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I survived my first week of two jobs and lots of hours; my mom broke her ankle

November 20, 2013

11:26 PM 11/19/2013

Today is Tuesday. I got out of work at TB sometime after 1:00 AM or so on Monday morning, after working there Sunday evening. I then spent the next two days sleeping, and I finally started waking up Tuesday evening. I saw that the light was dim outside, and I thought, ‘Is it morning?’ But I looked out the door of my tent and I saw the sun setting, and I looked at my clock and saw that it was Tuesday evening. I’ve had a messed up schedule. I’m working a couple overnights at McD, and then afternoons and evenings. Right now I’m awake and don’t feel ready to go back to sleep, so I’ve gone down the mountain to get water (I used up all my bottled water and got thirsty enough that I had to leave) and to pick up my paycheck.

My paycheck from McD has finally switched over to direct deposit again. After the debit card theft incident, I shut down my bank account and wasn’t getting direct deposits anymore and had to start it up again. At McD, it’s a huge pain to convert to direct deposit, but at TB, it’s perfectly easy, and everyone is required to get it immediately upon being hired – it’s not an option. You sign up for it when you fill out your application paperwork at the beginning, and your very first paycheck is directly deposited without any hassle at all. Why can’t McD do that? At the very least, they need to make it not a hassle to get the direct deposit. I don’t mind if they allow people the option of not doing it, but it shouldn’t be this huge long drawn-out disaster that goes on for months, which is what most people there experience when they try to get direct deposit. I’ve done it enough times now that I sort of know how to make it work, but other new people don’t know. I know which flaming hoops I have to jump through and where they are all located.

This week I worked two overnights at McD, Wed and Thurs, then an afternoon at McD, Fri, then a midday/afternoon at McD followed by closing at TB, Sat, and the same on Sun. I don’t know how many hours I got. It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that I have two jobs and I have my foot in the door, so I have the option of increasing my hours or changing my schedule to the way I like it.

I’m getting used to TB. I struggled to guess the socionic types of people there, and at first I thought they were all Alphas, then Betas. Now I’m seeing some Deltas. It depends on my knowing them a little better and getting more comfortable with them.

It’s extremely tiring to ride my bike back and forth every day. I had been planning to set up my motorized bike, but that totally failed because I got distracted by the bank problem and had no time or energy left for anything else. It would help greatly if I could do a couple things to my existing bike. If I could get those little add-on handlegrips where they let you lean forward more and have the grips down lower and more forward, that would help. I’ve discovered that air resistance is trivial and does not account for the benefits gained by leaning forwards on a bike. Instead, it’s the forward distribution of the weight that matters: put the cart before the horse, that’s better. Put all the weight in front, and it suddenly becomes extremely easy to ride your bike. Don’t ever put one of those little racks on the back wheel of your bike. Buy a front rack with front panniers instead, and use a front basket. I can get a front basket at Wal-Mart, and I can also get the conversion handlegrips at Wal-Mart – I’ve seen them there, and that’s why I know they exist. I won’t use my old basket from my other bike because it was contaminated and I’m getting rid of it, but I still have it sitting around up there near my tent.

In the story ‘Black Beauty,’ someone was watching a carriage going up a hill, and the horse had on ‘bearing reins,’ special reins that forced the horse (Black Beauty) to carry its head held high because it looked pretty that way. However, it made it impossible for the horse to pull the carriage up the hill. The girl who was watching this told the driver to stop whipping the horse, and to just take the bearing reins off so the horse could lower its head forward. He did, and it worked, but he didn’t thank the girl for her insight. I don’t remember exactly what happened. It’s been decades since I read that book. I know she ended up getting the horse eventually.

I’m riding my bike in the ‘bearing reins’ position – I am forced to sit up high, because my handlebars don’t let me lean forwards. I can lean over them, but I have to bend my elbows and can’t actually pull on the handlegrips.

I’m still not receiving big paychecks yet. It will be a couple more weeks until I start to notice that I’m working more hours and getting more money. This week, I have a tiny paycheck from McD for working only two days. I called off sick or something, I forget. This Friday, I’m getting my second paycheck from TB, which comes every other week. It will be a bigger check. I don’t know for sure, but I think next Wednesday, I might get a bigger check from McD.

Last night I was in the tent awake, and I decided to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. Did I mention that I had bought that just recently? I’ve been playing the original RCT demo from the first game, but didn’t actually have the real game installed on this computer – it was on my other computer, which is at my parents’ house. I didn’t want to buy games because I will play games all day long and do nothing else. However, now that I am working so many hours, I think it’s okay to spend some time playing a game, doing a sedentary activity for fun while I’m exhausted and don’t have enough mental energy left to do anything serious or productive in my spare time.

I started playing for a couple minutes, and my battery told me that it was going out, even though I had just charged it and I knew it was mostly full. I’ve learned, from living in the car and in the tent, that the battery doesn’t work when it’s cold. It says it’s running out when it isn’t really running out. So after it shut itself off, I closed the netbook and put it into the sleeping bag with me and I warmed it up with my body heat. A couple minutes later, I turned it on again, and it started up just fine, but the orange light was still on, telling me that the battery was just about to run out. I then played RCT for a couple hours inside my sleeping bag (this was difficult!) without the battery running out, with the little orange light on the whole time. Finally, all of a suddenly, the computer shut off without warning, because it was so confused about whether the battery was working or not. That was okay, I was expecting something like that. But now that I’ve started it up and plugged it in and I’m charging it, it’s giving me a message saying that there is something ‘wrong’ with the battery and that it might shut off suddenly without warning, and it has a little red X over the battery symbol instead of showing me an image of how much energy remains. I can hover over it with my mouse to get the info about how much is left, but I can’t just conveniently glance down at it anymore to get an approximate idea. It’s giving me a warning saying that I ought to think about replacing the battery. But I think the battery is fine. I’m going to keep using it.

The battery messages are annoying to me – they are full of misspellings, and yet, this is part of a ‘respectable’ Dell computer. Your battery ‘like’ is decreasing. I thought that was a one-time misspelling, but no, ALL the messages about my battery life misspell life as ‘like.’ ‘Your battery is charging normally, however it is reaching the end of its usable like [sic]. You may want to consider purchasing a repleacement [sic] battery now.’ Argh! How can these misspellings be allowed on a respectable computer? If I had downloaded some freeware off a hacker website, I’d expect to see crappy messages with lots of misspellings, but no, I bought this computer at the store. This is just one more incident added to my long and ever-growing list of complaints about the worsening quality of computers, operating systems, electronic devices in general, and appliances nowadays. I don’t like this trend at all. Sloppy error messages imply the presence of sloppily written bug-filled software. Sloppy software is a security threat and a nuisance.

My mom was getting better. But then she slipped and fell on a slippery spot outside near the gate, and I know where that is. I forget whether it was ice or just mud. She broke her ankle when she fell. This makes me very angry. I want to tell my parents everything I know about how drugs are the root of all evil. Is she, or is she not, still using Paxil? I asked Dad in an email, but he didn’t answer yet. If anything is ever wrong with your body, the first question you should always ask is, what drugs are you taking? Over-the-counter, prescription drugs, herbal drugs, ‘hidden’ drugs, vitamins, and even vitamins added to foods such as cereals – all of them are drugs and all of them cause side effects. Vitamins and minerals are drugs because they are synthetic chemicals that are not the same as naturally occurring organic vitamins and minerals – for instance, you might get something like iron oxide when you take an iron pill, which has no resemblance whatsoever to the iron you get from eating hemoglobin in the blood of meat. Iron oxide is toxic garbage, and you might as well just scrape some rust off a metal object and eat it.

I donated plasma many years ago. It took me years to find out why it affected me so badly, but finally I learned (over the internet) that when they put the blood back into your body, they include an anticoagulant drug. That drug has side effects such as dizziness and fainting. They’ll tell you, ‘Oh no, you can’t possibly be fainting because you didn’t lose any blood! It’s your imagination!’ But I was *definitely* about to pass out and faint after donating plasma. I don’t imagine my symptoms. Low blood pressure is a side effect of anticoagulants. Nobody told me that there was an anticoagulant in there or that it would cause severely disturbing side effects that made it impossible for me to go back to my job and work later in the day. I’d go back to work (at Giant Foods Store, back then), and be nearly passing out and unable to stand up after I donated plasma.

I suspect that this anticoagulant may have injured my liver. I started having chronic health problems after that, but didn’t know the cause. It started with the same pattern that it starts with for many victims of chronic fatigue – I, my boyfriend, and the entire town had a strange, severe, flu-like illness that caused horrible fatigue. We got over it, but my fatigue never went entirely away. I’ve always said that was when my chronic fatigue started.

However, I think I have some problems with my liver or something too, or maybe my pancreas, because (if I’m not drinking caffeine) I tend to have pale-colored stools, which are not normal. Since I’ve been living in the tent and have been unable to control all the factors affecting my health, I haven’t been able to do any troubleshooting and haven’t been able to quit caffeine so I can observe the symptom again. I also noticed that it would happen if I even so much as walked alongside a creek, merely breathing the air near a creek, or if it rained. There is something in the water and the rain that messes up my liver and pancreas. I know that other people in this region have the same problem, because, yuck, I know, but, I’ve seen it. I’ve gone into the port-a-potty and seen other people’s poop and it’s been pale-colored, and those people don’t know that anything is wrong with their poop.

It’s hard to troubleshoot these vague health problems, hard to observe what triggers them, but I notice that when I travel to other places, the pale colored stools seem to get better. I noticed it when I went back to WV and visited my parents.

My mom is getting old, but even so, osteoporosis is *not* a normal, inevitable part of getting old. It is preventable. She should stop taking ALL DRUGS no matter what they are, and she needs to change her diet, probably eliminating wheat from the diet. There might be better or worse ways to eat wheat (some people say soaking, sprouting, and souring the grains helps), or there might be different varieties of grains that are safer. But, overall, grain is associated with osteoporosis. It frustrates me that my dad is a doctor, and my mom is a nurse, and both of them think they know more about medicine and health than I do, so they won’t listen to me. I don’t know how my dad has reacted to my email accusing Paxil of worsening Mom’s osteoporosis, but he can’t possibly deny it – I sent him a link to a ‘reputable’ website describing the side effects of Paxil, and how it causes bone breakage after a trivial injury (‘I just took a step while walking, and suddenly my ankle broke for no reason’). This is even worse for anybody who is having osteoporosis for other reasons already, and my mom already was. She’s lucky not to be dead after she fell out of the hayloft. She tells me that the reason she’s alive and not paralyzed is because one of her arms smashed against another object while she was falling, which caused her body to spin to the side, so she didn’t land directly on her back, she landed on the side of her leg and arm instead, so even though she broke her back, she didn’t break it as badly as she could have.

I wish I could convince my dad that osteoporosis is NOT a normal part of growing old, but he has been brainwashed over all the decades of his life. He doesn’t know that people in primitive societies do not always get osteoporosis when they get old. He doesn’t know that people on the Weston Price diet do not get osteoporosis.

To troubleshoot everything, you have to not only quit all drugs, including over-the-counter drugs and hidden drugs (like the anticoagulant when I donated plasma) and fortified foods, but also, you have to completely remove all dental fillings and all implanted objects in the body, and don’t replace them with anything. If you have metal implanted into your body, like a steel rod in a broken bone, metal interferes with your enzymes so they don’t work anymore, and you become chemically sensitive to everything. Plastic does strange things in your body too, and I don’t know the details – I know that I read somewhere recently about how metal specifically disables your enzymes so they don’t work anymore, but plastic does other things besides that. Plastic leaches BPA and other chemicals that mimic estrogen. I’ll be removing my plastic fillings before I get pregnant.

Then, after doing those things, you also have to do elimination diets to test which foods you’re sensitive to. Different people react badly to different foods, and different ethnic groups tend to have problems with specific things. Then, there is the whole other issue of not getting enough of particular nutrients, which also varies from person to person and with ethnic groups.

I feel sure that if I were the ‘dictator’ controlling my mom’s life, I’d be able to cure her osteoporosis. But I cannot completely control her and wouldn’t want to. Maybe someday when she’s in a wheelchair with Alzheimer’s and isn’t able to physically defend herself, I’ll be able to forcibly remove her dental fillings (I’m sure that would go over well!) and give her a proper diet. I won’t be a fool who just lets the nurses make all the decisions about what foods she eats. I will pull her out of the nursing home and I will feed her the omega-3 fatty acids she needs to cure her ‘unexplained’ Alzheimer’s disease, and I’ll quit all the drugs they’ve put her on. I know exactly what to do to cure all my mom’s future diseases, except her eventual death – I can’t cure everything.

My dad seems to be in better health than my mom, and his father was pretty long-lived as well. I forget how old he was when he died, but I believe his death was also unnecessary and preventable – he gradually had several heart attacks over a period of years, and during the last heart attack, he voluntarily chose to die. I heard this story from my Aunt Jeannie. He was having problems and felt like he was having another heart attack, and somehow, Aunt Jeannie was with him at the time. She said she was holding him in her arms while he was having a heart attack, and she asked if he wanted her to go get the doctors and nurses so they could help him, and he said no. He chose to just let the heart attack kill him that time, instead of doing more and more to save his life and make it last longer. That story is a good story, in a way. He died with dignity.

But I think heart attacks are an abnormal thing that can be prevented. However, what is the final cause of death? That, I still don’t know. After you’ve prevented everything that can be prevented, everything abnormal, a person will still eventually die at, say, 120 years old. Something somewhere commands the body to just die. Maybe it’s nothing but a ‘last straw’ phenomenon, where you just can’t cope with one small triggering event anymore, but maybe it’s a command. If it’s a ‘last straw’ phenomenon, then you can do more and more and more to delay the moment of death by troubleshooting things that trigger it or weaken you.

I just have more of a belief in my own power to take direct actions to troubleshoot those things and strengthen myself and avoid weakening myself, than most people do. Most people believe that almost every health problem that old people have is normal, and that it’s normal to die at age 70. I view most of those problems as abnormal, not inevitable, and preventable and controllable.

So I can’t predict when and how my dad will die. Dad had problems with his blood pressure his whole life, and he recently told me that he suspects he has renal arterial stenosis, a deformity of an artery in the kidney, which can cause chronic high blood pressure. He’s on blood pressure drugs, and so his long-term health will be harmed by those drugs and their side effects, which may lead to something like kidney failure in the future – I don’t know. Maybe the renal artery deformity is yet another preventable deformity like the Weston Price deformities. All of those deformities are ‘mild’ ones that don’t kill you instantly, but you go through your life with some parts of your body being narrower or smaller or less fully developed than they should have been. (Some of the deformities can be severe enough to kill you, but we don’t often see them.)

I’d like to visit my parents soon. I normally try to visit them at least once a year, but I didn’t get to go as often in the last couple years. I’ll be riding a bus again, but this time I’ll avoid sitting next to (or, allowing to sit with me!) any drug-abusing prostitutes who talk nonstop for all the hours of the first section of the bus ride. That was horrible. Sure, she was a nice person and all, but I wanted to look out the window, look at the scenery, think to myself, and maybe read a book, and I couldn’t do any of those things. Unfortunately, she decided to approach me because of my dreadlocks, but I think she might have found me approachable even if I hadn’t had dreadlocks. I don’t like it when people think that my dreadlocks mean that I’m a drug user, and they can ask me for drugs, or they can assume I’m ‘one of them’ because I have dreadlocks. My dreadlocks have an entirely different meaning than they do to the majority of dreadlocks wearers. I am not a drug-using hippie who wants to have sex with everyone. (I’m sure people could argue that the majority of dreadlock wearers are not drug-using hippies, but somehow, this reputation *has* been associated with them.)

I’m still playing RCT with the aim of making some kind of refugee camp. I really love the idea of feeding starving people and giving them a safe place to live. I want another simulation game where I can do that, instead of modifying RCT to do it. I want the people to be able to hunt, gather, farm, and herd, and build their own houses, and everything. They can’t do that in RCT. I want to watch life grow. You can plant trees in RCT, which I enjoy doing, but you can’t *grow* them. I want to grow things and nurture them and protect them and do simulation games based on that. I keep thinking of ‘Farmville,’ which I have never played and don’t want to start playing, on facebook. I don’t know exactly what you do in Farmville, and I’m not going to try it. It’s best if I avoid starting too many games. With RCT I have enough for now.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, and a new game called ‘Overnight Grill Cook.’

November 14, 2013

8:12 PM 11/14/2013

I’ve thought of this before, but I’m thinking of it more now because of a couple of things. First, I recently started playing video games again, but in a very limited way. I didn’t allow myself to go out and buy something brand new, but instead spent the last couple weeks just playing the demo version of Roller Coaster Tycoon, the first game. I owned that game years ago, but it’s on my other computer, which is stored at my parents’ house. I didn’t want to waste so much time playing games, because I will do it all day long if I can. That’s why I only got the demo version, so I would be extremely limited. I can play the demo over and over again, but it stops after a couple of minutes, and you can’t save the game. That was ideal for me, to prevent me from being too badly addicted.

I wanted something that would help me get through the past couple weeks, which have been stressful. I’ve been starting work at TB, but haven’t been getting paid much yet. I did receive one small paycheck from them, but they pay every two weeks, and I’m not getting a check this week. I’m also not getting big checks from McD right now either, because I’ve been working only two or three days a week, and this week, I just switched back to five days a week. I’ve had very little money, but have been working a lot, training at TB and working on days when I normally wouldn’t be available there (Monday through Thursday). It was exhausting, and I was miserable, and wanted some way to entertain myself without using too much physical energy, so that’s why I’ve been playing the game demo.

That started when I was reading about assembly language. I haven’t learned assembly language yet. I got diverted when I found out that Roller Coaster Tycoon was written in ASM and I thought that was a great game, which proved that assembly language can do great things that are worth doing. So I downloaded the demo and began playing it again, and I’ve thought maybe I would get a hex editor sometime and make changes to the game, change the way things look, that kind of thing.

I love nonviolent simulation games. I love RCT because I want to make people happy and feed them and make them comfortable. RCT has many situations where the park guests are extremely hungry and tired and can’t find anything to eat, and you have to build food stalls for them. I also love extremely challenging scenarios that are almost impossible to win.

So for several weeks, while playing the demo, I was doing the thirdscenario, for instance. I forget what it’s called. Evergreen Gardens – I went and looked it up. In the beginning, there is one solitary guest lost in the gardens, and he’s hungry and exhausted. In a few seconds, he will inevitably say, ‘I want to go home,’ and after they say that, you absolutely cannot stop them – they will leave, no matter what, and they will ignore anything that you put in front of them, and you can’t make them change their mind. The only thing you can do is force them onto a little piece of pavement without an exit, like two squares long, and if you put a food stall there and force them to bump into it, they will buy food. I don’t remember if they will go on a ride if you force them to bump into it. The only way to force them to interact with an object is when they reach the end of the pavement, and have to turn around, and have no other exit. Bumping into an object such as a food stall or a queue line will make them turn around. Other than that, you can’t make them do anything if they are free to move – they will always exit the park.

My challenge was to ‘save’ that one single guest. I had to feed him and then make him stay in the park before he said ‘I want to go home.’ I always push the ‘pause’ button in between moves, whenever I’m working on a scenario with extremely limited time, so that’s the first thing I do, push ‘pause.’ I would always reduce the entry fee to zero so that nobody was paying to get in, and then after that I would work on saving the hungry guest. Then I click the ‘i’ button on that guest so that I can receive messages about what he’s doing.

First I would stick him on a small piece of pavement a couple blocks long that he couldn’t escape from, and put a food or drink stall there. I like to give it to him for free as a courtesy. I’m not sure if that influences his decision to stay or not, but he’ll say, ‘This drink from Drink Stall 1 is really good value.’ That’s usually a hint that you need to raise the price. After he buys the drink, he must sit on a bench. While he sits on the bench, I quickly build a cheap steel roller coaster, just one of the beginner coasters, on the big lake there, because it’s a flat place with no trees, so I can use one of the predesigned coasters without trees getting in the way or without any hills or valleys making the coaster too high or under ground level.

If I do it just right, I can build that coaster, make a queue line, and get this guest to ride on it. If I can get him to ride the coaster, he will stay. But I have to force him to. While he’s drinking and sitting on the bench, I have to pick him up with the pincers and force him to bump into the queue line of the coaster. I can do that if I give him a short walkway to it just a couple blocks long, which forces him to turn around at the end and then go bump into the queue entrance. He will ride the ride, and if he does, I’ve won the scenario – he’ll stay. But after getting him on the ride, he needs a companion, because they won’t go on a coaster without someone sitting beside them in the seat, so I’ll pick up some other guest who, by now, has come in, and I’ll put them into the little isolated area with these short pavement blocks that force them to go on the coaster. They’ll go on it unless they want low-intensity rides. Everybody who wants an intensity higher than 4 will almost always go on it.

I’ve figured out exactly how to ‘win’ this little artificial scenario following my own rules. The goal is to make that first guest stay in the park and not go home. This is my own little tradition, but I started renaming him (forgive me) ‘Rick.’

I’ve also played the other scenarios. I don’t have anything in particular that I do with the first one, the Forest Frontiers scenario. With Diamond Heights, I was trying to dismantle everything in the park and get all the guests out of it, but in that version, you don’t have any signs that you can put on the paths telling the guests not to walk someplace. In the later versions of the games, you can put banners that block entry to a particular pathway. In the old version and in the demo, you can’t. So it’s harder to control where your guests are walking. I’d have guests wandering off the path and going into the woods, that kind of thing, which is a huge pain. So I would try to remove all the rides and all the pavement while hundreds of guests were still there walking all over it, and that was my scenario. You have to be careful not to let anyone fall into the water and drown, because they’ll do that if you pull the pavement out from under them over top of the water, and they’ll walk off the edge if you have a flashing, half-built piece of pavement hanging over the water, too, while you’re in the midst of pushing buttons and deciding which direction to build the pavement, or you’re in the process of removing the pavement. I would always put the pavement onto the ‘raised pavement’ setting, where you can make pavement going up above other pavement. On that setting, you can click ‘delete’ and you can ‘suck up’ the pavement in long lines by clicking the button over and over.

So I did this for the last couple weeks. Finally, the other day, I broke down and decided to buy the game again. But I couldn’t find a download for the first RCT on They had downloads for the others, for RCT 2 and 3. I ended up finally getting RCT 2. I’ve played that one only a few times at Eric’s house, years ago.

Now I’ve made this utterly horrible scenario using the scenario editor, and I can’t win it. I ended up with some random, small amount of money, just a few thousand dollars. I made all the guests come in starving, and in the description of the scenario I said you have to feed refugees from a nearby collapsing civilization. So all of the guests walk in as hungry and unhappy as it’s possible to be, and on top of that, they have the minimum amount of money in their pockets, which ranges from zero dollars to thirty dollars. Some people come in and can’t buy any food, so I try to give them something for free, but if I do that I will fail the scenario, because I’m desperate for money too – but I can’t get enough guests to make me rich fast enough, so I can’t build enough rides. I have to get my park rating above 700, and my park keeps getting closed. I called it ‘Acid Test’ because I made the water acid green. It’s this horrible landscape with green water and no trees. Eventually, I want to plant stuff there, but haven’t been able to do it yet. That will be part of the scenario later, if I can only get my rating over 700. This scenario has been unwinnable so far. I’ve gotten it over 700, but it was after my park was closed. I don’t remember exactly how I did that. It just took too long. I have to build an extremely small cheap coaster that just goes in a circle. And, oh yeah, I forgot to mention, not only are the guests starving and unhappy, they also prefer lower intensity rides, so my coasters have to be extremely gentle.

I used up all my time and I have to go get ready for work, so I’ll just say the one last thing and I’ll talk about it later. Last night, I worked grill overnight, which is extremely hard. You have all these tasks to do in extremely limited time, while making orders. We had someone else call off last night. I realized, this is exactly like Roller Coaster Tycoon. It’s a game scenario. I failed it last night. I didn’t get it all done in time. You have to clean all this equipment and make all the food and do all this stuff. There are all these scenarios I imagined, like one employee calling off so you have to do more work, or the ‘caffeine withdrawal’ scenario, where time goes faster and you go slower but you have to do the same amount of work, or the ‘broken equipment scenario’ (like last night!) where you can only use part of one grill because the other part is broken.

So I imagined a grill cook video game based on McDonald’s. The only problem would be that McDonald’s employees would recognize the setup and I might have some kind of copyright violation by selling a game based on their setup.

I have to go now but I’ll write more later.

Speck invasion mostly gone; horrible week

November 3, 2013

4:05 PM 11/3/2013

I am just doing a brief blog today. I’m on my way to work. I stopped at the cafe.

It’s a horrible week because I’ve been working nonstop; however, there was a mistake in the schedule, which might be a blessing in disguise, and I’m going to tell him to leave it that way, so I can get a couple days off. My training at TB is the reason why I’ve been working so many days. It won’t normally be like this.

I survived the speck invasion. They mostly dissipated later that evening, and now I can hardly see any anywhere. I assume they are something similar to daddy longlegs, centipedes, and pillbugs – all of them are bugs that just go around scavenging organic material in the woods. Sometimes you see huge hordes of them, like centipedes at night.

I am going to survive this horrible week of nonstop work, and soon I will be transitioning to two jobs, and also to winter weather.