Hannah might be an ESFP

It’s just a theory I’m considering. Not Matthew’s dual, but rather, the ‘lookalike’ or ‘business’ relation. Neither of those names really describes this relation very well, because actually a lot of these relations fall in love and do relatively well together.

That’s why I use the 16 component model with plus and minus signs (the one I have to call ‘Hitta’s Chart’ because I never found out its official name – I’ve blogged about it before). The ESFP and ENFP, in that model, are attracted to each other’s base functions: +Se/-Si, and -Ne/+Ni. It’s almost like dualizing. That model explains my real-life interactions with them.

However, it’s still not as good as actually dualizing – there are some things that are missing.

I’ve just tried to understand why Matthew and Hannah weren’t able to get together, and had to figure it out by looking at someone who I don’t know and never will know, from afar, over the internet.

I’m looking at other women who claim to be ISTPs (some of them might not be) in a group I’m in, and they smile a lot less than Hannah. Being always positive is not something an ISTP naturally does. In fact, being negative is much more natural for them.

This is why I was so glad to discover the plus and minus signs. Negativity is viewed as just ‘inherently undesirable.’ It was like I was finally able to accept myself and not have this obligation to always be happy and cheerful. The -Si base function is not just ‘negative,’ it’s also ‘global’ – the minus sign means several different things. But it does actually tend to notice ‘undesirable things that need to be fixed.’ It doesn’t mean you *like* things that are bad, it means you notice what is wrong and want to fix it, and you want to verbalize about that which is wrong, instead of verbalizing about all the things that are wonderful and great all the time.

If more people could discover this, they wouldn’t need Prozac. People need to be allowed to be negative.

However, you have to have the *right kind* of negative people together, because the wrong kind of negative people irritate each other or exhaust each other. Also, there are other factors that can make a person seem more negative – when I use any kind of herbal drugs at all I tend to become ‘more negative.’ Anything that makes me feel sick or in pain makes me more negative.

When I used to write a different blog, with a different audience in mind, I was forcibly positive, knowing that ordinary average people were going to be reading it and judging me. I used to do a blog on MySpace (the link doesn’t work anymore – I do have a link to it on this blog, but I’m too tired to fix all the broken links everywhere) and my real world friends were able to read the blog. So, it was edited for the public. However, back then, I also wasn’t being attacked quite as badly, if I recall – I think I might have started that particular blog in the time period before I knew I was being attacked with electronic weapons, so it was still possible to believe that I was living an ordinary life like other people.

When I do public speeches and when I have to think about the audience, I do tend to force myself to be more positive. I’m not saying I do public speeches all the time – I took speech class in college.

I’m not sure how to clarify what I’m thinking. I’m thinking partly about the UFO groups that I’m in, on facebook – David Wilcock/Corey Goode groups. All of them push for ‘being positive.’ However, the *way* that they are being positive is not useful for me at all.

I do have positive socionic functions: +Te (creative function, 3-dimensional), +Ti (demonstrative, 4D), and +Fi (mobilizing, 2D). I don’t understand enough about the vulnerable function, +Fe, to say how it’s used. It is 1D and only learns through experience. I think it’s important but I just don’t understand what it does. The best explanation I saw for what the vulnerable function does was that it triggers your base function, as in, if something happens that puts information into your 4th function, you automatically respond by using your 1st function.

That might be right, although it seems like you would use your 2nd function instead. I don’t know. That would be +Te for me. I can’t express emotions until after I’ve solved a problem. If there is a problem that I have emotions about, it seems useless to express the feelings rather than trying to solve the problem. You have to take action to do something to fix it, which seems like +Te to me. Only when all else fails, only when you are unable to fix it and all is lost, then and only then can you express emotions.

I think that functions work together based on how many dimensions they are, but that’s just my theory – I don’t have an EEG to look for these things. So -Si and +Ti work together, +Te and -Se work together, -Ni and +Fi, and last, +Fe and -Ne. The reason I thought of that is because I said ‘when all else fails,’ that is, when you discover that something is ‘impossible.’ The -Ne information element includes ‘that which is impossible,’ although it also includes many other things. It’s a 1D function for me, which means I can’t predict what it will do until it happens – learning by experience. So that’s why I have to discover the hard way that all else has failed, and at that moment, my other 1D function wakes up, +Fe, and I express my emotions outwardly. Again, this is just a theory of how it works.

Anyway, – I had to reread what I was saying because I forgot where I was going with all that. Anyway, in order for me to ‘be positive’ about subjects pertaining to alien disclosure and technology disclosure, like we talk about in those forums, I have to use my +Te. That seems to be best way to be ‘positive’ about disclosure. I can only do certain thought processes while I’m on herbal drugs, but, for example, the other day I was reading something online, with
suggestions from ‘someone’ about what I should read – so I learned that people are actually aiming radar beams all the way from Earth to Mercury, or something like that, in order to scan the surface. I forget what it was called, though. I might be describing it wrong.

The idea is that individual people have to make their own technology to do their own research. And a lot of the technology isn’t hidden, you just have to know exactly the right jargon words to google it. It’s openly available to the public, but esoteric. There’s a difference between ‘esoteric, if only you know what to look for,’ versus ‘totally undisclosed, forbidden, and they will kill you if you do it or talk about it.’

I’m not happy about doing medical research. I don’t like doing experiments on animals. In that way, I resemble a vegetarian, because I’m self-sacrificing in order to protect the animals. I could benefit from all the things we discover from animal research, but I would rather myself suffer or die instead. I have actually learned a lot of things that probably came from animal research – I did a lot of reading about things like how St. John’s Wort induces cytochrome P450, and I wonder how much of that sort of thing comes from animal research.

Some of the undisclosed medical technology comes from people and methods that were unthinkably cruel – the Nazi technology, for instance.

I make a distinction between long-lasting torture, versus killing an animal relatively quickly. I do eat meat, but I don’t want it to suffer for a long time. So I don’t want farm animals to be on factory farms – they have to be free roaming, grassfed, unvaccinated, no antibiotics, and so on. I would actually prefer to have free roaming totally wild native animals, like deer and buffalo, instead of domesticated farm animals. It seems less horrible to kill an animal you don’t know personally, because it isn’t a trust violation. The wild deer already distrusts you (I would assume, although actually, in areas where hunting isn’t allowed, deer are more trusting of people).

I still believe in eating meat because I have never, ever seen or used a synthetic vitamin that was *anywhere near* as good as a real vitamin from whole food. I do not believe that so-called ‘scientists’ have knowledge of every single vitamin, mineral, or uncategorized substance that we need or benefit from. They also do not *care* to know about every single one of them. All that matters is whether you can isolate something, put it in a bottle, and sell it, and convince people it’s good for them. Synthetic vitamins are not at all the same as whole vitamins in food. So this is why I still insist on eating meat.

I haven’t eaten breakfast, so I have to be careful not to go on a huge rant about food.

Anyway, so there are certain categories of technology that I don’t mind exploring myself or seeing other people explore themselves, but research on animals is not one of them.

‘Practical action’ is the way of being positive that I’m talking about. Doing physical things in the real world, locally.

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