the giver uses hands to transmit memories to the cluster of nerves in a person’s back

Lois Lowry said in the intro to The Giver that she had received many letters, including one from a man claiming to be the real Giver, and the FBI had looked him up and told her to avoid him. I know she’s and INFJ, and their vulnerable function is -Se, which means they cannot understand what is a real danger and what is a trivial danger. My roommate was afraid of my cat. She wanted doors always closed, and everything perfectly clean and in order, like the community in the book. There is a cluster of nerves in the human back that are designed to receive information, like the thing you hook up to in The Matrix, but made of nerves. All you have to do is touch them with your hands to transmit memories. He’s doing that in this book. I’ve experienced the sensations I feel by touching stones and crystals and shungite. I know there is an energy that flows. It is probably literally true that you can transmit memories psychically into someone’s back. This book is great so far. It also shows the dark side of INFJ – being -Se PoLR means they “door-slam” – a judgment against you means permanent death, never to see you again. The ENFP is also a door-slammer – they are afraid of anything that could overpower them (-Se) and are not sure which things are genuinely dangerous, so they slam doors against people and things that are misjudged as a threat when in fact they are not a threat, like myself. I always receive the door slamming, and I am not a threat.

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  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Some of my comments aren’t being taken. Is this a glitch from WordPress?

  2. nebbie916 Says:

    Also, another risk of spays and castrations is that early-gonadectomized (before puberty or earlier) animals stay pre-pubescent for the rest of their life.

    Only Some Dogs Go Through Puberty:

  3. nebbie916 Says:

    The animal rights groups, animal welfare groups, feral/homeless/community cat groups, and animal shelter groups keep spaying and neutering (as well as ear tagging (lopping of the left ear tip) homeless (called stray) and rewilded (called feral) cats by the boatload. There is no equivalent to TNR (Trap Neuter return) for homeless human beings. If they did TNR, or even TVR (trap vasectomize return) on humans, that would be seen as a gross human rights violation, and rightly so. There is also no equivalent to TNR for pigeons (rock doves) or wildlife (like squirrels, sparrows, crows, bats, raccoons, and skunks). There is not even a TNR equivalent for wild and feral/rewilded mice and rats, even though pet rats get neutered sometimes.

  4. Nicole Says:

    I think the comments do get posted, there’s just a delay. If a comment has a certain number of links on it (I don’t know how many), WordPress moderates it and tells me I have to approve the comment. Since I don’t get online every day or sometimes just don’t get around to it, it sometimes takes a couple days before I finally approve the comment. As far as I know, that’s what’s happening.

  5. nebbie916 Says:

    I totally get that, but sometimes, when I put in a comment, it doesn’t even take it and show it, not even with a “this comment is awaiting moderation” notification.

  6. Nicole Says:

    Oh, I have no explanation for why it’s doing that. Don’t know. Sorry that’s happening.

  7. Nicole Says:

    the only thing I can recommend is making sure you paste it someplace before trying to post it, in case it vanishes. I have had to do that before on other sites because of glitches.

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