I drove around looking for the liberator. Then I got a camera

I put my stuff in storage. I have to move a few things to the tent but I’m gonna rest. I drove random places in the truck, because I need to be able to think and to feel. When I want to go down the mysterious side roads, I am wanting to find someone who has the knowledge and the resources to liberate me. I don’t seek other slaves who are contented to be slaves. Fundamentally, spiritually, I’m seeking the liberator. They know the way out. I want to go where I’m not being mind controlled. Driving a car gives me some relief. But I’m exhausted. I fantasize about a Harry Potter-like scene of someone showing you the whole other secret world. All this came from me wondering what is the amazing, wonderful thing I hope to find, down all the secret side roads. … Then I got a camera because my phone always runs out of space. My old camera has fog inside it, so all the pictures look like the big one on facebook where my family is in the driveway. It wasn’t a deliberate foggy effect, it was a broken camera.

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