the abandoned decon

In 2011, I lived in an apartment in Bellefonte, which got contaminated. I moved into my car from there. The car was not only contaminated, it also got rear ended and the bumper never got fixed. I got rid of the car and began camping in a tent, and put stuff in storage. I brought some of that stuff to WV for permanent storage, but never finished doing the decon. It’s just not possible to do the decon while living in a tent without a car.

The decon is extremely serious, no small thing. The worst of it causes permanent insomnia. Objects have to be thrown away, not washed. Washing does not work. The ephedrine molecules are stable and never decay, so they will be just as toxic 40 years in the future as they are now. They are a small molecule with a benzene ring.

To decontaminate, I require total control over the house that I live in, with no landlords coming in. I must cover the floors and many other surfaces with cardboard, which will be removed and thrown away when contaminated. Plastic does not work – ephedra molecules pass through plastic bags.

This nightmare is unimaginable to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. It is the reason why I never own nice clothing. Clothing must always be disposable, never sentimental.

The various contaminants massively, profoundly affect my brain and behavior and moods. My personality completely changes. It is an extreme danger. I had to abandon the decon simply due to lack of a place to do it. That is why the super cheap trailer is necessary. It gives me the infrastructure to wash off, a shower, and it belongs to me so I can organize it exactly how I need to.

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