ISTPs who are still able to use the forbidden thought processes

I sometimes wonder if the constant zaps are being broadcast universally to everyone, perhaps from cell phone towers. Maybe they are not being beamed only at me. I sometimes experience phenomena associated with the approach to a tower, such as while driving around a mountain that was blocking the tower. I know they want to dumb down everyone universally. But if for whatever reason your brain is slightly faster or healthier, you can do the forbidden processes that I cannot do. It may or may not be broadcast everywhere – I do not know. I only know that I sometimes encounter other ISTPs doing the processes I can’t do. Joseph (Korean) at Maki Yaki was able to plan his future and successfully execute the plan while foreseeing problems and having backup plans. Asian brains are faster, so his brain might be able to do this process be in between the zaps. He went to school online and paid off his whole tuition working as a driver at Maki Yaki, without owning a car – he went to work at the place that provides the car for the drivers. He said he had a backup plan if he couldn’t easily get a job in his field afterwards. Another ISTP on the facebook forum was in a discussion about suicidal thoughts, and he described the self-repair process I used to be able to use, but cannot now. He said it like it was perfectly simple – just figure out which thought process was wrong, and go correct it. Perfectly easy! *They* absolutely do NOT want me to self-repair harmful thought processes! That is the *last* thing on earth they want me to do. They constantly, daily, implant self-sabotaging harmful thought processes and burn them deeply into place and absolutely do not want me to undo them by myself. I cannot even see what they are, and if I try to even hunt for them I am zapped instantly. I was able to quickly and easily correct harmful self-sabotaging thoughts and wrong beliefs in the past. I was able to “do my own diagnostics” like the robot in Rogue One.

3 Responses to “ISTPs who are still able to use the forbidden thought processes”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    what you feel as a ZAP I can only sense as a deep throbbing….

    Everyone ignores most of these background vibrations…

    you knew my pipes were leaking hot water and I never heard r felt a thing until the kitchen floor fell thru

  3. Nicole Says:

    Like a lot of people, I became sensitive to ‘zaps’ after taking Prozac. A lot of antidepressants will cause your entire body to zap from head to toe, if you go into withdrawal. That’s one thing, but after you’ve learned how to feel that, you can detect it happening, even long after quitting prozac, after the withdrawal is over. I feel it while meditating, lying in bed, thinking, and don’t notice it much while I’m out running around.

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