A dog’s purpose

I just watched that movie and was urged to tweet about it but I’m not in a tweeting mood since I’m at home. I do love dogs, actually. I just can’t have them in my current situation. They need space. Cats can sneak around outside and veg away with it, but loose roaming dogs are frowned upon in this dog-unfriendly world. I’m typing on my phone so this is short. The tweet was going to be to the effect that I need a hundred different reincarnated dogs to reunite me with all the different people who I lost over the years. Unfortunately I can’t accept the premise of the final scene where Ethan admits it’s Bailey, because I’ve been explaining reincarnation-related phenomena as being the result of mind control, not actual reincarnation. So I wasn’t able to get emotional in that scene, the recognition scene. There are things we know to be true, and there are things we wish were true. I can only have emotional reactions to things that I am certain are true.

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