in them. My blood pressure would go up, and I would get tachycardia (heart rate over 100 beats per minute), and severe insomnia. I was aware of reactions to other drugs besides ephedra, and I had many other symptoms, mostly from clothing and carpets where the residues had been tracked. They also got onto my car seat and on the floor of my car.

The drug residues have remained in my car for years and have spread to my new apartment. I am still fighting them every day, although they are not as bad as they were in the beginning.

I then began to notice that if I touched people who used prescription psychiatric drugs and other drugs, I would get symptoms from the drugs they were using as those drugs went through my skin from their skin and clothing. I also react to drug residues left on chairs in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices and other public places, but these reactions are usually mild.

I also notice reactions when I touch different kinds of metal. I have bad reactions to copper – I feel ‘crazy’ in my head and become unable to think clearly if I touch wet copper. I sometimes get a rash from steel. I think steel might contain nickel. I used to get a rash from the buckle of my watchband. Because of this, I wonder how metals might affect our whole body instead of just the area of the skin that the metal touches.

‘Skin poisoning’ is the phrase I use to describe this phenomenon. I often called it ‘transdermal drug poisoning’ but I wanted something simpler to say.

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