This Wes Anderson RV campground is in the Alpha Quadra

Wes Anderson, INTJ-LII, has a recognizable style and recurring themes in his movies. I looked at pictures of “Gram & PAP’s Fort Bellefonte Campground,” and if it isn’t obvious from the name, it’s clear from the pictures that I will be living in an Alpha Quadra playground. The lady on the phone might possibly have been an ISFP. There is a miniature golf, and little statues and stuff, I forget what. I swear it’s like the scene of a Wes Anderson movie except even more lighthearted and playful. He would be very welcome there. I’m visiting there today at 3pm. I need to talk to my bank about financing an RV less than $5,000. The RV dealer will help you finance it only if it’s more than that. The one I fell in love with was a used piece of junk so rickety it looked like it could barely be towed. The step to the front door was hanging crookedly by one corner. The metal parts of the wheels were rusted. Less than $5,000. Perfect! I don’t quite know how I’m gonna get there. I don’t know where the bus goes so I don’t know how far I would have to walk from the bus to there. Baby steps: I am doing a new thing by myself for the first time. Yes, ideally I would want a Class B or C motorhome that has the vehicle attached. But that makes it cost a couple dozen thousand more. I only will have a couple thousand. And yes, ideally, I’d like to be able to travel around in it. But Bellefonte is nearby and easy to reach, so I can visit the campground before moving there. I’ve discovered that it really is impossible for me to do something unless I see it with my own eyes, in person, first. Oh crap, I forgot to see if I successfully made paragraphs yesterday. Anyway, I cannot imagine doing a goal oriented activity at a long distance in the abstract. If I know that something exists elsewhere on earth that I would love to have or to do, I can’t actually do it unless I physically go there. I’m not experienced enough to arrange from far away a new job, new home, new bank, etc.

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