I will destroy you, as if it’s a superpower – maybe one more hate-filled rant before I go

I’m getting ready to go back to work.

One woman in the forum was talking about her amazing power to shun people, and she was like “I Will Destroy You.” “We were afraid it would DESTROY you” was one of Rachael’s last words to me. That pathetic retard did not destroy me. I was destroyed by decades of chronic fatigue and mind control. But if she looked at me now, her Delusional Superior Light Being Complex would kick in, and she’d be all smug, like, “Yeah. I destroyed Nicole.” That’s right – you have the power to give someone an unexplained disease and you also are responsible for an entire country of electronic weapon users and computer hackers, both of which (disease and attackers) are the true reason why my life is such a ruin.

Oh no, not smugness, but pity! Poor thing! If only you admit how inferior you are, down in the darkness of Lower Vibration, then and only then can you be saved! Confess to the Lord! Perform a magic ritual and all will be well! Submit completely to our external control, and we’ll *reward* you for your good behavior! Yeah – I didn’t even mention the lady who confessed that she has been gaslighting people for their own good to raise their vibration. That’s right….. Nice can of worms you’ve got there!

Let’s repeat that again: ENFPs gaslighting people for their own good, to raise them to a higher vibration. Higher vibration, folks.

3 Responses to “I will destroy you, as if it’s a superpower – maybe one more hate-filled rant before I go”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe you are a lesbian….

    You keep on trying to convince your audience that you have a rationale reason for everything/////

    Maybe you are just scared shitless of the ginormous penis that wants to impregnate you…

  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Yes. We Should Alter our Cat. Period.: http://www.wayofcats.com/blog/yes-we-should-alter-our-cat-period/25089

    I like this website overall, like how it mentions cat behavior and psychology, but the owner of this blog is still brainwashed to believe the same, tired, old politically correct view on cat spays and neuters/castrations. She claims that intact cats don’t make good pets at all, that cats don’t miss out on sex, reproduction, or a family life when they get gonadectomized (Would anyone say the same thing about humans when it comes to sex, reproduction, or a family life?), that allowing them to stay intact is inherently irresponsible and the bad side of anthropomorphism (Is it anthrpomorphism to recognize and respect your cat as a sentient being who doesn’t want others doing anything to him/her as though he/she were a piece of property or object, even if it were claimed to be “for their own good”?), dismisses people who think of spaying and castrating cats as being tantamount to spaying and castrating humans (Which it is, because you are violating another living being’s body in both cases. Would you want to be castrated against your will? In humans, there is outcry even when the hormone-sparing vasectomies are pushed on prisoners and rapists.) as being anthropomorphic (Not wanting your cat gonadectomized because of how you’d feel about it done to you is having a healthy sense of empathy, not being anthropomorphic. Cats aren’t willingly lining themselves up to be gonadectomized any more than humans are.), and people thinking that there are any risks to spaying and neutering in cats is putting the “dog template” on cats (All because that people think that only intact dogs are manageable, that all female feline heat cycles are too noisy and unmanageable, that all intact female felines will go out of their way to escape and end up pregnant, and all intact male felines will spray, roam, and fight.).

    What is your opinion on this blogpost?

  3. nebbie916 Says:

    Neutered cats have a higher risk of getting hyperthyroidism than intact cats.

    Decreased Risk of Hyperthyroidism in Some Cat Breeds: http://pictures-of-cats.org/decreased-risk-of-hyperthyroidism-in-some-cat-breeds.html

    This article says that cats with a Siamese point pattern, purebred or nonpurebred (mog or moggie), have a decreased risk of hyperthyroidism, that longhaired cats have an increased risk of hyperthyroidism, that Tonkinese, Abyssinian, British Shorthair, Burmese, Siamese, Himalayan, and Persian cats have a decreased risk or hyperthyroidism, that cats between the age of 11 and 17 have the greatest risk of getting hyperthyroidism, that cats 10 years and under have a decreased risk of getting hyperthyroidism, and that female cats have a higher risk of getting hyperthyroidism than male cats (just like women have a higher risk of hyperthyroidism than men).

    Feline Optimal Lifespan: at least 40 years
    Human Optimal Lifespan: at least 100 years
    Feline Onset of Hyperthyroidism: 11-17 years
    Human Onset of Hyperthyroidism: 20-50 years

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