The 1962 Mars landing led to me watching CGI aliens

I wish they would go back to making puppet aliens instead of CGI aliens. Puppets actually look and move like real physical objects. The CGI alien interview is obviously CGI and very annoying to someone who has PMS. And I don’t know why my PMS is so horrifically bad this time. I can only be glad, knock on wood, that my periods are still regular. The chance of falling in love with someone who can tolerate me long enough to have children with me is minimal though. There’s not enough time. I have to tolerate them as well.

The Mars landing had a sandworm that was moving after the ship landed. But of course, they cut off the video after watching the sandworm digging through the ground for a few seconds. Where is the rest of the video? And why aren’t we allowed to see real aliens?

Yeah, so the annoying CGI alien interview is this stupid, annoying thing of a CGI alien sitting at a table looking forlorn and leaning over like he’s tired after having been tortured and forced to tell his amazing secrets, which turn out to be a bunch of vague-ass bullshit just like the Law of One. ‘I’m from the future, woo-woo, there are infinity universes but not all of them support life, there is no such thing as death, death is a human construct, woo-woo.’ All of it is the bullshit philosophical stuff that’s supposed to make us go, ‘Wowwwwwww…. You’re so amazing!!!!!’ But there’s not a single thing that a human couldn’t have thought of, and not a single piece of information that seems exotic, unfamiliar, or unusual. Nothing truly alien. Oh, and of course, this alien was so reluctant to reveal these secrets that he had to be *tortured* to force him to reveal all this amazing incredible wisdom he has!

The only reason I say the alien was tortured isn’t just because of how he’s slouched over looking tired, it’s because I also saw another channel where they made CGI videos of aliens being tortured and screaming. They *always* do this stupid, pathetic thing, where the alien is being tortured, but then, all of a sudden, it starts jerking around and the camera glitches because the alien has ‘hit the camera’ and knocked it over and bumped it, and the alien is suddenly strong and terrifying instead of small and helpless and pathetic, like we’re supposed to believe these tiny weak little beings are horribly dangerous and we should be terrified of them. Never let your guard down for a second! While you’re torturing an alien, be careful – it will suddenly get an adrenaline rush and thrash around and scream and knock the camera over and you could get hurt! Suddenly it’s going to escape! Again, truly pathetic, stupid, and idiotic.

I really hope I’m late for work. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet either. Maybe I won’t. Maybe today is a good day to go to work without brushing my teeth. It will make more people stay away from me, as far as possible, instead of asking me to do things.

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