disgusted with duals

I think I have PMS in addition to being slightly contaminated. I’m also being forced to obsess over something by mind control. Also, the attacks have been much more severe lately, ever since I became sure it was possible for me to afford an RV. They are being much more stupid than usual and injecting a new fake persona into my brain, who is having idiotic emotional responses to trivial things that I’m thinking, and interrupting while I meditate. They are deliberately making the type of attacks that cause me to get angry and to feel hatred, loathing, and disgust. It was nowhere near this bad before I decided I would be able to get an RV.

I call it a new persona, because there is no way to verify that the stupid, idiotic voices I’m hearing actually come from the button-pushers who operate the devices. They record things other people have said and play them back, and use AI (artificial stupidity) to watch over me 24 hours a day, because it would take too much manpower to constantly observe and react to every little thought my brain is thinking. I can only say that the latest batch of artificial stupidity has a different style which is much, much stupider and more evil and loathsome and intolerable than it had been before.

Oh, that’s right I was talking about duala. The more I read the ENFP forum, the more I see incidents of shunning, which they justify by deluding themselves that they are Superior Beings Of Holy Light. They are not mere mortals, they are Evilshunners. We shun because we respect ourselves. Matthew’s latest facebook post says this explicitly. It explicitly says you ghost people because you respect yourself. It doesn’t mention anything about ghosting over the most trivial pathetic mistakes that happen only once, or the delusional misperceptions that always accompany the act of ghosting. “Profanity today – what’s next? Genocide?” It’s a delusional belief that this person is *inevitably* going to do things that are far more horrible than whatever they did.

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