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Argh. Not enough putas for this

June 30, 2016

I just found out that yes, Mike does need me to move out. His nephew is coming over for sure now. July 18th is somewhere around the time. Great blessing (my workplace crush) at the same time as a huge pain in the ass (moving my stuff). I haven’t figured out where I will live, other than camping in my tent. Somebody somewhere had better wave a magic wand to fix this quickly. I can camp again but I would rather not. I would like an apartment – actually I’d rather own a place. One thing is making me happy while another thing will be giving me a huge amount of stress.


June 30, 2016

I once rented a violin from that place on north atherton. Theres also alley cat guitars and that rainbow music thing across atherton. Rentals.

My changing moods

June 30, 2016

I do notice a big change in my mood depending on whether I use ginseng. So if I seem to be mean one day and nice another day, it’s because of ginseng, or coffee, or because I’m tired, and not because of people, just physically tired. Cansada. Fatigado. I learned those words.

When I don’t use ginseng, I can partly ignore him. I still like him just as much, but I can sort of pretend nothing is happening and pretend it doesn’t matter. I am unfriendly on those days.

When I do use the ginseng, however, I have a constant nonstop awareness that he is there, I listen to all that he is doing even though I do not understand, and I feel a nearly constant desire to hug him, touch him, lean against him, and kiss him. I know ginseng is part of what causes this, but all of the feelings are directed at him. This is inconvenient at work, and also, I don’t want to make the other guys jealous. I’m not complaining. I want him to be there at work and I am happy every time he is there, and sad when he leaves. It’s just that I can’t do all that I want to do while we are in the workplace and when the guys are nearby.

Ginseng makes it worse

June 30, 2016

What I’m experiencing is constant desire to touch, and also uncontrollable emotions over small things. Like I assembled the tea container wrong, he chuckled, and I spent like ten minutes struggling to stop laughing and crying merely because he chuckled. Conflictor? I don’t know. Ginseng intensifies this.

The land ownership and rental conspiracy, and slavery

June 30, 2016

I took a.ginseng pill yesterday after going a few days without one. I qas drinking ginseng in energy drinks. The pill has altered my mind.

I might not fix typos.

I want to talk about global slavery. I want to talk about "first world" slavery that regular people experience. I want to talk about the cost of living and renting and buying land. I want to talk to my beloved coworkers about kidnapping healthy people in foreign countries and using them as slaves in our country.

Why do you have burns, my dear? Is it merely from cooking? Maybe so, but Yuri from Ukraine told me he had been kidnapped by the mafia and forced to work as a slave, and they gave him cigarette burns on his arms. I have burns from McDonald’s but they don’t look like yours. Were those just drops of hot oil?

Even if you are free, we are slaves too. Slaves who get money.

I have too much to say, and I must take a shower. I didn’t yesterday. But let me ask questions that will make the libertarians roll over in their graves and/or their wheeled office chairs. What would happen if the price of land was arbitrarily lowered so, for instance, I could buy a house with land in only two years with a small down payment? What if it were illegal for one big rich person to go around buying all the cheap land then forcing people to rent it? Oh the humanity! Free trade would be violated! The sacred cow would be eaten!

I must play up the fact that I am a Former Libertarian when I give my speeches.

I can’t stop my phone from updating. The voice microphone changed. I think a nice hacker stopped it from going "GLOINK" loudly when my volume is all the way down, but now it’s gloinking again, although I no longer have to hit a tiny unresponsive X five times to close it. I changed a setting recently too.

Anyway, I must play up the "ex-libertarian" thing, to get more attention. I am not merely ignorant of the gospel, I have outright betrayed it.

I cannot write enough now on this tiny slow keyboard. I must go to slavery.

There is so much more to say.

Bad mood today

June 29, 2016

I’m not sure why but I was very sad and depressed today. I listened to music when I got home and cried because one of the singers sounded like Jesse. I’m also frustrated because I tried to have a crush on the guy at work, and he is so cute and I would love to touch him, but I can feel that it’s wrong – it’s wrong in terms of chemistry. His energy does not have the particular thing that makes me feel welcome. I cannot get in.

I tried to imagine how I would find an IEE. I would probably find one if I searched through a thousand people. Then, I’d have to do that same search a dozen more times to find one who wasn’t already taken. I might find one available IEE if I encountered, and rejected, about 10,000 people. There are 40,000 or so in this town. I’d have to somehow not waste any time with all the people I rejected, or this would take longer than a lifetime to do.

I feel bad not just for me but for Jesse too – if he’s with me, he doesn’t have his dual either. Meanwhile Mr. Guapo (I forget, does it need an accent mark?) at work should have no problem finding his dual – the LSI is probably the most common type in the entire population. He can walk out into the streets of this town and his duals should just fall from the sky into his lap. This entire university is nothing but LSIs.

It’s very painful to be around someone who is so adorable he triggers the nurturing instinct in me, yet I know how totally wrong it would be for me to reach out to him at all. He doesn’t want to be "nurtured" or "comforted," but those are the only things I can give.

I try to make work (slavery) bearable by having crushes, but it won’t work to try having a crush on this particular person.


June 29, 2016

"They" retyped the cute guy as possibly a conflictor, EIE. I still don’t know for sure. I do have the most trouble understanding what he is saying. Maybe as I learn to recognize more words I’ll have a clearer idea of his type. For now, I am still horribly alone and have nothing to look forward to at work, and no idea how to quickly find real duals.

I tried to order a bike battery today, but was getting it from a site where you have to "negotiate with the seller," which I wasn’t expecting. So I had to send a request and am now waiting for their reply.

I’m having a bad day.

Care Bear

June 28, 2016

The untyped guy is a SLE socionic type for certain. Today a couple of us accidentally triggered his vulnerable function, Fi. Every person has one weakness, something which is hard to do and always will be. Mine is Fe, expressing feelings visibly, which I cannot do.

He was singing a funny song. I don’t know the details, only that it was something vulgar. Then the new guy came in (suspected LII) and was asking him his name.

I had a feeling this was a bad thing to do. His name is hard to say in English, and anyone who has watched cartoons in the last couple decades is going to hear "Care Bear," which is what I heard. So the guy looked confused and tried to repeat it back to him – "Care Bear?" And so I jumped in and spelled his name and said it’s like Herbert. We have the names Gerber and Herbert in English, but they are both uncommon.

Care Bears are brightly colored, round, cute bears who shoot out the magic of love and caring from their hearts to magically heal people and solve problems. They’re on youtube.

This is like when there’s a mafia boss with a cute name, like Babyface Sweetums, or something, and everyone has to be warned, "Don’t tease him about his name."

He got slightly irritated, and perhaps even emotionally moved or saddened or touched, and I quickly said "Sorry!"

I have past experience with SLE types. When Fi is your vulnerable function, you never know who is your friend or how people feel about you. Friendship is either all the way on, or all the way off. We are either best friends forever, or totally not speaking to each other, and it’s hard to ever know exactly what kind of relationship you have with someone. They prefer to see emotions expressed outwardly, which is the one thing that my own type, SLI, cannot do.

Socionics really does help me, especially when I need to understand the LSI or SLE.

Damn it

June 28, 2016

My crush is still going on. He is too fucking cute.

Just an SEE

June 28, 2016

The other day I felt like I was drugged. I don’t know what it was or where it came from. I was definitely manic for a day. I typed the guy at work SEE and was sure of it, but on the drugged-manic day "they" brainwashed me to think he was my dual. I know he is not. IEEs are almost impossible to find. They go into completely different lines of work, and statistically they are much, much rarer than SEEs. They don’t randomly turn up working in restaurants.

Hyphen ceases to exist when typing a URL. No URLs with hyphens can be typed in

June 28, 2016

That’s right. I was attempting to go to, a web page about motorized bikes. When I tried to type the hyphen, I noticed that the comma button, which also has the hyphen, had turned into a .com button. I looked for another hyphen in the screen where other punctuation was, but there wasn’t another one anywhere. I had to google the address, click on it, and then write the word "site:" in front of it to try to search the site, because it had told me the search wasn’t working on their web page. No hyphen, anywhere.

A simple arrow key! For the love of all that is good and holy!

June 27, 2016

I need a four direction arrow keypad navigation for the cursor. I try, and try, to place the insertion point at exactly the right spot on the screen. I am a petite female with small fingers and decent fine hand coordination, but I cannot move the fucking cursor to the right place. Give me arrow keys, like a plain old fashioned keyboard had, to go up, down, left, and right. I usually just give up and press "backspace" and delete an entire sentence to put the cursor in the right place.

Autocorrect leads to even more fixing of bizarre unpredictable errors. If, for instance, I type the first half of a long word correctly, but then accidentally hit the space bar, it thinks I’m finished with that word, it says "What the fuck is this?" and changes it to some random bizarre thing, even though it was fine up until I hit the space bar. I then have to go back and fix something that wasn’t broken. The internet already knows the horrors of autocorrect – you can find entire pages with funny examples. Funny or not funny, it makes it impossible to use.

I’m also having problems with this thing where I try to put the cursor on a word to fix it, but it ignores all my tapping on that word, so I either double-tap or tap and hold, by accident. So then it highlights the whole word, then puts a drop down box full of alternative suggestions, and this drop down box covers my keyboard and there is no escape. I can’t even do it deliberately when I try to double click and highlight a word. I don’t understand the conditions that cause it to happen, except maybe a misspelling.

Okay, it happens only with an error. But you need to understand this: I DON’T WANT suggestions and alternatives, which forces me to interrupt my flowing brain process and switch to a different, non-flowing brain process, to read a list of words, understand what they mean, and pick one. I want to fix it by hand. Passively receiving the meanings of a list of words is a non-flowing brain process, whereas actively "knitting" each letter, by hand, in detail, is a flowing comfortable brain process. It causes physical and mental tension, discomfort, and that feeling of painful tension in my stomach when I have to stop my flow, say "what the fuck is this goddamn box in my way," ignore the meaningless and irrelevant gibberish inside the box, and find a way to move the box using any means necessary. I don’t respond with, "Hey! Thanks for fixing that typo for me so I don’t have to waste time manually typing the letters myself!" I respond with "Get out of my fucking way so that I can fucking fix this myself."

This is designed for a Si-PoLR socionic type – either the EIE or LIE – whose desire is to avoid the details. Those types do not flow while doing the fine hand coordination like fixing manually the letters of a typo. They DO both have Ni, which means they love symbols and don’t mind switching over to passive reception of a word list on the screen as opposed to the focused finger process of typing.

This love of symbols is unnatural to me as a socionic SLI personality type. When I use gmail and I see that somebody invented an ingenious, clever, brand new symbol I’ve never seen before, a right-pointing triangle with a triangular line entering it from the left, I don’t happily press and hold the button to find out its clever, secret meaning, which will appear in a popup box only if I touch the button. What if by that’s "delete?" I already screwed up and lost pages of text without understanding what I did. What if I accidentally press the button for real while trying to press and hold it? Who even told me that it was possible to find out what a button does by pressing and holding?

It turns out that button is the "send" button, and I reluctantly concluded that it’s probably supposed to represent a paper airplane or something. How cute! How clever! I throw a paper airplane to send my email! It’s like a cute little gift, a surprise. What new symbol have they invented this time? Press and hold each button to uncover the little surprises and find out what they do.

You’re supposed to love these cutesy little inventions, but, SOCIONICS. In all caps. I passionately loathe everything about this entire design from start to finish, all the way down to its roots.

The voices in my head are screaming "forgive meeeeee!" which is even more annoying. Anyone who feels emotionally wounded by what I’m writing is free to simply not read my blog.

I have to go catch the bus. That doesn’t mean I’m finished ripping them new assholes. How do you say "rip someone a new asshole" in Guatemalan Spanish? I should write a book called "I Hate My Phone." No joke, it would sell. I’d collect anecdotes too.

Puta madre! The “notes” app is NOT an alternative to writing directly on the gmail page.

June 26, 2016

I am grouchy. I just got back from the American Ale House, which is the closest restaurant. I have been going there on days when the bus doesn’t run.

I don’t like sit down fancy restaurants. You can’t choose your portion size, and invariably get way too much of something. OH MY FUCKING GOD PUTA MADRE so much for my plan of trying to blog using the "notes" app.

Let me explain. This idiotic notes program requires you to first make a custom sized box to put your text. You have to stretch the borders of the box to make it a custom size. I just want to write a fucking note, and not have to arrange a fancy format each time. But it’s hard or impossible to stretch the text box below the screen so you can keep writing indefinitely. It still lets you write and remembers what you’re writing, but if you go too far, it starts putting this idiotic message over top of your keyboard, which cannot be permanently dismissed or permanently ignored, although if you keep typing it fades away, then comes back, but you can’t see letters on the keyboard. The message is a stupid, pointless, idiotic warning that says, "Text is too long to be displayed completely." Are you telling me that an app called "notes" is meant to be some kind of fancy public presentation that everyone is going to see when you put it up on a display projector at the meeting of management or something, and it’s so life or death urgent "how it looks" and "how it’s displayed" and "whether your text box is going to stretch partway down the screen with a handwritten unreadable scrawl using the "draw script" thing underneath it in the extra space"… what the fuck! Who the fuck uses this program for the purpose of a PRESENTATION! Who the fuck needs an artsy format with the margin of the text box placed just so!

I cannot even select it to copy and paste it into gmail. The only way is by pushing the magnifying glass button to shrink the text super small, then manually select it all while it’s visible on the screen. There is no way to select and copy text outside the screen.

Okay, you can select all, but the option to do so only appears after you’ve already selected a word in the text. And it’s a meaningless symbol whose function only appears if you press and hold the button. But who wants to risk pressing random buttons to see what they do after being traumatized multiple times by the losses of text!! What fucking retard forces you to play Russian Roulette and find out if this meaningless symbol might mean "delete all," "close without saving," or some other dangerous destructive thing you don’t want to do! Fucking imbeciles!

I got so mad about the "notes" program I never finished complaining about the restaurant. To sum it up I just don’t like lowfat foods and I don’t like not being able to choose exactly what I want and how much like at a buffet. I don’t like it that I got like an entire pound of broccolini, and the menu said it had chorizo with it, which is sausage, right, or does "chorizo" not mean the same thing to them that it means to me? It had cheese, and nuts, but no sausage anywhere. And it was cooked in some light oil which isn’t filling. I need animal fat.

The octopus appetizer was good, though. I like it that they are getting some of their food from local farms, too. I will never eat the pistachio ice cream again though. It came with a dessert. That was last time I went there. The dessert was okay, but the ice cream was a shockingly horrifying disaster. It was, of course, artificially colored a dull green to symbolize the fact that it contained pistachios. I doubt the pistachios themselves made it that color. But it looked, tasted, and felt like eating green clay. It nearly made me throw up. It seemed to contain no fat or milk and was not like ice cream, more like water ice shaved into the smallest grains, mixed with stale rancid pistachio powder and greenish-brown food coloring and maybe some sugar. It was seriously your worst food nightmare. Does ANYONE like their pistachio ice cream, who isn’t a troll?

Okay, I’m done.

They told me to look this up

June 26, 2016

I’m napping all day. They told me to look up "chiquitas" because it doesn’t mean just "girls," more like baby girls, or babes. Like I said, I don’t know the details. They were just looking directly at me while talking and he had an indescribable look that made me feel like they were talking about me. Maybe it means "boobs" but my dictionary app is self-censoring and doesn’t give slang. I have to use the net for slang.

My problem is that I am slightly deaf. And if they are playing music it’s even harder to hear. I like most of their music, but don’t always like the stuff played by the Impenetrable Barrier Guy – some of it had the mindless repetition that I hate, although he has also played some okay stuff.


June 26, 2016

Probably arguing with both IEIs and SLEs in these online arguments about software – "they" just now urged me to mention SLEs too. Beta quadra in general, although I also found betas in the assembly language forum, the fastest programming language in earth. It’s possible to disagree with my own quadra about this, but much easier to understand each other’s point of view and have at least some agreement.

Why are you not allowed to hate your phone?

June 26, 2016

One click led to another and I ended up starting to read an article called "I hate my iPhone." I got disgusted and gave up reading it because the author seemed unsure of whether she was allowed to hate her phone. I am absolutely certain that a huge number of electronic devices are horrible, and it’s their fault, not mine.

But there is a troll army out there, whose personality type is often IEI, my superego – a relation which you can have irreconcilable conflicts with, and endless arguments (although this relation can often be pretty good or neutral).

These trolls insist that the software makers are always right, and your trivial complaints are mere first world problems that deserve to be brushed aside. Who cares if it’s a little bit slow when we have processors able to work at the speed of light and they ought to be processing trivial amounts of data at that moment – slowness is merely the price you pay for how awesome it is!

I don’t know if these are PAID trolls, but they could be – we have to remember that paid trolls actually exist, that people all over the internet knew they existed but were told they were just being paranoid, and then Edward Snowden got documents proving that large corporations, including banks, pay people to do nothing but spread disinformation on the internet all day long.

These people demoralize anyone who complains about their hatred of badly designed appliances, devices, and software. They make them feel weak, as though they’re even being a traitor to America by hating modern software, as though you might even be KILLED for that.

Speaking of which, why am I not able to save a draft more than once and overwrite the existing draft in gmail? I can only save one draft, one time. Who cares if I write an entire novel after having saved the draft? I don’t have any word processors that autosave. Yet the stuff I’m typing has a high likelihood of being erased. One wrong button push and the entire thing I spent 45 minutes typing is gone.

Any article complaining about software needs to be 100% sure of its own rightness. Is "hating software and appliances" one of those topics that will get you blacklisted as a paid blogger? Actually it wouldn’t surprise me. Bad software is part of the control system – it’s meant to spy on you, meant to be used to crash your car to assassinate you – anyone who doesn’t believe their computer controlled car is hackable is a fool. So it’s part of the death program just like vaccines. I should read more about Vaxxed, but it’s hard to do anything at all online right now.

But really, gmail, I can save a draft one time only, and then it’s grayed out and I can’t push that button anymore! Who the hell saves only one draft, one time, while writing? Then what do I have to do, close my current page and then go to the place where the draft is saved, or what? Oh, woe is me, a few keystrokes, first world problem – but what if I wrote for an entire half hour after saving that draft? I don’t want to risk closing that page.

Anyway I was just pointing out that hating, passionately hating with all the fire of your soul, hating software is taboo, and a paid team of disinformation trolls is out there right now, writing article after article about how awesome our technological advances are and how trivial the downsides and how "simple," "basic," "functional" devices are unimportant, unnecessary, and shamefully un-awesome and boring.

Those are the same programs with hackable backdoors that can kill you, which is not a mere first world problem, especially in cars. Not just hacking but the sheer unusability and insanity of the software itself, like the MyFord car computer system.

An interesting side note, I read about corporations that had ties to slavery, or that used prison labor. Some car makers were on that list. My beloved Guatemalan coworkers aren’t completely unpaid, although all restaurant work is still slavery. But it’s the normal degree of covert slavery, and not overt slavery like I thought.

It’s fun to guess the sociotypes of coworkers who are speaking gibberish. Once again, I proved that the hardcore, facial bone structure and body shape structure type of socionics visual identification is totally real and totlally legit. I typed the ESI almost entirely by VI without knowing a word he said, and over time that typing has remained stable. ESI, my beneficiary relation. I typed the LSE, the one who speaks English, the main cook – mirror relation, easy to type. Two more guys I was unsure of but I have one typed either IEE (my dual) or SEE (mirage). The guy who swears a lot is of totally unknown type. For some reason he and I cannot interact at all. I first thought he was a SLE (extinguisher). The voices said he might be SEI but I don’t know if they were serious. I wondered if he was LIE because they, too, swear a lot in English – I know LIEs whose types I was pretty sure of at previous jobs who shouted the f-word a lot. But I actually have no idea of his type and something prevents me from interacting with him.

The ESI was the easiest to break through, with my nonexistent Spanish. He somehow began to understand me the first time I merely said "perdon" while trying to get past him. After that, he reciprocated by starting to use the basic politeness words in English to me. I guess he knows that if my Spanish is so horrible, I won’t judge him for his accented English.

The XEE (IEE or SEE) was a loud, wild, talkative guy who wouldn’t lie down to sleep for siesta, but instead played on his phone while talking about whatever he was doing. It turned out that he didn’t need the siesta break because he almost always works only half the day, either morning or evening, and if he leaves, the typeless guy whose walls I cannot penetrate comes in for the other shift.

It is amazing how much I can figure out nonverbally if I have only one ir two words. I know "con" means "with," and I recognize some names that are the same in English, so if a guy walks in the door smiling happily, gets asked by all the guys what he was doing (I inferred), and he says "Chinga con (Recognizable female name)," and all the guys get excited and start talking about Chinga, for many minutes, I can piece together that chinga means sex without looking it up in Urban Dictionary, but indeed the urban dictionary verified I was right. Chinga is one of the most recognizable often used words, and articles online jokingly say it’s the only word you need to know.

The XEE used "chaparro" so often I had to look it up. It literally is like "shorty" or "short person," but it’s used kind of like "buddy" or even "honey," although I don’t know the nuances of how much affection it expresses. He uses it constantly to the LSE. I remembered a female XEE from McDonald’s who had loving names for me, like "Colio" and "Nicolio" and other stuff – she too distributed loving affection with nicknames very often.

I’m unsure of my ability to distinguish SEEs from IEEs.

I don’t know how many of these guys are family, but some call each other "primo," cousin.

One time the XEE made a facial expression at me, from across the room, while talking to the ESI, using a couple words I recognized, and at the look on his face I suddenly burst out laughing-crying uncontrollably. It was totally unexpected. I had no idea that I was going to feel a sudden overwhelmingly intense emotion out of nowhere from across the room. It was like he threw an invisible javelin at me. I don’t know the details of what they were saying. He then got on the phone and had a long serious conversation.

I do know how to count from one to ten, and I do know that "chiquita" is a girl, and the ESI saying "dos chiquitas?" while glancing at me, seems odd. I did think this XEE was cute and lovable from very early on, although I can’t hear most of what he says.

Jesse comes to visit in August, briefly. I have been so horribly alone for so long. Steve stops by and says hello while I’m working. The door is open for fresh air, and the dish sink is by the door, so I do see Steve.

But the experience of having a high school crush again at age 41, while also not hearing a word he says and having to piece it together with nonverbal expressions and actions – maybe nothing comes of this, but it gives me a reason to go to work every day. I have been so horribly alone and without the outlet for devotion, which I must express – as awful as that gay guy in the movie "Magnolia" saying "I have so much love, but nowhere to put it," in the bar scene. It is horrible to be capable of devotion but to have no outlet for this energy, this part of yourself, for long periods of time. My need to devote myself to someone is intense, to be by his side, listen to him, do whatever he needs. No one receives this devotion from me, and I cannot give it to Jesse over a long distance. It is a physical connection over a small space, in one room or within a few feet of distance, to hear and observe someone, to know what is happening, to guard him from danger, to help him, to cooperate, to know if he is having problems and to do something about it. I couldn’t help him while he was learning to cook and was overwhelmed with orders coming in, because I can’t cook there yet. I did not like to watch his distress, but the LSE helped him. I know all about having too many orders while you’re learning. The boss is LSI, either his conflict or supervision relation, so their information processing methods are incompatible.

Yesterday I was made aware that I could lose him in an instant if he quit. I hope the conflict relation with the boss doesn’t lead to quitting.

There are actually more details to these events. I shouldn’t be writing about it at all. Writing is an evil, a sin, where immersion into the immediate moment, without detachment, is a virtue. I am mind controlled, and I no longer judge sins in a realm where I have no choice, and anyway, I’m immersed in the act of thumb typing. But gossip will taint me with self-distrust, and blogging is gossip, and the voices will try to make me believe he reads my blog or something.

I have no idea what to do. If only duals were so plentiful I could always trust that if I lost one he would be immediately replaced. But they are rare in the food industry. I never encounter them, especially not male duals. I don’t even feel sure I can distinguish them from SEEs.

I should post this before I accidentally delete it.

“I feel blessed.”

June 25, 2016

That’s what the voices said. I was noticing that something is changing. I’m manic, but also, I feel a love for all people today. I don’t have time to explain. If bonobo apes are mankind’s closest relative, then, doesn’t it make sense to say "fuck you" to everyone like in Spanish ("joder"). I’m seeing just how stifled American culture is. Imagine just throwing around the f-word, patting people on the back – we have touch deprivation in the USA.

I need more practice at swearing

June 25, 2016

"Fuck" just isn’t strong enough. It’s only one syllable. What do you say when facebook messenger puts a bubble that won’t go away over part of the screen that you have to see? What do you say when you’re forced to install facebook messenger, you click "no" on the "Do you want to do Option X" dialogs, only to accidentally click "yes" on a screen you didn’t even get to see because it was responding sluggishly and locking up and all of a sudden went through as you were repeatedly pushing and holding down unresponsive buttons? "Fuck" just isn’t enough. But in Mexican, there are so many syllables in their swear words, it’s like shouting "Fuckity fuckfuck, you fucker!" I desperately need to master the art of Mexican Swearing.

Puta madre! I’ve used up my limited supply of Spanish curse words. I found out the reason for Brexit!

June 24, 2016

It was just as I predicted: Brexit is a scam that serves a sinister purpose. Its purpose is to give the Federal Reserve an excuse to stop raising interest rates. Oh, woe is me! The economy is too unstable now because of Brexit! When the real reason is because raising interest rates bursts the economic bubble.

Socionic sensors with weakness of symbolism, also known as: you can’t just fucking assume that I know the meanings of blue, green, and red arrows pointing various directions

June 24, 2016

Sensing personality types do not direct all their energy into constantly seeking out symbols and understanding what they mean. You can’t make a phone for me with unlabeled symbols that I have never seen and just assume that everybody knows what those buttons do. This makes me extremely angry.

My phone dialing screen has a picture of a clock. I was like, hmm, this must go to a clock for some reason. But no, it goes to "history." On that screen, each caller has either a blue diagonal arrow going down and left, a green up-right arrow, or a red down-left arrow. WHAT IN THE GODDAMN FLYING FUCK IS THIS SHIT.

Blue. What the fuck. Green means "go." Red means "stop." These are imperative commands from a stoplight. Are you commanding me to call that number or refrain from calling it? And what the fuck is blue? Blue isn’t even on a stoplight, and I kinda thought we had some stoplight theme going on here.

Not only that, but if you ever knew of neurolinguistic programming, you would know that not everyone’s vector arrows point the same directions. Up and right doesn’t necessarily mean "you’ve done this." To me it looks more like "let’s keep doing this" or "do this again." I’m pretty sure that is supposed to mean "you called them back" or… it can’t, because the only number I’ve called is voicemail. I guess that was the green one. WHAT THE FUCK IS BLUE. WHY NOT MAKE A FUCKING LABEL IN WORDS YOU GODDAMN BASTARDS. Blue: unread? The unknown? WHY IS IT SO FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE TO WRITE A FUCKING WORD USING LANGUAGE ON A HIGH RESOLUTION SCREEN WHEN YOU’RE CAPABLE OF PUTTING "SHADOWS" ON BUTTONS AND THINGS TO MAKE THEM LOOK ROUNDED. You have the ability to make a font so small I can’t see it and I had to increase the default font size just so that I was capable of reading articles online BUT YOU CAN’T FUCKING LABEL A BUTTON WITH FUCKING WORDS INSTEAD OF FUCKING SYMBOLS.

I need to go to work now. My rant isn’t done yet…

On Jun 24, 2016 6:37 AM, "Nicole Binns" <eagledove9> wrote:

I’m just guessing it’s an attack. They’re getting horrible rain and lightning and floods. The gods of the new world order don’t approve of anybody trying to Brexit. Brexiting could become a Thing. It could inspire millions of ignorant, optimistic, naive, foolish young millenials around the world to try the same thing. If it rains really hard, maybe fewer people will vote who aren’t being paid to vote.

One Does Not Simply Brexit. Insert meme of Boromir making that hand gesture.

Power and Goodness are usually mutually exclusive and inversely related, so even if Leave somehow wins, I will distrust whatever caused it to happen. All voting processes everywhere are completely controlled by evil, and if evil decided to let the UK brexit, then it probably has an evil reason for doing so. It must have decided the slaves would become more profitable that way.

A lot of evil and power is in fact located in the UK, as that’s where a lot of gold is traded. London voted to remain. That’s puzzling to think that the region with the most money and power is seemingly losing the vote.

I haven’t read enough articles about this issue, especially since I’m using a DumbPhone right now, so I can’t really summarize what the people are saying and belieiving about Brexit.

Oh, this poor phone. It’s not so bad. I’m getting used to it. I got the cheapest one with the fewest features and not even an accelerometer, so I can’t turn it sideways to type. The app designers should put a button WITHIN the app to turn it to landscape instead of portrait. Youtube does it with their fullscreen setting. My keyboard and all apps should do it too. I shouldn’t need an accelerometer at all in the phone.

On Jun 23, 2016 8:44 AM, "Nicole Binns" <eagledove9> wrote:

It’s exactly like prisoners voting to get out of prison. The very idea is laughable. Of course people want to leave! People want to secede from the USA too. You are nothing more than a source of revenue to them. What you want doesn’t matter.

I won’t use autocorrect. Autocorrect is even worse than mistakes. I can have the word "and" replaced with the word "smorgasbord" at random moments just for fun.