I left my phones and computer at home

I was actually sort of sick. I almost threw up a couple times. Other people threw up recently, including the cat, so I know viruses are going around. When I get sick, I’m even more grouchy and hateful. I just wanted to prevent myself from going to any facebook forums for a couple days. I ranted like crazy in a socionics forum. I feel somewhat better this evening. I still keep thinking of Matthew though. But, it is only a few weeks before we find out where he is going to graduate school. He told me he wasn’t going to Penn State for that. Maybe if I know he’s farther away and harder to reach, it will no longer seem quite as possible or easy to reach him. He’s only a short drive away now, in Bucks County. It’s nothing. I would go that distance to be with anyone I cared about, and would move nearby and stay there if we were in a relationship. But he talked as though the distance was an impossible barrier.

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