I slept here last night

Don’t ever go all day without eating and then suddenly go shopping at the gas station. I bought dozens of dry snack mixes that will last for *months*. And they’re not organic or anything, so I’m going to be constantly annoyed with them for having flavors and stuff. I got online, but not for long, and I also went to craigslist to look at RVs. I responded to one ad, but knowing craigslist they will never reply. I also know of a place in Lewistown that sells RVs, and I’d like to go there. That would get a response from a human faster, but they will likely be someone I dislike, like the socionic conflictor. I encountered a socionic conflictor when I tried to buy a car a couple years ago. We were unable to communicate. And it’s impossible to make a large, expensive purchase when you cannot communicate with the salesman. ENFJs are all out there selling cars.

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