called the bank, made appointment to discuss loan

I found the one rickety old RV that was $5,000. Leech RV doesn’t help you finance anything under $5,000 (technically it was $4,800 before tax), which is why I have to talk to the bank. Even though dad has been giving me money, I am hovering around between $1000-2000 in my bank account. I’ve spent an unusual amount of money renting vehicles this month, and I won’t always be doing that. Dad thinks it’s possible to rent a car from Enterprise for $20 a day. He has seen this advertised somewhere. I’ve always gotten them for like $60 a day. Or something, I forget what. So he was bugging me about that when I was home. But it’s not possible to rent a car for $20 a day and I don’t know where he’s getting this from. So anyway I’ve spent a few hundred dollars on rentals this month because of frantically moving out, then frantically trying to get stuff out of the bedroom in WV. I got contaminated and have been contaminated ever since, but it’s not the kind that causes insomnia.

Paragraph HTML works! I don’t have to make a giant wall of text if I’m blogging through text messages.

I’m still remembering how it felt to be at the Fort Bellefonte campground and walking down that long road. It was wonderful to be someplace else for a change. I am so stuck living in State College without a car, never even going to the next town, that even Bellefonte seemed amazing and fascinating and mysterious.

Jacob ate a mouse sometime last night. This is why I like living in the woods. I want him to hunt. He’s declared, but apparently it’s possible to catch mice anyway. (That doesn’t make declawing okay.) I’m going to be so far away from everything, but if I get my electric bike up and running again, I can ride to Bellefonte and then take the bus. I need a charger and a battery. I was borrowing Eric’s while living at their house. Oh! There are other cats at the campground. Jacob won’t be alone. I don’t want to get another cat (unless I know I have a place to put them).

2 Responses to “called the bank, made appointment to discuss loan”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Bad Idea. I would suggest getting a cargo van and slowly converting it. Also do you know you can buy about 5 acres of land in WV for 4k. Live off the grid, away from cities.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I’m still keeping this option in mind. It is probably a later step in the process.

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