one thing led to another; I was making space on my phone

I’m under the influence of the residues from the stuff I put in storage. Some of it is on a few items here. It’s making me able to focus on an organizing task. I had wanted to google something from the tent, using mobile phone data which I paid for, only to find that Google Play had sucked up the rest of my data by updating apps in the background. You have to change the setting to tell it not to do that. Who *ever* wants it to do that!!! It should be set never to use mobile data by default! As a result I have no mobile minutes left.

So I started going through things on the phone, just to clean up, because in addition to needing to change that setting, I also needed to free up space, because I keep running out of space too quickly when I tryto use my camera. I found out I’m able to hook the phone to the laptop using a USB cable for my other new camera (the non-phone camera). So I’m saving whatever I can find and deleting stuff. I took a trip back through time, through the Matthew period and before, while scrolling through blogs I sent as text messages. There was a time when I didn’t know him.

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