Zero maintenance hawthorn fence

I’m imagining my land filled with free roaming wild bison, deer, and other grazing animals, which I would not feed at all, but might build shelters for. A long fence around the property is expensive and high maintenance. But hawthorn trees used as a fence are natural and zero maintenance. I learned about this when I looked up the hawthorn tree I found and read about it.

I also want to increase the surface area of the land, and hugelkultur is a good way to do that. You bury giant piles of rotten logs underground so they form ridges, which are extremely fertile. You then plant whatever gardens you want on them.

I also would need to learn campground management, and have my own for-profit camp with RV hookups, to make the land pay for itself. It’s a giant food forest, where the campers can go hiking, maybe on bamboo walkways up high off the ground, above the bison, amongst the trees.

I hate chopping down trees, so if things changed, if I had to make a gateway to an adjacent piece of land, I would either build a walkway up above the ground through the hawthorn trees, or an underground tunnel. I would want as many acres of land as possible for my grazing animals, although it would never be enough to imitate nature, because they must migrate many miles during the seasons of the year.

I also intend for human habitats to be in this reserve, built of local natural materials, above or below ground. In fact an underground community would be ideal, as there is infinite space there and it would not interfere with the food forest. As I’ve described before, I want the underground to have sun pipes for their light. I want moss to grow on the floors and walls. Natural ventilation methods must be used, with no fans and no moving parts. Windmills can be used though. Carbon dioxide flows downhill, so a mountain could have an upper and lower entrance, and be designed not to collect CO2 in the rooms where people are breathing. So walls are shaped to direct CO2 downhill.

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