hoverflies and jumping spiders

I think I just saw a giant hoverfly that looked exactly like a bee. It was huge, the same size as a bee. Usually they’re small. Hoverflies are benign. It helps to recognize them so you don’t panic and try to kill it or run away or anything. The jumping spider is similar. Learn to recognize the jumping spider. It never bites you. You can pick them up and carry them in your hand. They are the cutest, sweetest little things. Their eyes will follow your finger if you move your finger in front of them. It helps to know that they never bite. Other spiders may be nonlethal, but they still will bite if you scare them or get them on you. The bite may be really irritated or might leave a scar, and it’s just horrifying on the phobia level. But jumping spiders are different. They always jump to escape, so they have a good defense and don’t need to bite. It’s like teleporting, quick short fast little jumps.

I don’t know if those do paragraphs because I forgot to look. But I’m about to leave and get ready to visit the place in Bellefonte. Hoverflies, jumping spiders, and barn swallows are some of my favorite creatures in each of their categories, because of their special abilities and skillful movement, and their harmlessness while appearing to be dangerous (although barnswallows don’t look dangerous or scary – they just meet the “skillful movement” criteria.).

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