At least one hopniss plant survived the winter. I had several in a pot that I transplanted in 2016 to these woods, but didn’t k ow if they lived. I saw one fully grown. You have no idea how happy I am, if I weren’t numb and exhausted and stressed. I re-naturalized a native. I have conflicting feelings about hopniss: it is one of the suspects in causing obesity. It is a protease inhibitor. All I do is inhale the air near it, and I feel dizzy. I suddenly became fatter during the time period when I first had the hopniss delivered and was touching them and planting them. I also know I won’t be able to eat the tubers without extreme vomiting no matter if I process them… although sun drying might do it, as the natural pesticide is destroyed by ultraviolet. Maybe I’ll do it on a day when I have plenty of time to go to the hospital while vomiting uncontrollably. It is *not* the inulin fiber that causes this. Fuck autocorrect, not “insulin fiber.” Must pick them at the right time of year (when???) to minimize poison, mash them, sun dry them to give ultraviolet, run water through them, soak them in water, overcook them (not in that order) – every primitive processing method. Terrible poison. Some claim to eat them just fine. But I know I had uncontrollable diarrhea from that tuber, jicama, a similar plant. As in, the type of thing where you change your clothes afterwards. The poison triggers electrical signals in the nerves of the intestine. Hopniss will be like jicama but worse. But nevertheless, I’m so happy one lived!!! I made an impact on our ecosystem by bringing a native back. It will be hardy, perennial, and spreads by rooting, not seeds. So it will live here forever and spread out from where I planted it. I feel I’ve done a good job on the earth.

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