Covfefe isn’t a word from some ancient language that means ‘We will win.’ Also, how to measure ‘density?’ Encouraging passivity in perfectly healthy people who don’t have chronic fatigue syndrome and are capable of getting out of bed and doing something

7:37 AM 7/18/2017

So, when Trump typed the word ‘covfefe’ in his tweet, it meant ‘coverage.’ He was saying something like ‘all the negative press coverage,’ but, since he was typing on his phone, and since it’s so easy to totally screw stuff up while typing on your phone, he typed gibberish, but was in a hurry or distracted and just clicked ‘tweet’ without checking it.

I saw someone in a forum the other day who did something that annoyed me. This person went on one of the disclosure forums and claimed that Trump was using a secret language, and that the word ‘covfefe’ was from some ancient, I dunno, Sumerian or something like that, language (I forget the details, I just skimmed it enough to get annoyed), and it means ‘We will win.’

This dude (I think it was a guy? I didn’t pay attention to that either) just pulled this completely out of his ass, but he thinks it’s okay to just pull stuff completely out of your ass in the realm of ufology. You can just make some wild claim that covfefe comes from ancient Sumerian and it means ‘we will win,’ and nobody will bother checking it out, thinking about it, or asking any questions, because all the people in the ufology realm are all just kneeling and worshipping and saying ‘woowoo’ about every little claim you make because they are all unquestioning sheeple.

This is an example of the ‘positive thinking’ that I do not like. He doesn’t care about just inventing some lie out of thin air to strike awe into the hearts of people and make them say ‘wow!’, and all that matters is we have to ‘feel good.’ We have to ‘think positive.’ We’re gonna win! Yay! All that we have to do is sit around and do nothing, but we’re gonna win! Somehow! Just feel good! That’s enough!

I don’t like the ‘Just feel good, and that’s enough’ belief system which is rampant in the ufology realm. All of them are saying that all you have to do is meditate, and you’re contributing to the greater good, by creating a positive electromagnetic field or something that will be for the good of the earth and all humanity. Who cares about taking practical action? Who cares about going outside and doing some real physical labor? All you gotta do is think happy thoughts.

Now, if they were making the disclaimer that people have chronic fatigue syndrome and they’re too sick to do anything at all except lie in bed meditating, then fine, think happy thoughts while you’re stuck in bed meditating. But don’t lie and say that’s all anybody needs to do to fix what’s wrong with the world. If only *enough* people will do this, things will get fixed. We have 99,999 people meditating, and we only need one more person to do it, and that will be enough to have an impact. I get the impression that a lot of people in these forums do, in fact, have various syndromes and symptoms, although they don’t all claim to have chronic fatigue syndrome.

But that is not what they’re saying. They’re not saying, ‘Hey, I’m really sorry, but I just can’t get out of bed and do anything useful because I’m so sick I can’t move.’ ‘That’s okay, just think happy thoughts.’ No, they are saying, ‘Even if you are strong, healthy, and energetic, you gotta meditate and think happy thoughts because merely by meditating you’re changing the global consciousness and that’s what we need.’

I’m not opposed to meditation, and I do it all the time myself. But I am saying, this is not the solution at all to the world’s problems. There is an infinite amount of physical, real labor to be done. People have to think of practical projects that will actually accomplish something on the earth, and physically do those things.

I’m also kind of tired of hearing that we’re going to win. But that doesn’t mean I merely want to hear that we’re going to lose, either. My nuances of observation are hidden in between those statements and they are subtle. The truth is not like that. Both of those are a lie that prevents us from having any real insight. Either ‘we will win, and that’s that,’ or ‘we’re gonna lose, and there’s no hope,’ are both shallow lies that block out any genuine insight or understanding.

The real insight is something more along the lines of, ‘We’re probably not going to get this or that concession from this or that group of people, so we have to do something about it ourselves.’ It’s also an awareness of what the world is inevitably going to be like, how it will go through cycles and backlashes against the previous part of the cycle, but it’s more than that, too.

I think the people hanging on these words are the people whose family members are about to die of cancer, and they want the cancer cure to be disclosed, and they’re angry because the cabal refuses to disclose it. That’s the kind of thing where, with every day that passes, they have to hang on every last word with the hope that, maybe tomorrow, maybe in the extremely near future, maybe in the next couple weeks, the cancer cure will be disclosed. Every hour of every day is a ‘We will win!’ moment because they are helpless to do anything else but that.

There’s no such thing as winning forever, but strangely, I tend to believe that there *is* such a thing as losing forever. That would seem weird and imbalanced. But I think it has to do with the definition of ‘win’ or ‘lose.’ The definition of competition is, to destroy. It is biased in favor of destruction. When you die, you finally lose forever. You can win temporarily during your life.

You can also lose, for your entire lifetime, and then die, after a lifetime of losing, and lose forever when you die, and that’s a tragedy which is so depressing that nobody likes to think about it – hence, we make movies like ‘A Dog’s Purpose,’ which shows a dog that was a puppy and then it got caught by the dog catchers and euthanized, but it was quickly reborn again.

Nobody likes that, when we see life as something that’s going to end forever.

I think that the authorities and the controllers don’t want us to truly and deeply understand just how precious life is. Our life happens only once. They don’t want us to be atheists who value every precious second of our life, which can never be undone. They keep encouraging these belief systems of passivity – just sit around and be one with everyone, just sit around meditating, don’t worry because you’re gonna get reincarnated so it doesn’t matter how badly your life is being wasted now – opium of the masses. Don’t worry, it’s okay, just chill.

If we really understand just how badly every second of our life is being wasted, we would really want to fight hard for it. If we constantly understood, and knew, every second, that every second was precious and would never be undone and would never return, and we had only one life, then we’d want to be aggressive and assertive and take more action to live life now.

That’s why I’m being mind controlled – zapped constantly so that I can’t use my brain – because they don’t want me to take any kind of assertive, self-controlling action whatsoever. They want to trickle away all of my life the same way they destroyed the past two decades, the prime of my adulthood. That way, I will have no impact, I will not move anyone, I will not motivate anyone, I will not awaken them to the now, to the precious life of now. This is irreplaceable. You can’t know for sure if it’s gonna happen again. Even people who have near-death experiences haven’t really died – even if a ‘doctor’ claims that ‘technically, yes, they were dead.’

No, you’re not dead if you’re having a near-death experience or if you’re in a coma. Death is when your body starts to fall apart beyond repair, physically. I held my mother’s hand and looked into her eyes as she died. I put my hand on her forehead. I felt the warmth seeping away from her flesh and she got colder and colder. That is death. Death is when you lose one thing, after another, after another, and can’t get it back. Death is when you have to stop whatever you were doing, and drop it, right in the middle of it, even if you weren’t finished.

Death is *not* what you’re doing when you go on a nice little vacation into your hallucination and you talk to all the angels and they take you on a tour of heaven and tell you all kinds of philosophical shit. If you come back to life afterwards, then you weren’t dead and you haven’t experienced death. You’ve experienced mind control during a time when your brain and body were alive enough to hallucinate and remember the hallucination.

Death is also not what you’re doing when you’re a three year old kid who starts talking about what happened in a former life. In a world where every single human being’s lives are being recorded and observed in a computer, every second of every day for their entire lifetime, it’s perfectly easy to take one of those recordings and force it into the brain of a helpless child who will then spit out whatever you tell him to spit out.

And it makes people bow down and say, ‘Woowoo! Children are talking about past lives! We’re gonna get reincarnated! No need to worry!’ This belief system encourages passivity. No need to worry or be angry, because we’re gonna win – all we have to do is sit around and wait for death, because this life sucks and it’s so bad we can’t fix it, but soon we’re gonna get reincarnated into a better life, and if that one doesn’t work out either, we’ll get a new one after that, so don’t worry, be happy! Be positive!

It’s all a gigantic placebo, to pacify us, and they will go to such lengths to create artificially this belief system, even going so far as to take the electronic recorded data of another human’s brainwaves from a couple decades ago, or hundreds of years ago, and force those brainwaves and experiences into the mind of a young child to convince them they were reincarnated, and to give shock-and-awe to all the adults around them who are like, ‘But this child took me to the gravesite of their murderer!’ and so on. They *want* us to believe in life after death, just as they themselves *want* to believe in life after death.

Being super-smart doesn’t make you immune to vulnerabilities and weaknesses. It doesn’t make you immune to believing things that are simply not true. For instance, the people who are taking children who are intelligent, and then asking them ‘Is this your home? Is this your home?’ are evil lunatics. They’re taking children who are smart, and then assuming that those children are actually reincarnated beings from another star system, and showing them star charts to see if they recognize which star system they come from. But again, those children are just as easily being mind-controlled by somebody who forces them to say ‘yes’ when they see a particular constellation in the picture.

And then, they want to seek the communication with whoever is mind-controlling them, but telling the child, ‘You’re a special starseed! You’re a reincarnated being from another galaxy!’ rather than ‘Someone is mind-controlling you, and I don’t know whether or not any of their gibberish garbage is actually meaningful or important, but I’m going to waste all my time gathering it up and trying to interpret it, hoping that sooner or later those mind controllers will tell me something important and useful.’ Which never happens, because a large amount of this gibberish is coming from an artificial intelligence in a computer. Who has time to sit around programming voices into people’s heads? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Just get the AI to do it, and sit there and laugh while they struggle to find the meaning of gibberish, while letting the precious hours of life slip by, and missing opportunities to do something useful. And all the messages that they ever receive are, ‘Don’t worry, be happy, just sit around and let the controllers control you, and don’t fight, because you’re not really losing anything permanently when you die. No big deal.’

Valiant Thor is an example. Allegedly he was from Venus, and allegedly his IQ was so high it could only be estimated as ‘1,000,’ just to show that it was inconceivably higher than the average person’s was. And what did he allegedly want to do when he came here? He wanted to preach the gospel of Jesus. That’s right. When you have an IQ of 1,000, the best thing you can do for humanity is preach the gospel of Jesus.

Being smart, or being an alien, or being a 6th-density being, does not make you perfect, or omnipotent, or immune to making mistakes. It does not make you all-knowing. It does not prevent you from believing ideas that are false. We’re bowing down to anyone who uses a number (‘Oh look! A number! A number was used! It must be something important!!!’) and that’s the source of their authority. I used the number 7, but somebody else was only gutsy enough to use the number 5, which is a lower number, so they’re weaker and I’m stronger, and so you have to listen to me, but you can just ignore what those weaker people say, because what I’m saying is right, and what they’re saying is wrong. I’m right about everything because I’m using the number 7 and I’m throwing that number around. I won’t bother to give you any means of *measuring* what my ‘density’ is!

Measuring your density? What? Unthinkable! Is there an instrument capable of measuring someone’s spiritual density? You mean, you can just arbitrarily throw a number around and make people bow down and say woowoo, and nobody will bother to actually check that you are, in fact, really a 6th density being???

Now if ‘density’ actually has any meaning at all, here is how I interpret it: When you’re looking at a graph of somebody’s brain signals, you can see patterns within patterns. It’s like a fractal. If there are, say, seven layers of these patterns within patterns, and all of those seven layers contain meaningful information, then you could say you’re a seventh density being. You have really large waves, and then medium-sized waves within those waves, and small waves within those waves, so you’re a third density being. Of course, the number of waves are actually infinite if you look closely enough. But if that actually has any meaning at all, it would mean that you were capable of generating patterns within patterns within patterns up to a certain point, and beyond that point it became meaningless noise.

But nobody ever said that’s what the word ‘density’ means when they are calling themselves ‘seventh density’ or ‘sixth density’ or whatever. That’s just me trying to put *some* kind of possible definition on that word, because as of right now, it is completely and utterly meaningless.

Beware of number-worship. Just because somebody uses a number doesn’t mean that whatever they’re saying must be true. Do they provide you with a means of measuring or counting the numbers of something? Is there a mechanical instrument or computer program capable of counting the number of ‘densities’ of a particular person?

Or, on the other hand, do you believe them merely because they claimed they were some number of something? Number-worship. A number was used, therefore it must be true. Just accept that number as given.

I just wanted to tell everybody today that I’m an eighth density being, so you gotta listen to me. Or no, actually ninth density, because back in the days when I was using the enneagram, I decided that the ‘Nine’ was the closest description of me (before I abandoned even trying to use the enneagram and focused on socionics instead).

So anyway, that was the thought of the day, about the guy who wanted to just pull out of his ass this claim that ‘Covfefe’ means something like ‘We will win,’ and it came from ancient something-or-other, and Trump is sending us a secret message, which means all we have to do is sit around and watch and be happy because nothing needs to be done, we’re fine.


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