dead exhausted – I walked for about two hours

5:28 PM 8/9/2017

I’m waiting for the bus. I didn’t necessarily intend to walk this whole way. I’m going to be dead tomorrow. I won’t even be able to get up and go to work in the afternoon tomorrow. I visited the Fort Bellefonte campground, just to get a feel for it. The lady that I talked to on the phone wasn’t there, but some other guy named Donnie showed me around. They have these miniature horses, and donkeys, and a couple regular sized horses, and a cat that just had about eight kittens, of all different colors, and a little tiny pond with some bullfrogs in it.

About a mile up the road, or 1-1/2 miles, there is an Amish house where they sell food, and I think it might be the same place I used to go to in the past. They have raw milk there, although I would prefer goat milk instead of cow’s milk – I forgot about that. But they also have eggs, cheese, and other foods.

I just started walking after I left. I had taken a taxi to get there. I wanted to take the bus to get home, but it’s far outside the edge of town, so I had to walk back to town to get to the bus stop. I hadn’t necessarily intended to do that – it was spontaneous. If I did it again, I’d be riding an electric bicycle.

There are all these farms and open spaces along the way. Some of it might be sprayed with glyphosate, some of the abandoned land by the road, but I was wishing I could plant things on that waste land. I could easily plant native plants like hopniss there. I would just need to find out if it was sprayed first. A lot of place had brown, dead plants, which suggests they probably were sprayed.

There is so much potential to use the land frugally, without machines. But nobody does that. They are all doing conventional mass
agriculture, growing corn to make into ethanol for cars.

I was so tired while walking all that way that I picked up some little green apples that were dropped beside the road. I don’t know why they were there. There was no apple tree nearby, so they had been dumped there, but it was only a few apples, not like a whole truckload or something. They had wormholes in them and brown spots. They were somewhat sour, but by then I was so hungry I would eat anything. I sort of feel like my hunger isn’t real, because I know I have fat to burn. But even so, I am very hungry.

I want to look on a map and see how many miles I walked. It took forever. I got to this bus stop around 5:30 pm. I got to the campground at 3:00, and spent maybe half an hour there, so I walked for about two hours. I’m going to horribly regret this tomorrow. Chronic fatigue syndrome: Day 1 is fine; day 2 is the day when you can’t recover and you can’t do it again.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    ” I hadn’t necessarily intended to do that – it was spontaneous. If I did it again, I’d be riding an electric bicycle.””

    Indian Step Purple lizard Maps…

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