argh, lots of typos – and I still have THC residues on me

I took a surprise drug test at work yesterday. It *still* signaled that I have marijuana somewhere. The line went halfway across. That happened last time. She told me it doesn’t matter, but it still frustrates me because I absolutely am not using any form of marijuana, and haven’t been near anyone who has in weeks, and when I was with those people, they didn’t smoke it around me. So I would only get residues by physical contact with skin and clothing.

I shook the hand of a known pot smoker a couple days ago in a friendly way. I am still wearing my black sweatshirt which must also have residues on it because it was around smoke, and also my coat. So physical skin touch and clothes are the only place where I have contact with marijuana, yet I can almost fail a drug test because of it.

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