sneezing a lot; playing with the crazy Siamese cat; watching movies with Dad

As usual, my allergies came back when I got to this house. I haven’t had allergies in years, but now I am having several sneezing fits every day, often out of nowhere when it seems like no dust got stirred up or anything.

I have been acting like a fool, running around chasing the cat and running away from him and hiding. He’s a young Siamese named Sammy. They’ve had several Siamese cats named Sammy in a row. My brother and I agree that you shouldn’t keep naming the next cat or dog the same name as the old one. I’m waving my arms around, sneaking, laughing like crazy, running really slowly while making a lot of motions like I’m running as fast as I can, and this cat runs and hides, or jumps out and bats his paw at my pants leg. One time he jumped out of the doorway at me and I screamed and then started laughing.

I have Jacob with me. Jacob had a hard time riding in the car. However, I won’t just leave him at some kind of a kennel. My cousin had a cat die recently shortly after he left it in someone else’s care while he and his wife were gone for a few days. I don’t know how long they were gone. When they got back, the cat was having trouble breathing and the person said it had been diagnosed with some weird illness that it never had before, I forget what, for no reason, and then shortly after, it died. That just screams to me that the people did something to it. I don’t know if it was a kennel, or being kept in a cage, or what. I didn’t get the details of exactly what happened.

The trees they planted decades ago have all grown huge. I am looking out my window at a cedar tree and another tree I don’t know the name of, both of which were only slightly taller than me years ago, from when I remember seeing them. They are now so high they are higher than my bedroom window, which is really high. I had this impression that the cedar tree would stay really small forever, like it was only supposed to be a bush. But it wasn’t that kind, it was the real tree.

A whole bunch of other trees that were tiny and thin, and I saw them when they were planted, are now fifty or sixty feet high (I can’t really estimate, I don’t know, full size) and have thick trunks. It is unbelievable. I’m happy about it, actually – this tells me that you really are doing good for the world if you plant a tree. You can actually see the results, which are long lasting. It improves the environment. Mom started planting trees partly because some of the pine trees were dying. I just like it that it grows quickly enough that you can see the results in your lifetime. It measures how the time has gone by.

I’ll have to google what is the height of a tree in order to get a better estimate. Basically, they are at maximum height.

I’ve watched a few movies with Dad. He showed me a couple where he thought it was going to be boring, but turned out to be surprisingly good. One was ‘Taking Chance’ with Kevin Bacon, and the other was ‘Miss …’ (omg, I forgot the name, I watched it last night – I might have to google it). Miss something, a red-haired lobbyist who was trying to get a gun control law passed. Miss Sloane. Both of these movies are Beta ST. The Kevin Bacon movie is ISTJ, and Miss Sloane is ESTP. I also watched something else, ‘Girl Most Likely,’ which Dad also recommended as one that he hadn’t expected to be very good, but turned out to be okay. I *think* she might be an ESFP. I’m not sure. I don’t quite feel like she’s an ENFP. She lost her job, attempted suicide, lost her boyfriend, made a new boyfriend, lost her circle of friends, went to live with her mother again, and ended up fighting a guy who held their family hostage. It was kind of supposed to be a comedy but I didn’t laugh. It was a good movie, although I wouldn’t watch it a hundred more times (like I do with some movies I love).

I’m supposed to be picking up some of my stuff to put it in storage. I just want to make sure it’s out of the house, for the time when Dad decides to leave this place.

8 Responses to “sneezing a lot; playing with the crazy Siamese cat; watching movies with Dad”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Is Sammy intact or neutered?

  2. Nicole Says:

    He’s neutered. My parents (now just Dad) are firm believers in doing everything the mainstream way.

  3. Nicole Says:

    However, he wasn’t neutered right away as a kitten. If I recall, when they got him, he wasn’t neutered yet, and they did it to him. So he grew up slender instead of obese. He still has a good amount of energy and isn’t lethargic. I don’t know if he got old enough to mature (before neutering) – he doesn’t seem to have as big of a face or head as a fully grown intact male cat, but it’s hard to tell because Siamese have triangle shaped heads anyway. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fully grown intact male Siamese to know what its face would look like.

  4. nebbie916 Says:

    We’re the other Sammys all neutered and when did each of them get neutered?

  5. Nicole Says:

    I’m trying to recall – I think there was one that wasn’t neutered for a long time, but it might have been a previous cat, maybe Tigger. I’m sure that when I was very young, we had animals that weren’t neutered. Our old dog Buster wasn’t neutered at first, but then he started going over to the neighbor’s house and starting fights with their male German Shepherd, and that’s when they neutered him. I remember seeing how miserable he was – it was horrible. Our cat Tigger wasn’t neutered for a long time, and I don’t know if he ever was at all – I don’t remember. But after that, they started routinely neutering, and I think by the time they got to the Sammys they were neutering them all if they weren’t already. That’s after I moved out of the house though, which is why I’m not sure.

  6. nebbie916 Says:

    Here is a picture of Siamese head shapes for reference.

    Siamese Head Shapes:

    So a male neutered before adulthood grows up with basically the same head shape, head size, and muzzle size as a female cat.

    Can you find a picture of an adult intact male cat and a neutered adult male cat?

    Can you find a picture of an adult intact female cat and a spayed adult female cat?

    I’ve heard that spayed and neutered female and male cats usually have sagging bellies even if they are slender, whereas intact male and female cats can have tight bellies. Have you noticed that at all?

  7. nebbie916 Says:

    My mom has a male dog, a Westie named Everett. Everett got neutered at 6 years. It eliminated what marking behavior he had inside the house, but he gained some weight after the neuter surgery. I think he’s overweight due to the neuter surgery because he wasn’t overweight when he was intact. He weighs 20 pounds, which is on the large side for a Westie. Also, marking behavior in dogs is very trainable, so neutering is not required.

    My first cousin removed on my dad’s side of the family has a spayed female dog named Rachel. She has urinary incontinence and takes a medication in order to manage it. Urinary incontenence is so common in spayed female dogs that it is called “spay incontenence.”

    I had a male cat named Bronwyn nine years ago. He was adopted from an animal shelter, so he was automatically neutered. Must the shelters spay and neuter all the cats, dogs, and rabbits that they take in? If they must sterilize the animals, can’t it be vasectomies, tubal ligations, and ovary-sparing spays (partial hysterectomies) instead? Better yet, can’t shelters give the adoptor a choice on sterilization or leaving intact? He was slender instead of overweight or obese. He was peeing on the floor because he had urinary issues. Said urinary issues were so severe that he had to be put down. He had a urinary blockage, which neutered male cats are more prone to than intact male cats.

    I had a male cat nine years ago named Baggy who was intact and didn’t spray or fight. He not only didn’t spray inside the house (I only mind spraying inside.), he didn’t spray at all, not even outside (I don’t mind spraying outside at all; spraying outside is perfectly appropriate.) I lost him because he hopped over the backyard fence. He wouldn’t have got lost if the backyard fences had Cat Fence In Combination Barrier Kit and the gate had Cat Fence In Gate Kit on them.

  8. nebbie916 Says:

    Did any of the neutered animals, including the Sammys and Jacob, have any health and behavioral problems?

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