badly planned chaos, still not traveling

I’m still at home in my tent. No way to get Jacob to the car during nighttime so people don’t see me carrying him. Matthew, where are you when I need you? “We’re just picking up some trash.” I’m just carrying my cat. It seems every single guy I have known has contacted me recently just before I go on this trip. I’m not leaving forever. Matthew is the only one who is refusing to acknowledge that I exist. I did get memory for the camera today. But I must take fully dressed pictures because I am covered with rash from having gotten poison ivy on my feet and legs and clothing. I even encountered the very fat guy tonight and hugged him, but did not let him kiss me, as he always tries to do. I have his drug residues on me. From what I recall he’s on blood thinners after an accident, and he should stop them, but withdrawal causes heart attacks, so he believes he needs them. He might be on other drugs as well. I definitely get drugged by hugging him. It goes through my skin. I might as well be taking scopolamine business cards. I googled that, and they said it was an urban legend, but I am not convinced that it can’t happen. I know other stuff goes through skin.

2 Responses to “badly planned chaos, still not traveling”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad you are alive…

    Road Trips are always adventurous…

    When you fly solo you have to be “baggage handler”, pilot, co-pilot , navigator, and “ground crew”!!!

    …that’s a lot of hats….

  2. Anonymous Says:

    …my testosterone is more homicidal than your estrogen…

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