Rule #1: If there’s an icon in the corner, the video is fake

Just like any article that has a number in the title (7 things you need to know about XYZ) is spam, any UFO video with any kind of icon in the corner whatsoever is fake. It doesn’t matter what the icon is. If the video has a username with an icon next to it, or if the video itself shows any kind of icon whatsoever in a corner, it’s fake. This is what I’m seeing over and over again. All of them are fake video aggregators – spam – to waste space, clutter the search results, and prevent you from finding anything real in the search results. They are coming from multiple spam accounts all over the place. There are dozens and dozens of fake spam youtube channels, all with little icons in the corner or next to the names, filling up the search results and making it so you get tired of trying to find what you’re looking for and you just give up. You have to filter the results to only look on one particular day. You still will see a whole bunch of these spam results. There must have actually been a real UFO incident in England on that day which they are trying to cover up by filling up all the search results with this shit. The ‘black bin bag balloon’ UFO is real, and it’s also from that day, but for whatever reason, we’re not allowed to see a balloon made of garbage bags. Why not? Why can’t we make a bin bag balloon? There are others as well. What happened that they don’t want us to see?

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