My other web pages

These are mostly pages that I hardly ever use, but people might want to look at them.

As of 12/24/12, the naked creek bath videos are temporarily viewable. However, they are extremely low quality, so you can see pixellated squares in the image. For some reason, YouTube let me keep the low quality one even though it deleted the standard quality one. I gave them an unlisted link address, and I’ve found that you can *sometimes* get things to stay on YouTube without being censored if you do that. I don’t know if they will be there forever, so don’t be surprised if you click the link and it says it’s been removed. In one of those videos, I’m bathing in the creek at 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and no, I don’t do that often. Here they are: This is a new blog that I am writing about nothing but long hair. It’s new as of February 2011. (no longer using that blog, but it’s still there) (the even older version from when I was learning how to use Blogger)  (I set this page on private for now. I almost never use myspace at all, so it might be months before I answer anyone.) (This is a new ‘test’ profile I made, but I’m not using it either.  Once again, it might be months before I answer.)

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