cleaning up and moving out

I’m taking a break right now, but I did a little bit of cleaning up and preparing to move out. I cleaned some parts of the bathroom, but not the floor. I vacuumed the rug in my bedroom, and got my bed ready to give back to my roommate. She’s taking it this evening. Sleeping on the floor is no big deal for me, although I don’t like to do it for long. I’m still here tomorrow, but they will come to clean the carpets on Monday. That’s the last day. So I will pretty much have to have all my stuff moved out by tomorrow evening, including Jacob, and be ready to use the tent again.

I rented a pickup truck for the next couple days so I can take my stuff to the storage unit.

I threw my food into the compost pile in the patch of woods. I *hate* having to throw away food over and over again. I wasn’t able to continue cooking. I cooked just a couple of meals but just could not do it, due to chronic fatigue, and the fact that I don’t have control over the kitchen so I cannot make it ergonomic. The kitchen must be a high volume, high speed, high efficiency production area, which is extremely easy to use, where the tables are lower than usual so that my arms are comfortable when I use them – they are always a couple inches too high for me. I must have all my tools in the kitchen area, and that means things like tupperware containers, which I will put a bunch of prepared meal portions into and then freeze them.

I don’t want a normal refrigerator. I want an industrial
refrigerator, like the coolers at McDonald’s. That means it’s just a bare, rectangular box without any ‘features.’ It will just have metal grill shelves (I can’t think of the word, screen, grill, little metal rounded bars with spaces in between them). I also want to have a huge sink big enough to wash *anything* in. I hate washing dishes that barely fit in the sink and spill water all around the edges as you’re trying to wash them. My kitchen is a factory.

There’s only one thing I like about moving back to the tent, which is that Jacob will be happier there. I *hate* keeping him indoors. And I had to keep him locked in my bedroom because my roommate doesn’t like him and is scared of cats. He will have his freedom again, and he’ll be able to watch the birds and catch the mice in the woods, and walk around at 4:00 in the morning. He won’t have to cry and meow over and over again as I whisper, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I can’t let you out,’ because I’m too tired to get up and carry him outside at 4am on a night when I have to go to work the next day.

I don’t have a lot of energy to talk about a lot of stuff.

One Response to “cleaning up and moving out”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    How many cats did you have in your lifetime?

    Which ones were kept intact and which ones were spayed/neutered?

    How were your intact ones like, both in terms of health and personalitywise?

    How were your spayed/neutered ones like, both in terms of health and personalitywise?

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