Strange perspective: The China Man in the same role as The White Man, in Weston Price book

I was hearing voices telling me my hips were bad because of protein. I don’t believe this, and mentioned a rebuttal, which is that the Inuit people, who eat mostly meat at certain times of year, have hip problems because they drink tea, which came from the white man, and they didn’t have those problems before white people started delivering modern products to them.

Then I remembered Mongolians, who were described as drinking tea in one article on the Weston Price website (which has changed into the Spam Website style and is no longer usable), so imagined they got it from China, which meant “The Chinaman” was responsible for any tea-related problems they had. I don’t usually see other countries and ethnic groups as responsible for oppressing others, but they do – white Americans are not the only oppressor and not the only people selling unhealthy modern foods to countries whose primitive diet is healthier.

So I imagined researching which products were made in Asia (every little thing, because plastic packaging is probably made there too), and avoiding buying them. It would immediately force me to forage for food, if I could not buy things in plastic packaging.

I’m bringing the phone but not the laptop today. That will partially slow me down from writing too much on forums. I need to go online to refill the tracfone, so I have to bring at least some way of going online.

I also thought of a different perspective about the thing Matthew shared on facebook, which was basically “How to rationalize being an asshole,” from my point of view, because it would be used as the excuse for refusing to talk to me. I realized, the world revolves around Hannah. So actually, some of the self-righteous anger in the article is for her. They’re in the same town and it must be hard for him to stay away from her when he knows she’s nearby. He cut her off because she refused to have a dating relationship.

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