This isn’t just Matthew, it’s all of them

Matthew isn’t the first or the only delusional shunner. Rachael was the first, and she had the We Are Shunning You Because We Are Superior Light Beings delusional belief. Rick D was the second shunner. He refused to believe I was capable of relocating to go be with him, and would not communicate about it. As usual, the ENFP wrongly assumes the worst, then makes it happen. Matthew was the next one. I met a couple ENFPs I wasn’t really attracted to, in between that time, both of which were on drugs that affect me secondhand.

That’s the other thing – all ENFPs in the USA are on psychiatric meds. Mark is on some kind of blood thinner and maybe other stuff. None of them get the concept of how much better it is to be drug free, and they won’t communicate about how you can help them do it. If they can’t work at a job without prozac, then you can pay the bills while they take a year to do drug withdrawal gradually.

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