It annoys me when the internet doesn’t know everything. But I found an RV campground nearby.

I did all these searches and stuff, looking for campgrounds and things having to do with RVs. They didn’t say that there was a place selling RVs in Milroy, which is Lerch RV, where I went. They also didn’t say that there was a full-season, over-the-winter campground in
Bellefonte, right here! I don’t have to go far away. I made a phone call just now to ‘Gram & Pap’s Fort Bellefonte Campground.’ Gram & Pap’s, doesn’t that sound quaint? Haha. I did at least get that name and address from one of the websites that has information about RVs, but no mention of the fact that you can stay full time in the winter.

The lady on the phone told me the name of a company in Bellefonte that will help you insulate your pipes and whatever else needs to be done to make it livable in the winter. I told her that I did not yet own an RV, and was preparing to buy one. I just needed to find out where I might be able to put it, before buying one. Lo and behold a full season campground right nearby. I am able to go visit it and take a look around. So I scheduled an appointment to go walk around over there, tomorrow, if all goes well.

It will kind of suck to live in Bellefonte again, where it’s hard to drive a long distance to go shopping anywhere. But at least they stopped fluoridating their water a couple years ago. They were fluoridating it during the year when I lived there. I didn’t know it was fluoridated. Since they did it in the past, they might get the idea to do it again. That would explain why Bellefontians have a reputation for being stupid and low-class. Fluoridated people have lower IQs and higher obesity.

But, I’m going to look into this, very seriously, and see if I can do this. I haven’t gotten it yet, but my dad told me that a particular life insurance claim from Mom has been finished and sent to them, so sometime in the next few weeks, I will get a moderately small amount of money, an unknown amount, which might be something like $2,000 or $3,000. I can try to use that to put a down payment on an RV, although I was looking at one of the super cheap ones. It was like $5,000, and was a little rusty and rickety, but for the love of god, I’ve been living in a fucking tent. I really do not care! It’s luxury to me!

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