still here, hoping to leave this afternoon -and I never had a chance to write about dick pics

In the ENFP forum they’ve been talking about dick pics. There was also something in the INTP forum. Someone posted an article about what happened when a woman gave vagina pictures to guys on dating websites. They wrote “well duh” above the article, because obviously, almost all the guys were thrilled and went crazy. It wasn’t even a picture of her own, it was just a picture off the internet. She should have kept giving them more pictures of vulvas that were obviously different from each other to demonstrate that it wasn’t hers. I’m writing on my phone because my laptop battery is dead, so I can’t explain this as well as I would like to. First, men give dick pics to show that it’s allegedly a desirable size. Women’s vaginas are supposed to be small, not large, and they’re supposed to be virgins. So a “competitive” vagina picture would have to show the hymen intact. She should have sent the guys pictures of diseased genitals, with herpes blisters and excessive fluid, or warts. I can’t write this on my phone – it requires too much explanation. The discussions were comparing dick pics to either vagina pics or breast pics. All pics are the work of morons, regardless of what they are a picture of – I care about a man’s face and his hair and his eyes. If I am looking for a reproductive partner, I care only that the penis works. When guys on dating websites take a picture of even their face, it is horrible, shown from a bad angle, making them look pasty and fat, with big, round, bald heads, like trolls. None ever have long hair.

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