The people – Peter, Curtis, Martin, and others

7:43 AM 8/17/10

There are some people who I talk about often. These are mostly men. I usually avoid having female friends. I usually have just one boyfriend who is also my only friend. The rest of the time, I am a hermit and I stay alone and away from everybody.

Peter: This is a man I met at McDonald’s in 2005 when he used to work overnight. He is eight years older than me.  He is married and has a son. We started seeing each other and having an affair. The affair has mostly turned into a friendship. His health is poor. He has diabetes and he goes to kidney dialysis. He uses a lot of drugs. We don’t really have a sexual relationship anymore. I often drive him places in my car because his family has problems with their car, their insurance, and other car paperwork. His wife knows that I am his friend and she talks to me when I go over to pick him up, but there is a little bit of awkwardness.

Curtis: This is a co-worker who I have a crush on. I myself would have left him alone – I would not have tried to give him my phone number or tried to start up a relationship outside of work. However, I was ‘pushed’ to try harder to get with him because of the voices I hear in my head and because of the electronic attacks, which forced me to obsess about him for long periods of time, and gave me ideas and beliefs about him. He is younger than I am – now, in 2010, he is 19 and I am 35.  Curtis is small and skinny for his age because he has fetal alcohol syndrome. He is only a few inches taller than I am. I am strongly attracted to skinny, young-looking guys. This is one reason why my crush on him is so intense.

Martin: This was another co-worker who left several years ago. I also had a crush on him. This was the first time that ‘the voices’ tried to force me to chase after a younger guy. If I recall correctly he was 21 when I knew him. I sent him many emails, and he answered a couple of them, and we had a couple of phone conversations, but after that, I became unable to reach him at all. For a variety of reasons I thought someone might have sent me a couple of fake emails that were not really from him, but I wasn’t sure. I had already had problems with people hacking my email so I was already familiar with this. Martin left and never answered any letters from me ever again.

Eric: He was my first boyfriend in State College, shortly after I moved here in 1997. I think he is eleven years older than me, if I recall.  Eric was the first person I had sex with. I had tried to have sex a couple of times with my boyfriend in high school, but we did not really succeed at it, and I didn’t know how to make it easier. So Eric was the person who taught me the most about sex. We were together for several years, until about 2005. We lived together for several years, and towards the end, we were mostly just friends. I finally stopped seeing him when I started seeing Peter.

John: This is my brother. He has lived in several different big cities, including New York, Boston, Tucson AZ, and also here in State College, PA. I moved here because I was thrown out of my parents’ house in West Virginia, and I needed a place to stay, so I stayed at my brother’s apartment here. But he moved away shortly after that, so I was alone in State College. My brother and I love each other and we get along well. He understands me better than anyone else.

9 Responses to “The people – Peter, Curtis, Martin, and others”

  1. Eric The Baker Says:

    wish our cash register programmers had actually tested our system and gotten feedback from people who USE the cash register

    LOL I used to reprogram Cash registers in ALBQ., NM My god they did even blow the WIN…


  2. Nicole Says:

    I forgot that you used to program cash registers in Albuquerque! I wish you could give us back our old green screen cash register – it was better in almost every way, and it was MUCH MUCH faster. You can actually count the seconds ticking by after you push a button on the new one. The new system has only one minor improvement over the old system – it’s easier to make changes to sandwiches like ‘no pickles, no onions,’ etc. Other things that they COULD HAVE improved, they STILL didn’t improve… there are so many things wrong with it, I could go into detail but I won’t.

    Eric the baker! Didn’t know you were here!

  3. Eric The Baker Says:

    “Eric the baker! Didn’t know you were here!”

    MuHaha Silly girl my yeast are everywhere!

    Actually I just Googled you cuz I had a severe allergic reaction to Sulfa Drugs, “apparently” and was thinking of your “Black Mold”…

    I prey U R well!


  4. Eric The Baker Says:

    mmm… Vernor Vinge my brain had a feast!

  5. Nicole Says:

    What were the sulfa drugs for, or is that something you don’t want to mention in a comment? Did they give you a rash?

  6. Nicole Says:

    that looks good, I’ll have to read it when I have time. I still love Vernor Vinge.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What were the sulfa drugs for?

    Steam burn on my ankle from the woodburners pressure release. I built the fire too big and heard the woosh from the release valve so I went down and opened the spigot into a bucket too reduce the pressure. Unfortunately just as I opened the valve above the circulting pump the steam presuure blew again. I was standing between the oil furnace and wood burner with an open spigot gushing boiling water into a bucket and high pressure steam blasting my foot. Good thing I had shoes on so it only got my ankle. Itches like hell now that it is healing but that’s better than having lips the size of hot dogs due to the apparent allergy…

  8. Nicole Says:

    omg… that’s… almost funny. and yet, not funny at all, but terrible. I hope it doesn’t scar. This sounds like a dangerously designed stove. I can’t believe they would put a valve in a place where it’s able to blow on someone standing next to it!

  9. Eric The Baker Says:

    LOL you sound like the Dr. worried about a scar…
    I call it “The Monster in the Basement” for a reason!
    Actually it was my own dumb fault there are two other valves in much safer locations.

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