I feel so disgusting

I haven’t gotten used to this thing of not taking showers. It’s not so bad in the wintertime. I’m going to go to a bathroom before work and try to wash off as well as I can. I’m also planning to go to the RV dealer so that I don’t have to struggle with trying to get people on craigslist to acknowledge that I exist whenever I reply to their ads. I shouldn’t have to say some magic words or know some magic language that will magically please and placate the craigslist sellers and help me to compete against other potential buyers who know the magic language better than I do.

I’m sitting in the bright sun next to the library using their wifi, because I don’t want to go inside. I know too many people, and don’t feel like socializing right now, when I haven’t taken a shower, when I have to go to work in a while, when there is some mentally ill drug user guy who really actually has some kind of disability and who is extremely annoying – whenever he sees me he wants to always touch me and violate my physical boundaries. He’s extremely stupid, and every time I encounter him, the voices try to ask me what personality type he is. He could very well be a dual for all I know. I don’t know. I only know he’s retarded, and he must be on psychiatric meds, and he just wanders around town touching women and asking them to take their shoes off so that he can fetishistically worship their feet, which is horribly annoying. I’m not in the mood for dealing with that guy right now. I don’t care even if he is a dual. I still can’t stand him.

So, I will have to rent a car or a truck, and drive to the RV dealer. I only have to *decide* to do that. I have to either rent the car on my day off, or rent it early in the morning on a day when I work. I wanted at least a day to settle in and recover from moving, but now, I have to get up again and continue to work on this project. I have to make a change in my lifestyle. I need to do things differently to stop the same problems from happening over and over again.

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