Mind control, hearing voices, and electronic harassment

8:10 AM 8/17/10

I don’t know when the attacks first began. I can remember incidents all the way back to my childhood, but back then, I didn’t know I was being attacked. Back then I thought my experiences were psychic instead of electronic. I became aware of the attacks in 2003, when they suddenly became severe.

I assume that the voices and the attacks are caused by living humans who are on earth, although they could be in outer space around earth.

I assume that they are using electronic weapons which are either electromagnetic or sonic.

I assume that the attacks come from a variety of different individuals, groups, corporations, and governments, and that they aren’t all on the same team.

If people I know, such as co-workers and family members, say things to me that make it sound like they ‘know things about me,’ ‘know my secrets’, or have been watching me, I assume that they are ‘puppets’ being forced to say those things, and they actually don’t know what they’re talking about. I assume that they are NOT ‘in on it.’ They are not consciously part of the harassment. They are not ‘on the team.’ I assume that almost everybody is a puppet, if they say or do things that seem to fit in with the harassment. I myself have been forced to say and do things, so I know that other people can be forced.

I also have computer problems, and in the past, I experienced harassment over the computer, through the telephones, and through systems controlled by computers, such as the electrical power grid. The ‘message’ of the harassment was usually a demonstration that ‘I’m controlling this network, too, and I’m watching everything you do.’

I am not a technical expert on how the attacks are being done. I have read a few web pages about it. I mostly know about my own experiences and observations, along with the experiences of other bloggers. If you google ‘mind control,’ ‘electronic harassment,’ ‘psychotronic weapons,’ or ‘radio frequency weapons,’ you will probably read the same web pages I’ve read. I’ve also read about ‘electromagnetic hypersensitivity.’

I have noticed that drug use strongly affects how I experience the attacks and how I respond to them. There are certain kinds of noise attacks that I can only hear when my hearing has been affected by drugs, for instance, a ‘zing’ noise in my head which zaps me in a rhythm that sounds like Morse Code. I only get angry and enraged at the attackers if I am using, or am in withdrawal from, antidepressants. They control me much more easily if I am on antidepressants. This is another reason why I want to get rid of the drug residues on my belongings. I tolerate the attacks much better if I am drug-free.

49 Responses to “Mind control, hearing voices, and electronic harassment”

  1. Allen Says:

    I dont know I been reading alot about the TI exoeriences lately and ringing sensations in my ears I have them quite often.They go away and come back sometimes in different sounding zings.The noise I had in my head for months sound like the noise bugs make in a hot humid climate kinda zizzizi sound.I wondered quite often a, I under sttack by something?Is it controlling my mind causing to me to think differently.So far Im inconclusive about these affects based on my experiences.

  2. retmeishka Says:

    Yes, it’s hard to tell from something like that whether it’s an attack or whether it’s hearing damage or something else. That ringing can change depending on what foods or drugs you’re eating too. The TIs experience a lot of different problems and symptoms that can be caused by more than one thing.

  3. Allen Says:

    My 3 cats sometimes get this urge to look at the ceiling and get all crazy and make some weird noice and run around crazy. One day I had my cat outside and she looked up at the sky then jumped up and started running, I have no clue about that 1.

  4. retmeishka Says:

    I think they definitely do things to animals. When I used to live with my ex boyfriend, they would make the cat start scratching on the door the instant I fell asleep. I can imagine them making cats run around and act strange for no reason.

  5. Allen Says:

    I think there is more to it than aliens.Seriously our cats get crazy looks in their eyes like they are hearing sonic noises and take off runnning across the house at 90 miles an hour out of the blue.I know they have smaller minds than humans could be why our ears are always ringing around here and hearing different types of tones?I feel we are under attack from TI`s.

  6. retmeishka Says:

    It bothers me when they attack helpless animals. It’s true that I’m human and I don’t like being attacked either, but with animals, you can’t even explain to them what’s happening. You might indeed be getting attacked for real. I think it’s much more common than people think. It happens to a lot of people but they don’t always recognize what is happening.

  7. Bethy Says:

    I feel so intune with what you describe here, and i cant explain that feeling I get sometimes. Oh don’t ever change.

  8. Allen Says:

    I know we are under attack here,I left for 5 days and never heard any tones or ringing in our ears.Our cats were normal never did the strange things they do when they are here.We get back home and it starts all over again.The ringing,strange tones of ringing our cats going crazy.I cant wait for the day that we move from here.I just hope our troubles dont follow us.

  9. Allen Says:

    I can only say that I left for a while and i did not have the zing sensation occuring at all but not only when I came back did it reoccur with me but worse off with the pets now.So few questions about this emh issue?Has does one prove this,prove the sources and what court of law is actualy going to beleive it.For all i know I could be doing this to myself with the house appliance and electronics that i use.Maybe my own microwave is having an effect on my cats driving them crazy and myself as well.I know the mrs makes her share of contributions though lol.Seriously though is there a meter that measures naocrons or micronanocrons or some sort of electromagnetic radiation that might be occuring in my home?

  10. Nicole Says:

    There are devices that measure electromagnetic radiation, but I myself don’t know anything about them. I’ve read a couple web pages about it, that’s all. I looked up ’emf meter’ and ‘gauss meter.’ I’ve never used them and I’ve also never tried very hard to prove to the police that I’m being attacked. It’s hard to understand what’s causing the problem, and when you use a meter, it’s hard to tell which signals are an attack and which ones are normal. I once used a device called a CSD-18 which was meant to check for hidden cameras. I got lots of signals but you can’t tell ‘bad’ signals from ‘normal’ signals.

  11. Allen Says:

    A CSD-18 was it a meter that measured signals or something more like a hidden bug/camera detector?I LOOKED AT A SPYshop webpage recently and they sell some kind device that measures all these different types of signals,efradiation and different things.It actualy tells you what it is normal in its range and not normal outside of a certain range.When i get the time,I`ll find it and share the link.I have no doubt that that there is something out of the norm going on here.The things that are occuring never happened when I was to me or noticed back then.Its just me that hears different ringinbg sounds inside our home but the MRS EXPEREINCES THESE SENSATIONS ALSO.I`ll be getting a chance to exscape this place for a little hile soon so I`ll try and keep track if anything like strange ringing sounds occur.I read many instances of this happening to other people.An idea comes to mind maybe purchase a white noise generator and see if it blocks the strange signals.

  12. Allen Says:

    So we have been in a different location now for about 3 days,No unusual noises in our head or ringing tones in our ears.I almost best when we return home it will start back up again.If im under attack there and we want to move which we are trying to do how does one keep this from following us where we go?

  13. Nicole Says:

    I only wish I knew how to stop the attacks from following you. I notice the same thing – when I visit my parents in West Virginia, the attacks are much less severe, and there are only a few things that happen there.

    I’ve never tried a white noise generator. If you decide to try it, good luck. And yes, the CSD-18 was made to help you find hidden cameras and hidden microphones, because I used to believe that’s what they were using.

    When my ex-boyfriend was coming over to my other apartment and trying to sleep over there, after the attacks started, he experienced it too. He was tossing and turning in bed, and finally he got angry, stood up and said, ‘There’s something making it so I can’t sleep here. I’m going home.’ He was being ‘zapped’ but he didn’t know how to describe it. I was always getting zapped too and prevented from falling asleep. That was the one time when I had someone else there who experienced the same thing.

    I haven’t done much about the attacks, because they were really severe in the beginning, but then they sort of ‘calmed down’ after a while, and now, there are small nuisance things that happen, but I don’t usually get very upset about it. My life isn’t in danger from it right now. My reaction to it is worst when I’m using antidepressants – I get angry. But most of the time, I just try to ignore it. I would like to do something about it, but I’m too busy with struggling to get by, to go to work every day, and I don’t have enough time and energy and money to spend on fighting back. I wish I could.

  14. Allen Says:

    Spending money and energy fighting it is a very difficult thing to do.I wont let it consume me.God gives me strength to deal with it so other than white noise generator thats about all i can do.I just stay away from home as much as possible so i dont have to be around the affects of it.BS though that i cant live immunly in my own home.Personaly I wish I could just leave the country or go to another part of the US and assume a new identity but dam If Im going to live my life on the run for nothing.

  15. Allen Says:

    This is the graph I was talking about in one of my earlier post.

  16. Nicole Says:

    I know, I used to think about leaving the USA and getting rid of my social security number and getting rid of my identity. I gave up on that idea. When did you start noticing problems – how long has it been going on?

  17. Allen Says:

    This has been happening since about 1995,kinda more sporadic than when it 1st started.It actualy stopped for about a year then when I moved and resettled it would become quite intense.Leaving the USA is one thing I considered but the cost is way to over whelming for my income.To harrass people in this form is cowardly.I wish they would confront me and then settle the issue at hand whatever it may be.

  18. Yvonne Says:

    I don’t understand why someone is so cruel and mean to torture and use techy abuse on people out of the blue I guess that’s why we are TI’s its horrible!!!

  19. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, ‘trying to figure out why they are doing it’ is one of the things that almost all TI’s talk about, from what I’ve read. Everyone has their own explanation.

  20. Allen Says:

    I know I went for a streak that lasted up to 5-6 days with terrible ringing and different sound pitches.This was acompanied with terrible headaches that just would not go away.Not sure if the 2 were related or not but it was very painful and unpleasant experience.It was also affecting my pets as well as my MRs.Oh what I would do if I could somehow be led to the people/person doing this.

  21. Nicole Says:

    I know this doesn’t do any good, but I’ve always told myself that the people doing it might not be doing it because they want to – someone else might be making them do it… but then that makes me want to look for the higher-ups making them do it. They must have some crazy belief system telling them that this is a good or necessary thing to do.

  22. Allen Says:

    Im just wondering has anyone ever had seizures that are related to these electronic attacks?

  23. Allen Says:

    Yeah makes me wonder if the have any kind of remorse or conscience

  24. Nicole Says:

    I bet probably yes, people could have seizures from this. But I myself have never been attacked badly enough to experience anything like that. I’ve read about people being attacked much, much worse than I am.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Well last week and about 4 weeks ago I had some kinda seizures while Im not sure or totaly convinced they are from an electronic attack because my doc says possible I suffered a mkinistroke which I have a medical history of.Now I have to go in for barage on test to find out what forsure is going.I do know that in the last several years I have an increased amount of nureological problems which are most likely a direct result of the eletrical attacks that have been taken place on me.I just wish I can get this to stop i WANT SOME NORMALCY TO MY LIFE BACK.

  26. Nicole Says:

    Did you get any results back yet from your testing?

  27. Stop Mind Control and Electronic torture Says:

    They use alcohol and cannabis and synthetic cannabis. You think cannabis helps but it doesnt it is used to the torture groups benefit. They use cannabis – dream, spice, herbal smoking blends and even salvia.

  28. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, I agree. I know a girl at my workplace who was using Spice, and I had lots of incidents where this girl would ‘say things’ or ‘do things’ to me – long story – and I know it wasn’t her fault, and she wasn’t in control of herself, but it was obvious that the drug was making her more willing to do those things. I’m sure cannabis would do it too. Just about any drug will weaken someone enough that they have less resistance, and they become more impulsive and they obey the fake ‘urges.’

  29. Allen Says:

    I would not use cannibis to help you fight off any attacks,It will only increase paranoia.I know theres something in this place or in the enviroment thats causing me more serious nurological probelms nowRather its the attcks Im not realy sure but its got very bad.I have serious tremors similar to a person who suffers parkison desease or MS.

  30. Luis A Velasquez Says:

    I’m experiencing something like this and it’s been many many years what I’ve read in your article matches what I’m facing and have no one to explain it to I would like feedback if possible

  31. Nicole Says:

    Sure, would you like me to email you or would you like to comment here? You could tell me about what’s happening to you. If you want to send me an email, you could send it to eagledove9 at gmail dot com.

  32. letsesl Says:

    Hi Retmeishka,
    i just wanted to say – I love u and ur blog! I particularly like that you say that the only things you know for sure are the ones you experience. I am also a TI and I find it frustrating when others are being categorical in their beliefs and ‘learned’ opinions as to who or what is behind mind control terrorism.
    Please – keep writing

  33. Nicole Says:

    Thank you. I wish I had more useful information that could help people who are experiencing this, and I’ll be doing more research on it in the future, but for now I’m just tolerating it and surviving. I hope you’re doing okay too. Yes, it can be very frustrating trying to talk to anybody else about this.

  34. Lee Says:

    Electronic Harassment: Voices in My Mind.I am Lee lee563@ykcwb.com

    You probably have an invisible retina eye implant from his office from your monitor,

    Howard Raymond from 72310 Blueridge Ct., Palm Desert. CA. Howard said he has implanted me for illegal porn. I have reported this everywhere.

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    Howard King of Porn Billionaire said he paid off Gov. officials and police and are immune to drug laws. and uses a Gay Jay Leno Wifi Drug Comedy Club and is harassing me to let him sell illegal porn of me in my room from my computer to Virtuagirl.com he has already sold !!!
    Can you jail and deport this scum for God and US Citizens he is doing Satans work. He is not human or have any morals.

    I have reports in with Police, US Gov. Darpa, ICS, US FBI, US Att General, LA Chief of Justice, and Att. Gen. Harris in CA. which he laughs at. Howard said this US Gov. Darpa Adv. Alien Tech. is unknown and no one will believe me and his exe. is Obama.

    Article on WIFI RFID-Radio Freq. ID implanted mind programs.

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi Cameras installed into the retina allows vision for the blind! This technology is quite fascinating, these chips literally allow
    data to be transferred directly into the brain from a WiFi connection.Literally downloading information from the Internet or electronic source to the physical brain. This same technology will allow the monitoring real time 24 hours a day 7 days a week of the individuals chipped with the RFID.

    These chips relay the electronic impulses of the brain to the Host for deciphering, wether its what the individual is seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, thinking, etc… Each thought has a unique signature that Computer programs can decipher. So full time spying through the eyes of the individual, either animal, human, or insect. This technology is an Alphabet agencies wet dream. Think about it for a minute, everything you experience can be recorded, stored, translated into a VR reality. Remember the saying, “Be careful what you think, they can read your mind”?

    RFID Chips fuse with Brain Cells, then controlled via WiFi “We here at inhabitant love DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) — they are the people behind plans for a transforming Flying car, batteries that are smaller than grains of salt, and oh, they invented the Internet. Now, in partnership with IBM, DARPA is investing $21 million in a project to develop a series of experimental computer chips that will be designed to replicate the human brain’s perceptive, Active and cognitive abilities

    Check links below, US government Darpa invisible airplanes, tanks and
    programs – eye implants..



  35. iliv2fish_ac@yahoo.com Says:

    Im still trying to find a support group and find help in making this top.Any suggestions?This has been happening for 12 years.Doesnt matter where I live or move to it follows me everywhere.

  36. Nicole Says:

    No, I unfortunately don’t have any suggestions. It follows me too, but when it first began, I had an incident where there was a ‘delay’ before they caught up with me, when I traveled. I had been living in Pennsylvania, and then I traveled to West Virginia to visit my parents. I slept perfectly well for the first night or two, and then on the third night, there was this van driving around the street where we live, and I started getting zapped awake all that night again. But for the first couple nights, it was perfectly peaceful. This actually gives me hope that it *might* be possible to go places that are far enough away that they aren’t able to attack you, but since it’s difficult and expensive and time-consuming to travel, none of us have been able to do enough testing to find out where to go or how far. I think it might be okay in extremely isolated places like northern Canada, for instance (although there is a lot of harassment in Canada, it seems, since some of the more well-known victims who write on the internet live there, like Eleanor White). In the future I will be doing more research to find out how to stop it, but have to postpone my research till I get some other things settled first, and I get sick of saying that – it’s so frustrating. I wish I could work on it right now.

  37. Nicole Says:

    For some reason I have never thought that I had any implants, but that was because I read about ways they can read your mind even without anything implanted in you. I think even if something were implanted, it might still be helpful to shield yourself externally, because the implanted object would have to interact with some external signal. I don’t have any research done yet on shielding or detecting the signals as they come and go.

    I always try to focus on something that I have the most control over. I have found ways that I can make myself physically healthier and less bothered by the attacks, even though the attacks are still happening. For instance, I stopped using antidepressant drugs, because they affected my mood so badly that I would become extremely angry when I got attacked. I also have learned about special diets where you avoid certain foods that affect your health and affect how you feel. If I feel physically less sick, the attacks are less intolerable, though I still can’t escape from them yet. I’ve used the Feingold Diet, and in the future I want to try a diet without wheat or dairy products, because both of those things can cause problems for people. So it’s always about focusing on anything at all that I have control over, anything at all that I’m able to do to improve my own health and my own comfort, even though I can’t stop the people from attacking me. My goal is to make myself better able to cope with the attacks when they happen.

    So I observe my own health and sickness and moods and see how I can affect those, because that’s all I can do for now. I hate to even think about the technology that’s becoming available – they’re so far ahead of the rest of us that we can’t catch up with them or fight back against them.

    I’ve had incidents where I wanted to explain what happened and no one would believe me. They do terrible, horrible things to us, and no one stops them, no one helps us, and everyone blames us for our problems. The phenomenon of ‘not being believed’ is one of the things that I’ve seen everywhere on all the websites where I read the stories of the victims.

  38. Nicole Says:

    Oh, and also harassment and torture involving sex. That’s another thing that happens to me and to the other victims whose stories I’ve read. They invade everything and interfere with your sex life and interfere with masturbation, along with everything else you try to do.

  39. Allen Says:

    Recently I found my place has been entered while I was gone,this has been happening for several months maybe years.I have certain way of locking up different rooms when I leave and have multiple locks on my front door an even a security cam.Somehow who ever is doing this is getting past all my attmepts to keep them out.My pets were terrified and one of my locked rooms was open.Totaly unlocked and I don’t forget to lock things up.IU make a checklist and take pictures of everything I do when I leave.I know my place is bugged with hidden micrphones and cameras I have tons of swiggly lines on my tv from the rf interference from what devices have been planted in here.Im also afraid my pets have been implanted with electrical devices because it hurt them when I tried to comfort them.Im in fear of leaving my place but somehow I find the strength to go out do what I have to do wether its recreation or business.I just hope for the best.I have a feeling my neighbors are in on this also.I say this because at cetain times of the day according to my neighbors schedules interference like from a hidden cam or mic black out my picture from security camera.I also have noticed that when I leave theres always a line of cars leaving from the next block over at the same I do.I have also noticed people following me in the distance.They try to stay back far enough to where they are not noticed so I drive around in circles trying to lose them only to have another vehicle take over from another location and continue pursueing me.How do I tell if this is a criminal investigation or Im a target of TI?BTW I have done nothing criminaly wrong since back in the 80`s

  40. Christopher Barboza Says:

    I don’t want to remember anything but becoming your sex slave forever and make sure I always obay you no matter what you tell me to do and i want to be a nude sex slave forever make me coral all the time never let me stand up. Make sure that the hypnotize is as strong as it gets so I never come out of it and whip me every day you deside how much you want to whip me

  41. yoshy44000@gmail.com Says:

    J’affectionne tellement le sexe que j’aimerai beaucoup être aux côtés de ces filles. Très bon blog que vous présentez. Merci

  42. Cloak N. Device Says:

    Why doesn’t our government use the anti-microwave torture protection devices the way that they could and should to protect themselves and the public against the corrupt impostor enemy inside of the U.S. that is misusing torture weapons against innocent people, claiming that it is “proper and necessary authority” and jam the hell out of them all, so that we can make our country a safer place. Because they are a brain fried part of them, working like slaves for the cover up about it. Blow the whistle! Flakes! It’s really a wonderful thing now, for civilians and uneducated government agents to know about, now that they leaked the information specifics in red at the bottom of the article. Hmm, I want all of those things. No telling what the freak is going on anymore they could be useful. We should all get them and band together as true patriots.

  43. Cyberspaz Z! Says:

    Does someone else want to post all of the EMH blocking equipment here because I’m unsure that would be safe for a person of my “open mouthed contractor” character. Maybe if you lead a secret life, then you would be able to post the blueprints for those equipment items, but if I did, I would be hauled in to an office, interrogated by someone I don’t like and fired if not arrested, tortured or killed. It’s not wise to get involved with blowing the whistle any way that you could and posting the products that block EMH torture beams unless you were sure that you couldn’t get tracked in any way. If you want to stage a private defense force against these kinds of electromagnetic attacks, chances are you will have the good guys in the legitimate government authorites helping you out. That would require being totally secretive about posting the antimicrowave devices with pictures and blueprints specs, by the way how would you purchase those items without being tracked by the same people who you are defending yourself against. Just a thought, it would be wise to not be one of those “rebels” unless you could totally make sure that you are phisically safe . Forget the Electro-Magnetic-Harrassment, buddy, I’m talking about not taking a bullet! Like I said, if you can maintain total tactical secrecy about using the antimicrowave human being protection devices, then you are pretty high tech!, if you can be safe purchasing that stuff secretly and know if you were being followed. Otherwise, we are all publicly open civilians and we would not be able to have that kind of equipment, because it would endanger our physical safety and our lives having perpetrators knowing about us being in possesion of that kind of equipment. We can be safe using protection equipment if we keep it a secret and track the people first, who are tracking us and jam them. There’s more equipment than was listed in red at the bottom of the page on website x and I can’t post the specifics of it all. Whether it’s secret operations against these pieces of trash or civilian exposure projects, most people aren’t hiding anything and using the protection equipment, so those kinds of people who represent the majority population of the world need the protection equipment to be provided for them. A lot of people won’t know how to keep their mouths shut about it, but if they all had the protection given to them, then they would be safe in every way possible. I think that I would look for secret ways of operating against the scumbags, but for now, I think that I would rather be involved in a group blog like this or an activism group that uses the electromagnetic microwave weapon jammer equipment openly, sanely and is safe and supported and protected strategically by the U.S. Government. Let’s band together against these bigots and shut them down. Tactically.

  44. Mike Simons Says:

    STEALTH IS GREATER (Stealth ahk bahr)

  45. Mike Simons Says:

    How come it takes people years to find these blogs? This is the only blog that even works with an email link up. Facebook actually expects us to post our fucking names here on this thing? I’m leaving the chat room now and contacting Facebook and Fuckerburg about privacy issues. It looks like the other emails are working for people to go by aliases. I’M STEALTH LIKE A FIGHTER JET, THAT’S ALL THEY’LL EVER KNOW

  46. C.Lynn Preston Says:

    Does anyone hear, what sounds like whispers, a definite male or female voice, very monotonous, speaking “numbers?” Not like a countdown, not sure what it is? Coordinates? My son and I have both experienced this, periodically. Most apparent during light sleep. My father, now deceased, worked on many projects ( at Lockheed-Sunnyvale,CA) including the timelines for the shuttles and the Hubble. Most things he revealed to our family have occurred. I’m really concerned about our well-being. We often get strange reactions and stares from individuals we do not know. Please help.

  47. Sam Says:

    How do u get rid of it I’m going through same thing

  48. johnny blaze Says:

    Cant wait until we meet!!! You like to hide behind a computer.
    Do the right thing cause IM coming

  49. Suzii Says:

    I can’t hear them when drug free

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