I won’t be able to write much because the battery is gonna die. It’s slow in the summer with students gone. We’re being told to do insane tasks like dust everything. We have 750 different flavors of 5 Hour Energy, which don’t sell. They sit for years. Each individual bottle must be dusted. The shelf must be dusted. It has this toxic sediment that causes fatigue, probably from car fumes. I can’t touch it. We have no suitable gloves to wear while dusting this toxic sediment. If I dust the shelves, I will quickly become unable to move.

We receive shipments of candy in huge quantities, which never sell and inevitably expire and must be sent to elsewhere. They are put on huge displays made of cardboard. All must be dusted. No one keeps track of what sells. Products that don’t sell are never discontinued – in fact, the less they sell, the more likely we are to receive ten more boxes of the same thing, like Marlboro cigarettes, in their 200 esoteric flavors that no one ever buys.

We have objects sitting in cases that customers cannot see because they are blocked behind other objects. They can’t reach them, don’t know they’re there, and cannot buy them, but they’re not removed and they take up space and cause clutter. We have big bags of pipe tobacco and electronic cigarettes and old iphone chargers in a case sitting on a table for the entire time I’ve been here.

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