insults from the voices

I also have heard voices behaving differently since I got here. In the dream they were making insulting puns. They said, pits and spitz will be used for a roast at the wedding – barbecue fire pit, a spit which is the stick you roast something on – the roast is a barrage of insults, and they will insult me because I smell bad, no showers – armpits, and spit, dried saliva, from drooling while I sleep. If I could build infrastructure here, I would set up a place to wash off, not just in the ice cold creek, which I have done but it isn’t worth the agony. I can’t build fires here. It’s not allowed, campug isn’t allowed, and the fire will lead people to my location. I’m harder to reach than I was in the place where neighbors found my tent and called the police, but I’m still findable. We have all this ten foot high honeysuckle and other bushes that one must go through. Matthew came here with me. He carried heavy bags of my stuff, and I kept asking if he wanted me to take one of the bags because they would’ve been making his arms go numb. But he wouldn’t let me. He probably felt I was insulting his strength, but I wasn’t. I recently read elsewhere on a forum about the definition of rape by coercion, which is when you say no but someone verbally pressures you. My rape by Stefan meets that definition. I can actually say I was raped. I had trichomoniasis during the Matthew time. It affected the outcome of events. I cannot calculate the amount of damage done.

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