I’m too tired to debunk SecureTeam’s bullshit today! Fake UFO is a murmuration of pixels over England, uploaded by multiple fake UFO aggregator channels

10:43 AM 7/23/2017

I’m really tired, even though I’ve had all this caffeine, and I don’t know if I have the energy to debunk SecureTeam today.

However, several people posted a video from SecureTeam on several different facebook forums that I’m on.

Whoever made this hoax made a slightly greater effort than usual to make it seem as though lots of different people were writing in and sending in these videos. And I am disgusted with this. Meanwhile, on youtube, if you search for the UFO on that particular day, there is a totally different video with completely different UFOs that look like just bright lights hovering and disappearing, on the horizon. If anything, the fake UFO videos from SecureTeam served the purpose of drawing attention to the possibly real sighting of a bunch of bright lights.

I’m so tired I don’t feel like looking this up again. It was a couple days ago. There’s a thing which looks like a CGI (what does the ‘I’ stand for? computer graphics what?) weather balloon, which is shifting in color just like a murmuration of starlings, which is what somebody else thought it was. No, it’s not a murmuration of starlings. It’s a murmuration of pixels.

Supposedly, this was over England, and it was seen by lots of people ‘all over England.’ Supposedly, there are ‘comments’ that have been sent in from people saying ‘Have you seen this?’ and stuff.

Then, there is ‘more than one video’ on youtube from different sources. But all of them are professionally designed aggregator type websites, not the sites of individual people. If they show a little icon of an alien down in the lower right corner, then they are a fake UFO aggregator. If they have professionally designed graphics, then they are a fake UFO aggregator. They do not receive ‘sent’ videos given to them, and if they do, they probably aren’t publishing any of the real ones. They just invent them out of whole cloth. Anything professional looking is not to be trusted.

These are not individual people who spontaneously, by surprise, happened to look up and see a UFO while they were carrying their smartphone. Those people would have random names like ‘Joe Smith,’ and they would not have a channel devoted to UFOs, with their own little alien face icon in the lower right corner. I’m interested in UFOs, but I don’t spend all my time obsessing over them, and I haven’t taken the effort to figure out how to put a little green alien face down in the lower right corner of my youtube videos. A random person wouldn’t have those professional looking things.

Somebody debunked SecureTeam, and I can’t unsee the debunking. I knew most of them looked fake already, but I was still able to watch them for entertainment. Now I’m so disgusted with SecureTeam that I can hardly even stand to watch them for mere entertainment value. The guy pointed out that Tyler’s interview with a woman was fake, and that he had merely used his own voice raised up to a higher pitch, and he had his own speaking style which was recognizable. That’s exactly like what the Law of One creator did, what’s-his-name, Don Elkins. You can see Don Elkins’ speaking style in the style of ‘Ra.’ He interrupts his sentences with, shall we say, a ‘comma,’ and then, as you say, continues the sentence afterwards.

We don’t get to listen to the tape recordings of the Law of One. If that lady did actually speak at all while in her trance, she was being forced to do it by electronic weapon attacks giving her scripted things to say, which were written by Don Elkins, who was an engineer who was capable of knowing how the electronic weapons worked and how to build them or where to get them.

My other observation was, if these UFO sightings of the pixellated murmuration balloon all happened on that same day, they were really prompt at ‘sending’ their videos to the UFO video aggregator. Are you yourself always so prompt as to upload a video on the very first day you take it, or do you maybe wait until a more convenient day when you aren’t so busy? They all promptly received these ‘sent’ videos and posted them immediately.

I know people need an outlet for their creativity, but I don’t like people who just lie. I even got some annoyed responses on the forum where I said that ‘covfefe’ just meant ‘coverage’ and it didn’t mean ‘We will win’ in ancient Sumerian or whatever he claimed. People want to have a shared fantasy, and somebody wants to be the creator of that shared fantasy.

That’s not what I want and that’s not what I believe in. I don’t want lies or shared fantasies.

I’m too tired to debunk this as thoroughly as it needs to be debunked. Just look at SecureTeam’s post from a couple days ago, maybe July 21 2017? I forget exactly which day. It says it was seen ‘all over England.’ It looks like a balloon but it’s all shifting and gray. This balloon needs to be shot down. It’s fake. And the fake websites that pretended to independently post it also need to be shot down as fake, with their little green alien face icons in the lower right corner. If you’re a spontaneous random person who randomly sees a UFO by accident, you’re not going to have your little professional green alien icons all set up and ready to go. It’s just going to be on the same channel as the rest of your family videos and kitty cat videos from your daily life. And there will be people in the background saying, ‘Look, ma! A UFO!’

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