Clickbait trolls! Power grid is gonna be totally destroyed by the eclipse! Woe is me!

‘America’s electrical grid prepares for the shock of a total solar eclipse.’

I read this article out of curiosity, wondering what could possibly happen to the electrical grid during a solar eclipse. IT TURNS OUT…. OMFG…. They are talking about SOLAR PANELS…. which will have a brief couple minutes without light… and everyone who uses solar panels always knows to always have batteries as backup, to store the extra energy in, and to tolerate changes in light, such as on cloudy days and at nighttime….



They SERIOUSLY are talking about this as though it’s a big deal and it deserved that clickbaity headline! I thought it was something more, something technical, like, for some reason, the electrical grid would be getting hit by sunspots, or by fluctuations in the magnetic field, or something weird and technical and scientific…. NOPE! Just gonna have dim light for a couple minutes during the daytime, like maybe when a cloud goes over the sun, or worse, when the sun sets beyond the horizon and stays down there for 10 hours or so.

No. Just no. I don’t wanna talk about it. STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE. WHAT THE FUCK.

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