putting off the alarm

I prefer to get out of bed at 3pm. But I have to go to work today, and I have to pick up two books at the UPS store. One is “The Giver,” which I ordered after reading a discussion in the ENFP facebook forum about a lady who was mad at another forum member who had gotten mad at her because she wasn’t offended enough by the sight of an aborted or miscarried baby that was alive, which some troll had posted to upset people. The non-offended lady was defending herself, saying she was a doctor or maybe worked in medicine, and was used to seeing death without getting emotional. Another forum member said “you were bragging about not caring about death, as though it’s a superpower.” All this made me think of “released to elsewhere,” a euphemism for death, done by people who have been brainwashed to disvalue human life and freedom. The lady was a vegetarian – they’re notorious for hating humans and wanting them dead. Get upset if an animal is killed, but rejoice or be indifferent to the death of a human baby. The other book is a mind control book ordered by the guy in Germany who says he can’t get it delivered to his country, and would like me to try to send it. He offered to let me read it first, but I’m not sure if I can stand to read an entire book about mind control during a moment when I’m powerless to work on projects such as shield building. I must write about the ESTJ, my socionic mirror, soon. My mom was an ESTJ. I have loved several ESTJs in my life. This morning, while resting while awake, after using caffeine, I was able to briefly meditate on Anaya again, a peaceful comforting meditation. There is someone named Anaya in one of the forums; Anaya doesn’t refer to any person by that name. One of Anaya’s goals is to build intentional communities, and I want to use socionics as a tool for that goal.

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