I forgot Four, the super beautiful angel

He just came in here now. I forgot him because there is no affection, communication, or connection of any kind. He is too good for me. He’s very tall and slender and graceful, has long hair, and has an amazingly beautiful face and eyes. He looks like an elf of Lothlorien. His hair is light brown – are all the Lothlorien elves blond? Rivendell, if so. We have no communication whatsoever except strict business. I am a robot who accepts payment for purchases.

4 Responses to “I forgot Four, the super beautiful angel”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    I got a reply that said that there are no health benefits to keeping a cat intact, only health benefits to keeping a dog intact.


    Just because there are hardly any studies on the health and behavioral risks to spaying and neutering cats, doesn’t mean that there are no benefits to keeping a cat intact or that a cat is inherently better off spayed or neutered.

    There are also hardly any studies done on the health risks of spaying and neutering/castrating horses, rats, rabbits, ferrets, pigs, cattle, and goats, but again, that doesn’t mean that they would not benefit from being intact or be inherently better off spayed or neutered/castrated.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, that person’s an idiot. It’s not just about the ‘health benefits’ anyway. Even if there weren’t a single study showing health benefits it would still be worth doing anyway because animals have a right to their own bodies. We don’t own them.

    That person assumes the issue is all about how ‘convenient’ or ‘inconvenient’ it is for the owner. Oh, woe is me! It’s unpleasant! That justifies violating the animal’s body! That justifies anything I want to do! If we could violate anyone we wanted to merely because they were causing us displeasure, I would have reason to violate the bodies of the millions of people around me because they’re ugly and I don’t like the way they look.

  3. Anonymous Says:


    I had my two female kittens neutered his past winter.

  4. Nicole Says:

    My response at seeing that woman is disgust. She looks like a total fucking retard. I also wonder what kind of drugs she might have been on. This also adds more data or evidence to my belief that there is something fundamentally wrong with our entire system of land ownership and rental, and the fact that it causes people so much distress that they snap and do something like this, although I don’t know if she would have snapped at some other time for some other reason.

    As for the kittens…. would you do it again if you knew that there were serious, respected arguments against the neutering?

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