continued – self respect and shunning

I wasn’t finished but ran out of room in the text message. He actually said to me that he didn’t want to hang around her as just a friend anymore, and that it was disrespectful for her to treat him that way, being a friend but not a girlfriend. He actually used the word “respect” or “disrespectful.”

I don’t know her enough, but it really is possible Hannah is an ESFP, his socionic lookalike or business relation. Lookalikes are drawn to each other more than Model A can explain, which is why I use either Model B or Hitta’s Chart, which was an unknown model that he called “The True Model A” in the post where I found it. It has 16 elements with plus and minus signs.

So there are more lookalike relationships than you would expect. My brother seems to get in a lot of relationships with INTPs. I have experiences it too, but there is always a certain kind of disagreement when we use our thinking functions. It can potentially be a very bitter disagreement. So I can see Matthew and Hannah both using their ethics functions, which differ by a plus and minus, and having a bitter disagreement.

Then I imagined, what if I made another painful effort to find a “pen pal?” It has to be male. I need to completely immerse myself in the other person. I need to be fascinated and learn from them. (This is a manic impulse triggered by residues – I always have this need, bur never try to seek it except on drugs). I only feel fascinates if they are physicly attractive. The Enfp personality is essential, and the ability to read and write long letters. I do have old replies to craigslist ads I made while manic, years ago.

I need to convince someone to *believe* me. I would pay money for the service of being believed by an ENFP. They would have to make a sincere effort to understand. In return I would have to learn something that they felt was important, or do some kind of service that they cannot do, but I won’t know what because it is unpredictable by definition.

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