preparing for the road trip

I planned to go to WV, not to stay, just for a couple days. I’ve rented a car and am now in Milroy, about to visit the RV dealer, even though they don’t have “self-propelled” RVs. But this car I have rented is evil, and I do not say that lightly. It’s a Ford Fusion, I don’t know what year. Well, speaking of fusion, there is some kind of fusion between the exhaust fume system and the ventilation system. There is the same sweet smell that I recognize from Greyhound buses, which made me so deathly ill I felt brain-damaged for days. I am nauseated after only a short trip. I cannot say what this chemical is, only that it is deadly poison, and driving this car is like sitting in a garage with the engine running. I have the windows open and it doesn’t help at all. … I’m eating some food and then I will go to the RV dealer to talk.

5 Responses to “preparing for the road trip”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Feds investigating Ford Explorers for possible carbon monoxide leaks///”

    Ford has a major problem with exhaust in their passenger cabins keep your windows down and if you feel questionable please find a place to pull off and rest.


  2. Nicole Says:

    Wow, I will take it very seriously then. I just can’t imagine being such an idiot as to design a car that way.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    the Texas po po whose fleet of explorers is now grounded need to take it seriously. You with a rental just need to be wary and roll down the windows…

    the phrase “roll down the windows” brings back memories from the “Lewistown Narrows”…

    Falling asleep at the wheel while driving back from visits with T, and waking up to the sound of the “RUMBLE STRIP” as I veered off the road above the river. Rolling down the window at 70 mph in winter to stick my head into the icy slipstream of air just to stay awake…

    Pulling off of the road into the DQ parking lot, for a catnap in the drivers seat…

    Stay safe…


  4. Anonymous Says:

    …she ran away to mother nature and stood her ground…

  5. Nicole Says:

    im not being unreachable on purpose. i havent got this smartphone figured out. I never hear it ring.

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